How will I know what Firefox dislikes on my web page?

I built a new web site with a model that I thought was in effect. It seems that it uses all the standard stuff Firefox insists on having. Other browsers are apparently more lenient and open my site very well. Unfortunately, some people just use Firefox so I need to fix my web site. BUT I don't know what's the problem with him. Is there a way to identify the problem, like the fact he hates my CSS or is he choke on this dashboard or this comma? I want to update my pages but I do not know where to start. Thank you.

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<!--a href="#"--><img src="images/pixel-clear.gif" height="93" alt="" border="0" /><!--/a--></h1>
<p>&nbsp; <font color="#000099" size=+1>experience the energy!</font></p>
<div class="top_right">

<div class="top_details">
<!--img src="images/img4.gif" alt="" /-->

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