HP deskjet 1010:802 black print cartridge error

Hi, I was buy new set (light black) cartridge for my HP 1010 deksjet via the HP store. But when I changed the black cartridge, he said that my new cartridge was not original, and I have to install it. When I changed the Tricolor flag, it works! I cleaned the black cartridge and place it on my printer, but doesn't work

What should I do?

Hi @Osh35,

Thank you for your quick response. Please visit this link: http://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03772927 for more troubleshooting to try to resolve the situation.

I really hope that the problem is solved without hassle and the printer works great. I hope this helps. Please let me know how it works. Just to say thank youPlease click the ' Thumbs Up ' button to appreciate my efforts in giving me a congratulations. If it helps, Please mark this "accepted Solution".

Thank you and have a great week ahead.

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  • OfficeJet HP5510 remove and check black print cartridge error

    Hi, my OfficeJet 5510 was printing very well. Then suddenly gave me the error "remove and check black print cartridge". The cartridge has plenty of ink. Remove and replace the cartridge. No luck. Past to another black HP cartridge. Same mistake. Any suggestions?


    Only two suggestions for you, but they might do the trick:

    Try the troubleshooting steps as much as possible the documents below. The only step that you should ignore is to buy a new cartridge, since you just got a new.

    "Remove and check [color / black / photo] cartridge ' Error Message appears on the screen of the control panel.

    "Incorrect print cartridge" or "Print cartridge problem" message

  • DeskJet F4480: full black print cartridge still does not print black. Colors OK.

    What the title says. All of a sudden my Deskjet F4480 does not print black. All cartridges are almost nine (changed recently, bought at Staples). Colour printing is OK. Print a page with black text and results in only the images printing color images. I only went through all the steps of cleaning cartridge several times, no difference. There is no error message, just black not appear do not at all.

    And... Here is the solution.

    Funny how I found an explanation of the problem and how to fix it on a different printer manufacturer's Web site, but not on HP... But I digress.

    The black cartridge has been blocked. The way of difficulty is:

    1. remove the faulty cartridge from the printer.

    2. place a small amount of boiling water in a cup (about 1/4 in.) and dunk of the print head (the part where the ink comes out) in warm water for a minute. Do not immerse the entire cartridge in hot water, just the print head.

    3 take it out, pat against a paper towel, observe the model ink left in the cartridge on the towel. If too little / interrupted, dunk again in hot water for another minute, pat again. You want to get an unbroken line of ink through the length of the print head. Repeat as needed (I did 4 times total).

    4 cartridge Pat dry everywhere, put it back in the printer, run cleaning cycles (1 - 2).

    5. If still not good fixed, take out the cartridge and repeat 2 (I had to do it again).

    You will lose little ink, cartridge of bad and good a well (you can not run cycles with only 1 cleaning cartridge), but at least you won't have to throw a nearly full cartridge.

  • HP Deskjet Series 1510: Black print cartridge slightly

    I use deskjet series 1510 for about a year, but recently there is a problem on the black cartridge. When I put quality on plain paper normal at best quality, the output paper still prints the words a little. I try to use special paper, but it's always the same. Then I try to use the photo with the highest quality paper and the result displays the words clearly. This thing happened after I refill the black cartridge for myself, not to buy original hp cartridge. Is it possible to make it clear again with the best quality paper ordinary setting? Because it is too extravagant if I always use the quality setting best photo paper or there may be some indication of failure of the axis of the printer? I hope I explain cleary, look forward to the solution, thank you.

    Kind regards


    The black cartridge is not used when the photo paper is selected, because the black pigmented ink is not compatible with photo paper.

    It would seem that you have incompatible ink or have introduced air into the black cartrdige.

    Replace the black cartridge with a genuine HP cartridge should solve the problem.  [Unless the refill ink has contaminated the gas caps and wipers, in this case more work may be required...]

  • LaserJetPro M201dw: Error Message on new HP LASERJET PRO M201dw - "install the black print cartridge.

    Hi, we have a new printer HP LaserJetPro M201dw. We put up this morning, following the instructions as stated in the manual, but the printer keeps blinking and say "install the black print cartridge or clear jam."

    The printer has never been used, so there is no jams, and the ink cartridge was too brand new and a black cartridge HP official. The printer does nothing, it doesn't print, I can't do a cleaning page, it simply does not work. I tried resetting, disconnected from the power supply from the mains and put it back, and we tried a second new ink cartridge, he pulled several times and it still says "install the ink cartridge. I is not a jam in the printer at all. I tried following the recommended steps for others who have had the same problem, but always without success.

    The printer has been installed successfully on my Windows Vista computer, but the same error message appears on my computer when I try to print directly from the computer.

    I would be grateful for any suggestion. Thank you very much.

    You probably have a joint expedition on something.  It really is a common thing, now it's HP shipped toner in printers take the tray, toner, open everything. Tilt the machine upward, look inside, etc.  Use a flashlight if you have not entered of lights in the room.

    If it's blue or orange, a transport lock.  It could be as simple as a piece of tape, a plastic tie or a block of expanded polystyrene (white).

  • My V715W was not printing black print cartridge replaced with cartridge Dell, error message says lack of empty, re-installed ink cartridge the cartridge with the same message. Put original cartridge is black and got the same error

    My V715W was not printing black print cartridge replaced with cartridge Dell, error message says lack of empty, re-installed ink cartridge the cartridge with the same message. Put original cartridge is black and got the same error

    My dells V515w printer will not print after that I changed the cartridge, the cartridges black & color dells. There is no print blank paper. Re-installed I'm really lost.

  • Incompatible print cartridge error C309g.

    Incompatible print cartridge error C309g. When replacing foul 564 XL (black), now I get this message. The new cartridge works in another printer that uses 564 XL. Went ahead and tried another brand new 564 XL - same message. Have turned printer on and outside. Is there a way to reoot, clean or otherwise set the printer before assuming it's really broken? Other suggestions?

    UPDATE: this has been resolved with a hard reset. I found how to do this in another post (thanks bassergitz!). How to do a hard reset or 'dirty power up': when the printer is on, pull on the power cord to the printer and the wall. After 30 seconds reconnect power to the wall and printer. It will take several minutes to initialize.

  • Message "install the black print cartridge.

    I installed my new LaserJet Pro M127fn MFP printer.  However, even if I have the cartridge properly into the printer, the above message keeps appearing.  I tried a hard reboot several times, but the message continues to appear, and I'm unable to print.   What causes this problem?

    There could be some left on the toner packaging. Please try the steps outlined in this guide below, if all goes well he will clear the error

    Toner blinking or 'Install black print cartridge' Message is displayed on the control panel

    If this does not work, and given that the printer is brand new, you can also contact HP in North America at 1-800-474-6836 support or find the local for your country here phone number: http://welcome.hp.com/country/w1/en/support.html please look for the category 'technical support after you buy '.

  • HPO D5560 not print with the black print cartridge

    Having a D5560 printer which stopped printing with the black cartridge.

    Thought it was the cartridge has installed a new (only use HP cartridges) no difference

    After thinking the Black just stopped - no phasing-out quality, etc..

    Ran the cartridge filter (all levels of cleaning) no difference

    Print well if I remove the black cartridge so that the Tricolor print black but it's only good to work around the problem

    I use this on Windows 8.1. It worked fine for months

    Can't think that I had installed recently HP driver updates

    I have a hardware problem?

    Thanks for any input

    See you soon


    OK, so it's weird.

    Just thought to connect my netbook windows 7 into the printer.

    It print very well with the black print cartridge.

    Sent a work computer Windows 8.1 and now prints fine in black of the black cartridge.

    Problem solved, but I'm losing the plot!

    See you soon


  • e-All-In-One series C410: HP Photosmart - black print cartridge produces only "ghost image".

    The black print cartridge produces a ghost image.  I installed a new cartridge with the same results.  The photo and 3 color cartridges cartridge are all ok.  I also introduced "clean printhead" and ran a "print quality report", where black could not appear in the report.

    Dragon fur, I rechecked possible solutions in your response, and after a new test of everything that I had already done, I noticed an alignment test.  That was the problem.  I tried to clean the print heads, as a last resort, on my 4 year old printer.  Solution: I bought a new printer.

    Thank you for your wonderfully detailed answer.

  • Black print cartridge registers is not on the right side of the page

    CP1215 has developed a weird problem! Recently replaced the black print cartridge (new, original HP).

    Printing a document in BLACK color, this isn't a problem. Crisp and clear impressions.

    Print the same document in color gives completely misaligned recording BLACK on the side RIGHT of the page. The side LEFT is clear!

    Printing CONFIGURATION PAGE confirms the problem. Registration of marks below on the LEFT are perfectly aligned.

    But on the lower RIGHT, all colors are aligned with the exception of black - the black line is much higher and offset printing to the right where it should be. That's why the color prints are all blurry on the right side of the page.

    Calibration several times running, check the drivers etc.

    Any help/advice is really appreciated!

    Hi Gemini02,

    Sorry about the long absence, but was busy with other stuff. More beat troubleshooting according to your last email.

    First of all, a few answers to your questions:

    1. don't know what the problem is. Don't want to start replacing immediately.

    2. all ink levels are more than 80%; Black nine.

    3. all the cartridges are original HP Black has been replaced recently, the other three provided with your printer.

    4. the paper is double-a premium, 80gr

    5 paper is set on the plain. Have you tried with the HP90 and light parameters too.

    After following your instructions of troubleshooting:

    6 printer moved closer to the wall outlet - it's a machine heavy tho!

    7 pressed & held green button. Config and supply status printed pages.

    8. print with other applications (Photoshop, Word, PowerPoint and Adobe Reader).

    Problem persisted. Registration completely to the bottom of the hand right side of the page and the worst in the lower corner straight out.

    Acts of desperation next, pure:

    9 deleted each cartridge, shaken several times on the axis horizontal and then triggered one end while decreasing the other and vice-versa several times. Replaced in the status bar.

    10. Ran HP Toolbox calibration.

    11. test print to Adobe Reader - same document as before. Substantial improvement!

    12. Repeat steps 9 and 10. Further improvement.

    13. Repeat steps 9 and 10 more. Almost no problem checking.

    14. Repeat steps 9 and 10 more. No record of the questions at all!

    Then, to avoid the location and power source:

    15. moved printer in its normal location.

    16 connected the printer to its normal power source - an extension of good quality.

    17. reprinted on the same page. No registration no questions at all.

    I have no idea why the steps 9 and 10 would have such an impact. And why repeating them would improve the print quality progressively until no problems are observable. I have detailed my action here in case they can help someone else.

    I thank very you much for the support and guidance you provided. If you have any idea why the repeated shaking and calibration solved this problem, I would be very interested! Keeping in mind I ran several times previously without success to calibration.

    Thanks again for your help.

  • My HP C4750 sat unused for two years. Both new cartridges are so-called 'Print cartridge error': help!

    My HP C4750 wireless and wireless has worked on occasion, so I used a different printer and let sit unused HP two years.  Now I need to use it, now using a cable to my computer laptop, bought two new ink cartridges and show 'print cartridge error.  It cannot read ink levels that should be 100% of new cartridges. I really think that the cartridges are inserted correctly.  Wonder if something is dried up inside? Help please!

    Troubleshooting steps described in this document can help solve your problem.  Be sure to clean the contacts of the cartridge and printer as shown in the second Solution.

  • during installation of HP DESKJET INK ADVANTAGE 3525 does not recognize original black print cartridge

    Hi all

    during the installation of my new printer HP DESKJET INK ADVANTAGE 3525 I discovered, that the printer does not recognize the new black ink cartridge. The black cartridge, as well as the other colours, is original and it was packaged with the printer.

    Thanks in advance for your help and have a nice day!

    Hello @Hugh_G,

    Welcome to the HP Forums

    I'm sorry to hear that your printer does not recognize the black cartridge, and I am happy to help you solve this problem!

    Are getting you any kind of error message about the cartridge? If this is the case, please follow this ink cartridge problem: "Not compatible ink cartridge" or "Ink cartridge must be replaced" message for HP Deskjet 3520 e-all-in-one and HP Deskjet Ink Advantage e-all-in-one 3520 Printer series document and, hopefully, the printer will recognize the cartridge after these steps.

    Maybe that's not the question if you thinking maybe that black ink is not printing? If this is the case, please try these steps printer prints blank Page or not printing black or color ink for HP Deskjet Ink Advantage and Deskjet 3520 e-all-in-one printer series for a possible solution

    I would like to know if these steps help and what happens after trying them and I hope that we can get things working for you!

  • DeskJet 3520: no black print with new ink and genuine cartridge is full

    No black print with genuine new cartridge ink level shows and complete.  Many other colors are printed. This happened after I made the print heads clean and clean ink smears.

    Thanks for the reply

    Now, if you were to call to our technical support team, they should be able to implement a replacement for you for this printer model, regardless of the status of the guarantee.

    Call them and let me know how things are going for you!

  • OfficeJet J4580 error on black print cartridge

    I have an OfficeJet J4580 AIO Printer. The error that says "Print Cartridge problem: [Tri-Color] refer to device documentation to troubleshoot."

    It wont let me not align cartridges or run any type of installation. Is he just saying that he needs a color cartridge? Why not say that?

    Thanks for any help you can provide. Dianne

    Hi, check if the problem with the Tricolor cartridge can be solved by cleaning the contacts. More details in this document of the

    I hope this helps...

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