HP Deskjet 1000 J110: Intense black print with the black ink cartridge only


I am trying to print the darkest possible black, but simply by using the black ink cartridge. How do I get there?

My printer is HP deskjet 1000 J110 using cartridge HP 301.

I do my drawing in Adobe Illustrator and set the color to be CMYK 100 100 100 100.

If I insert only the black cartridge, the printer will leave empty place where color CMY ink should be or it will fill the space with black ink?

Basically, what I'm trying to do is to increase the density of ink to the highest possible but only using only the black cartridge.

Thank you.

Welcome @didididot,

Thanks to their participation in Forums of HP! I see by your post that you would like to be able to print in the black as dark as possible. I can help you.

You can use the mode single-cartridge:

Use single-cartridge in the HP printer with a single cartridge. Mode single-cartridge begins when an ink cartridge is removed from the distribution of the print cartridge. In the mode single-cartridge, the product can only printing from the computer.

Source: HP Deskjet 1000 J110 series.

Here is a document for printing with black ink only (Windows).

If you use a Mac, let me know.
Feel free to click on the button 'Accept as Solution' and the 'Thumbs Up' for my help. Please let me know the results and if there is anything else I can help you. Thank you!

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    I went on troubleshooting hp including cleaning printer head site and it did not help.

    Hey @idogold,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I understand that since the installation of a new black cartridge for your HP Deskjet 3520 e-all-in-one printer prints blank pages and you may have noticed some residue ink inside your machine. I would like to help you today to this question.

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    Mixes with the size of the cartridge a problem, or is this something else? (picture shows the line of text 1, text "converted to outlines" line 2) Black pixelated text prints well.)

    Everything is ok now and I have nothing to remedy. Just printed a test of all the types of fonts that I have in Suitcase Fusion via Photoshop and they all printed solids. I tried Indesign and Illustrator and they solid black text print very well. I tried Acrobat Pro and fine print PDF files. Have you seen the images I posted with black text in a fine structure? Applications that did. Weird.

    Maybe it is worth to post my initial response you just in case that happens to someone else.

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    As if by magic, better now, thanks for your time.

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    You must return the printer to the retailer.

    The printer include setup of cartridges in its original box, those who are required to configure the printer for the first time and can be purchased separately, so must be provided in the box.

    Kind regards


  • I need a print application, but I can't understand how to do it as a series of HP Deskjet 1000 J110

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    Windows 7 ~ 64-bit


    Unfortunately, this printer does NOT support duplexing (printing on both sides):


    Kind regards.

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    I have already returned a cartridge to the store where it was a problem with the cartridge itself, but the same thing happened with a second.

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    Thanx, Alison


    It usually take a few cleanings to operate.

    Best regards


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    Thank you in advance!

    Michael Sponable


    Your printer can print in black only, but up to a certain point , you need tri-cartouche color otherwise it will not print. It's a little late now, otherwise if you only need to print B & W, a monochrome laser printer is very good and much cheaper to run (in terms of cost per page).

    Kind regards.

  • How to install a printer hp deskjet 1000 j110 to my acer computer

    I need to install a printer hp deskjet 1000 j110 to my acer computer


    There are several ways to connect a printer to your computer. An option that you choose depends on the device itself, and whether you're at home or at the office.

    You can check the Setup, install and configure and install a printer and check if that helps.

  • DeskJet 1000 J110: Deskjet 1000 Series Windows 10 J110

    After upgrade Windows 10 Windows 7, my printer Deskjet 1000 J110 Series is not recognized. Download full feature software, or basic driver has not solved the problem.  This model benefits all for Windows 10?

    Your printer must be supported in Windows 10. This doc may help:

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    I bought this printer only about a month. I've exhausted the original black ink cartridge, so I bought a new one (genuine HP 63XL).

    I installed the new cartridge and the alignment page is printed, but only the parts of printing color, no black. I tried to print a test page, once again, not black. The ink level software shows that the new cartridge is full.

    I tried to put back the cartridge several times and made sure the protective film is removed completelu.

    I tried to remove the new cartridge to print mode single cartridge. The test page comes out fine; but, when I try to print a document in this way, the printer WILL NOT PRINT AT ALL. There is a little red light next to the black point near the power button.

    HI @saking88,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I see that you are unable to print black on your printer HP Deskjet 2132. I'd be happy to help you and don't forget to come back to this thread and check "Accept as Solution", if I have successfully helped solve you the problem. If you want to say 'Thank you' to my effort to help, click on the "thumbs up" to give me a Kudos.

    It seems that there is a problem with the cartridge of the printer or print. This document should help you determine the cause. Please, try the steps in the guide below, to see if we can get the impression in black again for you.

    HP DeskJet printers 2130 - color or black ink print do not.

    This document is for HP DeskJet 2130, 2132, 2134, printers all-in-one Deskjet Ink Advantage 2135 2136 and 2138.
  • Problem with black ink cartridge HP Deskjet 3520

    I just replaced a (almost) empty black ink cartridge in my HP Deskjet 3520 printer, and now I get no word on paper. The printer prints photos of a text, but not the text. The test page only gives light gray instead of black values.

    I put the cartridge almost empty return, but the results were the same: not a single word of the text has been printed.

    Can you help me with this one?

    Thanks for the reply. I cleaned up the area where the open cartridge area (square round where the ink comes out) ink and leaves the cartridge references in printer from one day to the next. By making these 2 steps, it started fine printing and quality is really good like the other. Thank you!!!

  • DeskJet 1000 J110 stopped check ink levels


    I have a Deskjet 1000 J110 and I am running Windows 7.

    The HP software used to allow me to check the ink levels, now he doesn't. I checked no more than 3 weeks without problem. Now, when I tried to check them, the option simply wasn't there. I don't know, but I think that the shortcut on the menu HP folder go the Control Panel Printers folder and not the HP software as it used to.

    Someone has an idea of what could be the problem?

    See you soon!

    Hi seileach,.

    Welcome to the HP Forums, I hope you enjoy your experience!

    I read your post and to see that the Printer Wizard is not open to view ink levels when you click on the shortcut of the printer.
    I'll be happy to help you.

    Try to go to start, all programs, HP Deskjet 1000 J110, and then click the J110 Deskjet 1000 again to see if the printer wizard will now open in this way.

    If this isn't the case, then most likely the driver is damaged. I uninstall and reinstall the printer software.

    Uninstalling the printer software.

    HP Deskjet 1000 printer - J110a drivers.

    Select your operating system, click Next and click on the software to download and install.

    Now try and access the Printer Wizard.

    I hope this helps.

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums.
    Have a wonderful day!

  • HPO D5560 not print with the black print cartridge

    Having a D5560 printer which stopped printing with the black cartridge.

    Thought it was the cartridge has installed a new (only use HP cartridges) no difference

    After thinking the Black just stopped - no phasing-out quality, etc..

    Ran the cartridge filter (all levels of cleaning) no difference

    Print well if I remove the black cartridge so that the Tricolor print black but it's only good to work around the problem

    I use this on Windows 8.1. It worked fine for months

    Can't think that I had installed recently HP driver updates

    I have a hardware problem?

    Thanks for any input

    See you soon


    OK, so it's weird.

    Just thought to connect my netbook windows 7 into the printer.

    It print very well with the black print cartridge.

    Sent a work computer Windows 8.1 and now prints fine in black of the black cartridge.

    Problem solved, but I'm losing the plot!

    See you soon


  • DeskJet 1050 J410 no black ink will print.

    Recently, I changed my black ink cartridge and now the black ink does not print. It shows that the cartridge is full, and it's a brand new cartridge to the store. When I print, the book will come out with only one color of ink. I tried to clean the heads printing, but in vain. Can someone please?

    Try to reset the printer and check if that solved the problem.

    1. turn on the printer and open the cartridge access door.
    2. remove the black and color cartridges from the printer and close the door.
    3. disconnect the power cord to the back of the printer.
    4. wait for 30 seconds and connect the power cable to the printer.
    5. If the printer does not automatically, press the power button to turn it on.
    6. install the cartridges.

    Now, try to print and check for the problem is solved.

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