HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni - COLORS NOT ALIGNED

Has anyone solved this ridiculous question, where all the colors are not aligned when printed?  Black text prints perfectly. But when the printing of the images, the colors are not aligned. Question lasts for months and YES I did the following:

  1. Calibrated thousand times
  2. Restored the default printer 1000 x
  3. Lost my money and has spent nearly $200 on OEM all color cartridges 4... lost!
  4. The drivers reinstalled 1000 x
  5. Have the most up-to-date drivers... believe me.
  6. Ran the printing software HP and doctor Scan and it shows me NO QUESTIONS... ridiculous
  7. Checked the Forum from HP Support with no resolution... I'm with you other people with this same issue. HP HELP PLEASE!
  8. Please tell me that it is a HARDWARE PROBLEM! Of course you won't admit it.
  9. Same problem occurs on my PC - Win 7, Macbook... does not matter... it's the printer!
  10. And finally, I posted this plea for HELP!

Thank you HP.


What it sounds like, it's a hardware problem. I would like to begin by ensuring that you have the firmware updated. The firmware of the printer, is what determines how the mechanics of the printer will act. If it has expired, it can cause all sorts of problems. If this does not work, try to do a hard reset. I've included a link to the firmware and instructions for a hard reset below. Let me know what happens.


To do a hard reset:
1. make sure that the printer is turned on.
2. pull on the power cord from the printer.
3. pull out the power cord from the wall.
4. wait for 30 seconds.
5. plug in the printer and turn it on.

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  • CP4525 colors not aligned

    Good day everyone, need some help with this machine.  Customer provided that the colors are not aligned and looking at it, they are indeed correct.  Yellow is about 1 mm wide at the side of the rest of the colors, the magenta is also misaligned, but to a much lesser degree.  The client stated that they had already changed the cartridges of toner without effect, but I did so as well to make sure, and there is no change.  I performed the procedures "calibrate full now ' and ' calibrate fast now" several times, especially after changing parts without change.  I changed the belt of ITB, the DC controller and the scanner unit laser and none of these changes have solved the problem.  At this point I don't know what direction to take to solve the problem.  It does not appear that this machine has the ability to align the colors manually, because everything is done during calibration and make calibration makes no changes at all.  Thanks for any ideas or help them.

    I really don't know what to tell you.  Here's something that you can try at your own risk.  I don't know if your model has this procedure, but the cp3505 had what to call that a dc controller reset procedure that was not documented but solve some strange problems with this printer.  Maybe yours is the same.  In the back is a little hole where stick you something small for an engine test which is just a leaf with lines of all colors.  On the cp3505 if you placed something in the hole you would do a test engine, but simply applied the pressue and at the same time turned on the power to the printer and continued to hold until the printer is delivered to the loan it would reset the dc controller.  Maybe worth a try.  Is attached a picture with the location of the engine test switch.

  • Can I solve the problems of alignment is to have my Color LaserJet CP1518ni? Red will not line up.

    Can I solve the problems of alignment is to have my Color LaserJet CP1518ni?  Red do not line up, I installed the latest updates, etc.  Calibration does not help.  The printer is only a few years old.  What gives?

    Hi threre, I just work on HP CP1518ni a client with this same alignment problem as most of you are describing. I went through some process and I think I found one that works... If all goes well it will work for

    You too.

    Things I tried before hand... also this machine has all the toners brand HP 90 + life on each of them.

    -Calibrate - has not fixed the problem (tried once)

    -reset the NVRAM - did not problem

    -removed and inspected print cartrides (no problem found), re-installed - fixed no problem

    The 'fix '...

    First, go to the HP website and download the firmware, make sure you only select the right operating system

    you are using. (for me it was Windows XP) Also the requirements of course read, I think you have to

    have with XP SP2 if it perhaps questions, always read the instructions before doing the firmware.

    Here is a quick link to the CP1518ni...

    http://h10025.www1.HP.com/ewfrf/wc/softwareCategory?product=3422472 & LC = on & CC = US & DLC = in & lang = to & CC = US

    Then, assuming you have the appropriate printer driver installed, double-click the utility you just downloaded and select the CP1518ni from the drop-down list. Now, press the button 'send the firmware '. It will be

    Take a few minutes so just let it do its thing. After that she did try to print something, for me it was NOT fixed.

    Now you want to calibrate the device, maybe 2 or 3 times, on the control panel scroll to the right until

    you see "systemsetup" press ok and scroll to the right again until you see 'print quality' and press ok.

    the first item in this menu is press "calibrate color" ok, now he's going to say 'calibrate now' and press ok one

    last time. It will start the calibration process. Then he did print something new to see how he does.

    for me I had to do the calibration process twice before the quality was normal again.

    Good luck, hope this helps some, I read that some printers still presist even after this process.

  • Color Laserjet Cp1518ni alignment no longer work

    I have 2 x Color Laserjet CP1518ni for about three years now. Both printers do not calibrate corretly.

    I have problems with the logos of color printing. I now see magneta shadows as a result of misalignment.

    -J' have Windows 7, where the HP difficulty tools do not work. So I use the buttons on the printer

    -But also trying to calibrate with my laptop with Windows XP on it.

    -Installed new firmware, used each menu item I hoped that might have an effect.

    -Searched and searched on the internet, I found that nothing works.

    -Does someone have an idea to solve this problem?


    Follow the instructions below to restore the default settings, and then test the print quality. Let me know what you find?


  • need instructions for changing the ITB on hp color laserjet cp1518ni

    need instructions for changing the ITB on hp color laserjet cp1518ni

    Hello the circus,

    Unfortunately the ITB - transfer belt doesn't seem to be a replaceable piece by customer. You will need to call our technical support at the 800-474-6836, and they can help you get this problem is resolved. If you do not live in the United States / Canada region please click the link below to get help from your region number.


    HP out of warranty of the Support Options for HP printers selection:

  • Color LaserJet CP1518ni: HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PC (64-bit) will only print black on Color LaserJet CP1518ni

    HP Universal Print Driver for Windows PCL6 (64-bit) will only print black on Color LaserJet CP1518ni

    Also, would like to have the complete software program to download rather than just the universal driver.

    Hello @wyodude

    Try this

    Go to devices and printers and right click on printer properties then go to device settings and go almost all the way down to the type of device a color change and save the changes then go in the printer preferences and in the color tab, make sure that in its unaudited grayscale printing option

  • HP Color Laserjet 2550n will not print in color?

    My HP Color Laserjet 2550n will not print in color?

    I spent half a day Googling this issue and could not find any solution?

    When I press the go and cancel the 3 test pages print fine in color set button.

    But if I try to print anything from my laptop, it's all B & W.

    I already installed the latest version of PCL5, PCL6 and PS drivers from today:


    None of them print in color?

    I think that is the question:


    But, how to fix this?

    My OS is Win 8.1Pro x 64 with all updates installed.

    The colour toners are 100%, black is at 28%.

    rk_russelking: your suggestions have been COMPLETELY & TOTALLY USELESS.

    I found the answer here:

    ... «in the printer properties, select the tab settings of the device, scroll to the very last item at the bottom, which is 'Device Type'.» The value displayed (which of course got auto-installé as a default value, for both PCL6 drivers), is "AUTO-DETECT". You would think that would work, but it apparently does not.

    In any case, by selecting the drop-down arrow, it turns out that there are three available values: AUTO-DETECT, COLOR and MONOCHROME.

    Of course she then had me select COLOR, click APPLY and then click OK. I repeated the process for the other printer PCL6. »


  • Color laserjet 1600: color laserjet 1600 Toolbox not install on win 7

    Color laserjet 1600 Toolbox not install on win 7

    Have uninstalled and rebooted and installed the complete 'solution' software & restarted and it isn't there...

    Cartridge issues are normally resolved by changing the cartridge.  It is usually not much anyone can do to fix one defective, other than frequent cleaning, cartridge until ink is exhausted.  It is often a lot of annoying for most people to bear.

    If you have isolated him down to a problem with the drum or cartridge that my suggestion is to replace it with another cartridge first and consider other options for cleaning and maintenance after.  If the Exchange with a new cartridge solved the problem, you can pursue the options of guarantee/return/refund from the supplier you bought the cartridge under whatever policy they have for defective cartridges.

  • My HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni cannot print .pdf files


    I have a printing problem with my HP Color LaserJet CP1518ni (function USB my iMAC), since I installed the OSX Mavericks.

    Although my printer print word files, cannot print .pdf, even through the software PREVIEW or ACROBAT files.

    It gives the break signal... any solution about that?

    It is very annoying.

    Thanks in advance for your comments or help!

    Hi Kpanag

    I understand that you cannot print the PDF files from the upgrade to Maverick.

    I'll be happy to help you with this.

    I check and repair the authorization to drive on the Mac.
    Go on the hard drive of the Mac, applications, utilities, disk utility, click Mac hardrive left side, click on verify disk permissions, when it is finished click on repair disk permissions.
    (when it's over will show disk repair completed)

    Run the Apple updates also. (the Mac uses probably drivers 10.8)

    Make sure Acrobat is up-to-date.

    If you need more simply make assistance let me know.

  • HP color laserjet cp1215 - magenta print align with other colors - Toolbox freezes

    When you print anything that uses the cartrdidge magenta, magenta colour not aligned with the others. I had this problem in the past and have run some utilities from the Toolbox. However, the Toolbox freezes when I open it. I tried to uninstall and reinstall the software and drivers, but the same still. My guess is that the leaves to uninstall a registry record that's why relocation is not successful? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    This "installation of the device has not completed" or the "Unknown device" Message appears in Windows during Installation of USB document includes a section on the conduct of a complete uninstall.   See this section: Solution 3: uninstall and reinstall the software of HP.

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    Hey all,.

    testing RAW unity...

    as Sony Raw Viewer seemingly impossible to export 4 k Quicktimes (whysoever...)

    I have to go via DaVinci...

    I myself remember worked, but now it says model color not taken care of...

    What Miss me?

    Yet once, support Raw FCPX can't come soon enough...

    Thanks for the help!


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    This image does not yellow-orange on my side. It seems that we have a color management problem going on here. Have you had your screen calibrated? Do you know what profile is connected to your monitor (or if a customer one has been created due to the calibration)? What you have in your color settings from the Edit menu? You have proof colors enabled in the View menu?

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    Try to press B to select the tool brush then right click on its icon and select the reset tool

  • Why is the bottom of the artboard changing under mode of RGB CMYK color not?

    Why is the bottom of the artboard changing under mode of RGB CMYK color not?

    Also in Photoshop CC2015.1 the export dialog box as does not work. Why?

    Hi Moly,

    1. Fist create an RGB document
    2. then change it to the artboard of layers.
    3. Now click on the image - mode - CMYK
    4. When a pop up appears, click on merge.

    And now you should be able to change the color of the background



  • Change Navigation bar color href entered to white or another color not blue (stock)

    Color change necessary NAV bar href entered to white or another color not blue (stock)

    "<div id="Wrapper"> "

    "<header id="header">Marlin NanoLube™ < /header>"

    <nav id= »MainNav">

    "<has href="/HTML/index.html">catalog< /a>"

    "<has href="index.html">home< /a>"

    "<has href="Science.html">Science< /a>"

    "<has href="Contact_US.html">contact< /a>"

    Changing colors in the CSS for MainNav will not change pseudonyms such as HOUSE, or a CATALOG, etc...  Nav links work very well.

    Add the following style rules to your document.

    #MainNav a {}

    color: Green;


    Adjust the color in function value.

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