HP 15 F018dx: Error notice when you try to search the drivers + occasional noise from the fan

Hello. I just did a scan of software on the hp site and it recommended related diagnostic software and I installed it.

But when I try to do a software scan and the pilot of "search for the updates and recommendations" on the website of HP support for my laptop model, I always have this:

"HP has encountered an error when trying to analyze your product.

Please verify that your product is turned on and connected, and then try again in a few minutes.

Or display all drivers available for your product below. »

I'm sure that my laptop is up-to-date with software and drivers because my HP support assistant software can't find nothing available, but I'm just curious as to why I get this error on the hp site.

Another thing.  Very rarely, it looks like one of the fans (or is the hard drive?) in the laptop will be rev suddenley plus enough fort. If I stop the laptop turned off and on again, the fan noise is back to normal - nice and very quiet. Even just quickly put the laptop to sleep and wake it will fan (if that's what it is) back to normal. This loud fan noise maybe happens once every 2 weeks if I average.

Initially, I thought that this problem of fan noise may be caused or related to a game (asphalt 8) that seems to cause fans to redouble efforts in general (but this casual loud fan noise I'm talking is much stronger than that) when the game is played and the problem seems to occur more frequently with installed. However, I uninstalled it for a few days (although I don't know if I did a reboot after that I uninstalled it) and it arrived this morning after starting with past nothing. I suppose it could still be linked to the game, but I'm not sure. I restarted the laptop and now it is fine.

As I said that the problem occurs very rarely and most of the time my laptop is very quiet, but still I would like to understand/fix the issue if I could. It of one of the reasons why I was trying just a software/driver scan to see if something is recommended on the site but when I do this pilot analysis I get this error and have always.

Thanks for any help or suggestion.



Hi @tomstar,

Thank you for posting. I read your post, and I understand that you received the error message when you try to run a verification of updates and recommended software on the HP Web site. You need not worry since this could be a problem connecting to the HP Web site.

For the issue of fan, here's a document can help: computers laptops HP-Fan is Noisy and runs constantly, PC is hotter than normal

Let me know how it goes.

To say thank you, click on the "thumbs-up". Accept the post as a solution, if your problem solved, so that other people have the same problem can see it.

Kind regards

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