HP 250 G: USB 2.0 and USB 3.0

Dear Sir

I have a problem with (USB) Universal Serial Bus controller.  That is to say that I have not install a driver for this device (code 28).

But I download it from your Web page and has installed. And she wanted to work.

Please, can you help me?

Thank you...



Try the driver USB directly from Intel.  Download, unzip and run the setup.exe file...


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  • 250 GB USB external hard drive is compatible with Mac OS x on an iBook G4?


    I just bought a Toshiba 250 GB Usb external hard drive because the seller advised me telling me that it works in my iBook G4 Mac OSX computer.

    I made it and I see it on my desktop with a folder called System Volume Information and 2.32 GB available.

    I tried to copy a file and I got a message saying that the disk is not editable.

    Where can I find the instructions to initialize if it's compatible?

    Thanks in advance,


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    I'm not sure on this subject, but maybe you have to format it.
    Are there issues listed in the Device Manager?

    Good bye

  • HP 250 G3: USB problem and more


    Problem with USB, but just for you give information how it happened

    He got with windows 8.1 and after some time I wanted to degraded to windows 7, so as you know I have to change these settings in the BIOS and everything that is requerd for the installation of WIN 7

    But after all this boring work and finishing instalation of windows and all the dryers USB recognize not

    tried removing the drivers and list USB in Device Manager, any suggestion that I got online and on HP support

    one thing I have tried dind't restarts BIOS, the reason is that I don't know what's going to happen now with my installed windows 7?

    I need to install it again, but I need to change the settings of the BIOS again, (something UEFI)

    If USB never works on windows 7?

    Thank you



    What specific Intel processor is has your model?

    There are different drivers USB3 for core processors celeron/pentium processors.

    HP does not have USB3 drivers on the support page G3 250 for the G3 with the celeron/pentium processors.

    If your laptop has a celeron or pentium processor, then you need the pilot g2 250 USB3.

    Or you can use one directly on Intel.  Download, unzip and run the setup.exe file.


  • I can not connect windows 7 to an old Canon BJC 250 (have USB to parallel cable. conv)

    I have a Canon BJC 250 printer connected to the USB port ieee. Its a printer Workhouse. Never had a paper jam all these years. (1996), I found ink cart. to do this in a thrief store. I can't seem to part with them. His semple to operate and works better than my Dell 725 and the Epson conbo. I would like to know if there is conpatable with Windows 7. I can't install the driver of this OS. If anything can work with other pilots from cannon. Notes; I still have the installation CD. but it will not be installed.

    If you go to the website of Canon in the following link, it shows as the latest drivers for XP.  In addition, if you click on "Service and support" at this link and then search for "Windows 7", you will find a document that lists the BJC series printers that are supported for Windows 7 and the 250 is not on this list. "  Here is the link to Canon: http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/support/consumer/printers_multifunction/bjc_series/bjc_250_series#ServiceAndSupport
    I thought that maybe the BJC-240 which is support could be close enough, but based on what follows, where the user asking the question said he tried this driver, apparently we don't: http://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_7-hardware/canon-bubble-jet-bjc-250-printer/d27af8d2-a770-e011-8dfc-68b599b31bf5

  • G3 250 HP i3: Wireless LAN and Bluetooth does not not on HP 250 G3

    IM using a HP 250 G3, Windows 8.1 i3,

    Since I bought the wireless and bluetooth have no functioning beem.

    I tried to download the drivers from this site, but there is no difference.

    I bought the year last September.

    Can you help me, because I need net. Im a student and can't do anything to the school without a net.


    You need these drivers...





  • Cannot access 250 GB Toshiba USB external hard drive


    I'm unable to access my 250 GB USB hard drive. It gives an error that it detects hardware & gives a pop for Cypress AT2LP RC58 driver & research updates on internet & then error is "cannot install the hardware, the hardware was not installed because the wizard did not find the necessary software."

    Any help will be much appreciated.
    Please let me know for any info.
    Thank you very much!!!
    Harish S


    Seems that the external HARD disk drive cannot be recognized because of the driver problem.
    What you could do to disconnect the USB of ALL devices and open Device Manager.
    Then choose the display command, show hidden devices and uninstall all devices under USB controllers. Reboot the laptop.
    After restarting again the operating system must install USB drivers again and you could test whether the external HARD drive can be connected as well.

    I have goggled a bit and found a few interesting statement abut Cypress AT2LP RC58. It seems that the HARD drive is ok but sometimes the HARD drive cover and the interface connector would be malfunctions and so this problem would happen.

    But these are only suggestions if you want to try for Cypress AT2LP RC58 goggle and see for yourself.

    Best regards

  • OR USB-6009 and Tek TDS2024C comparesment

    My apologies if this topic was already discussed, but I searched through the forum and manuals and can't find anything.

    I have a problem with measurements in parallel with TDS2024C NI USB-6009 and Tek.

    I measured the noise high frequency on 10 s window.

    I used the data logger with a frequency of 40 kHz connection in parallel with TDS2024C (which reached 250 Hz on 10s window) and got very different results.

    On the attachment figure, first signal comes from screenshot of scope data and the second of the NI USB-6009 islogged.

    Can someone explain to me why are these so different results?

    Different sampling frequencies could easily explain it.  Try to run the USB-6009 case at the same rate as the scope and see what you get.  I also think that the TDS2024C has fewer bits in the ADC, which could also cause differences.

  • OfficeJet 200: USB at the SAME TIME on OfficeJet 200 & 250 Mobile & Wireless?

    New printer OfficeJet Mobile 200 & 250 models allow a wireless and USB connection at the same time?  Plug a USB cable disables the wireless connection?  The wireless connection can be disabled via the configuration?  The described how the HP printing software user Guide can be used from a USB connection to a wireless network (and WiFi USB coversley).  Later in the same document, he says "Wi - Fi Direct can be used, while the printer is also connected to a computer via a USB cable or a network using a Wi - Fi connection".

    The limitation to a single connection is on the computer. Windows supports a single connection to a device, i.e. on Windows is you install the printer as a USB printer or a wireless printer, not both at the same time.

    The printer supports several types of connection. If you can connect to the USB printer on a computer and the other wireless.

    To disable wireless on the printer, just disable the wireless button on the printer.

    By the way, Wi - Fi Direct, which is yet another type of connection mode, generally used to print from type of smart phone directly unit to the printer (printer acts as a host, not on the computer network).

  • Satellite Pro M70: What USB 2.0 Port Replicator is compatible?

    Would be grateful if someone could advise me on the purchase of a USB 2.0 port replicator.

    I think the 3 USB 2.0 ports on my laptop Pro M70 are not enough, and that's why I want to buy a USB 2.0 Port Replicator.

    The site of the Toshiba shop specifies USB 2.0 Port Replicator II (UK) with port network, part number: PX1173U-1PRP, price: 49,93 GBP.

    It has 4 USB ports 2.0, which would give me a total of 6 USB 2.0 ports, which would be the absolute minimum I want. (It also has 2 PS/2 ports, 1 serial port RS232 and 1 USB 2.0 port network that takes in charge rates of 10 / 100 Mbps).

    Can anyone tell if it is powered by the laptop, or by it's own adapter?

    Unfortunately, the Web of Toshiba site has advised that it is currently out of stock and are difficult to get in on all the time, as they are the subject of a sort of "green manufacturing" test.

    This prompted me to consider buying a replicator USB 2.0 ports alternative and all I would prefer one with more than 4 USB 2.0 ports, and in fact 6 or more USB 2.0 ports would be preferable. I'm not really interested in other types of ports that are often provided with the replicators of USB 2.0 ports.

    I would be grateful if someone could recommend/Advisor at a replicator USB 2.0 ports alternative that would be compatible with my laptop Pro M70.

    One of my concerns is how the port replicator USB 2.0 Port is powered. I think I would have preferred that the unit is powered by its own adapter, I understand is 5 Volts with 500 milliamps for each port, rather than to the laptop (probably would be less tax on the laptop, with less heating).

    Thank you

    I can't comment on the question whether the Replicator you mention has its own power source, although I suspect, he does

    However, I have a satellite Pro M70 too and with a similar problem and wanting a hub to connect to all my external printers, Sandy etc using just one connection, I buy PA3390E-1MPM - a hub of Toshiba, Audio/USB multimedia center, which goes a step further and provides a hub not only for USB sources , but also for the speakers etc.

    It has its own power supply to the unit and connects via USB 2.0 to my laptop. It is also stackable with the Toshiba Gigastore 250 GB USB 2.0 external hard drive (PA3392E-1MPS) which I also use for backups, storing external data etc.

    Had the two units for 3 months now and everything works fine. I got headr of some problems with people in loss of access to the hard drive, but it seems that it was never if it has been disconnected by pulling the cord out usb, rather than make a ' Safely Remove Hardware to disconnect the USB device and so far have had no probs at all

    It has 4 ports, more port network and connections from the speakers for the configurations 2/2.1/4/4.1/5.1 full, more Creative software like drivers, more remote control useful to control audio devices. Oh, and also a Surround sound, and EAX

    Maybe a little more of your option, but worth it in my opinion. If you can't find it on the Toshiba site I have purchased from www.insight.com

    Hope that helps

  • HP 15.6 black liquor "-r131wm: im having truble with my usb drivers"

    Im having some trouble with my USB ports both 3.0 and the other usb port two 2.0 do not respond they give a signal of power because they can charge my phone but the OS which I down graded to win. 7 NPT back usb ports that I watched usb drivers and he scored as drivers uninstalled, I ran windows update but that was no good please help I need to get the work done but with output usb port no need im thak you in advance


    Use the W7 x 64 drivers for the HP 250 G2 except the BIOS and firmware files.


  • 250GB USB drive created I don't want cdrom drive

    Just installed a new hard drive of 250 GB USB. At startup it keeps creating this drive with some programs on it. I partitioned the drive, but the specific CD-ROM drive keeps coming back. As it is the first device to be seen from the usb drive, it allows me to connect the usb drive as a file server drive to my installed internet router that has a USB for purposes of files on it. This port does not recognize my drive, because of the cdrom drive presumingly generated. So I want to get rid of this cdrom, I don't use the one-touch backup features or protection of password for the drive anyway.

    Any ideas how to do this? Is a small partition on the Flash DRIVE or what?


    I've never seen any USB HDD external who could create CD rom readers.
    Have you tried to format the first external HARD drive?
    I put t know exactly why it happens, but you suggested he keeps creating the CD rom drive with some programs on it at startup. Perhaps the preinstalled programs are the reason to create Cd rom.
    Try to remove these programs from the disk HARD (should first create a backup)

  • HP 250 g3: impossible to format laptop

    Hello, I need help please!

    Yesterday, I bought a hp 250 g3 without operating system and I'll have much trouble after format.

    I have windows 7 ultimate x 64 disc, but after much cleaned formats successfully I can't install hp drivers.

    I have downloaded all drivers on the hp support site and when I use a usb key to save it on my new laptop stick is not recognizable! I also tried several different sticks but all are the same, laptop can not recognize anything and I can't install drivers.

    The other big problem is when I plug in an ethernet cable to connect the laptop to the internet is no longer recognizable. I can't connect to the internet with a wi - fi also because the drivers are missing.

    Please help me find a solution, I never had a problem like that, why hp sells laptops freedos if I can't put the drivers inside.

    Sorry for my bad English, I'm writing correctly. Thanks in advance for any help.


    Thanks for posting in the Forum from HP Support. Welcome!

    I'm sorry to hear about your problem.

    Provider like HP sell most of the computers with the operating system preinstalled. When the person buys a machine with no OS, they are supposed to know how to install the drivers and how to set up their machine with the desired OS.

    The USB key can be broken (highly unlikely) or insert you in a port (Cap) for which the drivers are not installed. Windows doesn't know what to do with them. You could also be inserted the USB into USB v3 port (if any)?

    Solutuons-> burn the drivers on CD/DVD and insert the support for the laptop. Transfer the files and install ALL drivers.

    Finally, apply all Windows including optional updates. I checked, and your model includes CD/DVD device.

    You can also read this article-> http://support.hp.com/emea_middle_east-en/product/HP-Pavilion-15-p100-Notebook-PC-series/7234915/model/7492581/document/bph07165/

    Please, feel free to post again if you have any questions. Please, give your feedback.

  • 250 HP G4: HP 250 g4 Windows 7 Bitlocker


    I have HP 250 g4 with TPM module and installed Windows 7 x 64 Ultimate.

    I have updated the bios to version F. 21 and set options 'Device TPM' to 'Available' and "State TPM" to "enabled."

    In Device Manager I see Security TPM v. 2.0.

    When I try to use Bitlocker, I get message, TPM does not support the current version of WOOD and I need to contact the manufacturer of the BIOS update.

    How to fix?

    Which option 'TPM State' in the BIOS do?


    I solved this problem. System disk must be converted to MBR mode TPG. Windows 7 must be installed using the UEFI. You must install the Windows6 update. 1 KB2920188-v7 - x 64.  After Bitlocker with TPM2.0 works.

  • Satellite U300 - help hardware upgrade to SSD and RAM

    Hello world
    I want to completely upgrade my toshiba satellite U300-140, mount VISTA and default the technical features, posted above.

    I need your help to choose the best (and economic) device SSD and RAM slot. It is very important for me to know what is probably compatible with my device. Please, could you help me in your experience?

    And... an SSD is worthy, at the speed of my laptop? I was thinking about kingston 120 Gb or 240 GB V300


    According to specification for laptop, you can be upgraded up to 4 GB RAM in order to use 2 x 2 GB of RAM. The compatible RAM modules have PA3513U-1M2G part number.

    I think with SSD, you shouldn't have any problems. I updated my old P500 with 250 GB Samsung 840 SSD and it works perfectly.

  • x 250 stuck in sleep, can't turn off

    I have a new x 250, 1 month. I opened it, expecting to wake up from his sleep, but he did not. The lights on the keyboard (f1, f4, and fnlock) are still on, but otherwise does not respond. The red light on the back that usually flashes to indicate the standby is disabled.

    The power button does not respond. I tried holding 30 dry, but no effect. I tried pulling the battery, but since the 250 x has two batteries and one is internal, it did not work. I am currently hoping everything he does will drain the second battery eventually, but only runs these lights, which could take some time.

    Is there another way to hard stop 250 x?

    Tech support guy told me that you can stick a paperclip into a little hole beside the battery between the battery compartment and one of the rubber feet on the bottom, upstream of the lock and battery number 1 below the hinge of the screen. Worked for me.

Maybe you are looking for