HP dv8: when I change the screen map black mother

Hello, my pc model is hp dv8.it have a problem on the power button is not open.then I try to change again motherboard.but there a problem.it opens, but showing black commandes.sur not my motherboard is 573758 - 001.and now, I use 591382 - 001.i might think motherboard problem, but im not sure.so can u give me a solution?

I do this solutions-

1 change the ram

2 bios reset 60 sec

3. try a different monitor


You have questions that are beyond the scope of this forum.

You have changed a systemboard and used the wrong part number. The motherboard you have used is for a computer laptop touchsmart dv8t, not a computer laptop dv8. This makes the troubleshooting your own question, because there are so many things that you have not made correctly.  If your laptop was not the touchsmart dv8t model, then there is a problem with the connector that connects the LCD screen and the motherboard. This is probably your biggest problem is.

What is the number of complete product or the name of the product from your laptop?

DV8 is a series of models which includes a portable, including version touchsmart allowed that you have installed.

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    There may be something wrong with the screen of laptop computers.
    I guess that the graphics card is ok because the external screen works properly.

    But it s very interesting to know if you are using the graphics driver from Toshiba. If this isn't the case, please check if this problem also appears after installation of the graphics driver from the Toshiba driver page.

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    Hi Emily,

    Thanks for posting this question in the Microsoft Community Forums.

    I see that the computer screen only appears on half of the screen and the other half is black.


    Let us work together to solve this problem.

    However, we need more information on this issue. Please answer the following questions.

    1. what operating system is installed on the computer?

    2. What is the brand and model of the computer?

    3. when exactly this question produce?

    4. don't you make changes to the computer before this problem?

    Please answer the questions so that we can better understand the issue.

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    You can use the system restore feature to restore the computer to a State when you were having any problems.

    Try system Restore and check if this is useful to resolve the issue.

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    Let us know the status.

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    Data sheet:

    Intel Core i7 clocked at 2.66 Ghz

    6 GB of ram

    ASUS P6T SE LGA 1366 Intel X 58 ATX Intel Motherboard

    Just in case people always have a problem with this problem, pls here's a solution that worked for me...

    I spent the last month trying to solve this problem, and "youemailme" (another thread here) had the correct solution for me! And so Simple!

    I noticed on Blogs that this problem has existed for at least Win98 is not your computer or your operating system.

    The question seems to be programs in your Menu has a different screen resolution to set startup, thereby causing the screen resolution change when you start your computer. This isn't a MicroSoft program error, but rather a question of "settings".

    With me, what worked were 2 things:

    (1) perform the 'clean boot process' as advised by many to determine which granted software was causing the problem... and then.

    (2) right click on the name of the program (as discovered in above) 'problem' in the Start Menu > properties > compatibility.  For some reason, there is an option to "run in 640 x 480 screen resolution", which has been verified.  This program was in the startup folder and the cause of the problem.  Then unchecked the resolution box. No problem.

    In my view, there are a large number of people dealing with this exact problem. I hope that this process of step 2 could solve their problems.

    (ps, just thinking about it now, you might not even bother with the 'clean boot process' but simply go through all your programs in your Start Menu and run the 2nd step explained above. Should work?)

    See you soon


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    I'm on Windows 10. A works fine until the update. How can I make Adobe Acrobat Reader (free verision) my default DC? Seems that the default value is E pdf and when I change the default in the flashes of screen reader and forms are in the same format. I rather Acrobat format if possible. Thank you


    Could a right click on the PDF file > open with > choose program by default and select CD player as default PDF Viewer.

    You can do it from the control panel as well.

    This would make CD player as default PDF Viewer.


    Sukrit diallo

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    Therefore, I tried the msconfig method, disabled all the startup process and then reactivated their.

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    You try to use Windows XP Home edition or what? Generally, each laptop comes with preinstalled and configured operating system.

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    What is password problem in your other thread? Already solved or what?
    If the problem persists, I don't see any sense to start this thread because people don't understand what the problem is.

    Please do not mix two questions and explain exactly what you see on the screen after turning on your laptop.

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    Good to know that the information has been useful.

    If you have any further questions on your computer, thanks for posting your question, we will be happy to help you.

  • cannot change the screen resolution because it doesn't lower settings

    My computer, in my library, running Windows XP Pro, have a problem of not letting me change the screen resolution. When I go and change it via Control Panel control and put in what should work it changes again in 4 bits and the bottom pixel. Any ideas?

    HI RogerSavoie,

    Did you solve your problem? If this isn't the case, please create a new thread and provide the brand and model of your computer with the version of Windows you have installed.

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    When I connect the HDMI cable to my laptop, the screen goes black and I can't lift the office unless I get out the HDMI cable. It happened all of a sudden I used he linked TV to catch-up on TV episodes until last night when it happened out of the blue!
    Can someone please help with this.

    Contact the manufacturer of your laptop.  Also - that there might be a key combination for your laptop that changes the screen from the main output is - look at your documentation or on your keyboard for such a combination of keys (what kind of computer is? Make & model...)

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    The event.target must indicate what is to be added and removed.

    Depending on the content, I suppose it is possible that the graphics have to be recalculated to display new objects and that they be deleted and added.

  • When you change the date range, some data refresh some is not the case.

    In looking at some the report explore end-user (EU - FxM cartridge), I noticed that some data are updated based on the data and the time I selected. I noticed that the response time service level and measures processing time service level (metric in the green circle) doesn't refresh at all. I noticed the same behavior when you look at some different indicators in the report to explore end-user. Anyone encountered this?

    I think you are referring to this point of view, but I don't know how you got there from the browser of the end user:

    Looking at the Design tab in the right pane of Action and selecting the view "user end/FxM/Applications/Application Service level Layout" to inspect, it turns out that "jelly bean" service level indicators are configured to display:

    / responseTimeServiceLevel/value/latest/min

    / processingTimeServiceLevel/value/latest/min

    As the notes of Osama, the "last" value here will not change when the time interval of page is updated.

    Contrary to what he says, if this dashboard has been configured to display the "current" value, these indicators would show the last value not expired before the end of the time range of page.

    You can:

    -Open a session to demand that this configuration of the dashboard be changed in a future release, a matter of pension

    -change this system view (which will not survive an upgrade of the FxM cartridge)

    -(deep) to copy the view "User end/FxM/Applications/FxM information request" and change the copied view (which survive and upgrade). You must also change the type mapping "FxM Application result" in Applications/FxM/end user to point to your point of view, updated the.

    Kind regards

    Brian Wheeldon

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