HP continues to ship the defective 6 Intel chipsets to customers after the recall.

Something people should be aware of is that HP has set up a 'solution' that isn't really a solution.  I had a QE DV7T (number of product XN093AV) who ordered in January.  The laptop has been affected by the issue of chipset and after one month of checking back with service customer HP I have finally told me they had a resolution and I could trade my machine for one with the newly revised chipset.  The replacement machine was delivered to me in mid-March, it was the number of identical product (XN093AV) and contained the same faulty chipset.

Some experience for those who do not know the chipset issue.  Intel has launched a recall of their 6 series (cougar point) southbridge chipset designed for use with the second generation core i-series "sandybridge" CPU.  Among the functions of the chipset is the interface for SATA controller for storage devices.  The chipset handles 6 SATA ports, 2 to 6 Gbps and 4 to 3 Gbps.  It's the 3 Gbps ports that are affected by the design flaw which can lead to errors of data to an attached storage device.  Mobile version of this chipset Intel is called HM65 and progression (version) of the chipset with the problem is "B2".  Intel has implemented a solution of silicon and released a new "B3" progression that is not the problem.  However, Intel has continued to ship the affected "B2" step by step to the manufacturers for applications where 6 Gbps ports would be used as they are not affected by the design flaw.

Back to "Fix" of HP - my original machine had the wrong "B2" stepping chipset HM65 with a hard drive connected to a 6 GB/s and an optical drive connected to one of the 3 defective Gbps ports.  The replacement machine, I received also had the same "B2" stepping HM65 chipset with both drives now connected to 6 Gb/s ports.  Unfortunately, this is not an acceptable solution on at least two fronts.  First of all, in addition to the disk hard main bay and the optical drive Bay, this particular 17.3 inch laptop has a secondary hard drive Bay.  Regardless, I bought an SSD that I intend to install plus readers installed at the factory.  This requires the use of a third port that should have been one of the 3 defective Gbps ports.  In addition, the laptop also has an e-SATA connector to connect external drives that I intend to use for backups.  I didn't check this, but as the main hard drive and the optical drive consume only two working ports it goes without saying that the e-SATA connector is connected to one of the faulty ports.

After about 5 hours of being tossed around in the customer service Sub HP and said there is nothing wrong with my machine, they agreed to Exchange once again for one of the DV7T QE newly released (number of product XW899AV) models, which I hope will have the 'B3' stepping chipset HM65.  I have not yet received, so I can't verify whether or not the new product has the same problem.  I'll post when I get it.

This affect you?  You can determine what capacity the chipset you have by running CPU - Z, a utility system free and widely approved, available at www.cpuid.com.  Select the mainboard tab and watch your chipset revision.  If you have the "B2" step by step and you plan to use more than two SATA devices at the same time you might have a problem.  The following link gives an overview your hp options.


I want to clarify that the answer to FAQ # 2 is definitely false.

HP continues to make products with the affected Intel chipset?

Lol HP stopped manufacturing products with Intel technology and queued expedition on products in stock HP and channel.

Good luck.


There are motherboards with the update 'B3' stepping chipset appearing as "B2" in CPU - Z.  Given that I don't have the laptop in question, I can't physically inspect the chipset.  I withdraw my statement because there is no way to prove whether what version of the chipset has been deployed to this machine.

The following link provides another method of identification stepping chipset:


If anyone has a replacement XN093AV machine, perhaps they can post their findings.

If for no other reason than not having to bear the XN093AV trackpad buttons (or lack thereof), I am always happy, they have accepted the return and will replace the machine with a XW899AV.  Not to mention the free graphics HD 6770 m, webcam HD and USB 3.0 card upgrade.

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    I agree to IronFly is not really necessary to update the chipset driver if you encounter any problems. I have helps, I got the same error. I did a new install with that ongoing, so it works great. Because of me looking at this error, it's almost due to problems with the IRQ of the Killer network. So, if you first clear the two WiFi and ethernet driver in Device Manager, it would be possible to update the chipset driver.

Maybe you are looking for