I was wondering if there is a way that I can choose how far from going home with the fax activity log. I printed an activity log this morning but it goes up to 11/08/2016. I need to go a little further back. Is it possible to choose how far back?

Thank you

Hi Nathalie,.

The fax activity log is limited to 30 fax jobs, any previous activity log is registered is no longer, and cannot be recovered.

Kind regards


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  • HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP: I forgot password and admin user name

    I have a HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP and I forgot the username admin and the password.  They were the two changed wwhen the printer was purchased. Is it possible to reset back to factory default admin/admin?

    Go to this web link, the instructions are there.



  • HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP: HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP - may not wake from sleep


    This has been put to death elsewhere, but I have not found a solution that works.

    I'm close to return this product, but thought I'd have one last try here.

    I have a brand new HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP. It works very well. Apart from one thing, when the printer goes into sleep mode, I can't he wakes again and accept print jobs. Sometimes go to the printer by pressing the touch screen and turning market working again, but if I just send a print job if it is 'sleep' mode, it prints ever.

    Printer is connected via wifi only, no other method of connection.

    Printer is assigned a static IP address

    DHCP is disabled in the printer

    IPv6 is disabled in the printer.

    IP address of the router is

    DHCP is enabled in the router with a starting address of the and an address to

    DNS primary and secondary and assigned in the printer.

    I've updated the firmware inside the printer to the most recent version, as well as pilots of Windows 10.

    I tried to reset everything and turning everything (including the printer itself, the router and all other PCs, laptops, tablets, phones etc...) and the new, but no joy.

    Can anyone help please?

    Thanks and greetings


    I ran the HP print and scan doctor software, and this update the firmware datecode 20160606 printers.

    So far, that * seems * fixed the awakening of sleep problem. Fingers crossed!

    Detective Conan.

    Thank you


  • HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP Pro

    If possible print A3 paper size in the printer HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw model?

    According to the Color LaserJet Pro MFP M277dw page of the specifications, this printer does not support the size of A3 paper:

  • HP Color Laserjet M277dw MFP: Cannot scan HP Color Laserjet MFP M277dw on Mac OS 10.6

    Hello, I can not scan to network drive using the above mentioned printer. Scan to USB key is possible.

    I downloaded the update (version 20160331) firmware image, but impossible to install the program. After double click, nothing happens. Any ideas?

    Thank you and best regards


    Hi Christoph,

    The printer is not compatible with Snow Leopard, it is supported on Lion (10.7) or later versions.

    You can find the system requirements below:


    The update of the firmware utilitywas not desinged for your operating system and therefore does not work on it.

    As the connectewd printer to a network, follow these steps to update firmware directly from the menu of the printer:


    If the implementation of scan to a shared folder on your grave down Mac, please specify the exact error, and the parameters used (path of the shared folder used, etc.) also well done you have shared this folder your Mac form?

  • Color LaserJet M277dw MFP: Cartridge not recognized after HP recently updated.

    I can use WIndows 10 if the fix is available for this OS.

    I recently updated my HP LaserJet, and after the update, he refused to print, scan or copy. The error message on the display says: "Cartridge not recognized" and it has a large image of the yellow and black cartridge, cyan and magenta those smaller, but below. The printer has a wireless connection to internet.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Install the following firmware for your printer, and then look for a difference:


    Kind regards


  • HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP: Disable auto power off after inactivity for HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP

    What is the purpose of mobile printing solutions if you cannot activate your home printer?
    My printer stop automatically after 8 hours of inactivity and therefore makes it impossible for me to use mobile printing. The printer is connected via WLAN (without active ports to stop the closing).
    In the configuration, there are only options to stop after 2, 4 or 8 hours. No option on disabling of automatic shutdown.
    Pls do that for the people who work on the firmware updates, they must include an option to disable auto power off, many people are already complaining that and nothing has changed so far.
    Its just illogical. You make big announcements for HP eprint and other stuff, but your printers are not able to do so even if you could theoretically make eprint if your standing next to your printer all day.
    I just got this printer pluged and installed and already tired of this BS!
    I know that there is no solution, so just send it to the people who can change it.

    for all of you who read this post, I was in contact with the technical team of HP and they said that they don't give you the ability to disable auto power off on purpose, it is HPs energy-economy-policy to do and there are no plans to change this in the future
    in my case, I only WLAN's, yet is not automatically stop (although it should be), I guess I'm lucky that my router it ping every now and then and is therefore not stop
    If you can't fix it yourself with active ports and may not have at all, it will probably not option left than the back of the printer

  • Without HP color laserjet M277dw MFP print margins

    Is it possible to print without margins with this printer? I need top print brochures and can not find the setting to make this possible.

    Thank you



    EKHC wrote:

    Ah yes, I just read this in the owner's manual. Do you know if it is possible to download a driver that could change the status of permissioin to allow edge to edge printing?

    I used to think it was possible (another print driver) - I've learned since the ability to print without margins is related to the physical hardware: the printer can print without borders - or he can do.

    Assuming for the moment that there is a way "around the restriction, you can try Photo Creations (works for Windows and Mac).»  If the software can find a way to provide the service, it will do.

    Of RocketLife


    Projects quick prints - you can download the software from here too:


    When you see a post that will help you,

    Who inspires you, gives a cool idea,

    Or you learn something new.

    Click the 'Thumbs Up' on this post.

    My answer-click accept as Solution to help others find answers.

  • HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP (: can't stop double-sided default printing)

    How can I disable the default duplex printing? I disabled it in system / paper Setup / Duplex. Is there somewhere else? Other posts here say to go into the settings of the device - where is that?

    Follow these steps to disable two-sided printing:

    Open the file that you want to print. On the file menu, select print. The print window is displayed.

    NOTE: The print window might be minimized. Click Show details to display all available parameters.

    Click on the settings drop-down list, it usually appears under the name of the program (e.g. TextEdit)
    Will appear as Copies & Pages within Microsoft Office applications.

    Select layout from the drop-down.

    Set the duplex as Off.

    You can save the settings as a preset by clicking preset > save current settings as preset.

    By default, the print job by completing these settings will remain until another preset is used in the future.

    Kind regards

  • HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP: Reset password - HP Color LaserJet M277dw MFP

    I forgot the password for the printer and may not know how to reset to factory settings (or the password itself) without entering. How can I reset the password?

    (To be more precise the password I put is not accepted eventually, but probably that I misspelled twice... (length 20, lowercase letters and numbers)

    This is a bug in the web interface!

    Solution: The length of the password must be maximum. 16 characters.

    (There is no warning when setting the password.

    But when you try to change the settings (safe) later, you will need to use the first 16 characters of your password!)

    PS: To reset the printer I pressed the lower left corner of the touch screen + home + back while turning on the printer

  • Color LaserJet CM6040 MFP: A3 manual duplex Duplex on Color LaserJet CM6040 MFP taken in charge?


    I hope someone can help to answer this question. I am trying to print a newspaper on the double-sided A3, but I get no prompt to reinsert the paper to print on the other side, as I do when I print A4.

    The parameters have been triple checked and still the A3 prints out sequentialy on one side.

    My question is the Color LaserJet CM6040 MFP support manual duplex Duplex A3?

    Thanks in advance


    The CM 6030 / 6040 CM User Guide manual States:

    «Duplex printing: provides printing automatic duplex (print on both sides of paper).» The range of paper size for automatic duplex printing is 175 to 320 mm (6.9 to 12.6 in.) x 210 to 457 mm (8.3 "to 18"). Media weight range is from 60 to 220 g/m2 (16 to 58 lbs.)"

    If you use manual duplex because the printer driver does not offer the automatic duplex option, it may be that the driver does not know that a duplex unit is equipped.

    The function "automatic detection" used by some drivers on the install (or update) does not always; make sure the driver knows that a duplex unit is present on the printer (assuming that a single is present):

    • For the instance of the printer in question, bring up the printer properties dialogue.
    • Select the device settings tab.
    • Make sure the duplex unit is set to installed and not installed.

    You will probably need to be logged in with administrator credentials in order to change the settings of the device.


    HP Color LaserJet M277n MFP printer, is connected to the network and I am able to print and scan. During the attempt to get the HP Web Enable services in the Web services configuration page, it displays an error: "connection error, check the internet connection".

    After you enter the IP address of the printer in the browser, I am able to detect the printer. To enable printing of HP, but unable to do so finds out the above error. Tried a lot of things including re editing of. When I check the printer, it shows the proxy settings are required / incorrect, where, as confirmed by the supplier that they use the proxy server.

    Help, please.

    Hello @JljoThomas!

    Thanks for posting and welcome to the Forums of HP!

    I understand that you have a problem of activation of the functionality of web services on your MFP HP LaserJet Pro M277n. I'd love to help you with this.

    First of all, you have the printer connected directly to a wall outlet or is a surge protector or power bar? Even if you have used a surge protector/power bar this whole time and you feel that this is not the case, please connect to a wall outlet so that we can eliminate the source of energy as the primary cause. Issues when connected to an uninterruptible power supply/Strip/surge protector power
    In this document you will see, QUESTION: questions or problems may arise when a HP LaserJet printer is connected to a UPS (UPS), a power strip or a surge protector
    ↑ This is not limited to the Laserjet printers.

    If this does not resolve the issue, we are going to let the router and unplug the power cable (NOTE: do not reset the router...), then do the same with the printer and shut down the computer. After a minute, plug in the router, wait to fully turn on, then plug the printer back in and wait for the wireless light become solid. Once the router and the printer are on, go ahead and re - turn on the computer. This will refresh the network connection.

    If you are still unable to connect to web services after trying these steps, we can try to set a manual DNS server of your printer to connect to.

    On the front panel of the printer, press the wireless icon. Select it wireless TO get the wireless summary. Do not your IP address.

    1. on your computer, open a Web browser and enter the IP address of the printer in the address bar. This will bring up the embedded Web server (EWS) page.

    2. at the top of the page, select Networking.

    3. in the left side, select Identification network.

    4. in article for DNS, under primary (IPv4) enter, under secondary (IPv4) enter

    5. Select Apply at the bottom of the screen.

    6. try to activate the web services again.

    If it is still unable to connect, try to enter for the primary (IPv4) and for secondary (IPv4)

    Hope this helps!

  • HP Color LaserJet M177fw MFP Pro - support PostScript?


    I am looking to buy a new printer/scanner/copier(/fax is a nice to have, but not mandatory), and I am deciding between the following models:

    HP LaserJet Pro 100 color MFP M175nw

    HP Color LaserJet M177fw MFP Pro

    PostScript support is important to me, and I know that the 175 has it.  However, I'm not sure I know the 177, even after digging through several web pages and documents.  Here's what I found:

    -The page of the main form for the 177 says that he accepts "Cffp.  I'm not familiar with this variant PCL, so I don't know how it compares to PCL5 or PCL6, etc..  I have been unable to find more information about "Cffp.

    -The 'Software' section of Page 2 of the PDF Datasheet for the 177 mentions the driver "HP PostScript".  This is the only place where I saw no potential indication that the 177 supports PostScript.  This article also mentions a driver "PCLmS".  I couldn't find more information about "PCLmS".

    -The user 's Guide the 177 refers only to PostScript in an article that refers to ePrint.  However, it does not imply that the 177 itself supports PostScript.

    -Page product specification (in the Support section of the HP site) for the 177 has a "Print Specifications" section which lists only "PCL3 GUI" next to "languages of device.

    I'm guessing that the 177 is not compatible PostScript, but someone has the more definitive information?  Also, is there a description of the Cffp / PCLmS somewhere?

    Thank you!

    Hi Clent

    Here is some information on both printers.

    Here's a url for the printer for Color LaserJet MFP M177fw Pro specifications


    Data sheet also.


    Fonts and fonts depends on fonts and fonts in OS.

    Print language

  • LaserJet pro 177: bought used hp color laserjet pro mfp m177

    Installation disk arived broken. How can I do to replace it.

    Just upload what you want the site web theHP.


  • HP Color LaserJet CM1015 MFP: LaserJet CM1015 scanner does not work in Windows 10 (64-bit)

    I up graded to Windows (64-bit) 10 now the scanner on my HP Color LaserJet CM1015 MFP does not. I installed HP Universal print drivers, but apparently there is no include scanner drivers. Anyone know where I can get the drivers scanner?

    Thank you

    N ° 7

    Hi Lou,

    Basic scanning drivers built into the operating system only allow scan however a USB key.

    You can follow these steps to install the previous HP software by using compatibility mode:


    Vista drivers can be obtained directly from the following link:


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