HP 355 G2: update Windows 7 Pro for Windows 8 Pro

We are a charitable organization of small learning supporting 3 other charitable organizations who were lucky enough to get funds to buy laptop computers.  After buying 12 we seem unable to talk to someone at the supplier or the HP that can solve a very simple problem!  The laptops have the system operating Windows 7 Pro but included in the box is a Windows Pro 8.1 operating system and it seems that you can not pass directly from Windows 7 to Windows 8.1 and get a drive of Windows 8 for each of 12 laptops is impossible.  The provider does not have the technical know-how (even if a technology company!) and HP will not talk on the phone a number as large as 12!  I'm still trying to solve this problem after 4 weeks.  I do not think that we will buy HP new equipment!


While I do not work for or represent HP, W8.1 OEM disk Pro comes with your laptop is only for a clean install of Windows 8.1.

It is not intended nor permitted to be used as an upgrade disc.

You cannot spend W7 to W8.1 and keep the existing programs with this disc.

If you want to install W8.1, you need to boot from that disk and follow the instructions on the screen to do a custom (clean) installation of W8.1.

This disc is a full installation disc and product key OEM of W8.1 in the BIOS of your PC will work for a clean install of W8.1 OEM.

Your laptop came with W7 Pro installed through W8.1 Pro downgrade rights.

Make sure that you create a recovery W7 media for each cell that you plan to install W8.1 on because you will not be able to reinstall W7 without a license key, if you decide you want to come back on W7.

The HP Recovery Manager program to create the recovery media before installing Windows 8.1.

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