HP 2840: HP 2840 color jumps

So, we have a printer/scanner HP 2840 color laser unit. In the last week or two, he started giving impressions with one or more missing colors. It's pretty random, sometimes, printing is fine, and when it omits not a color it can be four. When it prints you can hear the rotating unit to each of the four carts of toner in turn, and when he jumps a noise color is different. I don't know if a gear is tighten or slide or what.

Everyone has seen or knows what I'm looking for?

It is a problem on this series. What has happened is the solenoid which stops the carousel in the correct position is not working properly. You can fix the problem, but it will take a bit of work. This solenoid is a marker that was used to dampen the noise of the arm 'L' hit the metal and also to prevent the arms become magnitized. You must remove the right cover and top cover. Suggest you do a search on google for the maintenance manual. I have attached 2 pages of the manual to show you the location of the magnet. The first page shows how to raise the arm 'L' to move the carousel and the 2nd page shows the coverage you need to remove to access the solenoid. Simply unplug the wire goes to the solenoid on the side of the printer and remove the 1 screw which secures the solenoid on the frame of the printer. Then, you lift the solenoid so that you can access the spring that holds the L arm in place. You remove the spring, remove the L arm and then clean any residual glue left by the cushion on the edge of the solenoid and the L arm. You have to put a form any of replacement down material. I use a very thin buffer of furniture out or you can use the component to a velcro pad. When to remove the solenoid it pull only enough further upward to access what you let the thread on the right side of the printer still outside the box is easy to replace.

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    Our HP 2840 color laser jet parser component has stopped working, any suggestions on what is the problem and the solutions possible?

    We already tried updates of pilot, suggestions of shoot of problems that arise automatically, and simply turn the device. Copy always unit starting from the plateau.

    Hi and thanks for the information.

    This morning I just restarted the computer and who got the scanner going again. That said, I can always check the driver software and try these links to determine what really happened. Also, the computer is running windows 7.

    Thanks again for taking the time to post a reply!

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    It is useful to include the manufacturer and model number.

    What version of Windows you have, including the service pack?

    How the device is connected to your computer (USB, Ethernet, other)?

    Have you installed the software that came with your HP Color LaserJet 2840 AiO printer?

    If not, why?  If you did, what error messages you are seeing?  Please report messages completely, without paraphrasing.

    Start here: HP Color LaserJet 2820 and 2840 AiO products Series - first installation and install

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    I'm in Vista HP with all the updates and update Muse.

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    PS - I use Firefox, but I just checked in Internet Explorer and the result was the same.

    Hoohah! Wasn't it exactly, but you put me on the right path!

    I made narrower BG jpg for the tabs that you suggest (60 high pix) and tried. The same problem. Important to note that I had been the creation of the mosaic image on the 'tile '. Then I tried to think another parameter, 'Original size', maybe that would do something. YES! It worked! I discovered, that the size of the original has no importance! As long as I did not "Tile" setting, the text and tabs behave normally. I'm ecstatic.

    Other tiling settings everything works as it should, it's just "tile" that messes up. I wonder if this is a bug.

    In any case, thanks for sending in the window on the right, so to speak.   Now, I can get on the site.

  • cartridge not calibrated for better print quality hp5510 photosmart

    Cartridge not calibrated for the best print quality, Photosmart HP5510. Again black but very little about the colors, jump a few lines, monochrome printing. Tried to realign, cleaning of printheads etc..

    Hi, if your problem is of poor print quality then its majority as ly the cause is very low levels in your color cartridges. Here is a link to a support document which takes you through a few steps of troubleshooting, but you should probably have cartridges on hand before you start, because it is one of the first suggestions, you will receive.



  • Green weird on zoom and software changes


    I have a problem with a strange green (#98f7ab) and I would like to know why.

    First of all, I was working on InDesign v9. But I was not able to use the Green right (see image below) so I have changed for Photoshop v14.


    The difference is spectacular. If I first thought that it was due to different color spaces. I did the conversion and nothing better.

    Finally, I got to work with InDesign and add a touch of color, jump that it will be corrected when you export to PDF. And the problem became even more bizarre!

    I get two different Greens according to the zoom I choose in Acrobat Reader! (It is not true in Indesign).


    What a mess!

    Is there someone who can explain what is happening here?

    Thanks mates!

    If there is no transparency on the page make sure you space fusion of transparencies is RGB

  • HP Laserjet 2840: HP Laserjet 2840-custom color print after Windows update.

    I updated my Windows 8.1 operating system (64-bit) with the provided updates, automatic updates of Windows, about two weeks ago.  After that my HP Laserjet 2840 will not print anything in color.  It copy in color, so I know that the printer still works.  Ayone have any ideas as to why this happens, and yes I tried to reinstall or update printer drivers provided on the HP website.  Still does not work and want a solution or I will throw this printer out the window, literally and buy something new that works with 8.1.

    Updated - with the help of the forum search on another HP Color LaserJet-cannot print in color - I used these steps in this post to solve my problems of color printing.  Please keep this forum so valuable to others who have questions and need to find solutions.

  • Color Laserjet 2840: White Pages only


    2840 ceased print after changing the black cartridge. He just printed white clean pages. Copy or printing did the same. Scan worked, the machine responded and moved and it was available in the internal network. But he appeard as the UN 2830 type. I checked the web, read on the card reader cable looselyness, opened the machine and fixed it firmly. Over time, he returned to 2840 to the different machines. Perhaps, he moved with all the reportoire. But do not print.

    First of all I thought to a problem with the drivers. Tried to start/stop, restart until the firmware to factory status. Nothing has changed. Downloaded updates, I found on the web and installed (USB). Same thing.

    The second I suspectec on the cartridge, the black one (the only one I've been using and replacing for the past two years). The date in the box was 2014, but I guess it is the date of manufacture as the last one, I used said 2012 and worked until last week. I ordered another news that came yesterday morning, but nothing has changed. (He went to $ 100).

    On the way, I consulted technicians the on the phone who told me to think about the drivers. Which I had already checked. End of this road.

    So, third, I read for one, and I found the problem associated with only yellow/white pages and dirty sticky solenoid. I had a couple of coffees... and opened and closed the machine according to the maintenance manual. Just two screws on the left, all works with the mechanics and four hours of work. Nevertheless, almost finished... the cartridges could not be loaded as carousel slots went to place. (This has happened since the fourth grade, from 2007, but simply by pressing the button, finally, they went to the place, or the carousel was loose enough to put them in place with a smooth finger pressure). I could get to three cartridges in place, but could not with subsequently. This time, has no looselyness in the carousel. Again, found the clip on this forum thing and put it manually. Finished,

    In the end, I'm back to the starting point: everything seems to work... but... only clean blank pages come out of the machine.

    With this information, can give me some clues to start before I guess I have a heavy left sweep and $ 200 in ink unusable?

    (I don't have a technical repair close to carry my machine and a month unless it would mean I have to buy a new one...).

    Thanks in advance. Sorry for my English.

    Hello! I DID IT! The machine is repaired. He even printed in color with empty for two years color cartridges! So I'll spend a few minutes to explain where that has happened just anyone can use. The problem was a misallingment of the caousel gears. Two of them.


    As I couldn't find a way to continue with the laser/scaner device index, which I opened it to see what it looked like http://www.teclar.eu/teclar.eu/laser_scanner_assembly_inside.JPG

    following a hunch, I decided to try one last thing: re-align the gears of the carousel.

    Once more, I took the manual, find the chapter and followed the steps. Everything I had done before took a third of the time, but the wind, unrouting cables, and especially the top plate made last even 3-4 hours (you never know if you want to break something). But the manual is very specific and if you are methodical organized and retain or photograph what you did anyone can take this machine apart to pieces and come up again. So I didn't.

    But after you gain confidence I tried to put an end to the process earlier that I must made a mistake. When I had not yet placed the Assembly sweeping, nor any of the covers, I tried to test the machine.

    Well, what followed were error59 and error57. Furthermore, as I have tried to set up the cartridges and imaging drum, I broke the imaging drum (if the right and left covers are not in place a lever in the imaging drum does not engage and you can not put it inside the openings if you try harder, you brake a nipple on the left side of the drum plastic; Eh_bien I pasted it yesterdey and today I will test if it goes...).

    Affotunately, like Diogenes, I do not throw anything until he spent a period of five years quarantined (modern times) so I got an old Imaging drum which also let me know that I have broken in the most recent, could be put in place and proceed with the repair (even if it had been stored for more than two years He came back with a left of 5% of the work to be done...). So, what now? Back to the beginning and clunch and click all. Another two hours (now I reassembled everything, including the recent covers) tried a test engine: and worked! Even with colors contained in cartridges that did not spit out a single ink for two years! It's funny.

    The specific repair was the misallingment. As you could see in the before pictures.

    This was the position final alligment of the http://www.teclar.eu/teclar.eu/alinhacion_dereita_nova.JPG of speeds http://www.teclar.eu/teclar.eu/alinhacion_esquerda_nova.JPG

    The point is that the way to align the large black gear with the small white gears is simple to shoot blacks out of their place, enough to run the as needed. By simple application of force. (Protect your fingers or you might get a slight cut). So, I'm wondering if I should have followed the procedure recommended by YouTube that does exactly the same thing without removing anything. https://www.YouTube.com/watch?v=xKwsYipQ0Ag The train left is perhaps not so easy to get around... but... because a lot of things you can break following standard procedure... I think about it.

    One last thing. I didn't have a magnetic head screwdriver and I don't fix everyday machines so I made this http://www.teclar.eu/teclar.eu/aparafusadores.JPG which worked perfectly. Without a magnetic tip, no one can do that. Just to finish a few pictures of the parts and the machine http://www.teclar.eu/teclar.eu/solenoide.JPG http://www.teclar.eu/teclar.eu/pezas.JPG http://www.teclar.eu/teclar.eu/maquina_toda_desmontada.JPG

    And thank you very much to all those who participated in the design of this machine. It's really rewarding to see how things are going without effort and can be dismantled and reassembled easily. I work in the construction sector, where almost everything must be broken to open it. Thanks again and God luck with your DIY repairs.

  • LaserJet 2840: LaserJet 2840 Stopped printing in color

    My 2840 has just stopped printing in color only in black and white.  It comes from working well for over a year.  Help!

    If you print a page of status or the demo of supplies in the menu of the printer, it prints in color. If so, you should check the print driver or to reload the driver.

  • I have a hp color laserjet 2840, I can't print with my Dell pc windows7

    I have a hp color laserjet 2840, I can't print with my pc dell with windows 7. Please help me. Thank you


    This laser model was for XP. There is limited support driver for WIN7.

    Just click on the link, select either the WIN7 32-bit or 64-bit and read the support documents to understand how to install it.


  • How to load the driver scanner for HP color LaserJet 2840 via ethernet

    I am trying to load the scanner driver for HP color LaserJet 2840 via the network. When I got to the driver download page, I have two choices. We're driver HP color LaserJet 2820/2840 PCL6, the other is HP color LaserJet 2820/2840 PCL6 Plug and scan/print driver Solution play I don't know which I should choose. So I downloaded both.

    Then I followed the instructions on this page... http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/Document.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&taskId=115&prodSeriesId=. I have correctly installed the driver HP color LaserJet 2820/2840 PCL6. But I do not know if the driver drives the scanner. And I could not print any test page either. I don't know if I installed this driver properly.

    But when I tried to follow the instructions to install the driver HP color LaserJet 2820/2840 PCL6 Plug and scan/print driver Solution play, I was confused when I tried to select the .inf file. There are a lot of .inf files in the directory. I had no idea which one I should choose. Also, I tried to run the EZInstall.exe, but it seems to only support direct connection via USB and not via the network.

    Could someone help me with this? Please let me know which version of the driver should choose, and how do I load this driver.

    Thank you!!

    One supports network connections, the other being a pilot plug-and-play (PnP) is configured to initialize and works with a USB connection.

    Let me know if makes you better in the right direction.

    Have a wonderful day!


  • color laserjet 2840 scrolling out of control control panel

    My HP color laserjet 2840 Control Panel scroll out of control.  The screen lights up and you can read "Hewlett-Packard", but nothing else.  Under the words "Hewlett-Packard" that seems to be something (probably the word "Ready") scrolling to the right on the left of a way very fast, unreadable.  I can't print with this problem.

    I recently installed a mod for additional memory, but preinted fine a few days before, so that's not the issue.

    If anyone has any idea how I can return to the "Ready" State, I would really appreciate it.  Thank you.

    Thank you for the reset option.

    Since my original post, I called HP support and they told me that they don't support any more of my printer.  I was even unable to discuss the issue, which has been quite disappointing.

    I ended up out the memory mod that I mentioned in my post and the screen of the printer stop scrolling.  I had the feeling that it was the question, because it was the only variable, but it was the good mod, so I wasn't sure.

    In the meantime, I was forced to buy a new printer because I needed one and now I have an extra.

  • HP Color LaserJet 2840 confused with 2830

    Hello, everyone

    We had problems with our HP Color LaserJet printer 2840, so I took it to a store of the local computer for repair.  (The problems were that the printer has been really bad grinding and tray 2 had stopped working...)  So, I came back from the shop, and these problems persist...  But it is a different matter, with the store I had this 'repaired' at...

    Here's my new problem: I plugged the USB cable into the printer and put the power cord back where it belonged.  Interestingly, Windows XP decided to not detect it as a new piece of hardware, but he insisted on detect it as a HP Color LaserJet 2830.  Again, we have a "2840", not a "2830.

    I don't know what the difference between the two models, all I know is that Windows XP has never detected this printer as a "2830" before.  I then proceeded to delete all printers and then re - install the appropriate driver.  Unfortunately, the installation failed.  Who, even once, never happened to me before with this printer.  At half-way I suspect that if I could get Windows XP to detect this printer as a "2840", which it IS, instead of a "2830", which is NOT, that maybe the driver install might work.  But that's pure opinion

    A reasonable question you may have is "are you sure they gave you YOUR printer back?  What I know for sure right now is that the model number printed directly on the top of the unit says "2840", not "2830" there was at least a note that one of our Church stuck on the printer.  For this, I'll watch the next time I see the printer...

    So, I have two questions:

    1A this problem never happened before, and what could be the cause?

    2, and the BIG QUESTION: How can I get Windows XP to understand that it's a 2840 and not a 2830?

    Thank you for your help

    Steven P. Ulrick

    Hit the cable for card reader lose - if you pop the side cover you can put the cable on.  If the cable is firmly attached, then the card reader is dead.  He was supposed to be a released 2830 who had the fax but no card readers, but at some point, they cancelled this decision.  However, the firmware was written for all 3 models, so when the printer detects a fax but no card readers, he is noted as a 2830.

    The carousel grinding and not by pulling the tray 2 means he needs an interview by a truly qualified on this particular model HP technician.  Tray 2 should be easy enough to fix, but the carousel may have to be realigned and this isn't an easy task.  You may need to call anywhere or to go out of your way, but find a service center authorized in this model of printer.

    I worked on this model myself for a few years - if you think a carousel of Squeak is bad, try to listen to 4 or 5 of them all at once!

  • HP color laserjet 2840 printing and copy blank page

    Hi all

    I have hp color laserjet 2840, printing and copy empty, I change the toner and drum but nothing! any idea?

    Sorry for my bed English

    Thank you

    Try this test.

    Printed page in after you get the blank page open the access door and see if you can move the carrousel by hand.

    If the carousel will rotate the carousel latch is stuck.

    The lock can be fixed by disassembly of the valve and clean some foam sticky residue deteriorated and its replacement by a thin piece of material. I use stickers very thin markers of a dollar store.

  • Series of printer HP Color LaserJet 2840: not able to configure the functionality of SCAN to e-mail or a folder

    Have a series of HP Color LaserJet 2840 printer on a local subnet for home with two computers that share.

    We can make regular features print very well.

    We cannot get the SCAN function to work for the scan to e-mail or in a folder.

    Went and used the HP Toolbox to set options analysis, but for some reason, they are not taken.

    The Guide of the user for this problem are usless (as usual with the documents of the user).

    I have spend too much time on this seemingly simple question, as usual.  (months of work on this periodically)

    I'm sure that's not that hard to implement.

    Can you please help or advise.

    Additional information:

    2 computers on the subnet local via 100MB ethernet switch and router (basic stuff)

    No problem of communication to the printer for print jobs or check on other orders of status.

    Some scanning configuration problems.

    Two client computers are running Windows Vista Home Premium SP1 32-bit

    I want to set up the printer so I can scan from the printer directly to a folder on the machine either or e-mail to each machine.

    I do the steps correctly, from what I can tell, but the info is not required or sent to the printer. ?

    If I add an e-mail through the box to tools, I can fill in the email field and the name field, but it will not show when I hit Add.

    Besides which should represent the box 'Host '?  The printer or my personal computer?

    If I try to add a file, it displays a browse box but never lets me select a folder to scan to?

    I don't understand.  Shouldn't be this embarrassing.  And if it is, (as usual), the stupid tech docs should do a better job MUUCCHH through it.  In fact, they don't even show or talk about the Host column.  So what is this for.

    Help, please...

    I'm sorry, but to get your question more exposure I suggest posting in the trade forums since it is a printer. You can do so at http://h30499.www3.hp.com/hpeb/

    I hope this helps.

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