HP/compact D530 desktop: Recplacing CMOS battery for HP/Compaq D530 desktop


I have three, exactly the same thing, computers to Office HP/Compaq D530. The CMOS battery needs to be replaced on all three.

Problem is that I don't know where on the motherboard is the battery. It's a motherboard very small size. It seems to be under something, but before I take the computer hand (I'm not a geek), it might be a good idea to know exactly where to look.

Thank you!



RojanNL, welcome to the forum.

Here is a manual for your count:


It shows the location of the CMOS battery.

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    You will find how to do here.



  • Toshiba 5200/100 - replacing the CMOS battery for floppy drive work

    Device still works fine, Windows 3.1.
    Start now, by setting the time & date (CMOS battery).
    However, recently the floppy drive is NOT "ready".

    Would it be useful to replace the CMOS battery for the floppy drive works again?
    Please advise. Any advise welcome. T.I.A.

    NAP - Gent - Belgium


    Battery CMOS is needed to keep the BIOS settings.
    It seems that the CMOS battery is empty if you need set the date and time always in the BIOS settings. But the CMOS battery has nothing to do with the floppy drive.

  • replace the CMOS battery for dv4 - 2165dx laptop computer

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    foanti wrote:

    Please I need help on how to replace the CMOS battery for dv4 - 2165dx notebook pc.


    Page 54 of this manual: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c01963667.pdf

  • Compaq s 6830: change the CMOS battery in a compaq 6830 s

    I get up a message at startup my CMOS battery charge level is low, so I want to change it.  The computer works well except that.   I have no idea where on the map, it is or how to access it.  8.1 Windows installed without any problems.


    We also call it as RTC battery and in your machine, it is very simple, as shown on page 66 of the manual. You can buy anywhere or buy HP using the part number: 449137-001

    The following manual shows you how to replace (from page 66):


    Kind regards.

  • Compaq 15-h050nl: replacement battery for Hp Compaq 15-h050nl


    I want to know what hp or compatible battery fits my laptop model...

    I saw my model uses a 14.8 Volt 41 w/h, mAh 2620.

    Model regulatory numer: LB5S REPLACEMENT.

    Are there spare batteries for this model with a larger capacity?

    Thank you for your help.


    You need HP part number: 740715-001.
    battery 4 cells is the maximum capacity of your portable manual lists, tested.

    Manual: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c04162986

    Data sheet: http://support.hp.com/us-en/product/Compaq-15-Notebook-PC-series/6545572/model/7399037/document/c04469324/

    I couldn't find any 6-cell or a battery 9 cells with the HP part number. You could do a search in stores online from trusted sellers. Make sure that its operating voltage is 14, 8V.
    You can also check the battery bay (remove battery) in the laptop for the battery support capabilities, mAh.



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    The battery you ordered is exactly what you need.

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    Anyone know where I can get a CMOS battery for a nine-year-old Pavilion dv4000?

    Greetings to all from

    John P. Owens



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  • Help for Satellite Pro M10 RTC CMOS battery replacement

    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro M10 PS630E-G206C-FR
    Removing the main battery causes a failure message from RTC battery from the beginning to the top and loss of CMOS date/time.
    I tried to charge my main battery in full and then leave the machine in charge while it is turned on (I said it is a method for the CMOS battery)-without any result.
    My questions: do I have to replace the RTC battery (ie: is it refillable welded or a CR2032 battery shows or similar).
    If a specific type, the best source?
    And also, where it is (I'm comfortable with disassemble my laptop having replaced the LCD cable already)
    Thank you

    Hi David

    Do you need help? What you mean exactly, step by step disassembly procedure? Maintenance manuals are not public documents and I'm really interested if anyone can offer assistance to you.

    When you want to swap the portable RTC battery almost entire must be dismantled. Believe me that is not the procedure of 10 steps and to do something like this, you need the disassembly instructions. I recommend you to check how it will be service charges because that when they disassemble the laptop they can clean at the same time and the laptop will be as good as new.

    If you want to do it yourself, it is very important to use authorized by Toshiba replacement batteries or real. Battery wrong installation may cause a battery explosion, or other damage.

    Please be careful about this.

  • Battery CMOS for PC COMPAQ Presario CQ4010F

    Hello. Usually, when I start the PC, I have to reset the time on the internet because the time is wrong and shows of the year in 2009. Then the Control Panel indicates that the CMOS works normally.

    This leads me to believe that the CMOS battery is dying. This has happened for several months.

    I would like to know the brand and model of the required replacement battery and what type of battery. I could replace it myself or have a repair technique to take care of it.

    In addition, I would like to know how long I have until the battery is leaking and damage the system?

    Thank you for your time.

    Hi manvhou

    CR2032 battery

    Amazon.com: Energizer 2032 battery CR2032

    Removing and replacing the CMOS battery | Soporte HP®

  • HP G6 series: what change the CMOS battery buy for my HP G6 Series?

    I need to replace my CMOS battery. My laptop is a HP G6. When I search the product number sometimes like a G6-1b60us. One new replacement CMOS battery I see listed on eBay are for HP G6-2000. This CMOS battery works for my HP?  I see those listed that are for HP G6-1000, but they are all used. Is this the one I need to buy? Thank you very much.


    You asked for the CMOS battery. But the 601 error indicates that this is the MAIN battery that powers your machine. Now, pull, get the part # and order one for your laptop. But before that, you can test according to the following instructions.

    Windows 7:


    Windows 8 and 8.1


    Case of failure, you need to buy the new battery.

    Kind regards.

  • Re: Replacement CMOS / RTC battery for Satellite A200-244


    I'm after a replacement of the RTC battery for my A200-244

    I had my machine open and find the battery, but there is no model number on it.

    I read the post by saying that the battery is part of the Commission and the Council must replace, but if I had a model number for the battery I could very easily unsolder old and replace with new

    Any help would be great!


    What s wrong with the RTC battery? Is it empty?
    The RTC battery can be charged by the adapter or the main battery while the computer is on. You must charge the battery 24 hours long.

    In addition, it seems that the A200 series uses the 3.0V (14mAH 17maH) RTC battery
    I found some that support these values.

    Battery RTC (Maxell ML1220T10)
    Battery RTC (Maxell ML1220HT10)
    Battery RTC (Sanyo ML1220T28)
    Panasonic ML1220/B of the RTC battery

    But to be honest, it could damage the whole motherboard while trying to remove these batteries as mentioned in other threads his welded so I might be really complicated

  • Compaq Presario CQ5500F: Compaq Presario CQ5500F has no support for cmos battery

    I'm refurbing this machine and it does not have a CMOS battery on the motherboard support.  See where it should be, but looks like it was never installed.  There is a new technology that does not require a battery?

    tapsterws wrote:

    ....  There is a new technology that does not require a battery?


    The CMOS battery (or RTC battery) is used to allow a computer to maintain the non-volatile memory Basic Input Output System (BIOS, IE).

    Whitout CMOS battery, the computer will boot but you may need to change every time you start depending on how configure you your machine. The function of RTC battery is not important now because a lot of people now use the timer/clock NTP or internet.

    Kind regards.

  • Pavilion dv6 2170 clock problem after replacing the CMOS battery

    Hello world. Sorry for my bad likely English

    OK, so the problem started since I changed my laptop CMOS battery. and to be honest it wasn't whit any problem the clock when I replaced it but I if this may be the cause of another problem that later I figuered what the problem was because of the RAM.

    in any case, I changed the Rams and this problem has been resolved. I just set the clock of the BIOS and rebooted the system. After awhile I figuered that windows clock is not fair. I restarted again and saw the BIOS clock. It has been reset for 2009! even when the laptop battery and power supply are attached the BIOS and windows continues to change clock! I even changed my windows and I replaced the CMOS battery with the former, but nothing helped. It seems really strange, but I don't think it's maybe a hardware problem there a driver or something for the CMOS battery... need your help! Thank you!

    You mentioned that the BIOS has been reset for 2009? This means that there is a problem with the current or any leak and the BIOS has been "reset" back at the root of the plant. I'm afraid you have shorted something when you changed the battery not be grounded.

    Worst case is that there is physical damage to your motherboard and there is nothing you can do about it, probably broken a capacitor - who cannot hold a charge to prevent the reset of the BIOS clock.

    However, you can try this.

    Completely, unplug your computer, remove the laptop battery, etc... Then browse 'Guide' your computer for the "hard physical reset" for your CMOS. I don't know what it's like on a laptop, I only did it on desktop with riders. Be sure to follow the directions precisely.

    -Make sure you are properly grounded. touch the metal parts that is grouned before touching anything on your computer.
    -the hard reset should be done for at least 30 seconds, this ensures that the power is completely served the system. Then you can set this back.

    Try this a couple of times, first without removing the CMOS battery and 2nd time after remove CMOS battery and placing it in.

    Good luck.

    BTW, you can also try running without your new memories (if there is more than 1 stick, try them separately). In fact, I would probably try first before doing a hard reset CMOS. The reason why I didn't say earlier, it's because I have assumed that you already tried this.

  • Detected CMOS battery failure

    If after system start it shows "the firmware has detected a CMOS battery failure. Press Enter to continue. "It happens every day when the computer is idle.  When the computer is used, no problem.  But I'm tired to reset the date/time and disconnect the power.

    Any help would be most appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    If you have a desktop PC and then unplug the power and remove the left side cover, locate the size of coin lithium battery and replace it with another identical, available from supermarkets, chemists and computer for less than $5.00 stores, if you have a laptop that is a little more difficult, take a look at this you tube video :-


    Make sure you get an identical, the height may vary as well as the voltage.

    You will need to set the date and time to the seed first.

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