HP 15 r033tx: r033tx hp 15: how to use the webcam in windows 7

Hi friends

I am not able to use my webcam on my hp 15 r033tx (win 7 64-bit) Windows 7 has no webcam software pre-installed. Cyberlink youcam is available for my r033tx hp 15 hp's official website.

I need to know if the youcam is the full version or trial version because if it's the full version only then I'll upload it.

Thank you


Hi John,.

Thr versions of YouCam available at HP are versions of 'cut' of the product at retail.  It contains all the features of the retail option, but this is not a trial version - IE there is no time expiry/trial regarding its use.

Kind regards

DP - K

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    I assume that you are using the original version of Windows pre-installed so good description how to use build-in webcam, you can find here.
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    If it is a built-in webcam, the instructions for use of the device will vary between manufacturers.

    Your best resource for this information is Support of Acer.

    Here is a link to the product page for your computer. This page contains all the documentation for this system and devices.

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    You should ask your girlfriend how she did that. This makes it easier. ;)

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    Good bye

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    Double click on the entry of the webcam in DM. If it is there. Go to the Details tab / change hardware ID. Copy (highlight / press Ctrl + c) to copy whats here. Then paste it here or Google.

    There are other brands of laptops, etc. which may use the same cam but have Windows 7 x 64 drivers

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    Click START, ACCESSORIES, SCANNERS AND camera ASSISTANT and click on the link hyper "working with images" and it will tell you what you can and can't do with the S10 camera.


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    You guys thank you very much!

    Your question is quite confusing.
    We don t know how to use the webcam.

    If you use the webcam with a specific application, then you need to check all the video options here.

    Be more specific with your problem.

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    It's almost a certainty that a third party adapter will appear quickly. The new Macbook has a single port usb - c and people asked the same question, 'how to load and use USB at the same time." There are today dozens of solutions for the Macbook, and then it will be with the iPhone 7. An adapter with a 3.5 mm jack and a port of loading Lightening would be my guess. Kickstarter entrepreneurs are probably already working on it.

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