HP 3330 MT PC pro: video controller


I have HP 3330 pro MT PC.

in device manager there is an exclamation mark on the video controller

the IDS are:

PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_0102 & SUBSYS_17A0103C & REV_09

PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_0102 & SUBSYS_17A0103C

PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_0102 & CC_030000

PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_0102 & CC_0300

OS: windows xp professional 2009 service park 3.

Please help me.


The only suggestion I can offer is to try the graphics driver XP directly from Intel.


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    I have a Satellite Pro 6000 but I can't watch DVD because they run very slowly.
    That's probably because my video controller is not installed, but I can't find a
    Driver video controller for a 6000 SP. My OS is XP.
    Can someone help me?
    Thank you


    You need to install the Trident display driver. You can find it on the European driver Toshiba page in the Archive folder.

    Choose Archive-> Archive Pro Satellite-> Satellite Pro 60xx-> Satellite Pro 6000-> Win XP

    By the way; You must use a special software like PowerDVD or WinDVD to play and watch DVD movies!

  • Error of the video controller in device - Satellite Pro 6000 Manager

    This old laptop, there is an error in the Device Manager (video controller? compatible vga). Everything you try opening takes forever and seems scroll open from the top of the page! Help me please.


    I put t know what OS is pre-installed on your device, but you please download the latest display driver and install it.
    Toshiba download page is http://eu.computers.toshiba-europe.com/cgi-bin/ToshibaCSG/download_drivers_bios.jsp

  • Multimedia "Video Controller" error Qosmio G20 & NO sound

    I have a brand new Qosmio G20. It has been properly installed according to list of instructions installation of Toshiba (all listed in the correct order.

    Unfortunately, whenever I start (WinXP Pro), I received a message that the system has detected new hardware. In the presentation of the material, it lists a "video-controller as" and a "PCI device" that it has not been installed correctly. I tried to solve this by downloading all kinds of latest drivers on the Toshiba site. But apparently the system is still missing some drivers, although I can't know who they should be. Also in this situation, I have no sound available. I tried to reinstall the audio driver. But at the end of the installation procedure, it says that the driver is not found and leaves the facility?

    Help, please...


    If you want to identify an unknown in the Device Manager device please read this document:

    In addition, this laptop came with Win MCE. Have you installed the driver on the right its designed for Win XP?

    Best regards

  • Satellite A100 (PSAA8): need driver for video controller


    I bought a new Satellite A100 (PSAA8) and re-installed Windows XP Pro. I downloaded some drivers including Intel Display Driver and Flash Media Driver, etc. from the web and installed. But I can't find the driver for video controller, so I still have the questionmark beside the video controller in Device Manager. Do you know what kind of driver he is? Where I can download for the video controller & what driver?

    Thank you


    HE = display driver or graphic driver video driver. All of this means the same thing.
    The suggested site, you will find the driver. Please remember to use the correct driver, because there are different units A100.
    I checked this pilot site and it seems that the most recent display at the moment driver is version

  • Radeon HD 3200 video controller driver?

    I have successfully demoted the dv7 Presario 1260 US for Win XP Pro.  Everything is installed and works very well with an exception > video controller has a yellow exclamation point in Device Manager.  I followed the main lines in the general XP Downgrade for section 3 > difficult, I used the SATA AHCI driver linked to AMD in the next post.  slipstreamed into nlite as described.  has worked like a charm.  all the strong work of buttons, including the wireless link color and mute buttons and sound bars, which I had trouble with in past situations of decommissioning.

    So... now that I have everythign else... can provide you a link to the correct driver for this video controller?  I installed the bridge AMD Catalyst/South/etc. that you had linked.  Also tried searching on AMD but they are insistent drivers come from the laptop to the manufacturer.

    Help much appreciated!  I liked the guide...

    does not stop trying to list you as just after I posted that I found what worked >

    9 12_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu.exe

    the first that did not work, I installed was

    10 1_xp32_dd_ccc_wdm_enu.exe

    Thanks for your help!

  • IdeaPad G560 - problem for installation of video controller driver

    Hi all

    I got my ideapad a few months ago, it came with Win 7 home preinstalled. Later, I decided to spend a few reasons to win Xp pro.

    successfully installed Win Xp pro SP3 (32) after activation in the bios compatibility mode.

    Downloaded all the drivers of the support of the consumer of lenovo.

    Some drivers, but some of them are missing that I see in the installed device manager.



    I have already visited local support here. gave me a cd of drivers charge 150 /-. but that did not help.

    Please Please HELP me SOMBODY.

    Thanks in advance.

  • XPS 400 video controller does not

    I have a XPS 400 desktop computer that runs currently the 10 Insider Preview Windows operating system and its video controller does not work and so he struggles to play YouTube videos and he is totally unable to play games should be able to play. I once had this computer to run an operating system called Linux Mint and the video controller worked fine until I put Windows 10 on it. In Device Manager the video controller appears under other devices with an exclamation point. I tried to have the search system automatically updates of pilot, but he can't find. In the past I thought that the video controller was that of an AMD processor, but I don't remember why. Recently I watched the original specifications and it comes with an NVIDIA GEFORCE 6800, so I'm not sure she has and this computer has done to my knowledge undergo updates before I owned it but I don't know if its video controller has been changed. Nevertheless, I tried to get help thinking it is an AMD but nothing helps and I tried to download the drivers from NVIDIA but it still does not work as there is very little information on the video controller. Does anyone know a way I could get the video controller to work?

    10 Windows will have to use vista old drivers for video cards of vacuum tube.  XPS 400/Dimension 9150 can run windows etc. 8 or 10.

    Old cards Nvidia cannot use the latest drivers.

    the 340 series is the last version supporting older cards.

    NVIDIA has officially END END of SUPPORT LIFE in April 2016.


    But 64-bit versions of windows 8.1, 10 will require Pentium D 915 or higher with the radiator of the performance of copper.

    DirectX June 2010 is required to submit the drivers of DX10, which is what vista uses.


    You download and extract in a folder and run DXSETUP. EXE as administrator.

    After that you will need to go into Control Panel, in programs and features add functionality to windows and re enable legacy live show.

    Then install of Chrome.


    Before installing this driver.  You must also add the feature back for legacy Live Show on Control Panel.  If you do all the right things in the right order, it will work.  Control Panel, all the elements of the Control Panel, programs and features, windows features, turning on and outside

    Then do the check boxes.  You MUST BE online when you do this, because he lament not find features and who need to download them from windows update.

    Description Supported OS Download
    ATI TVT2 Wonder Elite - unique analog NTSC TV Tuner internal, v., A00 (v64)
    Latest driver for the MCE Vista 64 bit for ATI TV WONDER ELITEmore details
    Windows Vista 64-bit
    ATI TVT2 Wonder Elite - unique analog NTSC TV Tuner internal, v., A00 (v32)

    Latest driver for the MCE Vista 32bits for ATI TV WONDER ELITEmore details Windows Vista 32-bit ATI 256 MB RADEON X 850 XT Platinum Edition, Hyper memory PCI-Express X 16 (DVI/VGA/TV out) Radeon X 300 SE 128 MB Radeon X 600 SE, RADEON® X 600 256 MB HYPERMEMORY, 256 MB Radeon X 600, Radeon X1900XTX 512 MB, X 1300 Pro 256 MB, X 1300, X 1300 Pro, dual 512 MB Radeon X1950XTX Crossfire, v.8.332 - 070108 a 1-041388 C - Dell, A01
    64 bit Vista WHQL 8.332 driver from ATI. More details Windows Vista 64-bit ATI 256 MB RADEON X 850 XT Platinum Edition, Hyper memory PCI-Express X 16 (DVI/VGA/TV out) Radeon X 300 SE 128 MB Radeon X 600 SE, RADEON® X 600 256 MB HYPERMEMORY, 256 MB Radeon X 600, Radeon X1900XTX 512 MB, X 1300 Pro 256 MB, X 1300, X 1300 Pro, dual 512 MB Radeon X1950XTX Crossfire, v.8.332 - 070108 a 1-041385 C - Dell - Vista32, A01
    8,332 32 bit Vista WHQL driver. More details Windows Vista 32-bit ATI Radeon X1900XTX 512 MB, v.8.31.100-061024a-039652C-Dell-32Bit-Vista, A01
    32 bit Vista driver 8.31.100 driver for UHMGA14. More details Windows Vista 32-bit ATI Radeon X1900XTX 512 MB, v.8.31.100-061024a-039729C-Dell-64Bit-Vista, A01
    64 bit Vista driver 8.31.100 driver for Radeon X1900XTX 512 MB graphics card. More details Windows Vista 64-bit AGEIA PhysX adapter, v.2.6.2 (plant), A04
    AGEIA PhysX driver updated to take in charge the XPS 710 platform. Adds support for the latest games that use the card AGEIA PhysX and Novodex engine. More details Windows Vista 32-bit
    Windows Vista 64-bit
    Windows XP x 64
    Windows XP ATI Wonder Elite TVT2 - unique analog NTSC TV Tuner internal, v.8.273, A06
    Latest version of the driver for ATI TV WONDER ELITE. More details Windows Vista 64-bit
    Windows XP
    Windows Vista 32-bit
  • video controller VGA Compatible Driver missing

    Do you have a scanner driver and my video controller (VGA Compatible) driver is missing"

    Have the XP Pro system

    Anyone know where you can get a FREE VGA driver to install?



    1. What is the brand and model of your computer?

    2 have you used a third scan of pilot parry?

    You must visit the Web site of the manufacturer of the computer to download the proper VGA driver.

    Please provide us with the details so that we are able to help you the best.





  • Windows XP guest, Ubuntu 8.10 host: device system Base & video controller drivers

    I used VMware Converter to create a virtual machine from an existing Windows XP Pro (32 - bit, SP3) installation.  I ran that virtual machine in VMware Workstation 6.5.1.  He gave me new hardware detected for two assistants: System of Base and video controller (VGA Compatible) device.  I was not able to find the drivers or otherwise go beyond FNH assistants for these two devices.  At the present time, both appear under the heading "Other devices" in Device Manager with yellow exclamation next to them circles.  Video response is slow.  I don't know what Base system device refers, so I can't say if it is efficient.  Any ideas how I can install or update the drivers of these two?  Thank you...

    You already have everything you need.  There are 5 or 6 ISOs in the folder my computer.  This is the VMware Tools installation disc - one for each family of the guest operating system.  Check that you have specified the correct guest OS in the settings of the virtual machine (Options-> general).  Then use the menu to install the VMware tools, when the guest operating system is loaded and recorded.  Then, inside the prompt, access the CD-ROM drive and run the Setup installer.

  • Satellite M70 - drivers video controller for Win7

    Where can I find video controller drivers for my Toshiba Satellite M70-131 w7...?

    Do you know how old is Satellite M70?

    Support for Toshiba doesn t Win7 for this FORMER model laptop and you won't be able to find it on the Toshiba official support page but with a little luck you can find Googling autour.

    Like Akuma written already trying to use the display driver for new models of portable computers.

  • unknown video controller (7200 series)

    Dear reader,

    I recently upgraded my 7200 MS Win 98SE for MS Windows 2000 professional (SP 4). Now, my screen shows only 16 colors.

    The Hardware Wizard Windows tells me that my video controller (VGA Compatible) is unknown ("readers of this device are not installed. (Code 28) "), but he finds no driver suitable by itself and I have to hand. Also the display settings Windows tell me that a "(default monitor) on VGA display" is currently installed. "

    Can someone tell me where I can download/find a driver appropriate to have more colors with a higher resolution, preferably?

    THX in advance,



    you're the same guy ask this before?

    Have you checked what model did you?
    or CT 7220?

    The answer is in the bottom of the machine. Turn upside down and look at the label silver serialnumber. You will find what model you actually.



  • Tecra 8100: Can't get high resolution - video controller driver?


    Anyone can answer the question?

    I have a 8100 Tecra which was under Windows 98. I upgraded to Win2000P but I can't get the right amount of colors or greater than 600 x 800 resolution. Also, I can't load the former driver of BT's broadband services.

    In Device Manager, it is required for the video controller (VGA Compatible). I searched the site of Toshiba for a suitable download and can't find something like this.

    Does anyone know if the solution to this problem exists on this Web site or if Toshiba can send me a disc with the necessary info.

    Another idea of the problem is that it may need a mother board driver, if what can be downloaded?

    Sorry if it's vague but I am writing this on behalf of my stepfather, so it is second hand information.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks

    Hey Buddy

    Looks like you a little confused re.
    I think I can help you

    So to me it looks like a missing display driver. What do you think?
    Did you install the display driver for W2k?

    On the European Toshiba driver page I found a drivers needed for W2k and the display driver is also available.
    There are 2 display drivers, so check everything first to support it.

    You mentioned the driver BT broadband. Did you mean Bluetooth?
    To my knowledge this device does not have Bluetooth support.

  • Update video controller (VGA Compatible) on Tecra 9000

    Recently, I bought a used Toshiba Tecra 9000.
    The computer has WIN XP SP2, and I would like to know how I can update (video controller/VGA Compatible).

    Thanks for your help

    Hello Isabelita

    Sorry, but I didn't understand your good ad. You wrote on a problem, but from your description, you just want to update the display driver. I'm wrong, or maybe I misunderstood something? I put t see any problem here.

    Good driver, you can find on the download page of Toshiba Tecra 9000 has® S3 SuperSavage/IXC video card. Install it and graphics card runs correctly.

    If you think that I misunderstood your ad please explain exactly what is the State of the graphics card in Device Manager, and you want to do exactly.

    Good bye

  • Qosmio F20 - 136 multimedia video controller does not

    Control, video controller Panel material-multi media has the yellow question mark. Also in MCE, I get a message saying that the drivers work do not or TV tuner hardware.

    I reinstalled from the recovery discs and installed all updates to MCE 2005 rollup including net.1.1 sp1. Physical control of the Panel there is no TV Tuner input.

    In tools the tv tuner driver is shown as installed.
    Any advice would be welcome. ------This is a new machine to buy, so it may be a hardware problem


    As far as I know, you will not find all the tuner entries in the control panel.
    In Control Panel, you can find the graphics card option as nView desktop manager of nVidia Geforce.
    The TV tuner driver is important to receive signals in MCE

    However, if the yellow exclamation point appears in the device manager then I guess the driver fails or is wrong. You should try to update. Please note that on the driver of the page you will find driver for Windows XP and WinXP MCE.

Maybe you are looking for

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    SD card does not start.I already have SP1 and in Device Manager SD card appears with "!" when a card is inserted and is not, when it's empty.When I insert a card inside it says does not start code 10 but I see the led blink whenever I put a card insi