HP 15-r022tx Notebook PC has no driver support for windows?

I think to buy a computer laptop 15-r022tx flipkart HP and it comes with free back installed on it. But I want to install windows 7 on it and have the drive to it. But I'll take not all pilots, and so I looked for the drivers and downloads on HP support website, but on it, the research did not find my cell phone. But the laptop appeared when searched the main site... Only the support site had nothing for her. What should I do now? I want to buy this laptop but how they acquire drivers for windows 64-bit u? Help, please.


Visit the following Web page for the drivers:

http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?OS=4063 & LC = on & CC = in & DLC = in & sw_lang = & Product = 7280191 #N1648

p.s.: ignore the above post.

Thank you

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    I have a new HP photosmart 5510d scanner/printer (wireless). I installed it via the CD, but cannot send anything from the PC to the printer. Nor the radio available, I have it on my devices, but it is said that he needs help desk, when I do this it tells me that I need a driver, when I check for a driver, told me that there is not one for the 5510d. I can scan/printing without PC but hold the hooked up wireless and PC. What can I do?


    I'm sorry to hear that the problem with the installation of HP printer driver. It seems to be a compatibility issue with Windows 7.

    Let us try the following methods; I'm sure this will help you to solve the problem.

    Method 1:

    Try the steps in the following Microsoft article.

    Printer in Windows problems:


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    Try to uninstall then reinstall the printer drivers.

    Find and install printer drivers in Windows 7:


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    Try installing the printer in Windows Vista compatibility mode driver

    Make older programs run in this version of Windows:


    For more information, see the following Microsoft support article.


    Please reply with the status of the issue, so that we can better help you.

  • Support for Windows 10 in Qosmio X 70 - has


    I have a X 70-a, and according to the plan of Toshiba support, full support for Windows 10 only will be available January 31, 2016 ('coz that's what you get when you pay 1500-2000 euros for a cell phone, right?)

    Any who tried to win 10 on a similar laptop? Personally, I don't see what is the hold up and do not understand why they need half a year to offer support because most of the drivers Windows 8.1 should be available (assuming that they were well written in the first place).

    "That's what I get for a laptop of 1,500 euros" is exactly what I had in mind when searching for this Web site in order to get my windows 10 drivers only to find out that I am not on the priority of Toshiba.

    Keep the windows 10 update has an option to restore your old windows for a month (available in recovery at startup menu), I took the plunge by installing Windows on my 770 - 13F X 10.

    Here are the problems I encountered (I guess I'll find out later):

    -Windows installed a bad driver for the wifi adapter (Qualcomm Atheros) that makes the BSOD on startup. I manually installed a Windows 8.1 driver found on a non official (atheros.cz) in safe mode, with a second PC and a USB key.
    Win 10 then start over, but I can not activate wifi, both front panel and fn + F8 key for wifi doesn't seem to work. If anyone has a solution or just a hint...

    -The main Win 10 Search bar doesn't seem to be functional. It's weird and annoying.

  • HP 15-F004DX: Please provide driver wlan for windows 7

    Please provide driver wlan for windows 7


    According to the list of parts for your laptop, it has a Realtek RTL8188EE 802.11bg / n 1 x 1 WiFi adapter.

    It would be the driver W7 you interested...

    This package contains the installation package driver for the controller wireless LAN Realtek RTL8188EE in the laptop models running a supported operating system.

    File name: sp69033.exe

  • device driver Bluetooth for windows 7 64-bit sony vaio


    I need device driver bluetooth for windows 7 64 bit for sony vaio

    device driver Bluetooth for windows 7 64-bit sony vaio

    Please help me


    After spending an obscene amount of time researching this Bluetooth stupid nonsense this week, I finally opted for a solution.

    This is how to solve the "Bluetooth peripheral device is not a driver:
    I use the following materials in a dozen different tests:
    -Only for Broadcom based on USB from Belkin and Targus dongles
    -Windows 7 Professional 64-bit on four different computers
    -4 different Bluetooth headphones: Plantronics One, a matrix and two Motorola
    -Bluetooth file transfer wasn't of interest, but I tested with two different phones
    This guide will be useful for those with similar... hardware configurations and for those who have tried all the other nonsense without result.  Especially that many times repeated "Just install Windows Mobile Device Manager."
    -- -- --
    Step 1: Ignore 99% of you think that you have learned about this problem.
    It will be * probably * boil down to a missing COM port.
    Step 2: Certainly ignore the bit about installing the Windows Mobile Device Center
    (Unless you have a Windows Mobile-based phone and/or have another use for a flavor of Windows 7 of Activesync).
    Step 3: Stop looking for a driver for something called a "Bluetooth device device.
    There is no such thing. If you look at the Bluetooth installation take place, you will notice that all the components of the Bluetooth technology initially as "Bluetooth Peripheral Device" and then once Windows ID each element, the appropriate driver is installed and the name replaces "Bluetooth Peripheral Device" to something like "Hands-free Bluetooth Audio" or "Bluetooth Remote Control" etc.
    -- -- --
    Unfortunately, most of the people reading this will have tried one or more of the following:
    1.) install this stupid Windows Mobile Device Center
    2.) install any number of drivers Bluetooth who-knows-what from who knows where
    (3.) running all kinds of utilities third driver
    4.), forcing several facilities from pilot to operate in Win98, XP or Vista
    5.) sacrificing countless animals
    The end result is a plethora of useless software and/or driver and/or updates... facilities and some dead animals.
    -- -- --
    Instead, here is the solution.  I tested it with three different USB Dongles (2 Belkin and Targus 1) and on four different machines: HP, Sony, Toshiba and another HP. Two were newly not framed with Windows 7 Professional 64-bit and two have been upgraded to Vista to the same OS.
    With each machine, I plugged the following helmets: a legend of Voyager from Plantronics, Motorola S9, Motorola S805 and matrix AF62 and a Samsung S3 and an HTC Android.
    So I guess it's fair to say that it is a solution for one of these dongles... but in reality, most based on Broadcomm USB dongles is affected. I ran across these stages in four different boxes after checking that the beast ""Bluetooth peripheral device is not a driver " "
    appeared during installation.
    1.) If you did any of the unsuccessful steps mentioned above, enter the control panel and delete everything that you have installed.  Kill all the entries Broadcomm or Widcomm bluetooth. Delete all 3 rd-party driver maintenance apps. Restart a machine clean.
    2.) locate and install a Broadcomm OR driver.  Either one works, but the last (most recent) has much better management tools for Bluetooth device
    .  I tested the installation of separately and also starting with and then upgrade to
    (Ignore the stupid Updater Driver Broadcomm they grow to their website - it is useless for the majority of us out there.)
    (3.) that you install one of the above, you will see a notification regarding the installation of the various components.  Click this pop-up window and watch the progress.  You will see that each "Bluetooth Peripheral Device" Gets a new name, as the related driver is installed.  In my tens + tests, each & every item at this point got the green check mark of success.
    4.) now attempt to pair the device of your choice
    .  IF only the manufacturer provides separate drivers, do not install them again, regardless of their instructions.  See how Windows gets its own.
    5.) as soon as the match starts, you will see more notifications for individual driver components.  Click on one of them and observe a similar progression... Except that you will have a ""Bluetooth Device device ' with the dreaded Red X and the complaint that no driver was found. "
    6.) do not despair
    ! This happens the first time connect you a new Bluetooth device.
    7.) wait for the installation to complete.  Despite the dialog box display the list of components of Bluetooth with a red X, you probably have another window saying that the perfectly paired Bluetooth device.  But you and I know that he didn't. Confidently click to close this dialog box.
    8.) open Device Manager (via the Control Panel, the computer properties), and you will discover that cursed Device Bluetooth that is sitting there in the Middle under 'other devices '.
    9.) right click on the Bluetooth device with the yellow exclamation mark under 'Other devices' and select 'Update Driver' - then:
    Click on:
    a.) browse my computer for driver software
    (b) let me pick from a list of device on my computer drivers
    (c.) in the common hardware types list, select:
    --->>> Ports (COM & LPT)<>
    d.) d.) under manufacturer, select Microsoft
    e.) depending on the model, choose "Standard Serial over Bluetooth Link" & click "next".
    f.) when you are prompted with the update driver warning, click 'yes '.
    g.) with joy to read the message that "Windows has updated the driver software.
    (h.) read for pleasure, and then click "close".
    (i.) to confirm that this disorder is really fixed (assuming compatible devices, etc.) Right-click on the Bluetooth device and choose "Troubleshoot" - that there should be no reported problem.
    10.) you shouldn't have to restart, but you POURRIEZ have need spend the power of your Bluetooth device Off & turn it on again to let it reconnect again (just NOT re-pair... re - connect). About a dozen tests, I had only to do once, and it was with a 3-year-old-Bluetooth headset.
    -- -- --
    I have argued my way in the solution by installing on a Vista machine where everything worked perfectly.  After the installation of various devices under Vista, I spotted the COM Port in Device Manager - which was the only element that did not appear in the installation of Windows 7... but instead remained at the dreaded 'Bluetooth Device device".
    Windows Mobile thing worked only for some people because it was fundamentally address a bunch of different physical possibilities... but for those who did not have success, it's because Windows Mobile Kitchen Sink approach did not include the driver Port com
    -- -- --
    Voluntarily, I don't understand not all links to the drivers as one.) change links and b.) I don't want to be responsible for some knucklehead packaging site a Trojan horse in the zip file.  Let Google your friend and your instinct be your guide.
    I will say that I used a directly from the Belkin site and a directly from the site of the bridge.
    I hope this saves people a lot of frustration.
  • looking for broadcom 802.11 b g n driver wlan for windows 7 (laptop model Pavilion 17-f058sr)

    I use HP Pavilion 17-f058sr (ENERGY STAR),

    need to broadcom 802.11 b g n driver wlan for windows 7.
    WLAN driver for windows 8 cannot install in win7


    This is probably the wireless driver that you are interested in...

    http://h20565.www2.HP.com/portal/site/hpsc/template.page/public/PSI/swdDetails/?spf_p.tpst=swdMain & spf_p.prp_swdMain=wsrp-navigationalState%3DswItem%253Dob_133353_1 & javax.portlet.begCacheTok = com.vignette.cachetoken & javax.portlet.endCacheTok = com.vignette.cachetoken

    Specifications of product for your model page shows it comes with Bluetooth as well, so you'll also need this bluetooth driver...

    http://h20566.www2.HP.com/portal/site/hpsc/template.page/public/PSI/swdDetails/?sp4ts.Oid=5405371 & spf_p.tpst = swdMain & spf_p.prp_swdMain=wsrp-navigationalState%3Didx%253D%257CswItem%253Dob_132205_1%257CswEnvOID%253D4058%257CitemLocale%253D%257CswLang%253D%257Cmode%253D%257Caction%253DdriverDocument & javax.portlet.begCacheTok = com.vignette.cachetoken & javax.portlet.endCacheTok = com.vignette.cachetoken

  • M1319f MFP: support for Windows 10 M1319f driver

    I see no driver support for this printer. I'm curious to know whether the pilot is underway. I am not very comfortable with HP telling me to go buy a compatible printer when the printer is fairly new and was bought for a lot of money. I'm fine with waiting if the answer is Yes, driver support is in preparation.

    Please notify.

    Thank you


    Driver support is on its way indeed.

    Not only is on its way, I see that it is now available on the HP site for a day or two there

    Download and install the drivers below, be sure not to connect the USB prior the installation guides to do this:


    Kind regards


  • Microsoft has stopped issuing licenses for windows 2008R2 Enterprise edition?

    Please specify if Microsoft has stopped issuing licenses for windows 2008 R2 64-bit Enterprise edition.

    Kind regards


    This issue is beyond the scope of this site and must be placed on Technet or MSDN


  • Microsoft has no support for windows 7?

    Microsoft has no support for windows 7?

    If your operating system is preinstalled on your computer, your support should be provided by the manufacturer (OEM) who provided the computer rather than Microsoft.  Microsoft will provide free assistance for problems of installation of Service Packs and updates for Windows even if your machine is an OEM.

    Start a new post in this Forum and include details of any problems you encounter and the people here will do their best to help you find a solution.

    How to ask a question

    Microsoft Technical Support phone numbers

    Microsoft U.S. Office locations

    Online Assisted Support options

    Microsoft contact information - Is supported by the phone number, Email

    Contact Microsoft

  • HP MIni 110-3135DX: Driver PCI for Windows 10

    Driver missing for PC

    in the device settings have yellow mark

    Properties on the shows - PCI Device

    I'm sorry that this driver has not worked.

    In these conditions, the only suggestion I can offer would be to install the support page Realtek card reader driver and the driver of your laptop.

    Install the driver manually if auto installation does not work.

    This package contains the installation files for driver for the Realtek card reader for laptops models and operating systems.

    File name: sp49599.exe

  • Video driver ATI for Windows 8 on HP DV6 3010sq - where?

    Hello, I have a big problem with video drivers on HP dv6 notebook 3010SQ - upgrade of Windows 8. I called HP Romania and had no idea of any problem of incompatibility with the new operating system at the time of purchase. Now there is no video drivers ATI for Windows 8. Official website of the manufacturer of the video card in question, tells me to contact the manufacturer to resolve the problem. Solutions? Assume that if this does not resolve the problem, we have invested in this unnecessary update...

    I took a peek at the software and drivers available on the portal of HP support for your laptop.

    As you have also discovered, Windows 8 pilots are not present.

    I looked at the document web site HP Windows 8 limitations\issues pre-staged at level.

    According to the review of this web document, your laptop has not been tested by HP with Windows 8.

    This means that HP is unable to provide instructions to upgrade or Windows 8 pilots. If you try to update, you may lose some basic functionality & stability. This is what you are currently facing.

    I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but this is the reason why you are having problems with the upgrade of Windows 8.

  • Reference Dell touchpad driver updated for Windows 10 new gesture


    A new major upgrade for Windows 10 has been released a few days ago, and the update included a new gesture that allow the user to pass the workstations with 4 fingers on the touchpad and slide between the left or right to switch workstations.

    This new gesture does not work on my touchpad and I guess this can refer to the current version of the touchpad driver is not yet supported in this function because other gestures as three finger swipe to move all open windows and three finger tap to call Cortana are always works well for me.

    I was wondering if there is no update for the driver for the touchpad to soon, or all those were just my own question...

    Thank you!


    Can you give us the model of the computer you have so that I can look for drivers?

  • HP Laserjet 1100 driver missing for Windows 7

    Windows 7 can not find the driver for my printer HP laserjet 1100 on my home network.

    When I try to go to the HP website to download the driver it says that it is included in Windows 7.

    I did a Windows Update.

    I did add a printer in devices and printers.  When I try to add a printer, I select the ' add a network, bluetooth or wireless printer ", it finds the printer, but when I touched then he said: 'no driver found.  Windows can't find a driver for HP laserjet 1100 (MS) on the network. »

    You can open a window of the browser to an external site at the same time, you add the printer.  Your machine has (not connected to a router via USB) network card?

    Machine you are automatically configured to search Windows Update for drivers

    Devices and printers
    COMPUTERNAME (select the name of your computer)

    Device Installation settings

    This should be set to Yes...

    If your internet connection by modem no....
    You then download the specific driver for the device of
    http://catalog.update.Microsoft.com/v7/site/home.aspx Alan Morris Windows printing team; Here Microsoft Knowledge Base search: http://support.microsoft.com/search/Default.aspx?adv=1

  • HP Driver PSC2210 for Windows 7

    During the upgrade process to Windows 7 from Vista, I received a message that my HP2210 would probably have problems and advised to uninstall the current software, I did.  The upgrade went smoothly.  However, not only has Windows Update never installed the driver for Windows 7. but when I went to the HP site to install the driver from there, she, too, has never installed!  What to do!

    @jackwar, here is a link that will guide you to download drivers and software.

  • Belkin Home Base F5L049 - is there a driver anywhere for Windows 8?


    I talked with Belkin and their home port has no drivers for Windows 7 or 8.  They have one next year!

    Does anyone know of another pilot who can work, or a way around it?

    Thank you very much


    Hi Gillian,

    Maybe it's too late for you, but I found a way to get the Belkin Home Base to work with Windows 8.1, and it's really very simple. I can't take credit for the difficulty: I found it buried in comments on an old page produces more on Amazon, posted by a user named "Joes" - but I can verify that it works very well.

    The problem seems to be with a device driver called SXUPTP, which is installed by the Belkin control center and does not work with Windows 8.1 (you can check by looking in Device Manager after installing the Belkin control center). * However *, the company that created the driver actually is Flint. They create network USB hubs, so it is possible they were the seller Belkin used in the creation of the Base in the first place. Anyway, Flint * fact * have updated drivers that work under Windows 8/8.1.

    Here's what you do:

    (1) install the Belkin control center and restart when you are prompted.

    (2) once you return to Windows, he will vomit eventually an error saying something to the effect that a request has failed.

    (3) check your system tray, and you will probably see that Belkin control disappears when you mouse over. Otherwise, go ahead and right-click on the icon and select "Exit Control Center.

    (4) to download the latest version of the software SX Virtual Link (sx-virtual_link_win_s - 33A 3140 .zip at the time of this writing) of flint. NOTE: You * not * install all software, but simply to install the driver that is packed with it.

    (5) unpack the software of flint.

    (6) in Windows Explorer, find the folder you just extracted to and navigate to the folder of the s-33a3140\Files\Bin\Sxcsapi\WinVistaX64 (or WinVistaX32 if you're on 32-bit, I guess).

    (7) right click on the Sxuptp.inf file and select "install".

    (8) you should get a message that the installation was successful. At this stage, click on "OK" and restart Belkin Control Center.

    Everything should work now!

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