HP 240 G4-328TX: need driver for PCI and Signal Processing controller HP 240 G4-328TX Data Acquisition


Need driver for PCI and Signal Processing controller HP 240 G4-328TX Data Acquisition

Can anyone provide me please the link for download it for windows 10

Thank you


See if this driver works...

http://h20564.www2.HP.com/hpsc/SWD/public/detail?sp4ts.Oid=7609938 & swItemId = ob_153701_1 & swEnvOid = 4192

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    Can't get the driver for the Acquisition of ICP data and Signal Processing controller in my r247tu 15 HP notebook. I am using Windows 10 computer. Please help me.


    Try the chipset directly from Intel driver... the second file is the auto install file.


    If this driver does not install the Acquisition of ICP data and Signal Processing controller, must install the chipset driver, download the first file listed above (zip file).

    Unzip and extract the contents in his file.

    Go to Device Manager and click on the above device needing driver.  Click the driver tab.

    Click on set to update driver.  Select her browse my computer for driver software option and navigate to the unzipped driver folder.

    Make sure that the include subfolders is selected and see if the pilot goes like this.

    Then restart.

  • driver for hp compaq 8200 elite ultra need driver for PCi and PCI simple communication controller

    HP Compaq product xz788ut #aba

    32-bit Windows 7 profesional

    delete the original version and install our Win7 32 bit

    a 320 employees


    Who says it's the AMT driver that is necessary is what I gave you.

    Try the IMEI.

    http://h20000.www2.HP.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareDescription.jsp?lang=en & CC = US & swItem = VC-93346-1 & mode = 4 & IDX = 1 & prodTypeId = 12454 & prodSeriesId = 472276


  • need driver for Presario c700 (c795tu) ethernet controller

    need driver for Presario c700 (c795tu) ethernet controller


    According to the details of the device you posted, it's your Atheros wireless network adapter.

    Here is the link to the latest drivers for it:



  • Laptop HP 15-ac118tu: pilot unavilable for PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing controller


    I use Windows 7 Ultimate Hp Notebook model ac118tu. In Device Manager, it shows the yellow mark to the Acquisition of ICP data and Signal Processing controller (the name that appears twice).  What is the use of this controller?

    Yellow mark means that I need to install the driver for this. Please share the link to the installation of this driver.

    Secondly, I want the drivers for the webcam as well. Please share.


    You need the driver for this device...

    This package contains the driver which allows Intel platform dynamic and thermal firmware setting. Intel platform dynamic and thermal environment information system temperature and power use for the heat of the system
    protection to work properly. This package is provided for the laptop models running a supported operating system.

    File name: sp71638.exe

    For the webcam you just install this software.

    This package contains the CyberLink YouCam software for laptops models and operating systems. CyberLink YouCam is an application webcam that allows users to capture images and video from a web camera and apply visual effects for video and captured images.

    File name: sp71830.exe

  • PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing controller driver

    I installed win 8.1x64 on my HP Probook 450 G2, but miss me the driver of PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing controller.

    Can you please help?

    Thank you



    Please see if installing the Intel Chipset driver installs this device.

    https://Downloadcenter.Intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?DwnldID=20775 & lang = eng & ProdId = 816

  • HP laptop - 15-ac022ne: pci of data acquisition and signal processing controller

    I have this laptop HP - 15-ac022ne and I got windows 8, evrything has not been totally perfect until I upgraded to windows 10, wireless function no longer works, tried to install the driver and update, it was succsessfully installed in the machine to say, but still not working and PCI data acquisition and signal processing controller driver is missing tried to download the chip set on the driver support page, does not, tried to update the driver through the Device Manager and the message can not find a driver for the device of said...

    Please I need help...


    You need this driver for pci data acquisition and signal processing controller.


  • Unknown device named "PCI data acquisition" and signal processing controller in Device Manager


    Yesterday, my brother, who was running Windows 8.1 Overview on his Asus S400CA Ultrabook fell on a big problem of the NTFS partition corruption that made it impossible to recover through the Refresh Utility Windows 8.1. Given the situation, my brother decided it was better to go back to Windows 8, I had to install Windows 8 on their PCs by using an external DVD drive with a Windows 8 x 64 installer I already buy plenty of detail. The computer never asked me for a product key that I have read is normal in Windows 8 PC now having these embedded in the motherboard. So far an installation smoothly, but he's going to be delicate in the part of pilot facilities. Before you remove the computer I went to the Asus website and did my best to find the specific drivers for my brother's computer and downloaded the key drivers, chipset, audio, intel graphics card, bluetooth, trackpad Wireless LAN, LAN and Asus and installed. I used Device Manager to check that the drivers have been installed and which did not exist. I was able to get most of the drivers installed properly, however, said the Device Manager miss me the pilot of "Data Acquisition and Signal Processing controller PCI. Unfortunately I go to Asus website to see that if I can find the driver however, I can't do this right now.
    Check the attached screenshots for visibility...
    I also tried to use Windows Update to see if he could find the correct driver and unfortunately it's a dead-end. Because of that I write in this forum to see if someone can point me in the right direction when it comes to this missing driver (and others) indicated in the Device Manager.
    One last thing that I would ask is if I can use a utility like DriverMax to find missing drivers or should I go and install it manually?
    Thank you very much in advance for any help on this matter.
    Original title: cannot find drivers for Asus S400CA Ultrabook PCI

    Hi Mike,.

    Please keep us updated on the status of the issue. Please do not hesitate to answer, in case you need help with Windows in the future.


    ASUS technical support according to my brother was a bit of a dead end, so I went to another Google search and found the culprit. I was missing the following drivers of ASUS:
    • Intel® dynamic and thermal platform frame driver
    • ASUS Wireless remote control (a driver for you to enjoy the airplane mode (Wireless) On / Off)
    The first pilot took care of the Acquisition of ICP data and Signal Processing controller and all but one of the unknown devices. Finally, the other took care of the last unknown device in Device Manager.
    I never thought that ASUS would use this a strange name for their driver because these names are extremely misleading.
    Other than that, I can finally say with certainty that the computer of my brother is back in business, and I can call this comprehensive process of restoration of Windows 8.
    Thanks for any assistance to Zaki J, I appreciate much all advice through this process!
  • Missing PCI Data Acquisition and Signal Processing controller drivers


    I have a problem with my Inspiron 11 3148
    Service etiquette: CSFND32

    A few weeks ago, I did a clean reinstall of windows 8.1 using a .iso downloaded from microsoft technical support and put in level to windows 10 in a short time after.

    I don't have my thumb drive installation, where the microsoft .iso image file.

    Since then do a clean install, I had a few questions I'm going to break my best.

    1. lack of drivers for unknown devices & a PCI data acquisition and signal processing controller.

    I had some problems with wifi, so I looked in the Device Manager to check if my card needed a driver update and discovered several other device driver errors, which cannot be resolved by using windows update. The card wifi itself says it is updated.

    I tried to use the dell service detect downloaded applet on the page of the Dell driver IE, but it does not seem to function.

    If someone can identify what (s) I might need for these unknowns that would be fantastic.

    2. Wifi issues, perhaps in connection with the missing drivers above.

    -Sometimes does not detect networks.

    -Sometimes cannot connect to the internet when it is on my home network.

    -Is not able to connect to weak points where before he could.

    * Reset the network adapter in the network settings fixes detection and connectivity issues, but does not improve the detection of signals in weak points *.

    3. high (100-96%) HARD drive load for a few minutes after start high and very occasional errors "in areas not paginated page failure."

    -J' lived load disc high enough the last time I got the upgrade of 10 windows the first time, requiring often 5-10 minutes to settle at startup

    -Second time around, I always get high disk load, but it is not too long. The upgrade fee is very 'light', I have very few programs installed and even less to launch at startup.

    -Defects of Page seemed generally coincide with me shortly after you start using Google Chrome. I now use firefox instead and have known only one mistake so far since the permutation

    * I used the windows disk check and ran chkdsk /r for longer check disk to reboot, but both are no problem with the drive *.

    Ok... So usually after I finished writing this post, I came across a solution for the number one problem while browsing the microsoft answers forums.

    I downloaded and installed a driver for the Intel platform dynamic and thermal framework.
    -This solved my problems of missing driver.
    -J' rebooted several times and I am not also problems of wifi the day other than the problem of low task, but what I'll take it!

  • HP EliteBook 840 G3: Impossible to find acquisition of ICP data and Signal Processing controller, memory controller, PCI and SM...


    I can't find acquisition of ICP data and Signal Processing controller, memory controller PCI bus controller SM for HP EliteBook 840 G3 running Microsoft Windows 7 Enterprise (64-bit).

    Any help is greatly appreciated!


    See if this driver works...


  • Laptop 15-AD129DS: installed Win7 on 15-AD129DS-lack of Driver: Acquisition of PC data and Signal Processing controller

    I recently installed Windows 7 on my laptop HP 15-AD129DS.  In the Device Manager miss me the driver for PC Data Acquisition and Signal Processing controller.   There is also an unknown device without driver right below in the section "other devices."

    I understand that this ususaly installed with drivers from the chipset.  But it didi not install in two different tests when installing Win7.  The Intel site seems to be of no assistance, or their driver utility.

    Can you lead me to the correct drivers?

    Thank you in advance,



    Have you tried this driver?

    This package contains the driver which allows Intel platform dynamic and thermal firmware setting. Intel platform dynamic and thermal environment information system temperature and power use for the thermal protection of the system to work properly. This package is provided for the laptop models running a supported operating system.


  • Need driver for PCI-Kommunicationscontroller

    Hi again

    I reinstalled windows 7 and need a driver for PCI-Kommunicationscontroller.

    Any idea, please


    Please, try to download and install:


  • Z600 Workstation: workstation Z600 missing of pci data acquisition and signal processing controller driver

    I just installed Win7 Pro x 86 on my Z600 workstation.  It was an upgrade to Windows XP Pro.  I'm missing the driver for PCI Data Acquisition and processing of the Signal and Hardlock USB 1.02 controller in Device Manager.  Can someone help me find these drivers.  I looked on the page of Support/Drivers for this model, but could not find anything.


    You can get assistance on the HP Enterprise Business Forum since you have a professional worktsation.

  • Satellite Pro A200 - 1 MI - need driver for PCI memory controller

    I have the Toshiba Satellite Pro A200-1 MI (PSAE7E) having a problem with the PCI memory controller on my laptop.
    When I go to Device Manager it shows the question mark in the tab other devices and when I go, it is yellow? (question mark) and! (typical brand) to the PCI memory controller. I took and downloaded all the drivers of your site:


    for XP, but I'm not sure what kind of driver do I need to install for PCI controller memory, it is driver bios or something else? I just need to know what to install to overcome this problem with my device manager and the PCI memory controller.
    Thanks in advance!

    Hello akibono

    I imagine that you have installed Windows XP Home clean on your laptop and now you want to install all the drivers, tools and utilities. Am I right about that?

    In any case, after the installation of Windows XP Home edition you install all the drivers, tools and utilities in the order of the specific facilities. After doing this, everything should be OK and every hardware component will be correctly configured.
    Please install all the stuff as follows:
    Driver Chipset
    Display driver
    Audio driver
    Driver modem
    Storage Manager
    LAN driver
    Touchpad driver
    WLAN driver
    Toshiba Assist
    Flash Media driver
    Driver webcam
    Hardware configuration
    And so on

    I hope that everything will be OK.

  • Satellite A-L50-18R - need driver for 'PCI Communications' device

    Hi, I'm not able to find a driver for my laptop TOSHIBA Satellite L50-A-18R. The driver is "CONTROLADORA COMUNICACIONES PCI SIMPLE". I put t know what driver I need to download the Web of support. Sorry for my English.

    I have 64 bit windows 8.1!

    Thank you


    Check it please http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/HTD0302U00000R01.htm, identify the unknown device and try to find the download on Toshiba download page http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_drivers_bios.jsp
    Here you can find all the drivers for your laptop model.

    I checked the drivers for the model of your laptop and all of them are listed for Win8 64bits. You have installed all the?

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