HP 110-243w desktop: care for F3D23AA ac adapter

I recently bought your desktop HP 110-243w from a friend and he couldn't find the power adapter for it. I have a power cord, but I need the number and the plug of the AC adapter. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!



It uses even some portable computers charger. Copy the part from following link number:


You can buy from there or use the part number buy elsewhere such as


Kind regards.

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  • HP 110-243w: desktop HP 110-243w very very slow

    My elderly mother of 10 years of emachine with 1 GB of ram and simple memory layer dead so I quickly ran to the Wal-Mart the only store in town that sells computers and bought the best office they had with a quad processor, 8 GB ram, 1 TB of HDD and Windows 8, since updated to 8.1.  A few months earlier, I had bought a computer laptop gateway with processor quad, ram 6 GB, HDD 750 GB at WalMart when my 12 year Dell, started having modem problems and was very happy with the speed of the new gateway.  (I don't like windows 8, but the machine is fast.)

    This HP 110-243w is slow, very slow.  Loading facebook my laptop charge 2 seconds - my laptop Dell 12 year, took about 4 seconds.  On the HP 110-243w, it takes 2-5 minutes before I can scroll down.  If I want to go back a screen it again stalls for 1 to 4 minutes before it scrolls.  Often, the whole page should reload.  I tried to run on wifi like laptops.  I am currently connected to the FIOS modem.  A speed test shows 58 MB/s download and download 61 MB/s, but when I try to load a real Web page, speed disappears.  Drivers HP page took more than three minutes, when I chose my windows OS 8.1, it took 4 minutes before loading the driver screen.  When I click an option such as "audio drivers", it took 90 seconds to show 2 possible drivers.

    I downloaded everything new nd drivers installed.  I ran drive optimizers, acceleration routines, etc.  It's always incredibly slow.  I stopped the virus checker and other monitoring software and firewalls, and it is still slow.

    I'm about to buy just another new no HP desktop.  Anyone know how to speed up this HP 110-243?    Does anyone know another CPU and/or the gpu that could be installed plug-and - play to replace the standard?

    Personally, I was not amused that you bought a computer with a processor at 1.5 GHz, with a combination of processor (CPU) and the graphics chip (GPU) all shipped in a single chip to speed. And then you said that it was the best office that Wal-Mart had.

    It is not the best of HP.  The model of 'w' is a special Wal-Mart.

    He was rated by guests very badly and voted 3.3 5.  This means a score of 65%.


  • HP 110-243w desktop PC: HP 110-243w desktop PC

    I have a motherboard of mulberry, and I'm looking to upgrade the graphics card. I am aware that you have to toggle when you add a new card, but I wonder if the GeForce graphics cards are compatible with my motherboard. Specifically the GeForce GTX750 GDDR5 PCle video card. Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

    harryzaimis wrote:

    I have a motherboard of mulberry, and I'm looking to upgrade the graphics card. I am aware that you have to toggle when you add a new card, but I wonder if the GeForce graphics cards are compatible with my motherboard. Specifically the GeForce GTX750 GDDR5 PCle video card. Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.


    It seems that you can not do this.


    The specs say that the CPU is not extensible, and there is no no expansion for a dedicated graphics card slot. I suggest getting a new motherboard first.

  • Satellite P100-488 - what car for my laptop adapter?


    I am writing this thread I wish for an item on Ebay, namely the car adapter PX1189E-1NPO manufactured by Toshiba.

    The problem is my laptop 15V DC entry and the seller, I contacted eBay told me that the PX1189E-1NPO (output of 19V mentioning on the site of Toshiba Switzerland) would be compatible with no problems.

    After a search, I noticed that there is also the PX1188E-1NPO manufactured by Toshiba 15V output.

    I can trust that the seller told me, namely as the Web from Toshiba site that reads for the adapter PX1189E-1NPO car on this link: 4703 http://ch.computers.toshiba-europe.com/innovation/jsp/individualOptions.do?LNG=7&service=CH&selCategory= & oldCategory = 4703 & OPTION_ID = 98981?

    * "Power adapter only DC DC which offers a 120 real watts of continuous power to your laptop." Allows your laptop to be exploited and its internal rechargeable battery of any source VDC 12-32. The adapter fits, conditions and regulates the power of entry to the correct voltage required for your laptop. Included, only two output cables. "*

    Moreover, I am a little troubled because none of the links to the PX1188E-1NPO or PX1189E-1NPO mentions my laptop model (P100-488).

    What do you think of this?

    Thanks in advance.

    Kind regards



    As far as I know that you need a 15V car adapter
    As you say in your message above the car on eBay adapter supports 19V.

    In your case I would contact the authorised Toshiba partner in your country and would order the adapter car from these guys.
    The ASP can provide 100% compatible parts and in this case, you would be sure that parties are supported at 100% and damage the laptop!

    Welcome them

  • Need a car for Satellite 1800 adapter

    Hello. I live in the Denmark and we hope you excuse that English is not my first language; 0)

    I have a Satellite 1800 and so far used two batterys. I hope to use a car battery, because I want to use in the car (smalle homebuild AccueilTarifs). According to the manual, the Satellite takes 75W, 15V, 5amps.
    Does this mean that I can't use it with a 50Wat car battery? The battery is an external battery and I think it gives to 15V, but I have an adapter that will ensure that.

    Could I may burn my Satellite?


    You can use this: http://www.edbpriser.dk/Products/Listprices.asp?ID=200469#

    Otherwise, I guess that you have a warranty issue if a failure of your computer is caused by an external power supply.

    Greetings from the Denmark

  • Desktop HP 110-243w very very slow


    It seems that there is not of type 'cat' online that I can find to HP.

    I've recently upgraded to the new HP 110-243w desktop PC. Of a very old HP d530c, which was a fantastic machine, it just could not be upgraded to 8.1 windows...

    My question is, is the oldest pc is about five times faster and zippy than new.

    can someone advise me please on what to do to get my new PC HP 110 - 243w be zippy.

    There may be better drivers out there, that could improve things.

    Please advise, thank you so much Joyce

    Your very welcome, so I guess that your problem is solved.

  • HP 110-352na desktop PC: update my graphics card

    Im trying to buy a new graphics card which is ASUS STRIX R9 380 OC Gaming graphics card for this computer: HP 110-352na desktop PC. Right now I use AMD Radeon HD 8400 / R3 series. Well, I want to know if the Asus graphics card fits, and if it's working properly.


    Your PC comes with a external power supply 65 watt portable. I don't think it's possible to switch to an internal power supply because of the limitations of the chassis.

    THA Asus only graphics card requires up to 225 watts just to power the card.


  • HP 110-194 desktop PC: updates pilot Windows 10: is a 8.1 update good enough?

    I know there is the information on Windows 10 updates, but when I run the update drivers under support page here:


    It identifies my machine, but can not take it to the next stage - identification softward drivers and delivers this message instead:

    HP has encountered an error when trying to analyze your product.

    Please verify that your product is turned on and connected, and then try again in a few minutes.

    Alternatively, display all drivers available for your product below.

    If I ignore this and say it's an OS 8.1, however, it brings up a bunch of drivers that need to be updated.   It would be prudent to simply update these drivers even if the machine is no longer an OS 8.1, or is asking for trouble?

    Still, I don't ask this because the product support page is not able to detect the OS of my machine and then make a list of the drivers that are associated with.

    10 Windows installs the latest drivers, so I don't pretend to install the HP drivers.

  • HP 110-355nl desktop PC: the card wireless on HP 110-355nl desktop PC


    I would like to connect my HP 110-355nl desktop PC to the Internet via a wireless network. It seems that the PC has no wireless inside card and I can't find where I could plug a wireless card on the motherboard.

    Can anyone help please? Can you please suggest me a wireless card I could buy for my PC?

    Thank you very much!


    You are the very welcome.

    I used to think that too, but this particular model USB adapter is as good as any PCI or PCIe x 1 card internal wireless I've ever used.

    It even works with Windows 10.

    Dual band means that if you have a double router N wireless broadband, it can connect on the 5.0 GHz and 2.4 GHz bands.

    I just took a glance at the motherboard on your PC support page, and there is no place that I see do any update at all, except to increase memory.

  • HP 110-243w downgrade to windows 7 but no compatible drivers.

    I bought a hp 110-243w. its got 8 GB of ram, 1 TB hard drive amd Quad Core Proccesor a4-5000. It came from factory with windows 8.1 but for what I need, I had to downgrade to windows 7. I tip Windows 7 install disc and have done so all updates but the grafics seem to not be updated for the correct driver. all original material so its an on board video card supporting 8.1 graffical needs. i came here on the site hp and looked up the eyes my pc and found windows 7 64 bit grafics driver and proceeded to install the driver but I get this error message (your system does not meet the minimum requirements this update. update has been cancelled. error code) (9996) until I do? Windows aero is touched by it, and I'm not sure what else will not work because of this. Help, please.

    On the HP site, there are two graphics drivers listed under Windows 7 64 bit for this particular model. Have you checked if you install one that applies to your system? You can verify the name and the manufacturer of the graphics card by using the DirectX Diagnostic tool.
    1. click on start, type dxdiag in the search bar.
    2. click on the link of DxDiag in the Start Menu.
    3. go to the display tab.

    Here "you will be able to check the model and manufacturer of the graphics card. Ensure that you download the driver on the HP site. If you are still unable to install the driver, you can also check the site for manufacturer of graphics card for the latest version of the driver.


  • Question about the care for Portege Z30A tool batteries


    I used some thinkpads with the function to take care for the conditioning of the laptop battery.
    A useful feature is to disable if you plug the power adaptor so charged above for example, 75% of battery charge.

    It monitors the condition of the battery and advises when a cycle of preparation is necessary.
    Is there a such use for the Porteges or should I use a third party program?

    How about BatteryCare utility?

    It is a free utility that helps you keep your laptop in good condition battery.
    It monitors the battery discharge cycles and helps to increase independence and improve life expectancy. In addition, it provides detailed information battery and monitors the battery discharge cycles.

    But Toshiba also provides own software called Toshiba PC health monitor.
    It gives you a graphical overview easy to read things like the temperature of the portable computer, the fan speed and the condition of your battery.

  • Adapter car for Satellite L305-S5939

    Hi all
    Can you please help me with the choice of a correct car adapter for the laptop mentioned above?
    I understand that there is no such addapter which is manufectured by Toshiba
    and advice from Toshiba (the catalogue_ _In accessories) is to use adapters Tragus Mobile universal AC\DC which seems to be quite expensive.
    I found cheaper car adapters that are supposed to be suitable for this model, but the question is whether it is safe to buy cheap adapters (about 20$-30$) and but in risk laptop $ 600 worth?
    Someone here has it or model similar to laptop and use a car adapter?

    Thank you in advance,

    Cheap adapters can damage the laptop. The problem is that good adapters markets have circuits or good components markets and have no protection against surges of power of more expensive cards.
    This is a power spike or a dip in your car (for example when start you the engine), it could blow the adapter, or worse ~ blow the laptop.

    I think that the Targus are good enough to use. Better safe than sorry :)

  • Can I buy Apple Care for the Apple Watch bought at target?

    I was gifted a Apple Watch bought the target. I always buy the Apple Care for my computers, tablets and phones by Apple. I have read the General conditions but can't find where it says I can't buy it if it is not purchased directly from Apple. I want to buy the Apple Care through Apple about 5 days after the Apple Watch Sport has been bought. I guess it's ok, I'm good?

    Yes. Click here and see the notes.


  • HP 110-243wb desktop PC: can I upgrade the ram and memory of my HP 110-243wb desktop PC?

    Can I upgrade the ram and memory of this HP 110-243wb desktop PC? What suggest you and you thank in advance.

    What did you find?  Was it a 8 GB module?  Two modules of 8 GB is the MAXIMUM.

    Yes, this is why I suggested the part numbers.  You have to match pairs.

  • HP mini 110 locked bios CNU9286QB9 for a code

    HP mini 110 locked bios CNU9286QB9 for a code that I do it please help


    Enter: e9lo7ug5po (3rd character is a lowercase L)

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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