HP 15-af131dx: password bios need

Need password for Hp-15 here is the system off the code 'I 95123667'.

Thanks in advance


Enter 20881269

Kind regards

DP - K

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  • Compaq presario cq57: admin password bios need

    I need the bios password for locking error 59495365.
    I enter the wrong password three times and he turns off the system.

    Any help is greatly appreciated thanks!


    Enter 46593961

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Need password Bios for HP mini 110-1059TU S / n: cnu9378drg

    Need password Bios for HP mini 110-1059TU S / n: cnu9378drg, can anyone help?


    Enter: e9lofxutbh (3rd character is a lowercase L)

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP ENVY notebook - m7-k211dx: password BIOS/Power-On. Need help if possible, please.

    Hello, I have problems with the password BIOS Power-On.

    When I enter the password I considered correct, that three times I get the following code.


    Any help would be greatly appreciated. Of course, I'll thumbs up for help, regardless of the result.

    Please try = 45571568

    Kind regards


    I work for HP

  • Reset password BIOS HP 530.

    To remove the BIOS password you need to short-circuit the 2 marked RESET RTC contacts.

    Remove the memory cover.

    Look for the 2 contacts between WiFi card and memory.

    Remove the main battery and AC.

    Use a small Flathead screwdriver to short-circuit the 2 contacts.

    Passwords are gone.

    If SECURITY RIGOUREUSES is enabled it will NOT work.

    Let us know if it works for you.


    I must inform you that these services are not endorsed by HP, and that HP is not responsible for any damages that may occur to your system using these services. Please be aware that you do so at your own risk.

    Used an x-acto knife, because the blade is thinner than on a screwdriver. When you tried short with the screwdriver, the court didn't happen because the spacing is extremely low. Accepted as a Solution.

  • Password bios HP pavilion dv4000

    Hi I have a pavilion hp and need the password bios it goes to the system disabled after three trials and 06368 numbers and I really need help and I hope that someone will be hel me soon.


    Enter: iwflndo



    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • How to reset password BIOS HP Mini 1000

    I have an old HP Mini 1000, but I forgot the BIOS password I need to change the configuration settings.

    If someone could help me my error says:

    Password check failed
    Fatal error... System stopped.

    Thank you


    Very interesting code, but try it please (all lower case):


    Kind regards.

  • password BIOS reset computer hp mini 110

    I have a serial number hp netbook mini 110-1013tu[personal information deleted] try 3 times by using the password to get into windows (is not the windows password I need a password is a promt to the system startup), BUT I can't get into the Bios Setup to remove this boot prompt. Let's rather password verification has not stopped system. Tried pulling the cmos battery, battery and power disconnected. Let stand overnight. not clear. Any ideas help thank you


    Do you have a 'code to stop' displayed after 3 erroneous seizures?  If this is the same S/N, try to enter:

    e9lo77qfz8     (the 3rd character is a lowercase L)

    If the stop code differs fron S/N, after return with it.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP 430: administrative password BIOS

    I entered the wrong password several times and the code that appeared is 62834084.

    Can someone help me with the password I need to enter to successfully enter the BIOS options?


    Enter: 73792000

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP Mini 110-3519la: HP Mini 110-3519la password Bios RESET

    Hi, a year ago, I bought a computer hp mini 110 and I put the bios administrative and user password, I need to make some changes in these options but I forgot the password of the administration, the system show me this message "turn off system" [94192761], can you help me to reset the administrative password?

    Kind regards


    Please read the first post on the link below which should solve your dilemma.



    You can:

    1. use the unlock code you generated to enter BIOS

    2 disable all passwords that are enabled in the Security menu of BIOS.

    3. If the request for current password - enter the unlock code

    4. for the new password, simply press the ENTER key

    5. repeat the same thing to check the password column.

  • Omni 27-1100d: reset password BIOS for Omni 27-1100d


    I try to use VirtualBox to run Ubuntu 14.04 x 64 but I got this message

    "Acceleration hardware VT-x/AMD-V is not available on your system. Your 64-bit host fails to detect a CPU 64 bit and will not be able to start. »

    When I try to enter the BIOS Setup, it always ask for password. How do reset you password BIOS for HP Omni 27-1100d?

    From what I understand from the internet, I can force the BIOS to reset by altering the checksum or removing the CMOS battery. Is there another way? I want to just erase the BIOS password not the configuration of the BIOS.

    Thank you.


    I use HP Omni 27 - 1100d, dual boot Windows 7 (OEM) and Ubuntu x 64 14.04.

    You can clear the BIOS password using the procedure described in the motherboard specifications document. There is no need to remove the CMOS battery, that would probably remove the current BIOS settings.


  • 13 x 2 password bios

    13 x 2 problem of password bios. I need remove unknown Bios password. I get the error 77398016.

    Try > 68090038

  • Lost password Bios Compaq CQ62 Ressario

    I lost my password list. worst of all. I can't rember password Bios on CQ62 as it was a long time ago, and I need to reinstall an OS I get this number after the failure of attempts 92165874... help!


    Enter: 23843270

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • The password Bios EliteBook 6930p

    I have an Elitebook 6930p with a BIOS password I need to delete. It belongs to a friend and he asked me to reinstall the OS, but he forgot his password.

    Is it possible to get the password?

    Welcome Locha.

    There is no master or password password for ProBooks or EliteBook generators.

    You need to contact HP support.


    Replace the BIOS chip.


    Remove the BIOS battery will not work.

    I'm sorry.


  • HP Jet 11 mdl # 11 - d010wm: I forgot the password (BIOS) to start to get into my HP flow 11 laptop.it Windows8

    I changed the passwords (Bios and login) on my laptop HP flow 11... (OS win8) IM in the service and delivered on the seas for 9mnths... my back that my passwords disappeared completely from what I remembered them at be.when I turn on my laptop it immediately wants admin.password and after 3 failed attempts, she said system is off. Please help me solve this problem... relevance is the key... I am very grateful for having taken the time to help me...


    Enter: 69671381

    Kind regards

    DP - K

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