HP 2007 w/XP computer paired with the new HP flat screen - Image distortion

Old computer with new flat screen monitor: how to set display and the image is normal looking as opposed to tense? I see the adjustment on Vista is it possible to do the same thing on XP?  Thank you!



Sounds like a screen resolution problem...

  • Click with the right button on a part empty your desktop, and then click Properties
  • Click on the settings tab
  • Move the resolution slider all the way to the right
  • It should choose the native resolution of your monitor
  • Click OK

The native resolution of your screen are not selectable based on the ability of your graphics drivers. Updated drivers may solve this problem, but perhaps also that it will not.


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    • You have problems with programs
    • Error messages
    • Recent changes to your computer
    • What you have already tried to solve the problem

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    This solve your problems? Please report to us!

    Thank you.

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    Hello SGID.

    As far as I know AutoCAD 2009 works fine, but the old version have some problems.  The best way to know is to run the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor .  It will tell you if you run programs are compatible or not.

    Kind regards
    ~ Alex T. ~.
    ~ MVP Windows desktop experience ~

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    What can I do to make my computer run with the new memory?

    I thank very you much in advance!

    What you can do?
    Buy an another RAM modules that are fully compatible with the laptop.
    It seems that you want to use the RAM modules which are not totally compatible and therefore the system hangs.

    By the way: the CPU that is used in this notebook runs the DDR3-800 and DDR3-1066
    RAM modules.

    I would not recommend to use the modules of DDR3-1333 but PA3677U-1M4G 4 GB DDR3-1066

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    If you do not have your iPhone, you can always erase content and settings on your Apple Watch. On your Apple Watch, tap Settings > general > reset > erase content and settings. This will reset your Apple Watch to the factory settings.

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    Thank you.

    Remote only 1 Siri can be paired with the ATv4 both...

    http://www.IMore.com/dont-buy-multiple-Siri-remotes-thinking-you-can-use-them-Mu ltiplayer-games-you-cant

    http://www.idownloadblog.com/2015/10/26/heres-why-you-shouldn ' t-buy-a-extra-siri-distance-to-this time.

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    just bought a new computer. an old crashed. How can I sync my iphone with the new computer?

    Original title: sync

    Ask the question in the Apple Forums:

  • We have Windows XP Media addition ' 05 and we want to buy and IPod and download music. Is our computer compatiable with the classis IPod and IPod Nano? Also, what addition Itunes can we use? _ ___Windows IPod XP compatibility

    We have Windows XP Media addition ' 05 and we want to buy and IPod and download music. Is our computer compatiable with the classis IPod and IPod Nano? Also, what addition Itunes can we use?

    If you can install and run iTunes correctly, then I'm sure that sync with an iPod will work as well.

    What do you mean exactly with "add to iTunes"?

    Tim Baets

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    Your computers use the SSID of your router - sound essentially its name.

    Check this box:
    Setting up a wireless router with Vista

    If necessary:

    Make sure you know the details of connection to your wireless router - SSID and password.

    You lose connection when you do and have to redo your logon.

    Control Panel - Network & Sharing Center - right, click Customize - page set of network locations.
    lower left click on merge or delete network locations - REMOVE all instances of your network (and the
    others you don't use anymore) - REBOOT. Start - Connect To log on to the network.

    Setting up a wireless router with Vista

    I hope this helps.

    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

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    I really want to fix this because I don't want to take over the laptop. I bought the thing because I had problems with my old, and here I will once more in trouble with the new! I hope you guys can help me. Thank you!


    This indicates that a kernel-mode driver attempted to access pageable memory with a high IRQL.

    A driver tried to access a pageable (or that is completely invalid) address while the IRQL was too high. This bug check is usually caused by drivers who used a wrong address.

    fffff880 '099013f8 fffff880' 018d636f: fffffa80 '13-57040 fffffa80' 118ac174 fffff880'09901460 00000000 00000000': 0 x 0
    "fffff880 ' 09901400 fffff880'd 018 7128: fffff880 ' 00000000 fffffa80 ' 100f5520 00000000' fffffa80 00000000' 00000000: ndis! ndisMSendCompleteNetBufferListsInternal + 0x10f
    fffff880 '099014-0 fffff880' 1009da83: fffffa80'132 ca 010 fffffa80 '132c88d0 00000000 00000000' fffffa80' 132bcb00: ndis! ndisMSendCompleteX + 0 x 188
    fffff880 '099014f0 fffffa80' 132ca 010: fffffa80'132c88d0 00000000 00000000' fffffa80 '132bcb00 fffffa80' 10eba1a0: SBFWIM + 0x2a83
    fffff880 '099014f8 fffffa80' 132c88d0: 00000000 00000000' fffffa80 '132bcb00 fffffa80' 10eba1a0 00000000' 00000000: 0xfffffa80'132 ca 010
    fffff880'09901500 00000000 00000000': fffffa80'132bcb00 fffffa80 '10eba1a0 00000000 00000000' fffffa80' 13f706b0: 0xfffffa80'132c88d0

    Gah... I suspected that this software to be a problem, but I wanted to be sure before recommending removal. Sunbelt Firewall is originally NETBIOS conflicts, I see quite often. It is quite problematic software (IMO), so I would remove as soon as POSSIBLE.

    Kind regards


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