HP 15 D103tx: can't detect the wireless network adapter in Device Manager.

I can't detect wireless network adapter in the device even Manager after installing the drivers wireless from the following link: http://support.hp.com/in-en/drivers/selfservice/HP-15-d100-Notebook-PC-series/6782098/model/6837966?...

Wireless "F12" key remains orange color after pressing it several times. I tried to install "Drivers HP wireless button" from the link above, but between th installation process I have error ot OS isn't accomanied for pilots

I can't connect to a wireless network from my wireless adapter doesn't work. I have to sit near my wifi router to connect with laptop computer using lan cable.

Even HP Support Assistant does not detect the wireless network card hardware

Help, please!


According to HP Partsurfer, your lapotp came with Atheros AR9565 802.11bgn 1 x 1 WiFi and Bluetooth 4.0 adapter combination WLAN. Also, your laptop came with FreeDos and I guess currently installed Windows 8 64 bit OS, I am correct?

The Support page for your machine, doesn't show that the Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11b/g/n Wireless LAN Driver for Windows 8.

Please download, save & install the Dirver and restart the system, check if the wireless works.



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  • Satellite A100-529: How can I enable the wireless network adapter

    Hi all!

    I'm new here, but I want to know how can I activate the wireless network device. On my Toshiba Satellite A100-529 keyboard is a Fn key that must be pressed with the F8 key to turn on the wireless network device. I did, but it does not work.

    What can I do to turn on my wireless device?
    Thank you!

    You are right. The FN + F8 key combination should be used to switch to the WLan card.

    But look, man. Have you checked if your laptop supports wireless network card?
    I think it does not support the minPCI wireless network card and the card does not exist!

    That's why the WLan card cannot be activated :) you know ;)

  • laptop can't detect the wireless network

    I have a laptop Windows 8 now 8.1 pavilion g6 which was not able to detect wireless networks.

    When I try to solve the problems to find a problem it says that there is no problem.

    Icon in the lower right shows a monitor with a white cross in a red circle background and has what looks like a cable with a circular head up.

    What I am currently using is the ethernet cable to the laptop that is connected to the router which works normally.

    Any help will be appreciated, because I need this problem sorted as soon as possible.

    Thanks for the reply. While at the time, I have checked devices and other suggestions I've found by using search engines, it seems that he has not solved the problem.

    However, I am happy to say that it is now back after I did a system restore which did not take long to complete.

    The main problem was he doesn't detect any type of wireless signals and could not get on the internet via an ethernet cable.

    I think I can avoid windows 8.1 where there my laptop slowed down considerably since its installation, which can be made wireless connectivity. A problem I have never using 8.

    Thanks again for the advice.

  • Photosmart C6180 cannot detect the wireless network

    I have a Photosmart C6180 for over a year, and until recently it connected wireless very well.  But since a week ago, it can't detect the wireless network.  I turned off the printer and wireless router several times each without success.  The "Wireless Setup Wizard" running on the C6180does not help. Watch simply screen printer "looking for... wireless router. "indefinitely, until the function Cancel.  The wireless router is about four feet from the printer, in a direct line of sight.  In addition, I have wireless Internet access using the same router and continue to do this successfully, then the router itself works.  Recently I have updated the firmware on the router as well (after the beginning of this problem).  Running the network Test report wireless on a 'PASS' C6180 returns for "Radio on" but a "FAILURE" for "use of Radio". The radio broadcasts as "about" section of the Menu Radio wireless network.  My router is a Belkin Wireless G Router model F5D7230-4.  The printer prints very well with a wired connection, but wireless connectivity has been a key reason behind my purchase.  Any suggestions greatly appreciated.

    Sorry, but your wireless radio is dead.  Its time for a new printer.

  • Can't detect the wireless, gateway 4025gz. mod, turn on wireless, Dosnt show the icon in the login screen. OK before wipjng drive.

    Can't detect the wireless, gateway 4025gz. mod, turn on wireless, Dosnt show the icon in the login screen. OK before wipjng drive.

    If it worked before wiping the disc, then it is likely, you are missing a player specific to material not included in WIndows XP.  Log on to the gateway website and download the drivers for the chipset and network.  Naturally, you will need to use a wired network connection.

    In general, Gateway provides the drivers specific to the hardware on a recovery of the system partition, and they also provide a tool so you can burn data on CD/DVD restore.  Do you stil have this partition or did you remove it?

    Every time I buy a PC, I always download copies of the material of the web site of the vendor-specific drivers and keep them on a flash drive, so that they are available when I wipe a PC and reinstall.  I also do the recovery partition recovery disks.

  • Windows Vista detects the wireless network but will not connect to it. Two other users in the same office connect without difficulty.

    The title says it all really.

    I was connected and working normally for about an hour this morning, until suddenly the connection has been lost.
    Windows detects the wireless network but will not connect. Two other users in the same office connect without difficulty.
    Help, please.
    Thank you.
    original title: vista detection network but will not connect

    Hi JulianBeach,

    1. you have made no changes to the computer before the broadcast took place?
    2. What is the exact error message you get?
    3 is connected to the domain of the computer?
    4. what happens when you try to connect to the network?

    Try the steps from the following link:
    Windows wireless and wired network connection problems

    Additional information:
    Wireless network card: frequently asked questions

  • Windows 7 do not connect the wireless network adapter

    When in Device Manager it is k o workining with all installed software & advance mode: saying activated


    Original title: windows 7 do not connect the wireless network adapter when in Device Manager, it works with all installed software & advance mode: saying activated

    Hi omsaini,

    Thanks for posting your query on the Microsoft Community.

    Sorry to hear that you have to connect to a wireless network adapter trouble.

    To help you further on this subject, it would have been really helpful for us if you had

    mentioned a few details such as:

    (1) is there an error message you get when you try to connect to the internet?
    (2) is the persistent problem with all browsers installed on the machine?
    (3) what is the brand and the type of the network adapter (whether ADSL or an adapter included)?

    However, there are a few steps that we can try first:

    a. the following link has a very good tutorial on how to install a network adapter on the computer:

    (Note: the link is for Windows XP but works for Windows thus 7\8)

    b. the following link provides a holistic approach for DIY difficulty on the connectivity of Windows:

    h ttp://Windows.Microsoft.com/en-US/Windows/Network-Connection-Problem-Help#Network-Problems=Windows-7&V1H=win81tab1&V2H=win7tab1&V3H=winvistatab1&v4h=winxptab1

    c. also, you can visit the following links as well:
    And http://windows.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/cant-connect-to-network#1TC=windows-7

    I hope this helps. Please contact us if you encounter any problem.

  • Dell Inspiron 14r 5420 cannot detect the wireless network card

    I scanned several times but still could not detect any wireless adapter.

    And then I tried to uninstall all the cards and install the last card that I had downloaded from http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/19/ServiceTag/DV1KDT1

    The two of them I tired to install and they have been unzipped successfully, but when I scanned the network adapters in Device Manager, even once, there is no change, all new.

    And I also got this

    When I clicked it, it became like that


    Sorry for the delay, got a little because I was absent.

    I don't see your listed wireless adapter. It may have failed or came loose. If you are under warranty, contact Dell Support tech.

    If you are not under warranty, the manual can be found HERE and go to page 45.


  • Strangest thing: iPhones can't see the wireless network. Why not?

    Suddenly, an iPhone 5 and an iPhone 6 were not connected to the home network. I thought that the wireless router was to have a hiccup. Reset it and still no. Control a connected computer and internet. Thought that it was a wireless problem, but check the settings (I don't mess with) and they are fine. BUT, I realized my iPad is always connected to the network. IPhones don't even see the wireless network. SSID always broadcast on. I tried to enter the SSID and password manually, but iPhones say that the network does not exist. It's the strangest thing. What would make the invisible network for phones all of a sudden? Both phones are differnet OS running. One is the latest version, probably the previous version. It's a FiOS Actiontec router/router wireless. Everyone has heard of such a thing? I do not understand how it is possible...

    Try this on an iPhone. No matter which even with other iOS.

    Tap settings > general > reset > reset network settings

    You will need to enter the password for Wi - Fi.

  • Sat Pro M30: Can't see the wireless network.

    In my work, we have the wireless network. When I search the network I don't see. the wireless signal is strong.my laptop Satellite Pro M30's.

    Could you please have the solution or know what the problem is.


    Have you used the Atheros WLan or Intel WLan card?
    As far as I know if you unit has an Atheros WLan card you should always use the Atheros Client Utility to connect to some networks.
    In this case, the option use Windows to configure my wireless network must be disabled. If you the Intel card this option must be checked.

    Please visit this site and points.

    Good luck

    Good bye

  • ConfigFree: windows pop up message: sellers application is controlling the wireless network adapter


    When I draw a line from nearby wireless networks (with or without WEP security) to the laptop in the middle icon,
    a popup message with the text: the provider application is controlling the wireless card.
    Does anyone know what this message or where I can get the answer to this question?

    After clicking on it you may see far (only the 'ok' button is available), the connecting line with the laptop wireless network disconnects after
    a few seconds.

    Thanks a lot for helping me...


    In my opinion this message appears because a 3rd WLan utility configures and controls the WiFi connection!
    There are different possibilities:
    The laptop uses the Intel wireless network adapter and the Intel Proset utility configures the WLan
    The laptop uses the Atheros WLan card and Atheros Client utility configures the WLan
    The windows have the option has been enabled and do this job.

    In this case ConfigFree application cannot configure and control the WiFi connection!

  • Operating system is unable to find the wireless network adapter

    I have recently reinstalled Windows 7 on my HP Pavilion Elite on a new hard drive.

    Since the installation, Windows is not able to recognize the NIC wireless on my machine. I imagine that there are drivers somewhere on the recovery discs that I bought out of HP, but those who stick me in a boot loop and aren't really good for nothing.

    I opened the computer case and didn't see any wireless network adapter card (two cards are the video card and the expansion USB3 card), so I guess that means it is integrated. Who is?

    in any case, long story short, I want that my PC for wireless internet, as it did before my other hard drive has failed, but the recovery discs that I bought last week off the coast of HP do not work so I do not know what to do next. Is this a driver problem?

    For what it's worth, I downloaded a bunch of the "drivers" section wireless network adapters and went through them until I found one that worked.

    Problem solved.

  • Desktop computer can not detect the wireless router, even with adapter


    I broke my laptop so I got out my old office since 2003. Its a gateway computer. There was no place where to connect my internet wire so I went out and bought a usb wireless adapter and updated my computer to Windows XP Home Edition. I put the CD and went through the Hardware Wizard. I said to her work and connected to the internet on the adapter set up the screen. BUT I can't access the internet. I tried the wizard network wireless, but sound does not detect anything either and does not work when I try to do it manually either.

    Help, please. I can't afford a new laptop close to Christmas it :(


    • You have security software installed on the computer?

    I suggest to access the link below and follow the steps in the article to resolve the problem of connectivity wireless network on your computer and check to see if it helps you solve the problem.


    You can also navigate to the link below and follow the steps in the article to set up the connection Wireless on your computer.


    I hope this helps. Let us know the result.

    Thank you and best regards,

    Srinivas R

    Microsoft technical support.

    Visit our Microsoft answers feedback Forum and let us know what you think.

  • Windows 7 can't detect the wireless printer

    I recently bought a Canon MG5250 1 wireless printer while. I got it connected to my router according to the Canon instratuctions, I have a laptop with XP that I have completed the installation with a CD, it detects the printer and print wirelesly without any problem. I can ping the IP address of the laptop XP.

    However, I have a 32 bit Windows 7 laptopn which can print on the MG5250 via USB but the installation CD does not detect this wirelesly, he cannot ping the ipaddress either. I tried to install with all firewalls and the disabled antivirus scans and network settings are set to automatically detect the network. I have connected to many networks account invited to the clients and Hotels without problem.

    Can someone help me please?

    Please see this thread.


    Follow the two links in the response from Imran and you should be good to go.

    I hope this helps.

  • Qosmio F10: Driver Installation does not detect the wireless network card

    I wonder if anyone can help before I phone supported again. My motherboard is dead and ASP replaced and recovered my laptop qosmio F10. Since having back, my wireless card did not work.

    Windows detects a "network controller" whenever it starts and gives me the opportunity to install it. I tried to install it by navigating in the 'tools and utilities' records CD rom for folders and subfolders of "Wireless network driver" and it still does not detect the card.

    I also tried to install using the cd rom web gui and selected the 'Pilot wireless network' link and then tried to install it. It opens a dos command prompt and try to install but comes up with the error "failed installation.

    I ran the customer service and they told me to run the qosmio recovery/then recovery of product/recovery of qosmio and again...

    I still don't the card wireless not yet installed. This happened to someone else?

    I tried already shot the drivers from the web, but with no luck... If a representative of customer service with the help of good technical knowledge that would be great, or if someone has encountered the problem too and he had fixed to the give me some advice...

    Thank you very much



    you see the card wireless as an unknown device in Device Manager? If this is not the case, perhaps that the card was not properly installed after replacing the motherboard.

    Sorry I have no other idea.

    Good bye

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