HP Deskjet 1000cse C2670A: Windows 7 64 bit driver for HP Deskjet 1000cse model C2670A

My Windows 7 PC crashed a few weeks ago and I had to do a clean reinstall Win 7 Pro.  That wiped out all my programs and drivers.  Everything is back now, except the driver for my printer HP Deskjet 1000cse model C2670A.  Successfully, I installed a driver for it in June of 2013 but have lost the info that showed me how to get and install the driver.

Why should I have this old printer?  I'm afraid to print tear-off labels on my new all-in-one printer.


The HP Deskjet 1000 c is now installed and working properly.  Thanks to Bob Headrick and Paul Tikkanen.

I finally realized that when I reinstalled Windows 7, I've eliminated the driver for Sunix parallel/Serial Port Adapter (purchased with the computer). Fortunately, I had the driver and installed. For some unknown reason that he installed as instead of LPT1-LPT3. I was able to change the port to the LPT1 port in Device Manager.

A scare: after that I used the patch in the zip file, and moved the three extracted files to the folder indicated in the patch mode, I tried to print and discovered, to my horror, that absolutely no printer has been installed on the PC. Holding my breath, I rebooted and all printers were back.   I think you need to add the reboot to your instructions.

I have a more detailed description (one page of a Word Doc) that I am willing to share but see no way to attach to this post.

Thanks again.


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