How to view all the titles that are currently not in a playlist?

Hello world

my iTunes library has become huge in the past years. I created more than 400 playlists. Now, I'm looking for a way to show (and remove) all securities that are currently not in playlists (because obviously, I don't listen to their).

Someone at - it an idea how to do? I planned to create a smart playlist for that, but I can't think of the right criteria.

Thanks in advance.

Jonathan of Germany

This operation may take several, what I call, "maintenance" smart playlists  An option in the smart playlists is "not in the playlist xx".  It would be ridiculous to choose for all the playlists of 400.  I suggest you make the smart playlists that contain groups of playlists that you created for similar purposes.  Finally, you will have a more manageable number of master smart playlists that include all your playlists.  Then, create a smart playlist that has songs not in playlist xx and choose all these masters playlists

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