HP Compaq nx7400: nx7400 CPU Upgrade

Hello!  I am a happy owner of this portable 10 years old and you want to upgrade the processor.

I've already put the Max of 4 GB RAM amount, cleaned, replace thermal paste and it works like a charm with Linux on it after the deletion of XP.

I just want to be sure to get the right CPU when ordering and don't completely understand how to be SAFE! that one will work.  A lot of research but still a little uncertain, so any help would be great.  I know an SSD could do wonders for it but want to see how a better CPU will help.  I see a CPU will be much less expensive too.  Some PCs, I've worked on that sometimes show the CPU maxing out as with this one, so it would make sense to have one a little better just for fun.  One thing that concerns me is to get one with a larger number of model who perform no better.  I looked at several CPUs in general and always see more low spec cpu that are better/more fast that the newest lol?

With the processor I look at you, the largest number of model I see that might work is the T7600, mine is Intel Core Duo T5500 (1.66 GHz) processor.  They have essentially the same features on the Intel Site, and I'll leave the link.  But cpubenchmark.net, it seems that the catches could be a little different.  Can someone shed some light on how I can be positive that I have order the right one?  Here are a few links to make it easier.

Again, mine is the:

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T5500
(1.66 GHz front side bus at 667 MHz, 2 MB Cache)

I would go with what would be the best upgrade.  I'll give a bunch of info, hope it isn't much.

The one I'm looking at:

Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processor T7600

(2.33 GHz, 667 MHz FSB, 4 MB Cache)

1. manual repair, Page 9 shows all the cpu that came with an iteration of this laptop


2. link to the HP official site


3 Intel comparisons



4 cpubenchmark comparisons: "But cpubenchmark.net, it seems that the catches could be a little different."



5 Intel Product list: 'product of order Codes for Intel Core™ 2 Duo processors.


6. in addition, it is important that the MHz is the same: "667 MHz - FSB.

It's all the stuff very interesting to me, thanks in advance, pcpunk

Yes the T7600 will work, but I get it by the HP part number:

Processor Core Duo T7600 (2.33 GHz) 439225-001

It is a processor Socket M, and they are very abundant on eBay for about $25.

Thet are all shipments to Hong Kong or China, I'm afraid:


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    AMD E-300 is integrated on the motherboard and cannot be changed.


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    I can't access bios since the password appears immediately to market.  It gives 3 attempts, then comes up with a * symbol.

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    Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do.

    Probably also active young the rigorous security in the BIOS setting, which prevents any attempt to clear the BIOS password.

    This is why remove the CMOS and the main battery for 30 minutes, restart the laptop with the power adapter plugged, has not worked.

    Other than convincing the kid that it is in his best interest to disclose the password, the laptop is useless.

    The motherboard must be replaced so that the laptop to be usable again.

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    I will soon be reinstall Windows XP Professional on my laptop Compaq nx7400.  I already downloaded the drivers from HP support, but I need to know in what order they must be installed.  I'm especially afraid the buttons outside the laptop will no longer work after the installation.



    You should always install chipset driver as first reboot. It is the most important rule.

    I usually install a second Intel Matrix Storage Managerdriver on models with your chipset.

    After that, you can install graphic driver to continue the installation process in more comfortable conditions.

    The next thing you need to know is that before you are going to install the audio driver, you must install the first "Microsoft Universal Audio Architecture (UAA) Bus Driver for High Definition Audio".

    You do not have to worry about buttons nee. Install HP Quick Launch Buttons, correct the driver wireless, Bluetooth (if you have one) driver and HP wireless Assistant. When you do this all buttons should work without any problems.


    HP Wireless Assistant will help you monitor the status of wireless devices.

  • Equium L20-264 - CPU upgrade

    Hello world

    I have Toshiba Equium L20-264 and I want to move into gear
    Can someone help me please?

    I had already upgraded to 2 GB of Ram, but my CPU is still 1.4 GHz.

    Please guide me what to do and if it supports several Ghz processor, which will be the best place to buy.

    Thank you.

    I assume that you have not read all the posts here in the forum about upgrading the CPU s for laptop?
    Did you?

    Some facts first:
    Update CPU is very delicate and depends on the chipset and BIOS support.
    In case one of the parties (chipset or bios) would not support new CPU, the will to power laptop on.

    Second: the laptop seems to be equipped with an Intel Celeron - M CPU, and I suppose the other Intel Celeron-M CPU be compatible:
    Intel Celeron M 370 (1.5 Ghz)
    Intel Celeron M 380 (1.6 Ghz)

    Everything supports the FSB 400 Mhz

    But guess what? Even if you add the new processor at 1.6 Ghz, the performance gain will be not noticeable. So in my eyes, CPU upgrade for this old book is useless. It won't add any performance benefits.

  • Satellite Pro L630 - 14L - CPU upgrade possible?

    Is it possible to upgrade processor in this model: L630 14 L? If yes what processors are supported?
    Another question - my hdmi port stopped working - is the possible replacement?


    With regard to the question on the CPU upgrade:
    This question was asked several times here in the forum. I recommend you read the other discussions on upgrading the CPU.

    Usually, the case is simple: the manufacturers of portable don t support this upgrade for clean products. The CPU is delicate because the new processor must be based on two essential elements: chipset and BIOS.

    The laptop supports the Mobile Intel HM55 Express Chipset.
    So, you know, what would the CPU supported by the chipset.
    But like I said above: the BIOS support is also important and finally everything depends on the BIOS whether your new processor works or not.

  • Qosmio G40 - 10Z - possible CPU upgrade?

    What processor can I put my Qosmio G40 - 10Z? I couldn't find a list and the motherboard is a "motherboard Toshiba" without a template or similar.
    I would like to change to a better processor, a quadcore would be well, is - it possible?

    My Windows 7 tells me to change the battery, but the battery is ok. Google says its due to Windows and could be solved by the BIOS updated. I have the newest
    Official home page. There is no latest BIOS available?

    Thank you



    I doubt that the CPU upgrade would be possible. You should read this article:

    This error message is it exactly that you get Windows 7? Normally you get only a low battery notification, you need to Exchange or connect the power supply.

  • Satellite Pro L450D - 12 X - CPU upgrade


    I have a Toshiba Satellite Pro L450D - 12 X and I was wondering which processors 'Dual Core' support this laptop for a CPU upgrade?

    Have a read of other peoples threads, it is possible for the laptop to have an upgrade, but I'm not sure of what those who actually support. The most common dual core would be the dual core 'Stalk' However, there are many processors that go under the name "stalk".

    I was also wondering if all Toshiba L450Ds have the same motherboard etc... because they contain the same case and (mostly) graphics card

    Thank you very much

    I assume that you have already read this Toshiba doesn't support CPU upgrade and a public document on processors compatible doesn t exist.
    You can just hope that someone has an identical identical machine with the hardware platform and can offer some info on these updates.

    For best performance, you can start with the RAM upgrade. Have you upgraded RAM to max level?

  • On Satellite C670 - 17 M CPU upgrade

    I have laptop: * SATELLITE C670 - 17 M *.
    My processor: Pentium (r) CPU B950 of * Intel (R) @ 2.10 GHz, 2100 MHz *.
    My Chipset is: * Mobile Intel® HM65 Express Chipset *.

    So, if you look at http://ark.intel.com/products/52808/Intel-BD82HM65-PCH and click on * compatibility * http://prntscr.com/27avin you can see all the compatible processors that you can use with this chipset right?

    My question is, can I upgrade my current processor with all of the processors on this list? http://prntscr.com/27awsp


    Republic of Korea

    > My question is, can I upgrade my current processor with all of the processors on this list?

    Probably yes.
    But the fact is that no one would be able to answer this question because this CPU upgrade isn't officially supported. This means that gift of manufacturers of mobile phone t provide any information on this upgrade and compatibility.

    You can try these updates with your own hands and hope that the BIOS would be able to manage this new CPU.

  • Satellite C850-1 kN and CPU Upgrade

    I recently got my hands on one of these laptops. It has a Pentium 960 b for the moment, but I searched for Intel i3 - 3110M or Intel i3 processor - 3130M CPU on eBay to replace the slower Pentium.

    Both are IvyBridge, identical to the original and both have a TDP of 35W, which means that they should not belt any more heat it does (or at least no more than the fan can handle, because the fans are usually designed to be mass produced and used in many different laptops (, but the same form factor)

    Someone had a bit of luck the upgrade of their CPU in Toshiba laptops? I guess I'm of the same generation of processor Intel should mean support BIOS already integrated into the planks of the BIOS...

    I can tell you that a lot of people have been able to upgrade the processor in their notebooks of Toshiba but fact is simple as this upgrade isn't officially supported by laptop manufacturers and can be done at your own risk.
    Generally the CPU upgrade depends on chipset and BIOS support.

    The laptop supports the Mobile HM70 Express Chipset Intel - compatible and supported processors are Intel ARK page in compatible products section:

    To be honest I don't think that all compatible CPUS are but it s a good start point.

    However, the BIOS must support also the new processor and maybe it's the thorny question since no one knows what are the processors supported by the BIOS because this information isn't out of nowhere.

  • Satellite C650D - issue CPU upgrade

    I have a 003 C650d with an e - 240 single core AMD and I was wondering if I could swap for a duel AND 1.5 kernel?

    Just for your info: http://aps2.toshiba-tro.de/kb0/TSB9401AX0001R01.htm

    Generally the CPU upgrade is not supported due to the performance of the cooling system.

  • G6-1262sa Pavilion: Pavilion g6-1262sa CPU upgrade v2, Sandy Bridge = > Ivy Bridge?

    Hi, thanks to the Pavilion g6-1262sa maintenance and manual cleaning and this great forum, I recently discovered that replace my i3-2330 m is possible with all sandy bridge i7 2620m processors.

    These questions may sound silly, but I continued my research and I have more ideas to confront reality as a couple.

    I realize that the compatibility is not only matter of editing the same socket, but also of the bios installed on certain motherboard, however:

    1. do you think it would be possible to Exchange Sandy Bridge (2nd generation) i3 - 2330 m for some Ivy Bridge (3rd generation) i5-3210 m?

    2 is the 32nm to 22nm manufacturing technology enough difference on its own (even if the rest of the architecture is the same) to prevent that to work?

    3 is the bios from my card mother g6 identyfying somehow installed processor? (if this isn't on 'the list' it simply won't work? "or what technical compatibility issue?

    According to some statements which I found it on some forums and sites (and a few facts documented free):

    Socket: the two processors are compatible with BGA1023 decision-making. (at least that's what I found, if someone could confirm I would be grateful)

    Difference of architecture: "The 3rd generation is called 'Ivy Bridge' and is essentially a copy of Sandy Bridge made on a smaller scale, or die." However, Intel also focused on beefing up of the onboard graphics in this generation. »

    TDP: both are 35 W

    Carrots: both are 2 physical (Virtual 4 - thanks to hyperthreading I guess?)

    Energy consumption: "Ivy Bridge CPUS also use less energy", "Ivy Bridge consumes less energy; around 10w, I think. »

    Temperature: i5-3210 m going 5 * C more - 2330 m - i3 shouldn't make much difference

    Looking forward to some responses, RacA

    It is not a technical incompatibility (socket) because as you probably know Ivy Bridge and Sandy Bridge are backward compatible on most motherboards desktop. However, HP has only implemented gen 2d, processor Intel Core compatibility of the HM65 Express chipset that you a. motherboards supporting 3rd gen processors use the HM77 chipset. There is no another motherboard that will fit in your frame.

    Your analysis above, which was pretty good, left out the chipset, which you must always remember when assessing the possibilities of upgrade:


    The HM65 supports a couple 3rd gen processors, but none of them are on the list of HP for your model. You can try one of those shown in the link I gave, but I think that there is a small chance that they will work.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • Satellite M60 - issue CPU upgrade

    Hello out there!

    I am a happy owner of a Satellite M60.
    I recently installed Win7 pro and nothing works well.

    I was offered a new processor Intel M770 and
    now, I would like to hear if anyone has any experience changin processor in a laptop.

    The M770 have on the same specsas M740 and executes the same 915 chipsets. M770 has a 2.13 Ghz clock and the M740 1.73 revival.

    If I swap the processors, my laptop will get faster, or it will explode like a hurricane and disappear into a smokecloud?

    Best regards

    > The M770 have on the same specsas M740 and executes the same 915 chipsets. M770 has a 2.13 Ghz clock and the M740 1.73 revival.

    Well, generally the CPU upgrade is a really complicated because of the compatibility of the BIOS history, but I think you have a good chance to get the laptop working with new CPU M770. It belongs to the same family of CPU as the old CPU and chipsets support is the same.
    In addition, I think that this laptop overheating not using this CPU of course there is more the dissipation of heat thanks to the fastest performance, but I think that the cooling modules should handle this

    Of course, it s just my opinion personal and everything what you would do is at your own risk.

    Good luck

  • Satellite M30X-113 - CPU Upgrade


    I have a [Intel Pentium M Processor Ghz 725 1.6 | http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SL7EG], I want to know if my laptop is able to support this CPU [Intel Pentium M Processor 765 2.10 GHz | http://processorfinder.intel.com/details.aspx?sSpec=SL7V3], and if it's worth in terms of performance? I also have the latest version of the v2.0 of BIOS published on 02/11/09.

    I am also aware that in General CPU upgrade is not supported and not recommended. http://APS2.toshiba-tro.de/KB0/FAQ7A01ZW0007R01.htm

    Thanks for your response

    Post edited by: oiprocs


    Theoretically, the new Intel Pentium M Processor 765 2.10 GHz should be compatible with the motherboard, but the fact is that nobody can say it the laptop would be working properly after this upgrade.

    One of the main problems could be the heat dissipation. Stronger CPU develops more heat, and this may affect the functionality of the laptop.
    In addition the BIOS was not configured for other processors so it could be a problem.

    Last but not least as mentioned in the article of Toshiba, the upgrade of the CPU is not supported. So everything can be done simply at your peril!

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