HP Deskjet printer 6700: Duplex is enabled but I can't always double print side

Hi - I have been using the printer HP 6700 on a PC for the last year, printing options have always been very simple to follow, with menu drop-down offering different options such as printing side single, double side, short/long term etc. of boxes. I recently bought a Mac, and as a new user I must say that I find it extremely frustrating to do the simplest tasks on it.

My problem right now is that I see no option to select double side printing when I want to print a document.  I have installed and uninstalled several times, tried all the things suggested in various forums online, including do not select the print option to fire air upward, and even though I selected the option copy double-sided on the setting of the page (which was not available when I installed with air printing option), my documents are still printing single-sided and no option is provided at any time during the process of print selection.

Please help it's driving me crazy, I spent 2 days reading various things to try, and nothing works - I'm regretting buying a Mac, they seem so much more complicated than anything do on a standard PC.

Hello Drakster - coincidentally I think that I managed to untangle why I couldn't see the box "Show details" which allows the possibility of two-face.

Today I had to download a document in PDF format on the internet for printing, when I click on the PDF file, it gave me the option view details that I used to double side of the document, it also gave me black and white, project and printing color option.

I have while I would try to print a Word document by clicking on the? Box in PDF format in the left corner of the box of the impression, when I went back to file and chosen the option to print again while in PDF mode, I got the box show details appears.

Here is the process I have applied, I tried only in Word it is the program that I need for most next double printing of: (PS. "I never got the chance to figure out how to turn the capture into a JPEG of the screen but will continue to try, as a newbie to Mac, I spend a lot of time to learn to do what seemed like simple functions using my old HP PC).

' Print double side and/or bl/wh -click on file, then print then the left button down PDF, select 'opens in PDF mode', then click new file and print should be displayed at the bottom on the list option, click on this and you will have then retrieves the options on the right of the double screen side nex to the option Copies (check the box) and click Presets to choose bl/wh or color printing options.»

Thanks for your help and your patience

best wishes SueW53

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