HP Color LaserJet Pro M177 MFP: HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M177 cannot find information network

I just got my new printer today. I followed the instructions to the letter. Now I try to connect to my network to the "Wireless Setup Wizard" that my router does not support WPS. I sat waiting for the printer view all networks in the range so I could choose mine and continue on. However, after 15 minutes of waiting, I decided to go shopping while he did his thing. I came back 1 hour later and it's still displaying "Retrieve information from wireless network" with the symbol of HP and a blue bar encircling it. It is not locked up as I can hit the Cancel button and it returnes to the network configuration menu. What I'm doing wrong here? My network uses a router NETGEAR WNDR4500 with security WPA2-PSK [AES] is enabled. It transmits the band b/g 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz n band. Please any help would be appreciated.

Hi @Rieu,

Welcome to the HP Forums!

I see that your HP Color LaserJet MFP M177 Pro cannot find the network on Windows 7. I'm happy to help you with this problem of connection!

Please, take a look through the steps in this guide, "Printer is off-line" Message appears on the computer and the HP printer does not print. Thus, this guide, the printer is not maintaining the wireless connection.

Tips for troubleshooting wireless problems


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    Hello world

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    Put a new copy of Windows xp family.
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  • When opening first pro it says ' cannot find subscription?

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    Sign out of your account of cloud... Restart your computer... Connect to your paid account of cloud

    -If you have more than one email, but of course you use linked to your subscription

    -Connect using http://helpx.adobe.com/x-productkb/policy-pricing/account-password-sign-faq.html




  • LaserJet Pro M127fn Installer cannot find the device on the network


    I just bought the product, but during the installation - setup is unable to find the device on the network. Device is properly registered to the address (with static IP address), I can see the dashboard configiration at the same address via browser and all works well with the network itself.

    Try to ping the IP - it's ok. Tried to install without active firewall - also fails.

    Double checked the installation process - with automatic search and provide the IP address of the printer - both failed.

    Also, I rebooted the router and the switch and the computer. Is not new. I also tried downloading the last executable configuration on the site - and even once, it fails with 'device not found on the network.

    Then what do I do to fix this?

    Thank you

    Finally found a solution. It is strange as it may seem, but after all, it's a solution.

    -Rinse your DNS and your ARP cache (see the Google if you don't know what that means)

    -Reboot the router (or, where appropriate - switches)

    -Change the IP address of the device on your network. Try with round numbers like (

    -Restart your router (and if applicable - switches)

    -Restart your computer (s)

    -Don't run the Setup again and the hoprefully you will have no errors and everything works perfectly for you

    If your problem, similar to mine, persists, repeat the above process again and again... and again...

    Good luck

  • My HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 A910 cannot locate my network computer that you want to scan.

    My HP OfficeJet Pro 8500 A910 runs on Windows XP, wired network.  It allows to print from my desktop workstation, however, the printer will not locate my computer workstation for scanning.  I can't find any way to enable the analysis of the it function on the shortcuts the scanning HP or an HP printer connection.  I rebooted both my workstation and the printer, but still no connection for scanning.  Printing works fine.

    Hi hhcubed,

    You will need to open the stock Scanner Solution Center and then click on enable the Scan to computer

  • Re: Satellite Pro A300-PSAGDE - cannot find 64-bit of Windows XP drivers

    I need drivers for Windows XP 64 bit for fingerprint, card reader, modem...

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    Thank you


    Unfortunately your laptop model is not supported for 64-bit version.
    I don't know if it will work, but you can try to use the drivers for other satellites or Satellite Pro A300.

    Test it.

  • Satellite Pro L770-14N - cannot find any drivers

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    I bought the laptop Satellite Pro L770 - 14N PSK3TE. I installed a clean version of windows 7 ultimate, but I can't find any drivers for this model.

    For example,--> on page dowbload toshiba, is the required WLAN driver not in the download section.
    I have dl the driver from Atheros page.

    Find all the drivers, but we're missing in Device Manager.
    Is a driver package available?




    The Toshiba European driver page seems to provide all Win 7 64 bits of the Satellite PSK3TE L770 Pro series drivers.

    The WLan drivers can be downloaded here:
    This is the official Portal of Toshiba WLan and there you can also find Atheros Wlan driver.

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    I just bought the Satellite Pro L20
    I have the ability to go wireless, but when I try to use it is not find my ip address?

    can someone help me? : D

    Groovyjax xxx

    You should check the settings of the router. Check if the MAC address filtering is disabled.
    In addition, to access the WLan card properties and access the properties of the TCP/IP protocol.
    There you can check if the parameters are set on the automatically

  • Satellite Pro A200: Windows cannot find WLan

    Something is wrong with my laptop, I have Toshiba Satellite Pro A200 with XP Pro SP3...

    When I try to search for wireless networks using the Microsofts, he found nothing, but can from TOSHIBA ConfigFree.

    You're probably, who has to use Toshiba then - software is not possible, cause ConfigFree supports the WEP keys, but most of the keys used here wireless are WEP - TSK or something - not supported by ConfigFree.

    How can I make my Microsoft Windows to detect wireless routers?

    Have you tested without SP3?
    Many people here have reported on the various problems after installing SP3.

  • I have a sony vaio with windows xp sp3 ver2000 pro and it cannot find the drivers for anything whether it is pluged in the usb port

    I tried the answer on this page since the windows site and it did not work https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/windows_xp-hardware/usb-plug-and-play-devices-do-not-install-on-xp-pro/ea6c1409-ac48-4c68-8bf4-0800497531ed



    Welcome to the Microsoft community!

    You cannot use USB devices.

    The problem may occur because of out-of-date firmware or basic input/output system.

    To help you better, we need more information.

    Do you get any error messages?

    To work with the issue I suggest you follow the steps in the site mentioned:


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    I hope this helps. If the problem persists, or if you have problems of Windows in the future, let us know and we would be happy to help you.

  • HP Laserjet P1102w: Cannot find my network when connecting HP Laserjet P1102w

    Yesterday I bought a new HP Laserjet P1102w and I have problem of printer setup to work on the wireless network, I installed the software and when he asked me the weather to set it up via USB or wireless, I clicked on a wireless then he told me to enter my network SSID and I typed it correctly but he said "the printer could not communicate with any wireless router or" using the supplied access point SSIDS ' then I tried to check the network in the list but no network appear.

    The printer works fine with USB, but I need you to connect wireless.


    I have this printer so I know how it is difficult to set up the printer using the wireless connection on your own.

    If your router supports Wi - Fi Protected Setup (WPS), it's the easiest way to configure the printer on a wireless network.
  • LaserJet professional M1217 nf: cannot scan over network with a printer laserjet 1217 on a Mac


    My set up:

    Mac with Yosemite

    LaserJet M1217 more wireless

    Description of the problem:

    I can't scan. Preview, the control panel or image capture, I get the same error saying "cannot open a session.

    I have installed and reinstalled the drivers/printer about 100 times.

    I tried to add the printer/scanner like airprint, or with the name of the printer as a proposed post.

    Just what causes the same error.

    I have the 2.0 version of the driver installed right now. Tried with 1.7, same result.

    I can print without problem since my Mac and my iPad.

    Tried it with an ethernet cable and have the same problem in case someone ask.

    I looked all over google and doesn't seem like someone else has the same problem? Many people have problems printing over wireless, but it's ok for me. Is the scan, I can't go to work.

    Pages of HP does not offer any other driver which has of the Yosemite. HP offers no additional program for Mac and scan.

    Don't know what else to try.

    Little help? Anyone?

    Thanks Geminy02,

    Unfortunately, your suggestions did not help, and I have a few comments about them.
    First of all, your suggestion about the router was the problem is quite impossible, as you will need to check if the ports are open only in the case we're talking about two different network segments. If you have your printer and your computer in the same segment you will have problems of ports.
    Second: if I would have chosen IP protocol to add my printer, I wouldn't take the option scan, as you said, which means I could not done any tests that I mentioned in my original post, and I would never have had to the point of getting the error message.
    Thirdly: the drivers that you MENTION for download are exactly the same as you get with yosemite, so, this could help to reinstall the driver, it's kind of a long shot (and yes I tried).

    In fact, I managed to solve my problem by doing a factory reset of the printer, any sign of a printer in my computer, cleaning and reinstall the printer using the airprint driver suggested by yosemite where to find my bounjur printer.

    I tried ro think what could be the reason, or to see all what I had changed, and the only thing I've seen different in the configuration before and after he started to work was the name of the printer. When it did not work my printer was called simply "printer", when he was working he was the full name that comes by default. It would be very strange, that this is the reason, but I just mention it here just in case someone read. I believe that the factory reset was the difficulty, not the configuration itself.

    Just for the other readers, I can confirm that this unit can print and scan over my wiresless and cable network on yosemite, with the help of preview, capture image or scan property in the control panel. It took me several hours to make it work, but it does, and my best friend was all the time the printers web page, where you can change the configuration of the printer.

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    I'm sorry, but you need a 64-bit for first operating system to work.

  • WILL ESX 3.5 works on my laptop that has the NIC Intel(r) PRO/1000 pl... (I'm getting "cannot find any network device error taken supported")

    Hi all

    For the purpose of learning, I try to install ESX3.5 on my "vmware workstation 5.0 ' on my laptop. Installation stops @ "unable to find any supproted network devices. I suspect that this (Intel (r) PRO/1000 PL) is not supported, can anyone confirm this?

    In the compatibility list, I can see in favor: Intel(r) PRO/1000 PT...? , mean PL is not supported?

    Thank you


    You say that you are not able to change the *.vmx file? You should not have the virtual machine running, then edit the vmx file. You need to REPLACE the line indicating the type of ethernet0 (from there, all that is initially at 'e1000'. Then, save the vmx file and exit the texteditor.

    Starting the virtual machine with the mounted CD of ESX.

    Can tell you how, you get an error (and what is the exact error).

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