HP Designjet 500 more: DRIVER FOR HP Designjet 500 FILE more


HOW to GET Designjet 500 more DRIVER FOR Windows 10 Enterprise 64 - bit OS


Windows 10 is not released until July 29, pilots and what products will be supported probably won't be out until close.  The HP page here says "compatibility tool soon, come back in the end of July."

That said, I use the old driver Windows XP x 64 on my decades old Designjet 650 c in Windows 10 preview.  I think Windows 7 or 8/8.1 drivers work in Windows 10 for the Designjet 500 if there is not drivers provided.  At this point there are sixteen variations of HP Designjet 500 models available through Windows Update, including variants of the 24 "and 42" models, standards, and only, HP and Microsoft provided drivers PS mono models and color and HPGL2 drivers.

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    I got the message "it is not an application valid win32" and it is impossible to install.


    You have the same error for all drivers below?



    If the same phenomenon occurs for both of the above drivers try, follow these steps, the steps for Windows 7 should be the same as those listed for Windows Vista in the article:


    Hope that helps,


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    I'm sure that you read and followed all the instructions on the download page of hp (which curiously do not refer the wizard 'new hardware found'), but I suspect there's a bit more to this error message.  Could you please provide it in its entirety?

    Windows XP includes drivers for DesignJet 230: one for (D/A1) and the other for (E/A0).

    What happens when you follow this sequence:

    1. with printer and computer off, connect the printer to the computer (BTW, this printer connects using the parallel port - a connector 25-pin Centronics - OK?)
    2. turn the printer on and stabilize
    3. open computer and let stabilize.  Cancel the new hardware found Wizard opens.
    4. click on start > printers and faxes > add printer
    5. in the Add Printer Wizard, select "Local printer attached to this computer" and uncheck "automatically detect and install my plug and play printer."
    6. Select "Use the following port", then the correct port in the drop-down list (probably LPT1)
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    There is no support for Windows 7 to the printer, Designjet 120

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    Thank you

    Hi Jerry_4

    At present, it seems that only 64-bit of Windows 7 driver is available.

    As wrote Al - eX, you can use the Windows 7 compatibility mode. Here, you can run XP in a virtual machine (32 bit). ;)

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    How to stop obtaining HP drive downloads for an old printer.  I used to own a HP Photosmart 7520 printer but I replaced it with a printer HP Office Jet Pro 8710 2 months ago. I deleted all the HP programs related to the old printer and remove the printer from my list of Windows 10 printers and removed from the HP Support Assistant.

    However, I still repeatedly get updated driver for printer 7520 and it freezes the computer.

    How can I get them to stop in?


    Where do you find all download driver? Maybe in Windows Update?

    Just a guess, see if maybe the following applies:


    If not, please provide more details or a screenshot of the sample.


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