HP Elite Book 840 g1: change the RAID on AHCI on Elitebook 840 g 1

I have an Elite book 840 g1. I'm changing to AHCI RAID and cannot get it done. I tried everything on the web regarding the registry settings and changes to the bios. Nothing has worked. Any suggestions?


Solution to change RAID AHCI on an HP EliteBook 840g 1

My EliteBook 840 g 1 does not have a CD/DVD drive, so I put my software available on a USB stick and this worked great.

1. back up your PC or important documents.

2 put the software available on CD/DVD or USB depending on one you plan to use.

3. close all programs and restart your PC.

-C' is where it gets difficult.

4. enter in the Bios by pressing the ESC key

5. make sure you change your boot order / put USB or CD/DVD first in order - depending on what you are going to use

6. once in the BIOS go to the 'Advanced tab' and then 'Device Configurations '.

7. go to RAID/AHCI and switch to AHCI

8 save the settings and exit.

-C' is where it gets trickier.

9. THIS CRITICISM IS - after save and exit the BIOS of the PC will start start - don't let it throw - back in the BIOS before it starts

10. once in the BIOS, go to the boot options and select the option that you put your software available.

11. now booting from USB or CD/DVD, you have your software available on

12. your PC will now go through the re-imaging process and when it's done, you'll be in AHCI.

13. you can check by going to "Device Manager" > double-click on ' controllers IDE ATA/ATAPI "and below you see"Intel 8 Series Chipset Family SATA AHCI Controller '.

14. He verifies that you are in AHCI

15 take advantage of the improved performance

The extent of the change RAID on AHCI by using registry settings I couldn't get it work. I changed the starting value of several channels (msahci, istorA, istorV, etc.) and couldn't make the change happen. From my experience, I had to reimage my PC for that change to AHCI RAID. If someone has a proven solution, changing to AHCI RAID in registry settings without having to do a reimage would be what they please report them.  Thank you and I hope that all this information is useful.

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    Cheers mate

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  • Z210: Bad support/problem with recovery of an Z210 system when changing the RAID configuration backup

    My Z210 accompanies stripped Bay RAID-0, which currently consists of 2 x 1 TB HDD where the OS partition. I want to change that in RAID-1 mirror, but as the application of TSRI does no such RAID level migration, I thought I would try another approach.

    As a solution, I'd do a backup using the Windows backup and restore application. Then, I would change the table using the Boot ROM TSRI before restoring the backup to this new array. But obviously backup 1.9 TB in a table of 932GB will not

    So, to make a backup, I firstly disabled 'System Protection' and the file 'Page '. This allowed me to reduce the OS partition to about 50 GB using disk management. Then I re - activate 'System Protection' and the 'Page file' before making the backup and the creation of a system recovery disk. This resulted in a backup of 35 GB that I stocked up on a USB external drive. And now a backup of 35 GB can fit on my reconfigured 932GB RAID - 1 mirror

    As such, I cold booted my system and during the boot process, I pressed CTRL-I to get the State of mind RAID Intel Boot ROM. you, CTRL-I've worked only if I started cold and the HP USB keyboard directly connected the first USB slot at the back of the system. The first USB slot is at the top left when you look at the back with the portrait of the tower. Connect the HP USB keyboard in USB port or in the hub of my Dell monitor does not allow me to access the ROM to Boot Intel RAID!

    HP should really study this fault

    In any case, when I could access the Intel RAID Boot ROM, I deleted the RAID-0 stripped existing and created a new RAID-1 mirror. Obviously, the process is destructive and wipe the BONES of the table but that's what my backup was to

    Then I started on the Windows system recovery disk, plugged the USB external drive and proceeded to recover my system.

    Everything worked as expected with the operating system partition uses about 50 GB. A simple trip to disk management enabled me to extend the volume to occupy the space allocated, as presented by the RAID-1 array. As such, I find myself with about 932 GB partition that appear in the windows disk management tool. After a check disk and reboot (which fixed some minor issues) all seemed well.

    But no, everything was fine

    Well that ROM boot RAID Intel sees that a mirror RAID-1 about 932 GB and the operating system sees a partition about 932 GB, both as expected, demand for Intel RST in windows States the following:

    I don't seem to have indication of what type of table, it is, an options to change the name of the table or an option to check the integrity of the array through the TSRI application in windows. If something is screwed

    But after the update for the application of iRST version Intel (the newest HP of) version (version Intel got very practice), the question seems to correct itself. Now the RAID, Windows boot ROM and the request of TSRI in Windows all agree that the table is indeed a mirror RAID-1 932 GB.

    I don't know what caused the problem, if it's related to something that was wrong with the process that I used, if she is simply resolved by reinstalling driver, or if this is a fix for a known issue that Intel has included in their questions later from the pilot.

    But what I know is that Intel has resolved a number of issues in the version driver (which is the latest version for the Cougar Point chipsets) compared to the old driver version HP has on its support page for the Z210.

    And HP seems unwavering in his lack of interest in the Intels test pilot and then make it available on its support page for what is a product still under warranty

    It is a mediocre service if you ask me...

    Some HP forum administrator or HP support person hide these forums should impose it in the HP management station and get it looked at. The Z210 is still under warranty for some customers and HP needs to pick up the latest drivers available to all suppliers, test them and then release them to their customers via the support page for this product. All the rest is little change us all.

    I was able to resolve the application problem Intel RST by updating to the latest v11.2.0.1006 Intel driver but it has highlighted a few points that HP should address, see linked post above.

    PS: Add this post so I can mark the thread as solved.

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    But I have to put all three harddisk in this office. So my question is:

    I use RAID in this PC?

    Do I have to re - install win7?


    In any case, what should I do?  Thank you.


    RAID will work with unlike devices.  You can always install your new discs and give it a go.

    It seems that the ugly way is going to be your only for the ACHI mode to work. Alternatively, just live with what you have.

  • Address book - blackBerry Smartphones change the field "synchronize using.

    Hello world

    I recently changed my primary Gmail account on my blackberry (from [email protected] to [email protected]).

    I have a problem with sync'ing with my address book.

    All of my old contacts are synchronized via [email protected]

    And now, I would have them Sync with [email protected]

    In every Contact form, I discovered there is a synchronization field to aid which is filled with the google account. Unfortunately, you cannot change this field.

    Y at - it an easy and fast way to mass - change (the field sync using) all my old contacts sync with my new gmail account?

    I tried with importers and exporters of gmail to gmail, but I lose my contacts photos. I cannot accept this solution because I have more than 500 contacts and 90% of them have an image.

    So I'm asking if someone has an idea to solve this problem.

    Thanks in advance

    Thanks for your reply.

    But I decided I'm going to do it by hand and transfer between gmail via vcf file transfer account.

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    I set the start value data to 0


    I set the start value data to 0

    Rebooted and set the BIOS to AHCI Windows is not loading.

    Can anyone help?

    There is a Fixit for Windows 7. It can now work with Windows 8.


    You can try this alternative. I don't know if it will work.

    Above all, back up everything.


    Tom Ferguson

  • HP Elite book 840 G1: is there a default password of Bios administrator for the G1 ELitebook 840 series

    I am trying to upgrade to windows 10 but unfortunately, the system came with a bios password that nobody seems to know

    Dear customer,

    Welcome to the Support Forum HP and we are happy to help you.

    This is to inform you that all professional laptops HP Probooks as EliteBook have tighter security than the consumer models infact they do not produce ' stop codes ', the password cannot be derived from the serial number and the

    code is stored in a memory not volatile to remove the cell RTC does not reset the password in this case.

    1. Please take a look at this link.


    1. Replace the BIOS chip


    1. Please Contact HP Business Notebook of support they should be able to send a SMC.bin custom file that you can use to reset the password at startup.

    Hope this helps, for other queries in response to the post and feel free to join us again

    * Click on the button white Thumbs Up on the right of say thank you*.

    Make it easier for others to find solutions by checking a response 'accept as Solution' if it solves your problem.

    Thank you


    I'm NOT an employee of HP

  • How can we change the RAID of FAST Safe on a new series of Thunderbolt 2 LaCie 2big. I have a Lacie pin tool in the box, but it does nothing next to selected options and lights. Thank you.

    I just bought a new MacBook Pro and a new crush LaCie 2big 2 series of RAID hard drive to use for Time Machine backup.

    LaCie drive is provided as parameter RAID FAST so I would change to SAFE my back to the top is mirrored. I opened the case of money, that you can see, and then select the options of raid and light is FAST, as well as other RAID options below, followed by CONFIRM.

    I have the lacie in the box tool, PIN, but it does nothing. Nothing happening however hard I put it in the select, I tried a paper clip too. Nothing happens.

    Also nothing on youtube, nothing on the site Web of Lacie, nothing anyone actually changes on the disk. Nothing in the instructions.

    Pain right. Any ideas? Thank you.

    Contact Lacie/access to their support site. It is their material.

  • 2010 mac Book Pro has changed the amount of memory 16G of 1067 mhz DDR3

    I have a 2010 mac book pro 17 "with OS10.8

    I was wondering if changing my memory work, and if the limits of memory were increased
    A few years ago. I know that I can go up to 8g in total.

    I know that things are changing on 1 or 2 years

    did someone went up to
    16mg of 1067 MHz DDR3. I have now 2 locations with a total of 4 mg.

    It just seems that my computer is slower than it should be.

    Thank you very much

    MacTracker is generally successful installations of memory beyond the officially listed by Apple. For your MB Pro, they list the max as 8 GB.

    I'm sorry.

    By the end of 2012 mini Mac, OS X El Capitan 10.11.2; Apple Watch, 38 mm silver AL, Watch OS 2.1; iPad 2 & iPhone 6 + iOS 9.2 air

  • Elite book 840 G1: HP ELiteBook 840 G1 Windows 10 no sound

    Following a new installation of Windows 10 (64-bit), I have no sound on the laptop.  The product code for the machine's G1 H5G26ET #ABU. See below for the symptoms and the measures taken until now


    -No sound from laptop

    -When I click the sound on the task bar icon, open the dialog box to detect problems. He is unable to solve the problem

    -If I click with the right button on the audio icon and choose Properties I have only options for the HDMI Audio.

    -The keyboard button to switch the power button (top right of the keyboard) does not work

    I tried the following

    -Reinstalled windows 10, Fresh install

    -Installed the HP Support assistant and updated all the drivers

    -Manually updated all drivers website

    -Bios upgrade to the latest version

    -Uninstalled devices in Device Manager (AMD high definition Audio Device, device Audi on Bus HIgh Definition Audio) and the computer restarted

    -Audio-checked is enabled in the BIOS

    -Run the systems audit in the BIOS

    rob28 wrote:

    Following a new installation of Windows 10 (64-bit), I have no sound on the laptop.  The product code for the machine's G1 H5G26ET #ABU. See below for the symptoms and the measures taken until now


    -No sound from laptop

    -When I click the sound on the task bar icon, open the dialog box to detect problems. He is unable to solve the problem

    -If I click with the right button on the audio icon and choose Properties I have only options for the HDMI Audio.

    -The keyboard button to switch the power button (top right of the keyboard) does not work

    I tried the following

    -Reinstalled windows 10, Fresh install

    -Installed the HP Support assistant and updated all the drivers

    -Manually updated all drivers website

    -Bios upgrade to the latest version

    -Uninstalled devices in Device Manager (AMD high definition Audio Device, device Audi on Bus HIgh Definition Audio) and the computer restarted

    -Audio-checked is enabled in the BIOS

    -Run the systems audit in the BIOS


    I also have a G1 840 with Win10 and the sound and microphone works.

    Maybe this will hel on your.

    AMD high definiton Audo Device = Driver 09.06.2015 and AMD

    IDT high definition CODEC = driver 6.10.6499.0 of 20.01.2014 and IDT

    Speaker/headphones(IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) = 09.07.2015 10.0.10240.16384 driver and MS

    Microfhoneset internally (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC) = driver 10.0.10240.16384 of 09.07.2015 and MS

    Stereo mix (IDT High Definition Audio CODEC driver 09.07.2015 10.0.10240.16384 = and MS

  • Can I change the HARD drive in my Elitebook 8540w for one SSD?


    I have a HARD drive which started making funny noises and I expect to do fast enough. And while that is depressing in its own right, in my view, I better the situation and and put it in a fast SSD instead of the old thing. But before I go and buy the equipment I need to know that it can actually be done. I read another thread on this forum about to put an SSD in the expansion slot (CD/DVD), but I want to replace the main HARD drive. So my best guess is that it is possible, but if there are people here with experience, please guide me in how to proceed.

    I made a backup of all my important files so really the only thing I want to do is remove my old HDD and put a new and then install Windows 7 from disks that followed with the computer.

    I thank very you much for your time and your help.


    Nothing don't you to replace an old HDD with a fastest SSD 'modern '. In theory, you can use ANY SDS but on the safe side, please use SSD suppliers which guarantees its product will work as the following seller:


    The process is very simple (I actually put a Crucial 960 GB to one of my machines today). My suggestion: prior to material things, backup all files/data and prepare a 'big bang' (in my case, I cloned my old HDD so very fast). Please read the following articles for more information:



    Kind regards.

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