HP 15-r022tx: windows driver unknown device 8.1 pro for hp 15-r022tx

Hi all

I can't find the driver unknown device windows 8.1 pro 64 bits for hp 15-r022tx.

Other devices > unknown device.

Help, please.


You are the very welcome.

Here is the link for the driver you need for this device...


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  • T420s Windows 8 Unknown device

    I installed Windows 8 x 64 recently and installed all the drivers. I was pretty sure that all devices have been installed.

    I had a problem of power management of hardware before installing Windows 8 I was hoping was a software problem that reinstalling the OS would be in trouble. Turns out was not software, he had the main Board replaced under warranty. Even after the replacement of the main map, I was still enough course that I have seen that all device drivers have been installed in the Device Manager.

    But today, I notice an "unknown device" listed that does not have a driver installed. I often know it can be the TPM module or any other system device, but I have the TPM installed the chipset software driver and management authority. But there's always that unknown device.

    The only clue I have, as to what might be the device is under details, the "Hardware ID" property value is "root\sscbfs_storlib_bus3". A Google search brings nothing to this string. 'STORLIB' shows like it has something to do with storage, but I have the Intel RST driver (11,7 Intel) as well as to install the card reader driver. I can confirm that the card reader works fine too.

    What else could be this unknown device?

    I never understand what it is. But I uninstalled (not sure how you can uninstall it when it is not already installed) and it showed no upward again.

  • T440s - Win7 driver - unknown device


    I installed Windows 7 64 bit on my T440s and now I have an unknown device in Device Manager. Could someone point me to the right direction for which driver I need?

    The hardware ID

    USB\VID_138 & PID_0017 & REV_0078

    USB\VID_138 & PID_0017

    I couldn't understand it. Thank you very much.

    Okay I found. This is the driver of the fingerprint ;-)

  • XPS 15Z Windows 8 unknown device on PCI Express Root Complex

    Hi, I have a Dell XPS 15Z, which I bought off a friend. They have recently updated to Windows 8 and now, that's what I have. But when I go into my sound drivers telling me I have an unknown driver. some online solutions responded to my questions even though some came close. So, here's what I know:

    Unknown device

    Type of device: other devices

    Manufacturer: unknown

    Location: on PCI Express Root Complex

    Hardware ID:

    ACPI\VEN_SMO & DEV_8800


    * SMO8800

    I don't know if it's related, but my laptop also does not load. I just bought a new AC adapter to replace the one I had, and it is not yet supported. The light flashes red 4 - 5 times and blue/green once. Ive looked online to see what the problem is, but I can't do some of the patches that the computer is at 0% battery.

    The hardware ID, it is the free fall sensor:

    Windows 8.1 driver is here: http://downloads-us.dell.com/FOLDER01687839M/2/FreeFallSensor_ST%20Microelectronics_W814_A00_setup-FMMHJ_ZPE.exe

    The Windows 8.0 driver is here: http://downloads-us.dell.com/FOLDER00951951M/6/FFS_ST_W78_A00_Setup-KT7XG_ZPE.exe

  • M18x R2 Windows 8 "unknown device".

    Hello everyone, I have an Alienware M18x R2, which displays "Unknown device" in Device Manager.

    Here are the specs:

    I7 3920

    32GB 1600 Mhz RAM

    2 x GTX 680's

    2 x 1 TB drive HARD Western Digital 5400 RPM

    1 x 60 GB OCZ mSATA HDD

    380 Bluetooth

    WiFi killer

    Win 8 Pro 64-bit

    This particular "unknown device" does not appear with a Windows 7 operating system

    If I use Windows seven and install all recommended drivers, there is no problem, the "unknown device" in question is not yet with Windows 7 running, I did a clean Windows 7 and verified installation each device ID in Device Manager before installing anything else to see if I could find the one causing problems in Windows 8 - this is no where

    As soon as I install Windows 8 and check Device Manager, then this particular "unknown device" appears again, even after the installation of all the drivers in Windows 8 recommended is the only 'unknown' on the left.

    I tried searching the Internet using the hardware vendor ID and the device ID provided in the details section of the "unknown device" but could not find an entry useful, even using the databases of the seller and the material has been a waste of time

    Here is the hardware device ID exactly as it appears, three lines altogether, but I think the top one is relevant.




    Any help would be great.

    See you soon

    Hi, this is certainly the driver for switching to airplane Mode. I finally could get mine put to update the other day. If you let Windows search the best pilot, it can automatically find now, he appears to have done on my machine.

  • USB 3.0 hard drive "Unknown device" After sleeping

    I have a USB 3.0 external hard drive (1.5 to) that presents itself as 'Unknown device' recovery from my computer.  If I reboot, the drive works fine.  It occurs only after my computer goes to sleep.  I might just disable the sleep turn off hard disks, but I want to sleep/off hard drives can add some life to them and save me some powers.  I use Windows 7 Ultimate (64 bit).  Also, I have my power settings so that my hard drives turn off after 45 minutes and my computer sleeps after 1 hour.

    Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.

    I think that editing the registry in the AdditionalCriticalWorkerThreads string may have worked.  I didn't have any problems today, but I'll keep testing to make sure.

    Thanks for the help.
  • Lenovo T60 WINDOWS 7 unknown device Intel 82801GBM interface Controller - 27 b 9 (ICH7-M) LPC


    Dear Sirs,

    I have Lenovo ThinkPad T60 8744-4XG Type.

    After installation WINDOWS 7 after installation of all modern drivers of devices and BIOS (v 1.18), in Device Manager, I have a warning:

    !!! unknown device Intel 82801GBM interface Controller - 27 b 9 (ICH7-M) LPC

    Where can I find the device driver for Intel 82801GBM interface (ICH7-M) LPC Controller - 27 b 9 for WINDOWS 7?

    I think for WINDOWS XP and WINDOWS 2000

    In automatic mode in INTERNET the system cannot find this driver.

    Are there for WINDOWS 7?

    Help, please!

    I installed Intel SSD 160 GB drive in my Lenovo T60 and now it is very fast for laptop!

    But it is not normal, if the last driver not installed in the system (all the other drivers has been installed successfully)

    Thanks in advance

  • S230u Windows 7 unknown device

    My company recently bought a ThinkPad S230u for use on the ground, time management and others, to help relieve the duties of our managers. However, my company only supports up to Windows 7, so it was my job to make this thing work on Windows 7. I managed to compile almost all drivers for the machine with hardware ID and various research, which I'll be happy to help provide if anyone needs them. However, there are still two items in my device manager I have not managed to solve yet, and I do not have any progress. Any help would be appreciated.

    Two unknown devices have hardware ID:




    My guess is that it's the battery, but I already have the lenovo power management software installed with no luck. If anyone can help me to get it working on Windows 7 x 64 (Professional), I would be very grateful. Thank you!

    As a note, if anyone needs help for other drivers together for a similar project, I'd be happy to help you. I already did the work, so no need to repeat the process if you don't have to.


  • Windows 8 unknown device on Laptop

    Location: on Intel Express Chipset Family LPC Interface Controller - 1 49 HM65

    The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

    To find a driver for this device, click Update driver.

    Tab of the event:

    Device ACPI\SNY5001\4 & 3bb360a & 0 has been set up.

    Driver name: null
    Class GUID: {00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000}
    Driver date:

    Driver update does nothing.

    I had the same problem,
    turns out it was a Sony® Firmware Extension Parser device driver

    go to the Web site of sony and under downloads/drivers, under system components, please download the sony firmware extension parser device driver and it will install and remove the unknown device.

    hope this helps,

    Thank you

  • HP Envy 17-j188ez - Windows 7 - unknown devices


    I installed Windows 7 Pro on my HP Envy 17-j188ez and after having installed the drivers from the HP page, I still have an unknown and a device that cannot start in Device Manager:


    Hardware ID Bluetooth controller

    -PCI\VEN_1814 & DEV_3298 & SUBSYS_18EC103C & REV_00
    -PCI\VEN_1814 & DEV_3298 & SUBSYS_18EC103C
    -PCI\VEN_1814 & DEV_3298 & CC_0D1100
    -PCI\VEN_1814 & DEV_3298 & CC_0D11

    Peripheral ID high definition Audio

    -HDAUDIO\FUNC_01 & VEN_8086 & DEV_2807 & SUBSYS_80860101 & REV_1000
    -HDAUDIO\FUNC_01 & VEN_8086 & DEV_2807 & SUBSYS_80860101

    High definition Audio Device has the status of the following device: this device cannot start. (Code 10).

    Any idea what software/driver I need to install in addition to get rid of these problems?

    Thank you.

    Hi 4711


    Bluetooth of Ralink software driver


  • HP 6550 b (WZ304UT) run Windows XP Unknown device ACPI\IF0102\4 & 1D458B3C & 0

    I am without my laptop HP 6550 b downgrade to run Windows XP, after I installed all the drivers (in no particular order), I have a device unknown ACPI\IF0102\4 & 1D458B3C & 0.  What should I do about it?  Help, please.

    I think it's the Trusted Platform Module, which is necessary for all security files. From this link, I would install all the security files, which also includes 3D drive guard:


  • Tecra w50A & windows 10 unknown devices

    I own a tecra W50 - A PT640E. After a clean install two 10 windows devices appear in device with no available driver manager.

    PCI serial port peripheral PCI VEN_8086 & DEV_8C3D & SUBSYS_00011179 & REV_04\3 & 115 83659 & 0 & B3 also requires installation.
    Controller \VEN_8086&DEV_8C3A&SUBSYS_00011179&REV_04\3&115836 59 PCI simple communication & 0 & B0 also requires installation.
    Are there drivers for these devices?

    I downloaded the updated toshiba drivers:
    TOSHIBA (64 bit) v2.0.1.0_A display utility
    TOSHIBA eco Utility (32/64 bit) V2.3.09.64402 Fingerprint Utility (64-bit)

    TOSHIBA function key (32/64 bit)
    TOSHIBA PC Health Monitor (64-bit)

    TOSHIBA system driver (32/64-bit) 1.01.0002
    TOSHIBA system parameters (32/64 bit)

    Seems to have problems and the eco utility. Whenever I activate eco-mode windows 10 freezes after a while.

    Thank you in advance.


    VEN_8086 & DEV_8C3D = Intel AMT
    VEN_8086 & DEV_8C3A = Intel Management Engine Interface

    Windows Update can install drivers.

  • Satellite P300-1BB: Windows 7 - unknown device Acpi Microsoft code 28


    I try Windows 7 Ultimate on my P300-1bb, but I have an unknown driver, it is write: Acpi Microsoft (code 28).
    I have install all drivers and bios update, but nothing that recognizes this pilot.

    Where can I find this driver?

    Thank you


    Install the Intel chipset driver.
    If you won't find on the Toshiba driver page, I recommend you research on the Intel page directly.

    As I m not wrong it s a * Mobile Intel PM45 Express Chipset *.


  • Error Windows XP Mode: "device failed to initialize for mode video full screen.»

    When I try to run an old MS-DOS application in Windows XP Mode, I get the following error in the system under MS-DOS 16-bit: "the device video failed to initialize for mode full screen.» I use Windows 7 Ultimate x 64 edition.

    The program starts in mode text very well, but when he tries to enter graphics mode, the error message described above results.

    It would seem that the emulation of the video driver in Windows XP Mode isn't quite complete as far as emulation goes. The application is an old one that was written in Borland Pascal 7.0 and used the BGI graphics programming interface. There is no equivalent version of Windows, and I would like to be able to run under Windows 7. He ran under a native install of Windows XP Pro, switch mode full-screen graphic as needed without any problem.

    Is there something that can be done to make it work under Windows XP Mode in Windows 7? The emulator of map graphics of virtual machines may be adjusted/changed somehow to run full-screen graphic mode?

    I had the same problem too, so instead of using the windows mode I downloaded dosbox and the programmaX interface. It's great for running applications in DOS on windows (all versions as far as I know.)


    its pretty easy to install just choose a directory to install to. Then to install the interface you simply point to the directory where you installed dosbox. When you start the interface (programmaX), there will be a button to the top of the upper part called Assistant. Just click on the wizard button and follow the pages. If you want to create an icon for it in windows just goto tools... create a shortcut, and then click ok when the box is in place. ;)

    Best of all, its all to is free with the exception of pay for you're internet usage.

  • Need driver of device and/or software for my printer Epson Stylus NX420

    I have misplaced my original software for my Epson Stylus NX420 printer and have so far not been able to locate online. Very frustrating, in fact, as I just replaced ink cart., etc..

    I had printer for a while, because it was installed on an older device and was very satisfied with its performance.

    Please let know us, as I am at a loss to know what to do.

    Thanksmuch in advance and appreciate your support.

    Rob Ralston


    You download your Epson drivers.


    All-in-one printer, Epson Stylus NX420


    See you soon.

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