HP Designjet 130

I need driver for printer HP Designjet 130 (Windows 7 x 64)? where can I get it?

Hi Victorua,

Here is a LINK you can use to get the drivers and software for your printer.

Let me know if this solves your problem!

Thank you

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  • DesignJet 130: what should look like a NEW Assembly of ink for DesignJet 130 tube to

    I ordered a new Assembly of tube of ink for DesignJet 130 from an online source. The item is marked refurbished. Frankly, it seems not yet to have been refurbushied but just pulled an old printer (but that didn't matter that I was expecting again), but it did lead me to ask a slightly silly question.

    The tubes in a new assembly have preloaded ink in them? I guess not, but when I locate a set of 'new' I don't want to jump to a false conclusion so filled beforehand with ink. I guess they must be clean, dry, seems to have never been filled, and not overflow but I thought I would check.

    I'll get my money back and try again. I guess there are some spare parts new surplus stock for this printer floating around. I was wrong in my assumption?


    New tubes of ink are empty, I installed came with setup printheads.

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  • Designjet 130: Two printers Designjet 130 do not print with Windows 10

    I have two printers Designjet 130. Both work fine with XP/Vista/Windows 7. They do not work with 10.

    I spent 20 hours trying to get these things to work with no luck. I tried TWO different machines running windows 10 does not. These printers are running via a USB connection.

    I can install, make the printer by default and PRINT TEST page! I can also print from the HP Scan DR who assures me that all is well. However, when I go to a program such as Notepad, they will not print. Notepad returns an error "The deal invalid. I tried researching this message, but it leads to good spirits more that I can understand.

    My machine is a processor Intel X 5960, 32 GB of memory and a motherboard Asus x 99 Deluxe.

    I tried to launch the installation of the HP software in a variety of modes compatible with no luck.

    I'm out of ideas other than to roll back my 7 software, which I really don't want to do.

    Thanks in advance.

    Ok. I finally solved this problem. I went to the HP site and even ONCE downloaded the driver Designjet 130.

    Download driver on Dec30, 13:34 had a 2 652 k file size

    Today at 11:53 driver has a file size of 3099 KB.

    Maybe they (HP) fixed.

    Maybe my original upload has been altered.

    Very simply:

    Connect your printer. Windows will find and automatically install the USB printing as well as a device driver option. This driver won't work, however, you end up being able to print a test page. This ultimately will always be a false confirmation. The driver version 7.00 is for Vista, Windows 7 and 8. It doesn't work in either compatibility mode.

    Go ahead:

    Go to devices and printers.

    A series of beautiful graphic icons opens.

    Double-click your printer.

    Double click on "customize your printer.

    Go to the about tab.

    Check your installed printer driver version

    10 Windows will install default v7.00 and will keep you in saying he has the best version

    available. Don't believe that.

    The Hewlett Packard scanner DR software will tell you the same thing.

    Do not think that either.

    You want to version 8.10. It is available on the site of HP in 32-bit and 64-bit versions. Download it. I unzipped in a folder on my desktop.

    Now, go to the Device Manager.

    Scroll down to "printers". Click on.

    Right click on your printer.

    Click on "Update driver software"

    Do not click on the first option by default.

    Do not click on "Browse my computer for driver software".

    Click on "Search for driver at this location software '-specify the folder on your desktop and select"include subfolders. "

    Click Browse. The software will make a satisfying update.

    Return to the file "Devices and printers" and the option "customize your printer.

    Double-click. Return to the 'About' tab and confirm that driver version 8.10 is installed.

    Close to everything and to print something.

    Just to check myself, I printed my second document to confirm a nagging doubt.

    The impression is confirmed. Good year for me and anyone else reading this.

  • About light magenta printhead Designjet 130

    I have a problem of clear magenta printhead Designjet 130 (Ref. C9424A).
    I replaced the print head 4 times in 6 months (with sealed new elements).
    Everything worked perfectly before 24cc of ink (12%) consumed on this print head
    After that, the printer starts strips (with magenta).
    I already try to clean or align them, but not best result until I have replaced this with new print head.
    All other print heads are fine. The system maintenance report PDF file is attached.
    any advice will be appreciated.
    Thank you.

    Remember, once a print head has been damaged by the air in the tubes, it can not be fixed. After you make sure that no air flow inside the tube, you must replace it with a new print head. If you indeed extract the air from the tube and then replace the old print head, you will have to remove air from the tube and put a new print head in the printer.

  • Request for help with my HP Designjet 130 printer


    I have owned, loved and used my printer Deskjet HP130 for sixteen years now. I do not use and would like to know if you are able to exchange for another product of your company (HP - printer, laptop or other digital material).

    My contact (deleted content)

    Kind regards

    Paul then

    You must search the HP of the trade program in and then see if there is an another DesignJet you would like to have.

    HP generally offers commercialized ins on upgrades in the same line of equipment.

  • Designjet 130, OS x 10.7.2 Designjet Maintenance Utility software

    Hi I have a difficulty to find work Designjet Maintenance Utility software for my iMac OS x 10.7.2.

    Any ideas wher download a?

    Thank you!!

    At this point, it is all the software that I see for 10.7 and your printer: http://h20000.www2.hp.com/bizsupport/TechSupport/SoftwareIndex.jsp?lang=en&cc=us&prodNameId=352389&prodTypeId=18972&prodSeriesId=352387&swLang=8&taskId=135&swEnvOID=4114

  • Designjet 130: Bland green to blue

    I am trying to print a banner 24 "x 72" (plain paper) with a green background. What impression it fades to blue. The point where starts fading is different.

    Initially I thought that the yellow cartridge and print head may need to be replaced as blue + yellow = green. But I am able to print Yellow without problem.

    I replaced the cartridges/printheads, aligning the print heads, calibrated color, physically cleaned areas of ink myself (slightly) and a lot, a lot restarted and printing tests.

    If anyone can provide advice, suggestions or directions, I would be very appreciatve and grateful!

    Thank you very much

    Return to the print head and you'll see the stem that fits into the rubber on the front of the truck part.  You need something small with a PIN at the end to fit into the rubber part.  You then draw the ink with the syringe.  Remember if you can't draw handwriting, where the needle will not move again to draw it, then the tube is clogged and you can be out of luck.  Some people in this case use the same syringe to force a small amount of windex in the tube and let stand for a few hours to see if it opens the tube.  Good luck.

  • Designjet 130nr: designjet 130 nr used power up

    It's been a few days I used the machine. When I didn't hit power button / stop no response. I unplugged the power cord for 30 seconds plugged back in. it turned on but no info is showed in the display screen. I was able to start a print job, but the judgment of the printer in the workplace. Yet once I unplugged the machine. waited a minute and printer plugged in back on again and finished the print job. now its completely dead. I tried to unplug and plug in with no change. Help!

    Maybe all of the front panel has gone bad.  Just a guess.  C7796-60208

  • INOPERATIVE print function

    I recently had to reinstall the software and drivers for HP Designjet 130 printer. I use CS3 with WIN XP, SP3

    Now, every time I select PRINT in artificial intelligence, is listed, and the program will immediately

    The status "Not responding", how the only thing I can do is to close the program with Windows Task Manager.

    What happens here?


    What you see on the printer as it appears for your OS?

    I think it is maybe something that Illy has no influence on (but it has a great influence on him).

  • HP designjet 130nr: CARTRIDGE of black INK HP 130 NR

    Does anyone know how to get cardidges of ink for the HP designjet 130nr printer? It seems that any working on the market! All links will be very wellcome. Thank you.

    PROBLEM SOLVED! I found a supplier for Europe. Thanks a lot everyone.

  • DesignJet 130nr: canvas print Designjet 130NR

    Print on canvas of sheet (13 x 19) on Designjet 130NR works very well. Called HP Support asking if there are 24 "canvas rolls that work. Told me and it makes sense, the tool can not handle the Cup fabric.

    Someone at - he found and printed successfully pre-cut large canvases for the 130NR? I've got a good big letter opener, but as anyone who uses the 130 know, it rejects easily paper cut perfectly.

    Thank you



    Strawberry is not really designed to cut the canvas. Is too thick

    You can still use it, but you will need to replace it more often.

    If your knife used to work, you may need to replace it now

    Here is the part number Q1292-60064 Media knife

  • Designjet 110plus mac OS 10.9.3

    I can't get my 110plus print Mac OS 10.9.3. The window defaults to USE 'Generic PCL Printer'.

    In the configuration of the printer, I don't see a driver for 110plus nr, but I do not see "hp designjet 130nr. If I set up a printer that is named "HP designjet 110plus (C7796D)" and choose to USE 130nr then, so far, the printer looks like printing normally. Is this a good solution or there at - it problems on the road?

    HP will be issueing a update driver 110plus 10.9.3 and same 10.10 Yosemite over time?

    Thank you

    P.S. This thread has been moved to printers Designjet Macintosh compatible products. -Hp moderator of the Forum


    The last driver that was released for mac was for OS 10.8.

    I don't think that there will be an update of the driver.

    What you can do is download the driver Package Apple on your mac and install the printer in the same way that you do.

    The use of the driver for the 130 is a good workaround, you shouldn't have any problems with it

    You can still use the old drivers on the new os.

    Best regards

    Mike G

  • HP Design Jet T920/T2500 Pages can be printed with the new HP 727 130 ml.

    Hi guys,.

    I want to ask you how many Pages can be printed in the new HP 727 130 Ml of INK CARTRIDGES. Normal, black and white printing on Hp Design Jet T920/T2500. One of my customers asking me this way, I'm looking for and read about the manual but this is not to mention the approximate number. pages can be printed. I appreciate who can help me and share their experience with this concern.

    He mentions on the manual which:

    Can be printed 120 Page A1 and A0 60 per hour, but HP 727 130 ml (returns/Pages)?

    Thank you and advance...

    I doubt that there is no information for this because inkjet printers work differently then laser where they use a percentage of coverage for compiles the approximate pages toner. With Designjet printers there are many variables outside coverage that would be very difficult calculations. You will be dealing with page sizes and even with normal printing or graphic images line densities will have much to different amounts of ink laid according to the original plot, type of paper used, etc.

  • Designjet T120: HP T120 error BA7F11E0 designjet

    We have a HP designjet T120 when power on/off, this (BA7F11E0) error message appears on the screen immediately.  No movement of transport or initialization is performed. Just the error and nothing else. Pls help.

    Thank you


    Try to isolate the printer, remove the printhead, inks, connectivity cables and turn on the printer.

    If the error persists, it may be a problem with the APC hand.

    Best regards

    Mike G

  • Designjet t125: designjet t125 blue screen error B332347C


    I was ask to get this error:

    When you feed the plotter that blue screen appears with this code: B332347C

    I can't find the service manual for this, if anyone can help me?

    HELO try this solution
    You need to replace hp designjet encrypted t520 chip on the motherboard inside the plotter
    You can buy it on ebay http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/HP-Designjet-T520-Blue-Screen-Error-Solution-Encrypted-chip/282223353841

Maybe you are looking for

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