How will I know what GPU is using my laptop (with a portable Dual Graphics)

Laptop: HP ENVY 15z j100 (custom)


I have a custom 15z j100 and there a 2 GPU built in the CPU (APU) and another of discrete (Radeon 8750 M 2 GB) and I use mine for the play of light and I was wondering if there is no way to know if my laptop using the APU or the 8750M for games. If so is there anyway I can disable the other and just use the 8750M?

Thank you!

Justin d

Hello JRD02,

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I understand that you want to know what graphics driver is used, and whether or not you can disable a specific. Go into Control Panel, then Device Manager. Go to your display adapter section and right click on the one you want to disable, and then select "disable."

In this way, you can disable what you do not want to use, and you know who is running! One stone two birds


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    Hello Sam51

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    Please answer as soon as possible.

    Thank you

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    Hi Shinski_lynch,

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