HP 8600: HP 8600 does not correct tray

Hello. I'm having trouble with my HP 8600 is not pulling from the correct tray. This is a recent problem that everything was working properly until a few days ago. I have an accessory to two tray with tray #1 used for special dimensions (photos and envelopes) and standard #2 to 8.5X11paper tray.  I have the default to tray #2 and locked bin #1 in my settings (#1 on the top tray, tray # 2 down). However, when I send a print job for normal letter format, he tries to send the job to use the Tray #1. I can get around this by changing the trays, but it is a real pain and much slower. I checked all software and firmware is up to date. I hope someone has a solution for this problem.


Hi @Desertboy,

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I have seen your post on how your printer HP Officejet pro 8600 does not correct status bar. I'm happy to help with this problem!

Follow these steps to change the print settings by default for all printing from the desktop of Windows 8.

  1. Right click or touch and hold the bottom left of the screen to open the menu. In the menu, click or tap on the Control Panel, then click on or type printers and display devices.

  2. Right click or tap and hold the icon of the printer () for your printer, and then click or tap Print Preferences.

  3. Select your new default print settings, and then click or tap on OK.

Source: change of print settings (Windows 8).

I would use these settings to set the default to tray 2 for plain paper. So if you want to print to Tray 1, you can change the settings manually. Or, you can add the same printer again in the devices Panel and printers and together this is the default for Tray 1 for specialty paper and rename it to 8600 (Tray 1) as an example.

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I hope these settings help!

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    OfficeJet Pro 8600 Premium (mac) does not recognize tray 2 as default paper source.   What should do?

    Follow the steps below to print using a dedicated paper tray:

    1. check that the second tray has been installed correctly. To check this open the System Preferences and go to Print & Fax. Open the print to your printer queue. Click printer setup and in the tab menu choose pilot. Make sure the box next to the entry optional feeder is checked.

    2. starting at the application used to print, click the file menu and select print.
    The print window is displayed. NOTE: The print window might be minimized: click the blue triangle next to product model (Mac OS X v10.5 or v10.6) or the button view details (Mac OS X Lion v10.7) to see all of the available parameters.

    3. to select the input tray, click on the area of selection below, listed as the name of the program (e.g. TextEdit)
    Will appear as Copies & Pages within Microsoft Office applications.

    4. Select Paper Type/quality in the menu dropdown.

    5. adjust the Source option as the desired input tray.

    You can save the settings for later use by clicking predefined settings > Save settings as a preset. It will then be the default setting to use any other preset.

    Kind regards


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    Restart your Mac, and then drag the disc on the desktop for the external drive to the trash.

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    Hey watch this video of HP, how do I solve this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c422Q-EhMXI if this fixed your problem can you give me a point of congratulations. Thank you

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    This page is saved in UTF-16 format (Content-Type: text/html (UTF-16 BOM, litte-endian)) in your text editor. The CSS file is sent as ISO-8859-1. Firefox fun to see all the files in the same encoding. The other pages are send as ISO-8859-1 and so use the CSS file. You will need to re - save this page as ISO-8859-1 and download the corrected version.

  • Satellite A200 does not correctly reduce or increase the volume


    Our Satellite A200 is having problems with its Volume control wheel.
    If I turn the wheel (on the left or in the past), it does not correctly to reduce or increase the volume level.
    He jumps rather the volume level in seemingly random directions (with a preference for the volume).
    Turn the wheel slowly improves responsiveness a little, but it remains quite impossible to increase or decrease the volume control that to be.

    BTW, I am well aware that the volume control wheel is a wheel of puls-encoder rather than ye olde potentiometer.

    -Can anyone you tell me where I can find the configuration that is responsible for this Volume control wheel?
    -Which driver/firmware is attached to the order of the volume control?
    -How can I determine if this is a hardware or software problem?

    Advice would be welcome.



    There is no software or hardware problem.
    It is a new generation of volume control.

    First of all there is no mechanical limit turning right or left.
    In addition, this volume controller works a little different than the old volume controllers. The volume can be increased and decreased using the fixed rate

    By the way;
    > Can someone tell me where I can find the configuration that is responsible for this Volume control wheel?
    You can change the volume as in the sound settings that could be found in the control panel.
    > Which driver/firmware is attached to the order of the volume control?
    Audio driver controls the volume controller.
    > How can I determine if this is a hardware or software problem?
    There is no problem

  • error code 259 does not correctly updated to sp62736.

    I have a Hp Pavilion 500-141ea im trying to update the IDT audio driver for windows 8, I supported SP sp62736, it passes through the installation procedure, then it stops and comes up with this error code 259 does not correctly updated, I even disabled etc still the same antivirus software.

    Any idea?

    Hi Apache1968,

    If everything works at the moment, with the exception of downloading then I would leave it as it is. The whole "don't mess with what works" thing.

    Thank you

  • Why is one of my 4 5893 Modules doesn't work does not correctly?


    This is the configuration of my HW and SW:

    LabView 2013 SP1

    1 x cRIO 9076

    4 x NI 9853 CAN Modules

    CAN0 - 1000 Kbps, entry timeout = 0, OutputTimeOut = 10000, Module clock: 20 MHz

    CAN1 - 500 Kbps, entry timeout = 0, OutputTimeOut = 10000, Module clock: 20 MHz

    I worked on a program for a test system, where each Module 9853 control two devices (CAN0 and CAN1), the same type of systems is controlled by other 9853 3 Modules in parallel.

    So basically, I use exactly the same functions for each module. So far, everything has worked correctly on module 1, but now that I started to test all other modules I have the problem that Module 3/CAN0 does not correctly read the information.

    While watching the FPGA façade, I see that each 10000ms one value is read, but only on that ONE module (frames are sent every 1ms from my unit)

    I tested the HW itself using the included examples and it works correctly, the only difference is that the example used only 2 Modules, one to send data and the other to receive it.

    I included my FPGA program as an image, I really don't think there is a problem with my RT SW, because all the other modules are working properly. Basically, my SW FPGA bed CAN Modules and puts the information in a FIFO, if there is an error (no information), it will make a loop once more and check again.

    Thanks for your help

    I solved the problem, it was an error of configuration on my side.

    The entry for Module3 CAN1 time-out was set up NOT as 0ms and 10000ms as I thought! , so that was my reading for DUT3 loop run only every 10000ms.

  • Update KB976902 now the mouse doesn't work does not correctly

    I had the KB976902 recently updated on 2 of the 3 computers and 2 who got now have a mouse that does not correctly.  The computer number 3 does not have the update and still works fine.  All three are almost identical hardware and software and have legitimate versions of windows 7.

    The problem of the mouse made play almost almost impossible. Left click crashes, lag mouse click one or two times when I I try to do a restore from the left eventually drag a shortcut of the thing, I clicked on and don't know how or why.

    I did a restore on a single computer, but it did not help.

    Norton and McAfee applications are notorious for not to uninstall (or upgraded) themselves. Since you are not sure, I'll have to have executed two removal on all of the computers in question tools.

    NB: If a step said to reboot, reboot!

    1. download the Norton Removal Tool, save it to your desktop: ftp://ftp.symantec.com/public/english_us_canada/removal_tools/Norton_Removal_Tool.exe

    1B. download the tool McAfee Consumer Product Removal, save it to your desktop: http://download.mcafee.com/products/licensed/cust_support_patches/MCPR.exe

    2. close all open applications (that is, anything with an icon on the taskbar).

    3. right click on the file saved in # 1 above and select run as administrator to run the utility. DO TAP not your keyboard until the race ends, then restart.

    3B. right-click on the file saved in # 1 b above and select run as administrator to run the utility. DO TAP not your keyboard until the race ends, then reboot again.

    4 reset the IE8 advanced settings by http://windows.microsoft.com/en-US/windows7/Reset-Internet-Explorer-settings

    5. open Internet Explorer 32-bit (only!) to http://support.microsoft.com/kb/971058 & run it in DEFAULT and modes difficulty then AGGRESSIVE. [1]

    6. restart a last time & test.

    [1] full Disclosure: the difficulty operating in AGGRESSIVE mode will remove your update history but not the list of installed updates.

    ~ Robear Dyer (PA Bear) ~ MS MVP (that is to say, mail, security, Windows & Update Services) since 2002 ~ WARNING: MS MVPs represent or work for Microsoft

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    Example when you click on the link on M5 Explorer - 581 T-6405 please as to the specification of the model of S7-191-6447. Please check

    Thank you bring to our attention. We will ensure that it is transmitted.

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    Hi ChristineDupre,

    1. what browser do you use?

    2. don't you make changes on your computer before this problem?

    If you use Internet Explorer, you can follow these methods & check if it helps.

    Method 1

    You can follow this link and check if the problem persists.

    Some sites Web may not behave as expected in Internet Explorer

    Method 2

    If you have Internet explorer 9 installed, please follow this link.

    Web pages displayed incorrectly in Internet Explorer 9

    Hope the helps of information.
    Please post back and we do know.

  • My ipod does not correctly install when I plugged in now mobile USB keeps freezing

    My ipod does not correctly install when I plugged it into USB. Since then, my laptop keeps freezing / crashing.  Start repair found the problem mentioned but could not fix it and just send an error report.

    I tried restoring the system and installed the updates of windows, but I still have the problem. I reinstalled itunes and my AV is up to date, I can't find a solution.


    1. are you confronted this question all the time or only when using the IPOD?

    2. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    3 Please, try to connect the Ipod to different USB ports in the back and the front of the tower and check if you face the same problem.

    Please follow the links below to solve the problem.
    Method 1
    Start your computer in a clean boot and check for conflicts with third-party software.
    Start your computer in a clean boot.

    Note: Please follow step 7 of the article mentioned below to start the computer normally, after completing the necessary troubleshooting.
    Method 2

    Step 1

    What is safe mode?


    Step 2

    Install this update and check if the problem is resolved.

    Update for Windows Vista (KB925528)


    Also try to update the latest version of the drivers your controllers USB host, on the manufacturers site.

    I hope this helps.

  • Request close does not correctly after the addition of SceneCover (QML)

    Just added a SceneCover exposed to QML, wanted to change my implementation of shit,

    Page {
        onCreationCompleted: {        Application.setCover(sceneCover)    }
      attachedObjects: [
          // An Active Frame is a Scene Cover      SceneCover {          id: sceneCover          content: Container {              background: Color.create("Black")          }
    #include "applicationui.hpp"
    //#include "ActiveFrameQML.h"
    //#include "OrientationSensor.hpp"
    using namespace bb::cascades;
    ApplicationUI::ApplicationUI(bb::cascades::Application *app) :
            QObject(app) {
        displayInformation = new si::blackberrydev::DisplayInformation;
        qmlRegisterType("bb.cascades", 1, 2, "SceneCover");
        qmlRegisterUncreatableType("bb.cascades", 1, 2, "AbstractCover", "");
        // Create scene document from main.qml asset, the parent is set
        // to ensure the document gets destroyed properly at shut down.
        QmlDocument *qml = QmlDocument::create("asset:///main.qml").parent(this);
        // Create root object for the UI
        qml->setContextProperty("display", displayInformation);
        AbstractPane *root = qml->createRootObject();
        // Set created root object as the application scene

    Now, whenever the application closes, it does and does not correctly close until terminated manually:

    It does not show this on the console but I'm not a clue what he is to me: "0x85ab510 error: must be attached to a control, no bb::cascades:QmlPage (0x85269a8).

    Any Suggestions?

    10.2 minimum API level targeting

    I noticed that, while this works, attaching class SceneCover application directly gives an error of bps to the exit event.

    To avoid this error, set the class of SceneCover via ComponentDefinition and attach it to the Application class.

    I have attached a code snippet below:

    onCreationCompleted: {
    attachedObjects: [
        ComponentDefinition {
            id: sceneCoverDef
            SceneCover {
                content: Container {
                    background: Color.create("#000000")
                    Label {
                        text: "hello"

    Try and see if the error persists.

  • The mouse scroll wheel doesn't work does not correctly?

    Win 7, Microsoft Wireless Mouse 5000
    Everything worked fine but I had to reformat & return my computer again the conditions of the plant.  I have add the correct software for my mouse.  Now, when I use the scroll wheel, it moves the screen a full coming soon page (spreadsheet, word processing, etc.).  The unique thing is that I can say that she does so ONLY with products at Microsoft (Excel & Word so far), with any other software, it seems to work as it should (a few lines at a time).  No one knows what is the cause?  Help please.

    Thanks in advance... Bob


    1. have you checked if the problem occurs with a different mouse?
    2. don't you make changes on the computer before the show?

    You can try the steps provide in the supplied knowledge base articles and check if that helps:
    Troubleshoot a wireless mouse that does not correctly
    Troubleshoot the incidents of the response to the mouse or wireless keyboard

Maybe you are looking for

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