HP 8630: crawl log


I have a few questions-

First of all, how to remove enteries in the address book of my 8630?

Also, is there a way to arrange in alphabetical order?

Is a scan log kept somewhere? If so, how can I access it?

Finally, I scanned and sent many doc with the e-mail erroneous-is there a way to change this wrong address to the good pair and re send the docs?

Thank you



Hi @rlmslo,

Welcome to the Forums of HP Support! I see that you have some questions about the function of address book when you use your HP Officejet 8630.

To update your address book by adding or removing contacts can be done by using the Embedded Web Server printers: see how to access the SAP: How to access and open the server HP the built-in Web (EWS)

Once in the SAP, you will see your address book and contacts, which can be added or removed at any time. For what is in alphabetical order, it looks like it's the default one, then I would say adding that you want them to.

No it not there no scan of your scan history log.

Regarding e-mail to the wrong address, reopen the email from your sent folder and send it to the new email address.

I hope that answers your questions. Be sure to check our User Guide as well. Click on the link below:

HP Officejet Pro 8630 user guide

This is a great question other clients may also wonder; Please click the "accept as Solution" if you think that this message has helped you, or could help others.

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  • "Filtering exceeds the maximum time" error in the crawl log

    A track log contained the following error. Is this error related to the Configuration of robot setting "Crawler Timeout (seconds) threshold? (Mine is set * 30 * seconds.)

    "Filtering exceeds the maximum time * 108 * seconds; killed process. dating status 1 without any error message.

    No, they are not related. Filtering is the process of conversion to the format (Word, PDF) documents into searchable text. If it exceeded the 108 seconds the process had almost certainly hanged, most likely indicating a corrupt file.

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    Ed gave you a very good answer.

    Rememeber database files are online and they are written to by DBWR process. So we have the database files, redo log files and archive logs.
    In order to avoid all the crawl log when you perform a recovery, database performs control points that summarize the State of the database. This operation of control point provides a shortcut to the recovery. At the checkpoint, the database knows that all incorrect pages were written to disk (for example, database files). At the time of recovery, the log (which includes-finished and unfinished transactions) is used to bring the database to a consistent state. The system locates the time of the last checkpoint and returned to this position in the log file. Then he restores forward all completed transactions (read committed) that occurred after the last checkpoint and rolls back all transactions that were not committed, but that began before the last checkpoint. This is where online log files are used.

    Now imagine that you need to back up your database GB 100 + all 10 minutes. It would be a waste of space! So you take a backup of your database at time t and backups of archiver process redo logs periodically to check the newspapers so that redo log files can be replaced and RMAN will use the last backup and archive the log files to recover your database at the time.

    Now, I mentioned the checkpoint process. The Checkpoint process regularly launches a control point that uses DBWR to rewrite all the blocks Sales in the data files, so synchronize the database. Imagine one dam is running and have exhausted all the redo log files. At this point, Oracle will wait until all Sales already queued blocks have been written to the buffer on disk (database files) foremost him redo log files can be considered as superfluous and available for re-use (i.e. can be overwritten). This will result in the following message in the alert.log:

    Thread 1 advanced to log sequence 17973
      Current log# 3 seq# 17973 mem# 0: /oracle/data/HAM1/log3aHAM1.dbf
      Current log# 3 seq# 17973 mem# 1: /oracle/data/HAM1/log3bHAM1.dbf
    Thread 1 cannot allocate new log, sequence 17974
    Checkpoint not complete
      Current log# 3 seq# 17973 mem# 0: /oracle/data/HAM1/log3aHAM1.dbf
      Current log# 3 seq# 17973 mem# 1: /oracle/data/HAM1/log3bHAM1.dbf
    Thread 1 advanced to log sequence 17974

    I am sure you have done the following:

    alter database mount;
    Database altered.

    When you mount a database, Oracle combines the instance started the database. Oracle control files are opened and read. However, no checking such as the restore/recovery is performed

    alter database open;
    Database altered.

    An open command opens the data files, recovery logs, it performs automatic and consistency of database recovery. At this point, the database is now ready to be used by all valid users.



    Published by: Mich Talebzadeh on November 19, 2011 16:57

  • Firefox opens not at all, even after reboot and re-setup - IE opens normally - what can I do?

    I have used Firefox since version 3 - really like compared to others.

    This morning, after the startup of Firefox does not open. It worked when the PC was off last night. The eggtimer lights up briefly, then nothing. Internet Explorer works fine, just like Mailwasher (by e-mail) and MS Outlook, is not a problem of the internet.

    I am running XP Service Pack 3 (no, really, yet), with Secure Anywhere of Webroot internet security.

    I tried to restart - no effect
    I tried to remove, reboot, and reinstall - no effect
    I tried to run it from a link in an e-mail message - no effect
    I tried to run from the line start - run with the ~ option p as in your FAQ - no effect
    I tried to reinstall Adobe Flash Player, Shockwave, Java, etc...

    The closest, I have something to go is trying to launch a console of Webroot, when I got "Browser launch 1073741819 error" - but this could be an error code of Webroot.

    I don't know what else - make almost all your FAQ will be that you can enter the program.

    The only thing I can think is that webroot removed a threat this morning, but I can't find saved the crawl log for what it was - clutch at straws, maybe that had something to do with it?

    Maybe it's related, but I'll have to write this on another PC, because the Mozilla Web pages displayed incorrectly in Internet Explorer (all other sites I can find appear in normal type) so the plug-ins installed do not reflect what I have on the PC in question

    Woodfall_Consulting wrote:

    I just tried booting up the PC in "safe mode with connections", and under these conditions, Firefox opens and behaves normally. Does this add any light to the puzzle?

    Yes. This means that another program has been in effect to prevent Firefox from running. If do not help the above suggestions, you can solve the problem, as described in the following article. The relevant articles are 'How to perform a clean boot' and "what is then when I have a clean boot environment?", subsection "how to determine what is causing the problem.

  • I just downloaded a virus / malware program deletion KB890830 but there is no button to start the search, how to make it work?

    How to run KB890830, already downloaded sound but no start button.

    If you have configured Winows update to download and automatically install the malicious software removal tool will be delivered with guaranteed monthly upates and perform a quick analysis. If a malware infection is deemed appropriate, steps and you should be presented with a log in details. To run this, go to start > run orStart > Search (based on whehter XP or Vista and Win 7) and type mrt.exe then enter or run, and then click Next at the bottom, then choose betwenn Qucik, Full or custom scan. If no detection is the crawl log is located C:\Windows\Debug\mrt.log.

    If you receive automatic updates from Windows Update and you have downloaded the installation file simply double-click on the setup icon .

    Tutorial: http://www.pchell.com/virus/malicioussoftwareremovaltool.shtml

    See also http://support.microsoft.com/kb/890830

    Curious about your reason to download this tool, first because it is delivered every month and the other because it analyzes only for a particular number and types of malicious software. Further analysis using the same base engine and the definition of anti-malware as Microsoft Security Essentials antimalware software can be done with the Security Microsoft Scanner .

    Hope I did this confusion. See the following article for the comparison of the Microsoft Security progams.

    Understand the Microsoft Anti-malware 2012 software

    Hope helps RHIs.

    What is your operating system and what software/antimalware security programs do you currently use?

  • Why is my desk top empty and nothing works for pictures of office except those provided with plan computer?

    Desktop is empty I ran Mcafee security scan it quarentined, and fixed a problem of what was stated, but all the info has been removed from the desktop, pictures, movies, videos and music by virus. Now, I want to have a new image of the desktop, but nothing works... On the other hand, internet works just as it should to exployer

    Hi, Carlos.

    Restart the system and at the sign of the logo of the manufacturer to start typing F8

    Select Mode safe mode with networking

    Download the following tool, then select Full Scan to eliminate malware.  If your system has been infected, antivirus software has been compromised.


    I suggest to turn off System Restore before proceeding with the analysis.

    Turn off System Restore in Windows 7 and Windows Vista


    How to turn on and off on system restore in Windows XP


    When the analysis is complete, restart and open a command prompt window.  Type the following command:

    Chkdsk /r

    Press enter

    You will receive a message about the volume of confinement.  Press y and press ENTER to scan on restart.  Restart your computer.  The analysis will take some time.  You will find the crawl log located in Event Viewer > Windows > application log.  Search for Winninet when the computer restarts.

  • to start a black window titled C:\WINDOWS\SYSTEM32\RTHDCPL. EXE is displayed & system does not stop correctly

    I use Windows XP SP3 installed in Bootcamp on an Apple computer. The only way I can shut down Windows to hold down the Start button. Restore to an earlier date has not helped.

    This event is logged for several services when the computer is turned on. The reason is that the various services can perform certain tasks at startup and once they stop themselves. In this case, the event 7035 is accompanied by the corresponding 7036 (recorded when the service stops).

    Start > type CMD

    Press enter

    Type chkdsk /f /r

    Press enter

    You will see a message that the volume must be locked and you want to monitor during the recovery.

    Press y and press enter


    The crawl log is located in Event Viewer > Windows Logs > application log

    Search Winninet

    Perform a clean boot and uninstall the drivers with yellow! as well as the audio, video, and game controllers

    How to set up Windows XP in a clean boot state


    Before you uninstall, however, do a right-click on the driver, and then select Properties

    Under the status of the device under the general tab, is there an error code? After the return.

  • NXP media edition Windows; Windows Setup closes during the installation of Image resize Powertoy. Why?

    There is a Microsoft Viewer on my PC (Vista) to work with an image resizer.  I need that on Windows XP at home that I do not abuse my employer time and equipment.  Picture of Windows with faxes on XP does not offer a resizing of the image.

    However, Microsoft offers a free Windows XP Image resize Powertoy.

    I downloaded it from the website of Microsoft and, to each Setup attempt, it closes with the message "Windows® Installer has encountered a problem and needs to close."  We are sorry for the inconvenience! »

    Why?  How is it that a tool of Windows XP is not compatible with Windows Installer?  I have a report on the notebook, but for some reason, there is no way to fix here.

    Can someone please help?

    Will be golden

    Hi, WillGolden,

    You can go to skydrive and download your report here.  Then come back here with a link to the report.

    Open command prompt window

    Type the following command


    Note: There is a space between sfc and / scannow

    Press enter

    The scan will take a few moments.

    Open run and type %windir%\Logs\CBS

    Press Ok

    Browse the crawl log for the System File Checker cannot fix and note the files that cannot be repaired

    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7

    ( http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929833/en-uk)

    Then, open the command prompt window

    Type CHKDSK /F /R

    Press enter

    You will receive a message about the volume must be locked.  You want to monitor during the recovery?

    Press y and press enter

    Restart the computer

    This analysis will take a few minutes.

    What computer restarted, open the event viewer > Windows Logs > Application

    Look for the Winninet consult the results of the analysis

    Start > type Services.msc

    Press enter

    Scroll down and right-click on Windows Installer

    Select Properties

    Under Startup Type, make sure it is set to manual

    Services nearby

    Boot mode safe to reregister Windows Installer

    Open race

    Type the following command:


    Press Ok

    Note For 64-bit operating systems, you must also register the 64-bit MSI installer again. To do this, click Start, click run, type the following line, and then click OK:

    : \windows\syswow64 msiexec/regserver

    Restart Windows

  • Virus problems affecting the XP, IE, and the system registry.

    I borrowed the title of a post erlier L011ip0p dated April 23, 2010. I'm not sure that the proiblems are the same, but I'm on Windows XP Pro, and when I click on an icon to get the dialog box "open with." Associate most of the time I go to the location of the program, and it opens, but not always. I am running CA Security Suite, Ad-Aware and Spybot. None of them have helped me! I tried a few suggestions in the message stated above and none helped me. I downloaded hijack this, but all I have is the crawl log. I hope someone can help me because my main PC with Vista Ultimate is doing the same thing. The worst thing is I recently downloaded Windows 7 Pro on the Vista PC and I can't seem to run. Help me please!

    Looks like you need interactive assistance. Check out these pages:



  • is windows media player 9 for windows vista basic

    someone has deleted my old media player (11) and now I have a new (I downloaded it) and installed and he says he has some kind of problem.

    Hi, qwertyuiopzxcvbnmasdfghjkl

    WIndows Media 9 is for Windows 98, 2000 or ME


    What seems to be the problem with Windows Media Player 11?  Have you received an error message?  Post back verbatim the contents of the message.  Thank you.

    Uninstall the version you have recently installed

    Restart your computer

    Right-click on the command prompt window and select run as administrator

    Type sfc/scannow

    Press enter

    Note: There is a space between SFC and / scannow

    When you are finished, you can find the crawl log by pressing Windows + R flag to open the Run dialog box

    Type %windir%\Logs\CBS

    Press Ok

    How to use the System File Checker tool to fix the system files missing or corrupted on Windows Vista or Windows 7


    Download and reinstall WMP from this link


  • Vista will not start even in mode without failure or will start up repair help

    Hello everyone,

    I've been many problems with my OS recently (Vista 32 bit business) and decided to reinstall (it was really a last resort). The relocation went well, but in the end, he got the black screen with the extended cursor and didn't budge (I left it overnight).

    I forced to restart at the end of the day, and now it won't start, it just says loading windows and displays the logo of loading, but will not charge.

    Safe mode will start to load the drivers, but then freeze, leaving a permanent list of drivers and a "Please wait".

    I tried to boot from the Vista startup disk, who works the Startup Repair very well and running. The first time, he said he found problems with the boot files automatically and then asks me to click on "repair and restart. Once I do, nothing changes, it's always the same.

    I tried to run a further startup repair, but it does nothing, just scans and scans and scans... but can't find anything in the newspaper (it is not passed the crawl log entry).

    I can access the features on the disc to start very well, so I ran guest and drive a DSKCHK (read-only), but again it froze in the third part.

    As far as I know all my hardware works fine, and a diagnostic scanning don't tell something abnormal.

    ... any ideas?

    Enjoy your time,


    Hi Chris,

    This resembles the faulty Ram or a hard drive does not properly, even if the systems on board diagnosis cannot capture an error!

    Of what you sayed I recon, it is a hard drive error more defective ram, try rerunning DSKCHK and see if it stops on part III, once again, if the fact, its probably your hard drive! Maybe someone else has a similar thought?

    Hope this helps with your problem.


  • is this a real threat or false positive?

    After scanning my local disk with norton 360, malwarebytes, MRT and Prevx 3.0,.

    ONLY Prevx 3.0 identified "funshioninstall2.0.0.29beta.exe" as a "medium risk Malware."

    should I worry that it is a true malware? or is this a false positive?


    OK, so here is my log scan Prevx 3.0

    Crawl log Prevx - Version v3.0.5.50
    Generated journal: 2010-05-02 09:59, Type: 0.1
    Windows Vista Home Premium Service Pack 2 (Build 6002) 32 bit | 1033
    HostName: Laura-laptop
    Some non malicious files are not included in this journal.
    The heuristic settings: age: 1, Pop: 1, er: 2 (Dir: 1)
    Last Scan: Game 2010-02-04 18:28:24 standard time from the Malay Peninsula. Number of reviews: 18. Last Scan duration: 11 seconds.
    [B] c:\users\hp\documents\funshioninstall2.0.0.29beta.exe [PX5: D95BFA4F8032110946EE3EBC37159F00C796261D] Malware Group: medium risk Malware
    [U] c:\users\hp\appdata\local\temp\idc2.tmp\esetsmartinstaller.exe [PX5: 55DCEDE9B89E059BC60B28F558D3F200E91255CE]
    [G] c:\users\hp\appdata\local\temp\mpengine.dll [PX5: A5A4683D50CAB446FF534A1C8C998100147F70B9]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\acroform.api Adobe [PX5: 85713B076347D1CB5818848EA68AD10081B35FB6]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\annots.api Adobe [PX5: 977D2D4D632A22EBF0133E90489E7100C29D41B2]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\checkers.api Adobe [PX5: 1DA23B766366CBB9CC380C00D9DA8D0083001567]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\digsig.api Adobe [PX5: 96451BDD63ED7BD28AF811CC6180C80012291CE0]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\dva.api Adobe [PX5: CF8C8685639350CCE8A501C78E0EEC00D8972603]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\ebook.api Adobe [PX5: 08F5A46A630E7B98C88400FBD94321003DA193EC]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\escript.api Adobe [PX5: 6D277404631FB929A0EF1538CC31D200B97F36B5]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\ewh32.api Adobe [PX5: 01643ADA63E0ED85EC450168F37740000277C605]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\hls.api Adobe [PX5: 64E5397E6392E3FAC8CB00E1284D7F000640BCFA]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\ia32.api Adobe [PX5: F5CD2359633A03BB4A6D01D5015DC300F91E3ACA]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\imageviewer.api Adobe [PX5: FB81CE176346B3F122F307D430166C00565464B8]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\makeaccessible.api Adobe [PX5: 1212EDBD6371F2050C911F82431E0800409F620D]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\multimedia.api Adobe [PX5: C156BCDA637B83048E0B148B8BC49E00F9CCACFE]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\pddom.api Adobe [PX5: 1E18E20C6301EF26101C068B6D4CBD00B9DDBFFA]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\ppklite.api Adobe [PX5: 79BCD6E163A5EF9E264A5898FAC10C0013EF159E]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\readoutloud.api Adobe [PX5: 2EBDB16E63B7C630A02D01E7429B0B00E64C86A6]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\reflow.api Adobe [PX5: 6099E98463701FFF8A8D0589DF58AB00657EAB78]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\saveasrtf.api Adobe [PX5: 4A437003634ED92F967B045F61F0720051BC0C37]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\search.api Adobe [PX5: 9D0419C76310DA8C622405F7446BCE006A4883BA]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\search5.api Adobe [PX5: 17E305A9635073714E2F01AFF4C21C00BF9458B9]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\sendmail.api Adobe [PX5: 128AC56663F2B51EE6720183AAC2C000E5AAACDD]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\spelling.api Adobe [PX5: 774DC83B63D1960C18AA042B9D3B8300D3026D21]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\updater.api Adobe [PX5: F38F4C3D63D92E08860702D457276F0044688EFB]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\plug_ins\weblink.api Adobe [PX5: E78768DE63755C28CEEE022492A69C00CBF38439]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\cryptocme2.dll Adobe [PX5: F76819DC00C5883310E8067EA24A5200817BD6B4]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\ccme_base.dll Adobe [PX5: D752984600DFDFC340B707252C1A1900BA338606]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\adobelinguistic.dll Adobe [PX5: C7D63C6200D92F4F206507D3786F8A0087E1E5E9]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\adobeupdater.dll Adobe [PX5: D8D9E35378D1FFEEB1A507C20217D2007E14A855]
    [G] c:\windows\system32\vdmdbg.dll [PX5: C3E08FF1009FFB0144CB00609249C00003CA5EB4]
    [G] c:\program 8.0\reader\bibutils.dll Adobe [PX5: 96DE17E200C25AC252AE02C33C6D0700D2FB1CBF]
    [G] c:\program ESET ESET online scanner\onlinescanner.ocx [PX5: E90A101F4896CB413603336803AA3E00039AEFD0]

    End of the Prevx Scan newspaper - http://www.prevx.com

    (I don't know if the addition of the crawl log would make a difference, but here it is anyway...)

    .. .so if anyone can read it, including at - it malware in the newspaper?

    (PS. Sorry for the link, I didn't know he was malware..)


    OK, so http://www.spywaredetector.net/spyware_encyclopedia/Downloader.agent.yg.htm said that funshion has a virus 'Downloader '... (but I still have to confirm with the support of Prevx and other stuff that I sent the crawl log Prevx support, so it can be checked again)

    But let me ask you a few questions please...

    (1) can I just delete it manually? or just uninstall it off my computer? or I have to use tools?

    (2) If tools are needed, what is recommended? or simply use the one which is available here? [ http://www.spywaredetector.net/spyware_encyclopedia/Downloader.agent.yg.htm ]

    (3) in your opinion, the downloader viruses are something to be very concerned of?

    (4) I checked with norton's database. [ http://www.symantec.com/security_response/writeup.jsp?docid=2002-101518-4323-99 ] in the report, it is said it affects not the panoramas, but norton 360 had failed to detect the funshion first thing... Still, I'd be concerned?


    Here's another report about it - since the site is in Chinese or something, I'd be very worried.



    Try the trial of Hitman Pro that uses methods similar to Prevx and will remove
    Malware - free 30 day trial. You can uninstall it when the trial is up.

    Hitman Pro is a medium one scanner it only runs when you wish and has no resident function.

    Hitman Pro - 30 days free trial version

    I hope this helps.
    Rob - bicycle - Mark Twain said it is good.

  • How to create the monthly table is created?

    Hi guys,.

    Impossible to create the table for each month in the analytical database, but to load the data in the previous table continues as the screenshot attached, schema user has the privilege of creation. We use Webcenter interaction 10gR 4.

    How to create monthly creating the table please?

    Thank you


    Hi Trevor,

    Thanks for your help.  We were able to create table and load data to attached Apr.

    However the analytical user privilege has changed the APR because of the operation of the server.

    Since then, there was a message saying that there is no permission to create tables in the crawl log.

    analytical user privilege was granted after checking this message, as I suspected, the problem occurred after you change the analytical user privilege.

    Currently, Analytics is granted with all the privileges.

    Any idea please?

    Thank you


  • Corrupt VMDK Trojan?

    I have run ClamXAV virus scan, and it quarantined my file Windows XP Home Edition-000001 - s001.vmdk here is the crawl log:

    2011-05-18 14:53:13 Users/daveheid/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/Windows XP Home Edition-000001 - s001.vmdk: Trojan.Autoit.gen FOUND
    2011-05-18 14:53:13 Users/daveheid/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/Windows XP Home Edition-000001 - s001.vmdk: moved to "/ Users/daveheid/Documents/quarantined files/Windows XP Home Edition-000001 - s001.vmdk'"
    2011-05-18 14:53:26 Users/daveheid/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/Windows XP Home Edition-000001 - s001.vmdk: Trojan.Autoit.gen FOUND
    2011-05-18 14:53:26 Users/daveheid/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized/Windows XP Home Edition-000001 - s001.vmdk: moved to "/ Users/daveheid/Documents/quarantined files/Windows XP Home Edition-000001 - s001.vmdk'"
    Now, when I run Fusion 3.1.2 I get an error that says:
    Could not open the file "/ users/daveheid/Documents/Virtual Machines.localized / Windows XP Home Edition.vmwarevm / Windows XP Home Edition - 000001.vmdk ': the system cannot find the specified file.
    How can I get my VM running again with the data I had?
    Thank you

    While browsing forums ClamXav, this seems to be a recurring issue.  Many people say to exclude files of the virtual machine, and it is usually good practice in the world of Windows as well.  Looks like the Trojan.Autoit.gen is on the XP system, and you could use a Windows AV scanner in the prompt to check and see.  I don't think that there is a threat to this horse Trojan for Windows Mac, but I recognize that start over from scratch is a good way to move forward.

  • I log into my account, but nothing works

    Original title: help!

    My computer has * himself recently, and what happens is that I connect to my account, but nothing works, to start it seems all good, but then I go to the start menu and try to click on anything whatsoever and it freezes, but then when I log on the account guest, all works. It is really annoying and there is no way I can fix it, even in "Safe Mode" for recover my files and attempt to restore my computer, my account does not, on the guest account. If anyone knows anything, please help. Filip.

    Download malwarebytes, run, update. Perform a full crawl in the guest account. You may need to install / run as admin. And if you have a virus scanner, if things work in safe mode / networking, update it and then do a full scan

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    Tonight MS had 4 updates for my computer Windows 7 x 64... so I never thought, no big deal, will download and install as usual. After that, I can't start my computer.  Something happened with secure startup. The message says: System available on the

  • Captivate Quiz rear function 9 Mac does not

    I created a quiz and check the back but when I play a preview of the back button has no effect. The next button is also hesitant, or simply suspendedIt's a random quiz with 10 questions pools - this looks okI have edited the following buttons and ret

  • Translucent effects with Muse

    El Capitan in OS X you can see something under the windows because they are traslucent.You can get the same effect by Muse?Thank you