HP DV6 1268nr - FAN CPU Part number

Hi all

Anyone know what is the part number for this laptop:

S/N: cnf9235pz1
P / N:ya844ua #aba
Model: DV6 1268nr - YA844UA

I want to buy a new one and replace it, but do not know with certainty what PN to buy.

Thank you in advance!



Hi, Paulo:

Here is the link to the service manual for your laptop.


You buy the Fan + Heatsink combination. You can not buy, or separately.

Product sheet state you have the discreet video AMD (ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4650) which means that you have to buy the part in Chapter 3, page 24... for use only with computers equipped with discrete graphics subsystems - part # 532141-001 HP.


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  • I can't find my "Hp Pavilion Dv6-6c50se" on PartSurfer product, I need my part number of the fan

    Hi, as I said in the topic I can not find my product...

    Pavilion Dv6-6c50se
    My S/N: [under the direction of personal information]
    my P/N: A7P18EA #ABV

    now what? I really need to change my Fan and I can't get the part number of this one...

    Help, please.


    Here is the user manual to help you: http://h10032.www1.hp.com/ctg/Manual/c03099531.pdf

    Go through the Page 27, 83-87, the part number of HP for the cooling fan / heat sink (includes the thermal material replacement) is 665309-001.

    There's another piece on textbooks for her number: 665354-001, but I could not confirm through research engine search or shop online.

    I suggest that you go ahead with the order of the fan with the part number: 665309-001. The fan is delivered as a whole Assembly. You can get separated from you want to through online stores.

    Here are a few:





    I hope this helps to solve the problem,

    Thank you

  • need to get the part number for fan of cooling of the laptop dv6 of my desire

    s/n [number of Series edited by Moderator]

    p/n C2L44UA #ABL

    less than two years old fan cooling makes rattling noises now, check the dust, cleaned air jet led, the still small makes fan noise rattling sound, need to get the part number and get a very convenient where the fan dies every day.

    Please help. the hp site "to find the part number" does not work, only list other pieces, but no cooling fan.

    DV6 - 7250CA

    nVidia GT630M graphics i-7 mobile quad-processor

    To be used on the computer models equipped with an Intel processor and a graphics subsystem with discrete memory 682061-001

    HP $51

    eBay $37

    eBay uses $28

    Your manual

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  • Search for the name and part number of the CPU or fan of radiator for Pavilion m9300t Desktop fan.

    Looking for a part number and the name of processor or fan for desktop computer HP Pavilion m9300t radiator fan. Noise one supplied with the PC is a terrible grinding until the system stops and dies.


    I highly recommend not to turn on your computer until the fan is replaced.

    Is your PC still under warranty?

    You may not use the original part.

    All you need is to have a CPU for a socket 775 CPU fan (LGA775). I recommend that you choose 90-92mm fan size due to the limitations of the original business space.

    You will also need thermal interface (I recommend Arctic Silver 5 or OCZ Freeze Thermal Interface material)

    material can be purchased at any store for PC. You can also have the fan replaced in a PC shop little charges.

    The original p/n is 5188-5525 to the heat sink. Source reference: HP PartSurfer

  • Fan/heat sink replacement part number

    I want to know the number of spare parts for my computer:

    Product: QA976EA #UUW
    Series: [personal information]

    Model: dv6-6133eo

    Best regards


    After you open the Lap Top I could see that the spare parts number is 650797-001.

    I have cleaned everything in the computer, especially the fan, and then the computer worked well.

    Where can I find the button "accept as solution?

  • Equium A100-147: replaced Fan part number


    I have an Equium A100 147 which is now out of warranty.
    I need to be able to find and of course spare part number where I can buy one of these ASAP.

    If someone could help me with this, it would be quite apprieciated.

    Thank you

    You can not ONLY buy the fan. The fan is a part of the cooling module and the entire module cooling must be replaced.

    You need a cooling module that has been designed especially for this series of laptop and I know ASP (certified partner) in your country should be able to help.

    I think guys should be able to order this part compatible directly from the warehouse of Toshiba.

    Then call the guy and ask for help!

  • Pavilion G7 1355 A9Y70EA: where to find the part number for fan of cooling for G7 and where to order of

    I need the fan cooling replaced on my Intel I5 G7 but hp support cannot or does not give me the part number or where I can buy in fact leave to the United Kingdom. Someone help? Thanks in advance...

    Hi Jim,.

    I do not work for HP, but as much as I can see, their parts store store this element.

    However, the fan that you find on Ebay should be good as long as the reference no.. Games - the fan is the same for both Intel and AMD (and no matter that the machine have discrete graphics or UMA).

    Best regards

    DP - K

  • Dv6 - 6188CA US replacement keyboard part number?

    I have a laptop DV6 - 6188CA (Canada) and want to replace the keyboard with a layout version. What is the part number for the US keyboard compatible? Thank you


    Please visit the page #70 of this document:


    Kind regards.

  • Confusion of LCD for DV6-6110us part number

    I need to replace the LCD of the HP Pavilion DV6-6110us laptop computer.   I'm not sure of the correct reference number or if several different reference numbers can be used.   The manual indicates 640445-001 HP or HP 653378-001 can be used.  It is not clear on the question of whether the two can be used or when the other is needed.   When the disassembly of the screen on the screen part number is 666933-001.   All three can be used.  New pilots will be needed for any of them.  I already ordered the HP 653378-001 and want to be sure that it will work before you start the installation.    Thanks in advance for any guidance.

    john_a_joyce wrote:

    I need to replace the LCD of the HP Pavilion DV6-6110us laptop computer.   I'm not sure of the correct reference number or if several different reference numbers can be used.   The manual indicates 640445-001 HP or HP 653378-001 can be used.  It is not clear on the question of whether the two can be used or when the other is needed.   When the disassembly of the screen on the screen part number is 666933-001.   All three can be used.  New pilots will be needed for any of them.  I already ordered the HP 653378-001 and want to be sure that it will work before you start the installation.    Thanks in advance for any guidance.


    You don't have to worry on the part numbers. 640445-001 is a resolution screen 15.6 "common, but the 653378-001 is a full HD screen which is much better than the other. You will not need all the drivers when the operating system detects the new the old driver installation screen (adjusts automatically the required parameters) must manage the new resolution.

  • HP Pavilion dv7-6b57nr Enterta: cooling fan CPU with heatsink updates for my laptop

    HI I'm looking for a possible CPU cooling fan with heatsink upgrade or just upgrade CPU cooling fan for my laptop

    seeing that I can still put in it

    Please and thnk u for your time

    There is no upgrade. Compatible peripheral thew only is the recommended HP part number.

  • HP Pavilion dv6 - 6052ea: fan of hp Pavilion dv6-6052ea does not

    Hi, this is my first post so here.

    I have a HP pavilion dv6-6052ea LL050EA product number and the fan has stopped working so I need to replace it, but I'm

    not sure that one to buy.

    I have windows 7 64-bit with 2 GHz Intel Core i7-2630QM processor and graphics card AMD Radeon HD 6490 M (1 GB of DDR5 memory).

    If I read the information about the product and he understood (as much as I can) I think that I need the fan/radiator kit which is

    part number 641477-001, someone can confirm that this is the one I need and also someone could tell me if

    This includes the thermal material bre what I owe this to buy separately.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Hi Phil,

    This number is for portable computers running AMD processor. You must get the so-called 641477-001.

    I think you better return her you already received.

    Confirm the part number with the seller and then proceed with the purchase.



  • replacing the dv6-3050em fan

    Hello everyone.  My fan broke down, the CAP now in place to be exact, now she buzzes like a bee on the fire.

    Could someone help me find a replacement?

    Compatible laptop computers so I can check if someone is selling parts on my countrys 'ebay '.


    606574-001 is the part number for the radiator fan n

  • Spare part for discontinued part number 641477-001?


    Part number 641477-001 is discontinued, is there a replacement part for it so I can fix it my laptop DV6-6060sa?

    I don't particularly want to buy a whole new notebook because of a ventilation module failed!

    Thank you, Simon.

    Hello Simon,.

    Sorry that there is no spare part for 641477-001 with HP from now, but the part is accessible to the general public with other providers.

  • I need a part number for a dv9000 series audio connection motherboard Intel... Please.

    I have a HP dv9723cl that I finally gave up on due to some problems with the motherboard that no one seemed to have ideas for. Well, I bought a replacement motherboard, but accidentally bought a motherboard Intel instead of card mother AMD that was originally there. Now I'm trying to put it in, and all connects together fine (after buying another CPU and CPU sinks) with the exception of the little girl that the ir receiver and the audio jacks are mounted on. The end of the cable that connects to the motherboard is too broad for this replacement motherboard.

    Someone at - it a part number for the correct audio Panel? I bought 2 different audio cards with 2 different numbers just in the hope that one of them has had reason, but none were correct. Both had the same wide end to the connection on the motherboard.

    Please, someone, anyone, tell me if you know the right part number, or where to find it. Or maybe even a link eBay at good advice if you feel generous.

    The following were found from the parts for a DV9650US page .

    It seems that the audio Platinum for this device, which uses the same motherboard you purchased based on the number of the piece, is 449763-001.

    Printed circuit board (Interface)

      432987 001 The power button - includes power cable key board
      N N/A- Modified
        432991 001 Wireless switch board - includes cable wireless switch Board
      N N/A- Modified
        432992 001 Optical disc drive connector Board
      N N/A- Modified
        448437 001 Platinum connection of USB ports
      N N/A- Modified
        449762 001 Before USB ports connection Platinum
      N N/A- Modified
        449763 001 Map of circuits audio and infrared (IR) - contains the IR receiver, microphone, line-in and taken helmet
      N N/A- Modified

    I can't guarantee that the audio card, that this unit has will align with your current deal.

    What I would recommend enter the part number of motherboard on the HP PartSurfer link above and re-cutting references printed circuit card (Interface) until you find the one that matches.

    A quick comparison returned this page for your laptop current.  However, there were more different hardware configurations a dozen for the model you listed.

    To get anything specific, I'll need the product number of the unit.  The product of the listed number is gp348av.

    NOTE: Provide NOT the serial number.

  • USFF OptiPlex 755 for HDD Caddy/RAILS part number?

    I inherited 8 eight Optiplex 755 USFF machines (ULTRA SMALL FORM FACTOR). They lack all their hard drives, and I just realized under the cover that it is just a metal container lack the blue part plastic caddy/rails. I'll have a terrible time trying to find the part number appropriate because everyone online tags their photos with about 10 different 7xx Optiplex models, ranging from unspecified SFF and rarely find USFF.

    I know a picture is worth a 1000 words, but if I had one I would probably be able to find the part number. On the 755 Mini Tower there blue bins or carts that drives staple in and then you slide on the machine. The USFF is a set of blue rails that screw in the HARD drive or is it a similar caddy? I have a lot of them (from 755MT and Precision workstations) laying around, but these blue trays do not adapt the 755 USFF.

    To clarify a bit more. There is a metal drawer/box HARD drive to staple in. This metal tray screws down on the chassis. It is a small square fan that screws into the metal tray so the part I'm looking for is the part in blue plastic to HARD drive only WITHOUT fan, just the part that securely attaches the disk of the machine.

    Thanks for any help. When I entered some of the ST in the Dell website they specify HARD drive that machines shipped with but do not specify the part number for the tray/caddy drive HARD blue.

    Thank you.

    Here are therefore 7000 words on this subject. For USFF disc trays are not blue and they are not plastic. Point 4 is called the HARD disk in the tray of PG027. The drive tray has PLASTIC fixing Rails (2 required), USFF: U2836 that keep you in the PG027plateau.

    Dell PG027 OptiPlex 745 755 GX620 USFF Drive sled w / fan


    Dell N8362 JK134 GK158 for LTS.

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