HP DL180 G6

I get ESXI 4.0 installed and then wait 5 minutes, it crashes? RAID all ok, install to usb thumb drive it starts, runs, only shows ip no problem... then it crashes later? any ideas.


Looks like that the network management agents / take a bit to load up, so it can accept client connections.


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    I work in the data center and my boss wants to join rails kit (513642-005 / 006-513642) rack back. I'd like to know the dimensions of the exact screws that I can use. I have tried looking for the dimensions of the screws from front of dl180 (which we use), but I found nothing. I already ordered M5 screws, diameter fits, but is not thread.

    Thank you


    Take one of the screws that you already use for a manufacturing workshop. They have all kinds of measuring instruments.

    They can use a thread gauge and you tell what size, length and thread of the screw.

  • HP DL180 Gen9 server: HP 10 GB 2 port 561T Ethernet adapter


    Can you help me if this 561T HP 10 GB 2 Port Ethernet adapter is Compatible with my HP DL180 Gen9 Server?

    Thank you



    This compatible list does not DL 180, but it is compatible with many other DL Gen8 servers:


    It must be. But my suggestion: talk with representatives of HP in your region drirectly, they are ready to help you.

    Kind regards.

  • HP 635199-421: HP DL180 G6, raid status

    Hi all! I have two rack-mounted servers HP DL180 G6 with RAID1 (mirror) in them. The question programs can get raid status, diagnosis? And he with a GUI for the user.
    I installed easy cd with "HP ProLiant series 100 management controller" and "HP ProLiant Smart Array SAS/SATA Event Notification Service for Server Windows 2003 and Windows Server 2008 x 64 editions. Is this all I need?


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  • DL180 G6 Server Rack - permanently at 80% fan speed

    I bought a "SE326M1 G6 Twin Xeon Hex Core L5640 48 GB RAM HP Proliant DL180 G6 Server Rack 2U" on eBay. As he came not with all drives, I bought four caddies and some third party SATA hard disks. The computer works as such, but fans run constantly on the 80% fan speed and thus sounds like a rocket.

    The logging of the ILO 2 displays the following warning:

    "Error MESSAGE: 1717-Slot X Drive Array - the following discs declare a State of overheating:

    The temperature of the ILO 2 storage area (five separate readings) reading displays 'OK' and 0 degrees centigrade for five. So, I assume that the 'sea of sensors' place the fan speed 80% because there is no available temperature.

    My current conclusion, which is no more;

    1. the hard drives is not a temperature sensor and I need to use four hard drives certified HP

    2. the sensors on the Drive Cage Assembly (HP-530946-001) are defective

    3. berries for empty drives must be filled with blanks

    In order to exclude all these possible I have to spend very little money and time, and so I have the following questions.

    Issues related to the:

    1. do the disk drives HARD to have a temperature probe at all? Will they have, is the temperature read by the sea of sensors?

    2 iLO 2 would display a temperature for the "storage area" even if there is no disk HARD drive in one of the 25 bays at all? If this is the case, it would tell me that the Drive Cage Assembly sensors are defective.

    3. fill the HARD drive bays with white makes temperature sensors start working? What I wonder if whites have an electronic or similar, or that they are just empty pieces of plastic?


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  • ESX 4.1 fails to install on HP DL180 G6

    All new machine.

    Installer boots fine. Gets to the point where we should choose the drive and it shows:

    Remote storage

    HP Logical Volume (naa. [long hex string]) LUN 0 2.1 to

    However, the text of Logical Volume is dimmed out and unselectable.

    Without doubt, I am missing a driver? I can't find one on the site of HP or via Google searches.

    I found an obscure reference in the forums of HP who suggested that I should update the firmware used by the RAID controller. So I did, but it has no effect.

    I try to load ESX 4.1.0 build 260247.

    BIOS HP version 020

    HP P410 RAID ROM version

    Series of Xeon E5540

    This material seems to be listed in the compatibility database.

    Thanks for your time.

    Maybe it's a problem of volume size disc/logic with the disk is greater than 2 TB.

    Run the ACU (Array Configuration Utility) to go to the SmartStart CD and split the RAID in several smaller logical volumes.


  • DVD player not recognized after starting in windows server 2003 r2

    I installed Windows Server 2003 R2 Std on my HP DL180 G6 by using the internal DVD player, but after booting into windows, the DVD drive could not be recognized and it's showing in the 'PCI device' Device Manager under "Unknown device" with a yellow question mark. I googled and tried some of the solutions, also tried to reformat and reinstall Windows, but still facing the same problem. HP support gave me some solutions like updated BIOS, erasing the CMOS memory, unplug and plug back the sata cable, but always without success.

    Hi Lilida85,

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  • vSPhere VM without protection in cluster HA

    Hello user of VMware

    I have a very strange problem with my vmware ha cluster and nfs.

    vSphere is installed on two servers HP ProLiant DL380 Gen8

    vCenter runs on a HP ProLiant DL160 G6.

    NFS and iSCSI is already running on a HP ProLiant DL180 G8

    In my data center, I have configured a cluster HA and DRS, on two cluster nodes that are mounted the iscsi and nfs data banks.

    If I create or move a virtual machine for the data nfs virtual machine storage will be unprotected, but if I move the iscsi data store the virtual machine, the virtual machine will be protected.

    The virtual machine could not be vSphere protected HA and HA cannot attempt to restart after a power failure.

    I found many users with these problems and I tried the following:

    -Disable and enable the HA option

    -Delete cluster nodes, cluster of delete, create the cluster add nodes again.

    -Remove the old VirtualCenter and installed a new windows with the latest version of vCenter Server

    But nothing helps, does anyone have an idea?

    Thank you.

    If you have vswitch0 with 2 interfaces vmk. management and one for vmotion and nfs?

    you have configured LACP or something similar on the physical switches? If so you must select the IP load balancing hashing type...

    This is perhaps the reason why the cluster think the cluster is not high available

    It could also be a known error of vmware: http://kb.vmware.com/selfservice/microsites/search.do?language=en_US&cmd=displayKC&externalId=2020082

    Compare the version. Maybe you are concerned.

  • E Consigli opinions known migrazione a licenze marketing e downgrade version

    Salve a tutti,

    UN ha 5 VMware ESXi host client (free) costuiti cosi:

    4 ESXi 5.0 host (HP DL180 G6)

    1 host ESX 5.5 (Dell PowerEdge R320) da knew una sede remota.

    Pocket settimane fa e nata demand marketing licenze acquistare e da di Marzo, como saprete, sell VMware vSphere licenze 6 solo.

    He problema nasce dal fatto che i 4 HP DL180 G6 sono certificati Server da solo VMware fino alla versione 5.1U3 (nessun problema con invece I have Dell R320 che can installaare fino alla 6.0)

    Ho pensato che soluzione migliore it could be quella di acquistare 5 licenze Vmware Vsphere Enterprise 6 ed do, knew 4 di queste, he downgrade della licenza alla 5.1U3 da installare sugli e HP

    Procedere invece all'aggiornamento del server Dell R320 con version 5.5 o 6.

    Per quanto invece far it vCenter, mi chiedevo to ditch it caso di installare directly the version 6 I, con questa, manage host con versione 5.1U3 gli (creando Reed one cluster tra I soli con Server 5.1) o meglio has pit it downgrade anche del vCenter.

    Sono ben accetti opinions e consigli.

    Grazie in pre-empted


    Trovi tutto qua nel dettaglio: VMware product interoperability Matrices

    Con vCenter Server 6 you can manage ESXi dalla versione 5.0

  • Windows 2008 R2 VM do not correctly restart after manual failover

    I'm having a problem where my W2K8 R2 VMs are not stop / correct commissioning after a failover.

    I have 2 servers in my group (2 x HP DL380 G7) running on ESXi 5.0.

    The administration server is an HP DL180 G6 running VCenter 5.0.

    I have two VMotion & configured HA.

    All virtual machines are linking my drive (HP P2000) FC array and my two ESXs have access to LUNS configured on my disk array.

    If we test failover HA...

    What we do is, we have x amount of virtual machines running on ESX1 and an amount x of virtual machines running on ESX2.

    Manually power on ESX2 shut down us to see if the virtual machines running on ESX2 migrate correctly ESX1.

    The VMs TO migrate ESX1 after disabling ESX2.

    But when they are migrated and restarted on ESX1, which VMs will tell you something on the lines of: "Windows has not shutdown correctly. You want to start in safe mode / normal mode / prompt etc. »

    Someone has an idea what might be causing this? I never had this before.

    I checked with one of my colleagues, and he has not seen it before either.

    All virtual machines in question have the VMWare tools installed on them.

    And for the monitoring of the virtual machine settings are for the 'VM' and 'Application Monitoring'.

    Thanks in advance...

    That is right.  An HA event will restart a virtual machine.  He cannot stop him from the accident.  Windows will crash.  The NTFS journal will usually protect file system issues, as it does with physical windows.  HA gives you just the protection against material defects, provides high availability, but not of fault tolerant, in itself.

    VMware FT will run a vm on two different hosts at the same time to ensure protection against this, but you are limited by vCPU.


  • How IPs Office configurar a cada VM?

    Buenos dias, I have questions of el mundo of the virtualizacion novato.
    Recently buy a HP ProLiant DL180 G6 Server (http://h10010.www1.hp.com/wwpc/us/en/sm/WF04a/15351-15351-3328412-241644-3328421.html) y queremos more nuestra infrastructure IT 3 con servidores office:

    (1) S1: Management Administrativa y 4 Terminal Office corriendo cada una UN Windows sober una VM
    (2) S2: Applications para nuestra empresa + Sitio Web
    (3) S3: Bases de Datos (no planeamos UN "Centro de Datos" por ahora)

    Para eso estamos evaluando a VMWare.

    Are instaled a Ubuntu y UN WinXP sober ESXi 5, ahora quiero conectarme back con maquinas different how hago desde el vSphere para customer saber that virtual IP matches him a cada VM?

    In case of las VM no tengan assigned IP Office, how hago para configurarselas?


    Hola, el client vSphere you permite conectarte has the virtual infrastructure (ESXi o vCenter Server), if well podes asignar permissions para conectarte consoled her una Máquina virtual the idea are el vSphere Client lo made como medio of Administration y no remote access medio como a las maquinas office. Lo ultimo lo recomendable para're RDP para Windows y SSH o meetings X remotas contra los Linux.

    Las direcciones IP a las office to las configuras como an any operating system. Tratalos como if were fisicos equipos y ready.



  • Need help with converter - unknown internal error

    Have 2 HP DL380 G7 ESXi hosts and a HP DL180 G6 vCenter Management Server running all ESXi 5.0.  ESXi hosts are in a data center but not a Cluster.

    I am trying to convert 2 physical Windows 2003 Server virtual machines, but continues to receive "a general error has occurred: unknown internal error" when you run Standalone Converter 5.0.

    I tried to follow the best practices of P2V: http://kb.vmware.com/kb/1004588

    Do not make a partition resizing.  Sysprep files in the source directories and correct destination.  The converter must connect the server vCenter Server, not an ESXi host directly.  The Windows Firewall is disabled on the server vCenter Server.

    Newspapers converter is attached.

    Any ideas?

    Seems that "esxi1" is not visible from the converter server. Add it to the hosts file or use as IP.

  • Latency of disk windsurf ESXi 4.1

    I have a new installation of ESXi 4.1 on a HP Proliant DL180 G6.  I gave a few VM, but I see a latency absurd in the disks, read latency is about 30 ms, and writing remains about 60 ms with spikes in the 400-500 + range whenever one of these virtual machines do anything associated with write or read something other than the smaller amount of data.

    The storage is local and it is the 7200 RPM SATA drives, and to make it worse, they are, in a RAID 5, I expected to see a latency, but I believe that what I feel is average higher than it should be.  Is what I feel to be expected considering the disks I use or is there something I need to look?

    Welcome to the communities.

    Your disk controller has the supported battery write cache module installed? Without it and write caching enabled performance will be poor. How many drives in your RAID 5?

  • Single node ESXi with large local storage

    I have a HP DL180 G6 loaded with 2 160 GB drives, in the opposite direction. I'm also 6 2 TB disks in a RAID5 configuration including a spare drive (approximately 7.4 to useful).

    What is the best way to take full advantage of the direct storage of this machine?  SAN/NAS isn't in the budget.

    Currently, I have install ESXi sitting on the 160 GB mirrored drives and thought I'd get to use all of the 7.4 to other readers as a local data store, but only the instalation disk ESXi shows upward, the other readers that have been configured to RAID5 but do not appear in vsphere.

    Thank you.

    What RAID controller do you use? E200/P400? There BBWC/FBWC?

    To be able to use the full 7.4 to with ESXi 4.1 you must divide the RAID in several logical volumes, smaller than the maximum supported size 2 TB less than 512 bytes. To do this, boot from the CD/DVD of SmartStart and run the ACU (Array Configuration Utility). Once completed, start the new ESXi and use the "Add storage" Wizard to create VMFS storage of data on the logical volumes. Depending on the maximum size of virtual disk that you plan to use, you should consider to choose the appropriate block size while creating VMFS data warehouses.


  • Simple question about data backup recovery

    Hi all

    It is the first time that I will propose Vmware Essentials Plus Kit as a solution to one of our customers.

    The solution will be X 2 DL180 server with 2 TB of storage each connected to an IBM iSCSI SAN DS3500 series.

    I want to be able to provide this scenario HA, and also, I want to use the data recovery backup to perform backups of virtual machines OF SAN DL180 server, so in the case of the SAN has very serious injury and can not be brought back online on the same day, in order to start the machines directly from the DL 180 servers.

    I would like to know if it is a supported scenario.

    Thank you

    Very welcoming. Unit vDR is certainly worth using because it allows long-term storage of backup and in a space images relatively small. Restoration of 10 mV because of a collapse of SAN he would not provide a simple and fast restoration.  The same 10 script ghettoVCB clones could be high in a few minutes.

Maybe you are looking for

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