How to use visa write in loop for


I'm developing a measurement with labview system. I need to write the entry within the loop and then out of the loop he supposed to read the voltage level of the analog input pin. But the problem is, out of loop is 1 table D, so when I put the entry visa within the loop, exit loop wire VISA is also table 1 d. Please help me. Should I supposed to do?

Change of your loops of connections to register and you don't build a table or errors or resources from visa.


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    I'll back up a bit.

    Breakpoint URLS are defined as follows in the services - config.xml:


    The meaning of each of the tokens is clearer when we see them as part of a complete url. If your context root is set to http://localhost , then I have no idea how your application runs in any environment.

    If you leave the and server.port chips in your configuration file, then they will be replaced when executing according to the location from which your application is served. However, the context.root token is replaced at the time of the compilation based on the value that you specify in Flex Builder or when calling mxmlc.

    In order to reuse your file services - config.xml, you must use the same context-root on your development environment and to your deployment environment.

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    You can make a folder on the second partition, and can store the necessary files (documents, photos) in specific files.

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  • How to use USB CAN 8473, code for the basic example

    Hi all.

    I use NEITHER USB-8473 CAN transmit and receive data via CAN.

    I have traveled a lot a lot of pages related to this and realized that the API will not work for USB - CAN. Can someone tell me please how to use this USB-8473.

    Maybe an exaple program would help me. (It is not PCI it we USB,)

    Thank you.

    You will need to install NI-CAN, if you don't have already done.  This is the API that you can use with a 8473.  After installing, open Explorer Measurement & Automation and make sure that you can see the 8473 under your devices.

    Here is a sample VI (LabVIEW 2009) that I wrote for another developer to make the CAN communication basic tests.  You enter a package CAN as a series of hexadecimal bytes separated by spaces, and it will send it to you.  It displays every CAN packet it receives in the same format.

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    I want to use 'IMAQ read the file' and 'IMAQ write File2' to read, view and save an image, but I don't know how to use the file 'IMAQ Read' and 'IMAQ write File2', please give me some examples, thank you very much! (I use LabVIEW 8.5)

  • How to use 1-channel analog input for start/stop aquire sample second channel input analog?

    I have a little problem. I've just been programming in labview for 2 weeks.

    I'm trying to figure out how to use my channel of analog input on the USB-6009 case for start/stop (reference trigger and start) presented to the second analog input channel samples.

    I need the first analog input string to operate continuously and control sampling on the second.  When the second channel will start sampling program brings a new graph each time and saves it (I have all this that figure out).

    How can I configure the trigger so the lance program presented in for the second channel when the 1 channel reached above 2V (e.g.) and stop when it falls below 2V.

    I use a pressure force sensor on the first channel that gives me straight (up to) 5 V when it is pressed and nothing when it is not...

    Thank you.

    Grand... Thanks for the information!

    But can't I then make a 1 channel instead and wait until that meat of the max element value?

  • How to stop and start a loop for

    I got the code and a loop running in a while loop.  What I need to do, is simply to suspend the processing of the loop until a condition is met, but retains its position of iteration throughout each pause time (not necessarily time, just paused until the following condition is met).  I tried wiring of a Boolean value to "continue if true" terminal of the for loop, but the reboot of the iteration count to 0 when the loop is restarted.  Is there a way to stop the loop for and continue to the particular iteration, it is in?

    Breakpoints, conditional, or normal are intended just for debugging your code.  I had the sense of your question as you want make a break is part of the normal operation of your code.  I would NOT recommend using a breakpoint for this situation.  It would make it appear the diagram showing the breakpoint when it occurs.  A user not to mention that the programmer wouldn't know what to do in this case.

    Yes, both the inner and outer loops would shift registers.

    Implementation of a structure dealing with a small loop inside the "case of a break" is feasible.  Depends on what you are or wait while the operation of the program is "paused."

  • Using LoadVar in a loop for?

    I have a list of file names in a table pointing to files of data on my hard drive. I am using a loop for to extract each file name of the table sequentially and load the file into a new table for later use. I have an onLoad event handler check if each file has been loaded.

    Result: It seems that the loop goes through all the names of files, but only the last index gets loaded and pushed to the new array, i.e. all the new matrix indices contain the data since the last loaded file.

    Here is my code - someone ' can me idea as to what is wrong?

    Thanks, it works! (with minor modifications)

    * var loadContents = function() {.. otherwise he would not be executed when it is called.}
    * the pageCount value - 1. then the first post increment will set it to "0" to the first index in the array.
    * set the condition to get out of the routine for:
    If ((pageCount+1) == _global.moduleContents.length) {.. .to correct for pageCount use as an array index number so it will match the length of the array}

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    NS & i
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    The camcorder has HDMI and A / V output connections. Depending on your computer, you can connect the camcorder to a HDMI IN and A / V in port. Once connected, you can start streaming using the appropriate software. Please see the manual for more information on the available ports, you can use your computer operating.

    Please note that USB streaming is not supported by this unit.

    If my post answered your question, please mark it as "accept as a Solution.

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