HP compaq 6730 b: unknown device on pci-bus code 28 / unknown device on Microsoft ACPI-Complia... (ACPI\HPQ0006)

Win.7 bit 64 pro HP 6730 b

Unknown device on Microsoft ACPI-compliant system code 28

Unknown device on pci-bus code 28



You need the driver for this device...

This package contains the software that allows the HP Quick Launch Buttons, which are special function keys on HP laptops. This software works with the notebook models that are running a supported operating system.


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  • ACPI\HPQ0006 driver for Windows 7 - Compaq Presario C700T support

    I have a C700T I have recently updated from Windows Vista to Windows 7.  I am now showing a driver for an unknown device problem:


    Other related topics, it looks like quick launch buttons.  Which driver download for this delete in Windows 7?

    Thank you



    HP Quick Lunch Buttos for Win7 here.

  • Unknown device - ACPI\HPQ0006\2 & DABA3FF & 0 on Compaq 8510p

    Because of a rootkit I had to reinstall Windows XP Pro on a laptop HP Compaq 8510 and now I have an unknown device in Device Manager.
    It's a device instance ID and it is ACPI\HPQ0006\2 & DABA3FF & 0. (it is certainly NOT the TPM :-)
    The driver may not even be located on the driver and application recovery DVD.
    Download driver to resolve this issue, do you have ideas? Any suggestion would be appreciated. Thank you.


    Download and install the driver for buttons to quick launch on the link below.


    Once the installation is complete, restart the computer and check if this solves the problem.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP Compaq 6000 Pro AT492AV: Serial Port PCI Driver help - HP 6000 AT492AV Windows XP Pro

    Due to former software compatibility issues, I run Win XP on my computer HP Compaq 6000 Pro AT492AV.  I installed a new copy of XP OEM and have solved all driver except for 2 problems:

    (1) PCI Serial Port, here's the info from Device Manager:

    PCI serial port

    PCI bus 0, device 3, function 3

    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_2E17 & SUBSYS_3048103C & REV_03
    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_2E17 & SUBSYS_3048103C
    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_2E17 & CC_070002
    PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_2E17 & CC_0700

    (2) unknown Device, here's the info from Device Manager:

    Controller of Interface LPC Intel(r) ICH10D - 3A1A

    * IFX0102

    I'd appreciate any help you can provide!

    All the best


    You need these drivers for devices...


    This package contains the Intel Local Management Service (LMS) and the support of Serial - over - LAN (SOL) for Intel Active Management Technology (AMT) for the supported desktop models and operating systems. This software is part of the Intel Digital Office Initiative.



    This package provides the device driver for the Infineon Trusted Platform
    Module (TPM 1.2) in office supported running models taken Microsoft support
    Windows XP operating system.


  • Driver/software for laptop HP Compaq 6730 s


    Laptop HP Compaq 6730 s

    Windows 7 Ultimate 32 bit

    I need link for two unknown devices:

    1 ACPI\HPQ0004

    * HPQ0004

    2 ACPI\HPQ0006

    * HPQ0006

    Thank you

    Its me again

    Thanks for 1 update, it was succsefully

    but I need more correlty link for this unknown devices:

    1 ACPI\HPQ0004

    * HPQ0004

    Thank you for the help


    Computer laptop HP Compaq 6730 s, Win 7 ultimate 32 bit

  • PCI bus 0, device 2, function 1


    I have a problem with my video controller device driver after installing windows 7 (from windows xp)

    information about the location: PCI bus 0, device 2, function 1

    Hardware ID: PCI\VEN_8086 & DEV_2792 & SUBSYS_3081103C & REV_03

    Full name: other devices / unknown device

    My laptop is: Hewlett Packard Pavillion dv 4000 (Ek919EA #ABH)

    Properties: The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)
    The installation failed because a function driver was not specified for this device instance.
    Please help me to find and download
    Thank you


    Download and run this file.  You will probably get an error not supported operating system.


    Conclusion of any windows error.

    Go to Device Manager and click on the device video controller requiring driver.

    Click the driver tab.  Click on set to update driver.

    Select her browse my computer for driver software option and find the folder of the driver that was created when you ran the file.

    This file will be located in C:\SWSetup\sp34749.

    Make sure that the include subfolders is selected and the driver should install.

    Then, restart and graphics need to be working very well.

    Not that Windows Aero is not supported on this model graphics card.

  • computer laptop HP compaq 6730 b freezes and slows down

    I have a laptop hp compaq 6730 b.

    Since a few days, I realized when I plug to charge my cell phone, it freezes finally and slows down.

    The CPU usage suddenly increases.

    What should I do?

    help please...

    Thank you

    It works ok with only the power adapter is plugged in and the battery out of the laptop? The battery charge ok if the laptop is turned off? The laptop works for a long time reasonable with just the battery?  I've seen this kind of problem with a Toshiba machine that used a NEC/CATHERINE 0E128 Proadlizer high switching frequency DC/DC Converter output capacitor.  I doubt that your computer has this chip but the problem and the function are similar.  It is a device surface and can cause the laptop to have a problem with the battery and the power adapter plugged in at the same time.  Many times this you will also charge the battery when the computer is turned off, but not when it is turned on. Sometimes it will not allow your to run Notepad with only the attached power adapter and the battery removed. Just to think.

  • HP compaq 6730 s: windows 10 in my 7 year old HP Compaq 6730 s - should I try it?


    I have an old (but surprisingly good job!) 64-bit processor HP Compaq 6730 s, implemented to date with an SSD and 8 GB of ram DDR2 memory. Currently it is dual-boot Windows 7 Home premium, 64-bit edition, pretty well - he gave no problems up to now and Ubuntu 14.04. I'm quite tempted to upgrade to windows 10, but because it's a pretty old computer, I'm not sure of the weather, the material will be fully compatible with w10... and also I don't want to lose my partitions!

    So, what do you recommend me... should I go for it?

    Thank you very much for your help and for creating amazing machines like the 6730 s!



    I have the elitebook 6930p who basically has the same hardware as your model.

    W10 works fine on mine, but I don't have a webcam, nor do I use the fingerprint reader or protect software security tools, so I can't confirm that those who work on W10.

    You should be able to recover to W7 very easily if you do not delete the windows.old folder.

    To return, go to settings > update and secuity >


  • New laptop Compaq 6730 b. Cannot start with DeskJet F4280 attached

    Recently bought a new laptop Compaq 6730 b.  Had the Deskjet F4280 all-in-one printer.  The drivers installed, and then connected a printer to the USB port on the laptop.  Laptop does not start except unplug printer USB.  This printer is not compatible with this laptop model?

    you will need to disable something called USB emulation in your BIOS Menu.

  • HP Compaq 6730 s Noteboook PC: upgrade HP Compaq 6730 s Notebook PC for Windows 7

    Is it possible to upgrade the laptop HP Compaq 6730 s to run under Windows 7 (running Windows Vista)?

    If so, what I have to do for this?

    Windows 7 installation dvd or usb key >

    The ISO of Windows 7 SP1 gentleman

    Use the links below if you work or go directly to the site following the link & use/to match the version numbers for digitalriver to find your link


    64-bit (google reader, rename the file once downloaded including the .iso file extension)

    X 17 - 59186.iso: Windows 7 SP1 Professional (x 64)

    X 17 - 58997.iso: Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium (x 64)

    X 17 - 59465.iso: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (x 64)

    32-bit (google reader, rename the file once downloaded including the .iso file extension)

    X 17 - 59183.iso: Windows 7 SP1 Professional (x 86)

    X 17 - 58996.iso: Windows 7 SP1 Home Premium (x 86)

    X 17 - 59463.iso: Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 (x 86)

    Go here for information on making dvd/usb Microsoft - free burning tool ...

    Above versions can be transformed into the entire disk version by simply deleting file (ei.cfg) ISO... Google has all the info & tutorials to help... Activation to help if necessary.

    hp driver >

    http://h20564.www2.HP.com/hpsc/SWD/public/readIndex?sp4ts.Oid=3994565 & swLangOid = 8 & swEnvOid = 4052

    Some more ram if it is not already being updated.

    Would be interesting to put a budget SSD as drive from kingston to make things a little faster.

  • Compaq 6730 b: no password BIOS HP Compaq 6730 B

    Bought a second hand computer laptop Compaq 6730 b, I want to access the BIOS to make a few changes and I have no password, can someone help me with this problem...  Thank you...  Joe L.


    Contact HP and they should be able to send you a file custom SMC.bin that you can use to reset the password at startup.


    When you talk to the HP rep ask them to increase your service request.

    Or download these files.


    Insert a clean USB flash drive.

    Then run USB Image tool.

    Choose the flash drive, and then click RESTORE.

    Remove the flash drive after the restore.

    Insert a locked in a portable flash drive and boot. "If the HARD drive is installed remove before start".

    At C:\OUTPUT, type CD...  "And then press ENTER.

    HPBR of type "and then press ENTER.

    First thing is to save your settings.

    Select 3 # re-program.

    Press "S" to save the system information.

    Type HPBR and press ENTER.

    Select 'of FIRST BROADCAST.

    Then select the model.

    After the restart to repeat, same as above but this time SELECT 'SECOND RUN.

    Some instructions here. "If you can't boot from USB there are instructions for making a bootable HARD drive."

    http://mazzifsoftware.blogspot.com/2014/01/HP-BIOS-d ebloquer-for - dos.html

    More details here.



    I must inform you that these services are not endorsed by HP, and that HP is not responsible for any damages that may occur to your system using these services. Please be aware that you do so at your own risk.

  • Z820: Z820 Windows 10 question - pci bus 0, device 22, function 3

    HI guys! Try to set up a fast enough for 4 k machine NLE here, began with a refurb Z820. Managed to get 10 Windows running without much of a fight. One last question, that I can't understand and I watched and read until my eyes covered in blood with no posotive result.

    In - other devices - Pci Serial Port Device Manager.  I have a Pci bus 0, device 22, only function 3 no error driver installed. As far as I know I installed all the drivers, updates, etc., etc... at least two times.

    As everyone on this forum has more experience with HP workstations then I thought that I would return it to the wiser.

    Thank you for your help.

    o.k. now.

    Retrace my steps, always a good thing when lost and confused, I realized that when I installed the Intel sp744499.exe management software, I didn't follow directive and that run the extract program of it is installed destination! Down & here when end of step B as written in the release notes, you no longer have to fix the latter on issues. Lesson learned - read all the instructions you can find, including the release notes.

    Thanks again to Paul who tried to save my sight.

  • Compaq 6730 s: upgrade HP compaq 6730 s RAM (4 GB - > 8 GB)


    I have a 7 years hp compaq 6730 s running windows and ubuntu. It has 4 GB of ddr2 ram (667 MHz, according to me, but I'm not course on this) and a dual processor Intel Centrino 64-bit. It still works great. But I have to run long analysis and many programs at the same time and that makes it sometimes slow down or even freeze. I was wondering if I should look more than an upgrade of RAM or an upgrade of the processor. I think the first, but I've never done before

    Thank you!



    I run Lunix so I don't know how he manages memory. In other Word, I know that we can put the data in memory and eliminate the disk i/o - much, much, much faster but in this word RAM is still very, very expensive. Now, they will put flash card of new machines which is much less expensive to use for page and swap files. In short, more memory is good.

    Kind regards.

  • Compaq 6730 b: ODD Bios boot option

    Lack of the WEIRD boot option in the BIOS:

    Review of the video BIOS INTEL 1625

    HP Compaq 6730 b; Serial number of the Notebook [personal information deleted]

    Nice machine and a gift from a friend is suicidal because the comrades-HP estimated forgot his STRANGE.

    The above BIOS has no option start WEIRD! Please advise how to solve this problem... ashamed. 

    E-mail: [personal information]

    Yes, that is: change to IDE in the Bios and it can start from the "upgrade Bay.

    But Kinel can be wrongly assume that the origin of the "upgrade Bay" is known to mm. Helvet Paccard. Let's be nice to them and instead assume that "upgrade of the Bay" is obtained by a random generator to confuse the terms.

  • error system PCI bus/device/function 000 h, then again with the number 0200 h

    last night when I went down tmy computer and is gone sleep on that I left it and it usuallty just goes to sleep. Today, I am home from work to try to remove the mode "Eve". It wouldn't even turn it off and turn it back on to notice that my computer somehow managed to delete the operating system. so I don't have xp on my computer. I can not even access bios to check if something I messed up. So I decided to try booting with the disk. and this is where im stuck. I'm quickly beginning to hit 'r' to reformat the computer and install an operating system. He goes through when he's trying to do. I'm prompted with the error message
    System error ' PCI Bus/device/function 0000 h.
    PCI Bus/device/function 0200 h system error. "

    After a few minutes of doing nothing it says under that
    "Hard disk write error!

    Press a key to continue. "

    now, I thought that the memory of my laptop may be losing the connection. I've checked everything and it's all warm in its place even the hard drive.

    is there anyone who can help me?

    Hi DrewHuble,

    Given that you have made to the formatting when you are prompted, it looks to the operating system is removed.

    If you have important data on the computer, I would say that you wake the computer to any tech store to back up data and then reinstall Windows XP on the computer.

    Install, reinstall, or uninstall Windows


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