How unclose window and all its groups of tabs?

I have at least 100 tablets in groups of 5 or more and then had another window open with nothing important in. The main window has been closed to restart Windows, and then the window with nothing in it was closed. When I start Firefox, it opens the window unimportant, and the tab group page is empty. How to get back my tabs and groups?


Oh duh. I got it. Under the history he has "Recently closed tabs" and also "recently closed Windows".

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    The same consideration would apply to all the groups tab restore from a previously saved session.


    The app tabs and tab (Panorama) groups are stored in session data in the sessionstore.js file in the Firefox profile folder

    You can make a backup copy of this file.

    Help > troubleshooting information > profile directory: opens showing the file

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  • everytime I open a new tab, the tab opens, but a double window opens in tray with duplicates from my window and all my open tabs.

    for several years, after uninstalling and reinstalling, I can not open a new tab without a double full being created with the same open tabs. Example of... I have a window with four tabs open. In my sandbox, I have 4 windows, all with the same 4 tabs. uugh!

    Could you check to see if you have a given box checked in the Options dialog box:

    "3-bar" menu button (or tools) > Options > tabs

    If "Show glimpses of tab in the Windows task bar" is turned on, instead of having an entry by the window, you get one entry per tab, uncheck the box to turn off.

  • Why the installer DC deletes Acrobat Pro XI and all its plugins, without warning?

    When you run the "Update" DC Acrobat, Acrobat XI and plugins you use, disappear. There is no warning. Pro XI has simply disappeared.

    It is not possible to install Pro XI the long side of DC. If you try, the installation seems to work, but the Applications folder contains only the DC.

    Also: Acrobat Pro XI does not appear in the list of previous Versions in the creative cloud application.

    The only way I found to return Pro XI is to uninstall DC, then go Pro XI download page:

    Click Download and the CC applet will download and re-install Acrobat Pro XI. Next, you will need to re - install your plugins.

    Adobe: thanks a lot for the creation of a headache a massive support for your customers! Your ability to set ourselves on knows no bounds.

    Let me start by saying that we are sorry that you encounter the problem that you are.  However, you must understand why you have these pains and hopefully prevent from happening in the future.

    Adobe has NEVER supported the installation of multiple versions of Acrobat on the same computer.  Not on Windows and not Mac.

    We are aware that some of our clients choose to use this configuration not supported AGAINST OUR RECOMMENDATIONS, however, is NOT supported.  Therefore, the law of modernization of XI Acrobat Acrobat DC is just that - an UPGRADE.  It is not a "install a new piece of software next to my old".  Just like when you apps from the Mac App Store, or with the browser Chrome - update/upgrade you do not get to keep the old software, you simply get the new shiny thing.

    Regarding plugins - it seems that some of you were installing your plugins inside the app on the Mac package.  It is also a NOT RECOMMENDED since Acrobat X configuration, when we enabled support for a plugin folder external - precisely for this reason - that when uninstall us an application it also uninstall the plugins included.  If they were in the right external folder, they would have been left alone.   Although, as Andrew said, none of the plugins would continue to run on Mac.

  • How to uninstall cloud creative and all its app. ?

    I terminate my subscription for creative cloud and would like to uninstall all his request?

    What is the safest and fastest way to do it?

    Thank you for your help.

    Gilles Gauthier

    use programs uninstaller and then clean by the use of the Adobe Creative Cloud cleaning tool to solve installation problems

  • How to create a duplicate of a book and all its indd files completely separte associated.

    What is the best way to create a copy of a book about InDesign (.indb), including all associated indd files? I need to keep a copy of the book for printing and another copy to the EPUB export, which will require formatting changes that are not suitable for printing.

    I already copied all applicable indd files in a new folder and then copied the file indb, then "Replace Document selected" to change the applicable path for all indd files in the copied book. However, I fear that all references can still point to the old files of the book. Unfortunately, there is no easy way to say because when I discovered "Divert Options" a reference, it does not show the path of the file to the Document, just the name of the document. I also fear that there could be a few other connections between the old and the files indd or indb duplicate in another way that I'm not aware.

    To clarify, I like two completely different file folders with the same indb and several indd files in to start them with, such as all cross-references in the newly duplicated ebook and indd files are compared to the new ebook and new indd files. Is there an easy way to check the path, not only the file name for the reference document a crossroads?

    I suspect that the problem is the use of. in folder names.

  • Google and all its related services are not displayed as a place safe and photographs are blocked.

    I was forced to add manual exception for even use Google search AND Google Mail, but the photos are still blocked in the Google search. The first 12 pictures will show, but the rest simply reflect a square broken in the upper left corner where the preview of the image should be. When I click on the blanks - it shows the picture, but I can't work effectively in this way. How can I remove the block on the images until the problem can be corrected in an another update?

    Google Chrome did the same thing (block images from sites such as Facebook and Twitter trust MAJOR, but given its own secure equipment). Chrome did not allow a user to control if the images could show and I switched to Firefox as a result. Please fix this. Thank you!

    All I had to do has been updated of my time on the clock and it solved the problem. My clock showed 6 December 2014 date. I'm sorry. You can consider this resolved, thank you!

  • How change windows and not lose the drivers and programs?

    Hey guys want to just ask,

    I acres, I bought it with windows 7 Home premium installed but I bought windows 7 ultimate and I want to change the windows, but the only thing that I'm worried about is when I format the HHD of re - install windows ill lose programs Acre, how can I keep after I re - install windows?

    Is it possible that I can get a copy on USB or something?

    Thank you

    Your laptop must have a backup or restore utility to create the restore disks - in general, the options are to create a set of disks that are going to do a full factory restore and a disc is just the drivers and the software.

    Click on the start menu, then all programs and see if there is an Acer folder that contains this utility.  If she is not there, your next option would be to go here, look to the top of your system, and then click tab to download the manual and see if there are instructions for creating a backup.

  • Problems to access emails due to the area of security of Windows and all the emails have disappeared from the Inbox

    I have a HP with Windows Vista computer.  For the last few days whenever I try to access my email using Windows Mail, a Windows security box appears you request for my user name and password that are not accepted when I type in and to "allow" with a lock symbol appears low to the right of the screen, where "incoming mail" would normally appear. I get the occasional batch of e-mails through but only once per day.  Two days ago, all of my original emails (about 1,000) have disappeared from my Inbox.  I rang my phone co co/email, microsoft and the manufacturers of my coomputer, but everyone tells me problem of is the other company.  Meanwhile, I am really concerned about all the emails that I lost.  Can anyone suggest how to get rid of this security box and restore all my lost emails?  Help!


    1. Since when are you facing this problem?

    2 did you changes to Windows Mail settings?

    I suggest you follow these methods and check.

    Method 1:  Windows message store can be damaged or corrupted.  You can try to rebuild the message store.

    Rebuild the Windows Mail message store

    Note: Follow the method 1 first, which is mentioned in the link above.  If rebuilding the message store does not help, follow method 2 to rebuild the Windows Mail folder.

    Method 2: Solve problems with Windows Mail



    I also suggest you to update the virus for your anti-virus definitions. In addition, make sure you have all the windows security updates installed on your computer.

    I hope this helps.

    Thank you.

  • How to add and remove a group of words in each page at a time?

    This is the condition I faced:

    I have a PDF document with 998 pages, first of all, I want to add a group of words called "Collected by Rocky" each page and the style and the format will be adjusted by myself; Secondly, I want to delete them at once.

    Editing my Acrobat is 11.0.11. How can I achieve these two objectives?


    This depends a lot on how you do it, but you can use a script with a loop that adds a field to each page of the file and then flattens the entire file, for example.

  • How to remove and hide the group header


    I want to combine metadata fields and you want to give the name to the group. But I want to remove the skin on the page.

    Please provide inputs on how to achieve this.

    Thanks in advance

    You can set disableFieldGroupHeaders = 1 to completely hide the group header.

    To just remove the link to hide, you can set the following in a side effect of rule:




    <$exec setresourceinclude("std_field_group_header_show_hide",="" std_field_group_header_show_hide)$="">


  • You can prevent bridge to export the cache in a folder and all its subfolders?

    I have set bridge to export files to cache files when it is possible and it is quite useful to find most of the time. It's a bit of a pain but when I review my dropbox folders.

    I was wondering if there was a setting somewhere for "Please do not export hidden here?

    You can't selectively exclude one or even several files.  It's all or nothing.

    If you add your Dropbox to your bridge Favorites, it will be no different than any other folder navigation in Bridge.

    Read this FAQ to get advice on how to ask your questions correctly to get faster and better answers:

    Thank you!

  • How to export and import connection groups


    as the real sqldeveloper kills the connection.xml file often enough I always save in another location. I have more than 30 connections, I group them into groups of connection. After import connections, the groups disappeared.
    Where the grouping information is stored, and how can I save this information.



    I don't think that there is a way to back this up, through the product (as the folders are stored separately from fittings), but the file product - preferences.xml in C:\Documents and Settings\\Application Data\SQL Developer\system1.\o.sqldeveloper. directory (Win XP SP2 and SQL Dev 1.5.3) has the following details (among other preferences):


    I've never tried (I've always manually recreated my folders when necessary), but if you have a copy of this file and replace the DatabaseFoldersCache node in after re-import your connections, this pourrait restore your files.


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