HP deskjet D1660 and deskjet D2660

Hello all, I am planning to buy a new hp printer, my selection were hp deskjet D1660 and hp deskjet D2660 because of their price and their design and their ink is affordable, can someone tell me the difference of this two printer because the printer two has almost the same features than what I read, the difference that I see is that D2660 has a low-ink indicator other than can someone tell me the difference between these two printers except on his conception of the physycal?

Thanks in advance...

I don't know if this link will work for you, but the HP store made a comparison side by side the two products.


Looks like the D2660 printer better when you compare the specs, but the D1660 has a higher rating of customers.

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  • DeskJet D2660: Help me. Urgent!

    Accidentally, I installed the wrong cartridge and I can't remove it now. It stuck inside the door. What should I do now? Help me.

    Welcome to the HP community @__anon__,.

    I wanted to respond to your post about the problem you are having with the cartridge and the transport being stuck after installing the incorrect cartridges in your Deskjet D2660. The best idea I have for you, would be to try the steps in the 'Transport Jam' guide below, to see if they can help remove the incorrect cartridges, so you can insert good.

    If the transport is still stuck, I recommend finally contact the HP to see on your next options printer with them. I'll leave their contact details for you below.

    How to reach HP:

    Step 1. Open the link: www.hp.com/contacthp/
    Step 2. Enter the product number or select Auto detection
    Step 3. Scroll up to "still need help? Fill out the form to select your contact options.
    Step 4. Scroll down and click on: contact HP options - click Get phone number
    File number and phone number are displayed.

    If you want to send me a 'thanks' for my answer in help, click the thumb upward. If I helped find a solution, press the button "Accept as Solution" below!

    I hope this helps you!

  • Deskjet D2660 printer: unable to print from your PC Windows 10 using printer HP Deskjet D2660 shared connected to Windows 7 PC


    I have two PC Marge and Homer connected through a NetGear router:

    Margin: A Windows 7 32 bit laptop computer with an HP Deskjet D2660 printer and one scanner HP Scanjet 2400 attached to it. All these devices work perfectly well.

    Homer: 10 64 bit Windows desktop without devices.

    The two computers share their photos, music, videos and documents folders and printers via a homegroup. However, although Homer can see the printer connected to the margin, if I try to print anything from Homer, it fails. To give an example of this, if I print from 2013 word on Homer, the dialog box is shown below:

    At other times, on Homer, the item to be printed appears in the print queue, spool but then disappear. Moreover, I am aware of the problems of HP driver causing the elements to disappear with the disappearance of print queues in Windows.

    All the HP diagnostic software I tried did not detect the printer, perhaps because it is an older model.

    Can someone advise?

    Thank you

    Martin O'Shea.

    For the Dissapperaing of print job in the queue. Please follow the path below.

    Step: 1 Goto C drive--> Windows System32-->--> coil--> printers (right click and click Properties).

    Step: 2. under printer properties. Click the Security tab.

    Step: 3 Under Group or user name-> click on each one, then click on modify.

    Click on allow on all the paramaters (Permission) and then click on apply and then click ok.

    Step: 4 reboot the system and unplug the power cable from the printer without pressing the power button on the printer.

    Problem should be solved, it's usually because that computer allocates the permission for printing.

    I hope that this should take care of the concern.

  • HP deskjet d2660

    My hp deskjet d2660 has been installed for more than a year and some of the works of the time very well. However, most of the time it does not print. The computer says it's printing but it prints normally until the computer is turned off, then a few minutes later prints all pages the last time it was closed. Unfortunately, he ceased to do this... now, it doesn't print at all and there is no error message. All solutions?

    HI, go to www.hp.com/go/tools and download and run the print diagnostic utility you. He will check the most commen problems and fix them if possible.

  • DeskJet D2660 - errors Windows 8.1 - don't Print - out


    I have a HP Deskjet D2660. I have a Dell

    Inspiron 15R 5521

    . I have Windows 64-bit of 8.1.

    When I try to print a document, or PDF printer will sometimes just leave the document in the queue and change the "status of mutiple symbols such as *! ^ #% ~ ~ * & instead of saying "printing error, deletion, etc...". Sometimes the HP Solution Center will send a pop up and tell me that the printer cannot print. Sometimes, I get an error of communication. But no matter, I am unable to print whole pages. When the printer decides it wants to print it will show 1/4 of the document and stop with a pop-up that says "unable to print document" Center of HP solutions also appears and says the same thing.

    I tried the "guided" solutions I stopped and restarted the "print spooler" from Device Manager. I have uninstalled and reinstalled my software to print several times as deleted and reinstalled all the drivers of hp associated with this printer model. I ran the HP program doctor. I used the "HP Updater" that tells me that there is no update and I'm updating. All this without result. I need a solution that works and I need it as soon as possible. I'm at the point where I'm ready to take this printer and run it with my truck because being able to print is a very important aspect of my office at home I prepare tax returns and must be able to print. I don't want to change the printer because the printer has always been reliable and does exactly what I need to do it, PRINTING of DOCUMENTS and. PDF files. But now it won't.

    Please help me to get this resolved as soon as possible! I appreciate all the suggestions that I have not tried!

    Knaus Tax Prep

    To solve the problem I bought a used HP F4180 and it works fine with my system. I guess the d2660 is just old. Thanks anyway!

  • DeskJet D2660 on Snow Leopard?


    Im trying to install a Deskjet D2660 on a MacBook running Mac OS x 10.6 (Snow Leopard), the printer installs and is recognized by the machine even tell you that the printer door has been opened or a new cartridge has been installed and needs alignment, but she won't let you go further with the alignment, or it will allow you to print.

    Snow Leopard apparently has this built-in printer drivers, but the last person who tried to install this printer on this machine admitted that they had installed the CD while trying to make it work.

    Any Suggestions?

    See you soon


    Edit: The printer prints perfectly on my machine windows 7, so im pretty confident the printer works well.

    Unless your CD says it supports in particular 10.6 Snow Leopard, you must uninstall the software No-10, 6 by using the "scrubber":

    Go to Applications/Hewlett Packard / click Uninstall HP
    Click on continue
    Highlight your device in the left pane
    Hold down the Ctrl and Opt Cmd and click on uninstall
    There will be a pop up that asks if you are sure you want to uninstall all hp software. (At this point, if you continue, all HP printers you have installed will need to be reinstalled)
    Click on continue and let it finish

    Restart your Mac

    Now run a software update.

    Then, remove and reinstall the printer in System Preferences, Print & Fax.

    You do not have the software now since Snow Leopard as well print & scan drivers built-in. scan from Preview apps or Image Capture. Scan from the front panel of the printer does not work yet.

  • have a HP deskjet D2660 printer in devices and printers it shows D2600

    I can't get my printer to work.  I tried to go bad and in devices and printers, there my default printer like D2600 but it is actually D2660 so it won't work. I don't know when it changed, or what.  How I can get it to the printer, it is supposed to be?  Thank you

    Problem solved.  Thank you

  • HP Deskjet D2660: All prints gives blank Pages

    Hello. We have long used the faithful D2660 to print labels for shipping mostly in black and white. We recently used not printer in over a month, and upon his return, is having problems printing.  It was unusually hot in England during that period and may have caused the problem is perhaps remarkable?

    All attempts to print blank paper to return. The printer goes through the usual movements of printing, but it seems that there is no ink coming out of the cartridge.

    I tried...

    • Insert two offical cartridges with ink left and who does not. The first two were seen correctly make the ink and the third was also properly don't not have ink. It can identify how much ink is left in a cartridge.
    • The toolbox using automated "To clean the print cartridges", "defamation cleaning Page back" and "Test Print-document". Nothing has changed and it printed a blank page.
    • Move the printer cable
    • Grayscale (who oppose black ink only) and checking the size of the page.
    • I have already used the printer on Ubuntu. I started a live CD and tried to print from there, but again without success.
    • Installed the latest drivers from HP.com. It does not appear to say something wrong with the printer.

    Hello @ZackR,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP and thanks for posting!

    I want to help you with the problem of blank print you are having with your HP Deskjet 2660 printer.

    Thanks for the detailed description of the problem and the steps you have taken to try to solve it. Looks like the ink in your cartridges can have dried in the hot season (this is especially likely if you have had their printer output).

    I would recommend looking on the steps in this document, to see if there is nothing, you may have missed:

    HP Deskjet D2600 series printers - troubleshooting print quality issues

    If the problem persists, I strongly recommend replacing your cartridges, because it seems that the printer itself works fine.

    I hope this helps!

  • HP Deskjet D1660: Cannot install printer or Scanner, does not meet the min requirements

    I recently spent computers, from Windows 7 to Windows 7 Professional, and I seem to have install my HP Deskjet D1660 and my scanner, a HP Scanjet G4010 of questions. Both gave me the same problems.

    When I connected my Deskjet, my PC tried to install the drivers from the usb port. He reconizes as a device, it could not install the drivers. Then, I downloaded the program core facility for the Deskjet (DJ_SF_06_D1600_NonNet_Basic_Win_WW_140_175.exe) and follow the guests.

    The installer is never far away and from the beginning, I get a message screen for the system demand for results, indicating that my computer is missing, the USB drivers and a USB device. I had exactly the same result when I tried to install my Scanjet.

    The screen looks like this:

    And like this:

    I checked my registry and my USB is enabled, so I'm not entirely sure about the problem. Also, I went through the troubleshooting to the Deskjet printer page. I tried disconnecting / reconnecting the cable USB from the printer and the computer. I made sure automatic updates is turned on. I made sure that all updates are installed. I tried to run the installer with virus protection disabled. I tried to run the installer with the firewall disabled too. I even went through the devices Manager Wizard to add the printer this way goods instructions on the troubleshooting page, but no dice.

    I'm really just scratching my head on this one.

    In regards to recent software or driver changes, I mean the computer is new. I've been slowly installing programs, that I used on my old computer, but they never have interefered with the printer or a scanner working previously.

    I use a wireless internet connection.

    Click the Start button and type folder in the search bar, then open the Temp folder indicated.

    Open the last HP installation folder that begins with 7z (e.g. 7zs1234)
    Open the installation folder.
    Find the file usbready.exe and rename it to usbready.old.exe
    Navigate to the main extraction folder (folders that begins with 7z) and run the Setup.exe file.

    Now follow the installation and check for the difference.

    Kind regards

  • Deskjet does not print

    My printer is a Deskjet D1660 and my operating system is Windows Vista.

    I was printing my school schedule when it crowded for a reason. I got out the paper, but now my printer does not print anything. Everything is connected, ok, because my computer still has as an option of the printer and the printer, it is the auto lights up again.

    However, I get an error that says it is printing on a document and I also waiting for documents (from me trying to print my schedule from school many times before coming here to help)

    So, in summary, he says it's printing, but it is not printing.

    I got the machine to prepare without something like what's happening two years before.

    Thanks for the reply but I ended up fixing myself by reinstaling the printer.

  • Printing error: "Spooler subsystem APP has encountered a problem and needs to close."

    Original title: cannot print to the network printer.__I have a net wifi Windows XP, SP 3 and an IBM laptop.

    Printers seem to be installed (XP has the printer connected via USB) but when I try to print from IBM I get an error as follows:

    "Subsystem spooler APP has encountered a problem and needs to close."

    The printer is a HP Deskjet D2660 and the LAN is configured correctly by using the wizard.

    I also discovered that the print spooler is never started.

    In addition, even when I start the spooler it remains not said during the next time I start up.

    Can anyone help? I've been banging my head for two weeks.


    Thanks for responding.

    My IBM ThinkPad running XP - Pro

    My computer is a DELL and running XP-Home Edition

    Printer installed on DELL

    I have a WIRELESS LAN installed by the installation wizard. The net works fine except for the printer.

    Every time I start the spooler does not work. If I set the spooler of runing the choice is never registered. the next time I start up, the spooler does not work.

    I finally asked some experts to solve the problem of no access to the network printer. It took them more than 4 hours (for a cost) to make it work. Everything was going well until the next day. The problem is back. My thought is that the register should be updated so it will retain the corrtions.

    I downloaded the MATS_RUN.printing.exe utility. It corrects everything except this message on the Spooler subsystem.

    Any advice you can give me would be greatly appreciated.

  • I have a docment who is in Quebec and can not remove it. How can I remove it?

    I have a HP Deskjet D1660, and I have a document in Quebec that I can't remove.

    What can I do to get rid of him, so I can try to reprint?

    If the printer is in mobile use, make sure that you correctly turn the printer off when you are finished.  The printer must be turned off with the switch and then required time leave the printheads properly Park.  If the power is turned off without turning off the printer and allowing him to park the printheads properly then the printhead can dry and clog.  (This is likely to be more a problem with the color cartridge).

    Also avoid extreme temperatures - inside a closed vehicle in summer temperatures can easily get at 50 ° C or more, and it can also shorten the life of the cartridge.

  • Trouble aligning vertically to print them on paper for CD labels! (Adobe HAVE CS4 & OSX)

    Hi all

    I use a D1660 and problems aligning the printing on paper for CD labels vertically. Essays on ordinary copier paper and implementation of work for my paper for labels, printing is perfectly fixed - switch on the label paper CD printing for real and move the image vertically to + 13 mm.

    It's ok, I'll pass the work vertically-13 mm to fit again - but when printed image and more travel that I changed the work! (- 26 mm)

    I can only think that the printer detects the paper for labels and changes where printing starts from a little heavier. I have searched online but can not find thing in material aid.

    I print from Adobe Illustrator CS4 on OSX10.6, and I look at the settings of Page layout and printing of dialogues. I am also an experienced graphic designer, but can't understand it... Please help!


    Randy, here's my follow-up. After losing a lot of paper, the other day I thought about it:

    In the Apple print dialog box there is an option for "Placement" in the box "Options." This is something that I have never had to worry with previous printers, but apparently affects where the D1660 puts the image on paper.

    Setting the X & Y values to zero and by selecting Do not scale and it printed perfectly. One of these things we must learn I guess!

  • Why my deskjet d1660 installing not to keep messages popping up saying that it has stopped working

    I have a 722 Aspireone and a HP Deskjet D1660 printer, I am able to download the driver but cannot install it after it extracts it dose nothing and then in my Center of windows messages, there is a message that the installation has stoped working. Help please! :-(


    I did a search on the computer that you referenced.  Looks like it is usually supplied with Windows 7. So, I'll assume you have Windows 7.  If this is not correct, please respond with more information.  What operating system, what is the exact error message, etc.

    Based on what you call, try these instructions and see if they help?



  • Deskjet 710/720/810/820/1000 Series printers - Patch for 64 bit Vista and Windows 7

    There is a problem with the 64-bit, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8 or 8.1 drivers which causes the spooler crash with the following HP Deskjet printers:

    DeskJet 710

    DeskJet 712

    DeskJet 720

    DeskJet 722

    DeskJet 810

    DeskJet 812

    Deskjet 820

    DeskJet 822

    DeskJet 1000

    The attachment contains a fix for this problem for Vista and Windows 7.

    [The patch does not work for Windows 8, 8.1, or 10 x 64 systems.  There are efforts to this address, if a solution is developed it will be shown here.  [{Edit - I did not progress by getting the patch to run in Windows 8 x 64.}]

    First of all make sure that the driver for the installed printer.  If the driver has not been installed go to start devices and printers, add printer, the local printer, choose the appropriate port (for the converters, USB-parallel, the port likely USB001: or maybe USB002 :), then click Windows Update then choose HP for the manufacturer and select the appropriate printer.)

    Apply the patch as follows: log in to the computer with an administrator account.  Download the patch by clicking on this link or on the trombone at the end of this post.  Save the hotfix on your computer, then unzip it.  Then, copy the three DLL files in the following directory: %windir%\system32\spool\drivers\x64\3

    Note that %windir%\System32 is a system variable that points to the location of the Windows directory. For most systems it will be C:\Windows.  You can click Start, computer, and type %windir%\system32\spool\drivers\x64\3 in the address bar and it is in the right place.

    This can be done from a DOS command prompt if BACK is opened with the "run as Administrator" command or to explore with a copy and paste.  Depending on your UAC settings, you may need to provide confirmation.  Also allow existing files to be replaced if you are prompted.

    This patch is not necessary and should not be applied to a 32-bit version of Vista or Windows 7.

    Thanks to extraordinary Microsoft engineer Alan Morris forguidelines for patch.

    Update - here is that of the more detailed installation instructions:

    Download the patch on the DJ_Patch.zip at the bottom of the page and save it on your computer.  Now click on the file and open it, and then extract the fix in a directory that is easy to find. (I use c:\temp. If this directory does not exist you can create it as follows: open the administrative BACK prompts by clicking Start, all programs, accessories, and then right-click on CMD. EXE and select run as administrator. Click in the DOS window, and then type the following command:

    MD c:\temp

    CD \temp

    Now extract the patch files in the c:\temp directory (all, extract c:\temp chose as a destination).

    [Update - Windows security settings can prevent these files from being used, please open computer, type c:\temp in the address bar and then right click on each of the dll files and select Properties.]  If there is a message indicating the properties file has been downloaded from the internet and can be blocked and then unlock the file before continuing.]

    Then, click back to the administrative DOS prompt and type the following: (the green stuff are comments, do not type them...)

    *. DLL DIR (just to check that the files are there, it should list hpvdb720.dll, hpvdb820.dll and hpwm5db1.dll and perhaps others).

    Net stop spooler (ensures that the files are not in use.)

    Copy hpvdb720.dll C:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\x64\3 (this is for the Deskjet 710/712/720/722)

    Copy hpvdb820.dll c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\x64\3 (this covers the Deskjet 820 and 822)

    Hpwm5db1.dll c:\windows\system32\spool\drivers\x64\3(this covers the Deskjet 1000 copy)

    NET Start Spooler


    [Edit - note that these DLL files will already be in the directory.  You will get a warning asking if it's OK to replace the files, say "Yes".]

    At this point, the patch is installed and ready to print.

    Note that here printers do not support USB connections, they have only the parallel ports. [Edit - if your printer has a parallel port to use, it will be probably much less problematic than the use of a converter USB / parallel].   If you use a make you converter USB / parallel it is supported in your operating system.  The following messages are reported by cables USB-parallel that are supposed to work in Windows 7.   A driver is required for the converter USB / parallel besides the driver of the printer.  For converters supported, it is usually provided automatically in Windows 7.  Note: the appropriate to select for USB-parallel converter port is often USB001:.  I've heard of cases where the port was USB002: or LPT3: as well.  If the port you are using is unable (after applying the fix) try to change the port by going to start, devices and printers, right-click on your printer and select printer properties, then click the Ports tab.

    Mick4 wrote: the problem is that I only could unzip the 3 dll files but don't know how to replace the bad dll files. Mick 4

    If you use Windows 7 do the following: log in as a user with the administrater properties.  [The following assumes that you are using IE as your browser] Click on the here link and select "Save".   Once the download is complete, select "Open folder", then right-click on the DJ_patch.zip file and select extract all.   If extract all is not an option, then click on "Open with" and select Windows Explorer.

    Leave the default directory and check the box "Show extracted files when you are finished", excerpt.   Click Start, computer, and type % windir%\system32\spool\drivers\x64\3.  Arrange the windows so that you can access the two parts of the window.  Go in the first pane and select the three files dll, hpvdb720.dll, hpvdb820.dll and hpwm5db1.dll.  Now drag and drop them to the % windir%\system32\spool\drivers\x64\3 window, select copy and answer to 'replace' in the dialog box.

    Note: %windir%\System32 is a system variable that points to the Windows directory.  For most systems it will be C:\Windows, but it can vary depending on the configuration of NDO of hardware configuration of the computer.  If you type %windir%\SysWoW64\cmd.exe in the address bar in Explorer or in start, search programs and files, it will find the right directory.

Maybe you are looking for