HP EliteBook 8730w: replacement of SSD for the boot drive not recognized

I'm trying to install a Samsung SSD 840 EVO 500 GB instead of the original 500 GB HDD in my Elitebook 8730w (product no. VF889PA #ABG). The 8730w has the latest BIOS (F.20) installed and that is running Windows 7 Professional 32-bit (fully patched).

When it is connected to the laptop through a USB adapter, to clone the HARD disk image. the SSDS works correctly. Cloning through data Migration Samsung is reported as a success, and the image of the C:\ drive occupies approximately 153 GB. The image of the disc does not include the partition of 1 GB dedicated to HP_TOOLS, due to a known limit of the Samsung software supplied.

When it is installed in the HARD drive Bay. the SSD is not recognized as a drive and does not appear in the list of startup options. The available boot options only shown are the DVD or a network boot.

would be very grateful for any advice on the steps required to successfully install the Samsung SSD as boot drive.


Honestly no, I'm not happy with this one. If it was my machine, I'd be a little concerned about whats the corner of the street. In view of the age, is not surprising really, things wear out over time, the mere fact of electronics.

Search through everything you have posted, all photos, pdf, all the text double checking. I am absolutely puzzled as to what happened. If you 100% does not reinstall the hard disk between the posts above where no HARD drive is detected in the menu boot options for the post below that where the HARD drive is detected in the same menu. I would say that you have a problem with either, the ssd, the computer motherboard laptop or the small connector on the sata port, I think on these is integrated on the motherboard, so it seems that your advice is doubtful.
If his works now, great... but be aware that your machine can fail at some point in the near future. And it looks like a defect of the motherboard, other things are probably waiting to fail.

There is no reason whatsoever your laptop must not have seen this ssd at first startup. A HARD drive is a HARD disk, if its compatible sata, then it will work, no doubt. When he is not on an older machine, its probably a sign of a faulty component.

Looking through your bios options, I recommend the following.

On startup options, get rid of internal nic pxe boot, that will only slow your machine at startup as it will seek for a network bootable device. This is the message that you get at startup saying Media Test Failure, this page is preventable with this option disabled.
Less built lan/wlan switching on enabled in the options of the terminal, also change. This means that if you use wifi at home for example and you decide to plug in a cable network directly to the router to speed up the connection, it will not pass if it is not defined, you will have to do it manually. I work in a large company and the number of people who have this option is unreal. They all assume when they are docked they will on the wired connection.

Because we are here too, if you ever have problems with a flickering screen, first thing to try, is disable the ambient light sensor which is just below this option of switching. Its fine on normally, but its quite common on 8560p for this causes a flickering screen.

Hope that helped. Good luck in what you decide to do with the machine

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    You can re - format the disk and run clone on it, if you don't want to keep of course.

    The situation you describe seems feasible for me

  • Acer R7 - 571 level disk cache to large SSD to the boot drive and keep the traditional HARD drive.

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    I saw the references to individuals 'redevelopment' of SSD, but normally they keep the 24GB disk cache and upgrade their traditional 500 GB drive?
    If it is possible to replace the disk cache of 24GO, it seems silly to keep it and throw a perfectly good car. Seems would not be much point in having the disk cache if your main player is an SSD.

    Yes, I put a 128 GB Plextor M5M in my mSATA port. Make sure that you first create a USB recovery, then open the R7 and replace 24GO with your new mSATA disk drive.

    Make sure that your new mSATA, not ordinary SATA SSD!

    You can see a R7 being open and where everything is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XLWdiLxLoyI

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    . Hello I n happens more to install xp pro sp3 cause ntldr is missing and my disk hard n more recognized cause too much capacity j have a HP Pavilion exite t he a solution easy because I'm at the beginner level of has you in advance thank you

    It is the English version of the Microsoft Community. Please click on the globe icon to the world (change region) at the bottom left of the screen, then select your preferred language. Now ask you question once again.

    If you can't find a suitable language, please go here:


    for other international support options.

  • HP ENVY 15-k009ne: replacement of SSD for ENVY 15-k009ne

    Hey there everyone.

    I would like to know if it is possible to replace the hard drive installed SSD (8 GB) on my Hp envy 15-k009ne. The problem is that he is very much in quality and appear to be limited to the default files of hp. I have a few questions:

    1. is it possible to replace? If not, is it possible to replace the other hard drive (1 TB, 5400 RPM)?

    2. What size (actual size and capacity, I mean) or number/model should I buy?

    Thank you.

    PS sorry if this is a recurring question. I must be sure before that I could buy another SSD drive which is quite expensive!

    The specifications of your laptop do not indicate that you have an SSD. You may have a hybrid drive that has a cache of flash 8 GB built-in player for faster access, but this isn't a separate volume that holds its own files, just a different part of the reader. HP sold never, to my knowledge, laptops with an 8 GB SSD. You probably also a HP recovery partition on your hard drive. According to the specifications, the hard drive only your machine is a 1 to 5400 RPM mechanical hard drive standard.

    See p. 66 of the manual here:


    Unfortunately, access to the hard drive Bay is very difficult and forbidden to an end user. In other words, it will jeopardize the warranty. If you are past the warranty and want to remedy let us know. You can replace the mechanical drive with a 2.5 inch SATA SSD and your laptop will be much faster if you do. There is also a slot of the WSSD m2 on the laptop, to complicate things more, but use it to add a SSD and boot of it is even more difficult. Have any kind of SSD in laptop computer that is not the boot drive make not much sense. However, if you want to explore the option of WSSD m2 we are here to help.

    If it's 'the Answer' please click on 'Accept as Solution' to help others find it.

  • How to configure the virtual disk as SSD for the customer?

    Hi all:

    I have a virtual machine in an SSD, the guest operating system is Windows 8, but the guest OS, the virtual disk as 'hard drive '.

    Can I set the virtual disk as SSD for the guset? (Like VirtualBox)

    Thank you!

    Irake99 wrote: can I put the virtual disk as SSD for the guset? (Like VirtualBox)

    No, IDE or SCSI are your only choice.

  • Z210 CMT: The boot drive SSD - considerations?

    I am setting up a new (refurb) Z210. I want to replace the boot with an SSD drive. I have all of the HP recovery discs.

    In reading some of the posts here, I think the most important factor seems to be not to install an SSD is a more SMALLER than the current hard drive Seagate SATA, which is a unit of 250GB.

    It seems that most Z210 SSD install uses an Intel 320 or 520 series-drive.

    Are there other things I need to know about installing an SSD as a boot drive for Win7/64-bit on this machine?

    Suggestions for specific drive?

    I have a pair of 15K cheetahs connected to an LS SAS3041E for storage, so I would only use the SSD for the OS and programs not RAID.

    Hi Phil, I also have an Z210 where I installed an SSD of 520 Intel as boot drive which works a treat...

    It takes a minimum of 128 GB, if you want to use the HP system recovery discs, see here.

    You can always use HP recovery disks and restore a bigger HARD drive, then reduce the volume and make them a backup on an external disk system, then restore your backup to a smaller SSD 120 GB and then finally to increase the volume of the size of the SSD as I here.

    Probably the biggest problem for some people is the SSD tool reports on issues related to the AHCI not selected and not to achieve the performance expected, which there are question here and here.

    The Intel SSD 520 is a great player, but the 120 GB version is not as fast as the larger versions in this series. The Samsung 840 Pro versions are also designed to be very good, but I liked the longer warranty Intel

    A lot of things to read, but these referenced threads should cover most of the bases.

    See you soon.

  • 2x2.5 Z1 for the swap drive hard 1x3.5

    I have a new Z1 with the 1 TB 3.5 hard drive, which seems a bit noisy for me - not strong but sometimes annoying. I think I want to swap out for 2 2.5 HDs, a 128 GB SSD for the operating system, programs, and the second a spinner of 750Go. I checked with technical support to see if I would need an adapter and told me "the workstation requires one of the following carriers supported: 671193-001 supports a 3.5-inch disk hard;" supports a 671192-001 or hard disks of 2.5 inches of tw. "This was taken directly from page 48 of the Service Guide and Maintenance Z1 HP. But I can't find the list of one of these pieces on the HP site or anywhere else. What I find is the reference to B2P96AA, which appears in many places for $79 and more. Described on page 5 of the HP downloadable booklet "develop feed you - HP Workstation accessories" as the "HP Z1 HDD carrier Kit (for 3.5-inch drive or two 2.5-inch drives."

    "Does anyone know if the B2P96AA is another part that is installed in a new Z1 configured with a 3.5" drive. »

    Both Z1 product descriptions and description of part B2P96AA clearly suggest that a Z1 should work with either a disk 3.5 "or one or two 2.5" or readers without any modifications or additional investments.

    Maintenance of workstation HP Z1 and Service of Guide, page 48...

    The workstation supports only SATA hard drives.

    The workstation requires one of the following carriers supported:

    671193 001 supports a 3.5-inch hard drive

    671192 001 supports one or two 2.5-inch hard drives

    It is not possible to combine a HDD 2.5 inch and 3.5 inch hard drive.

    No cables adapters are required for all hard disks. The necessary cables for all hard drive configurations are included in the base system and automatically "blind mate" or "direct connection" to the drive during installation.

    My advice is to open your computer and pull the existing disc holder. This reference number, it is on this carrier?  Look at the space where the existing carrier came of... are there links to two discs? Do you see a space for a second aircraft carrier in the car?

    I tried to set up a company Z1 CTO and all readers have been listed as SFF (small footprint). It seems that hard drives 2.5 "come in up to 5 different heights... 5, 7, 9.5, 12.5 and 15 millimeters.

    Call HP about the correct configuration customer support and reference numbers. Two drives 2.5 "in two carriers? or two 2.5 "slim / SFF readers in the carrier waves? or what?

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    Hi guys

    I recommend you research a little in this forum rather than wait
    The solutions have been posted already here:



    Best regards

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    If you go to Menu > settings > Data Manager > delivery data > social apps > Sync only over wifi. If this box is checked, and that you are connected to 3g / 4g and no wifi, you will get the server is not available because you are not connected to our servers. As soon as you connect to the wifi it reconnect to our servers and see no upgrade is available or an update if one is available. Your phone works as expected.


    Support Forums Manager

  • short cuts on the desktop for the URL will not work. Try to connect the browser when rises the address has not been transposed, it's all just white

    short cuts on the desktop for the URL will not work. Try to connect the browser when rises the address has not been transposed, it's all just white

    There may be some problems that repair tools are not picking up. It may be preferable to a repair facility. This can help with any corruption of the registry, which could happen by the deletion of these programs. http://support.Microsoft.com/kb/917964

    Keep in mind when running all that modifies the system it is always a good idea to have your data and backup programs (it's general advice for any system its always good to have a backup in case of possible failure of material/virus)

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    (1) when you get the error message?

    (2) program who worked on when you got the error message?

    The computer game to clean start State to check which program is associated with error.


    Note: When the diagnosis is complete, don't forget to reset your computer to normal startup. Follow step 7 of the above article.

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    original title: hard drive problems

    (1) what does your BIOS the drive size?


    2) disk hard test - find your make and model:
    Speccy - computer/system information in detail
    (More detailed look at your memory and CPU)
    OS, CPU, RAM, card, graphics, hard drive, optical drive
    Audio, peripherals, network.
    Note: Option RAM indicates number of slots, DRAM Timing.
    Works your memory speed (frequency). The nominal frequency of your memory.

    Test your player - CD Bootable:
    Ranging from 5 to 20% (depending on the manufacturing) new hard disks are defective. Test your drive with the factory utility. If you have a new hard drive Seagate the very next thing would be to download Seagate Seatools (bootable CD) and check bad sectors:

    For Western Digital readers to download the .iso from WdDiag file: http://support.wdc.com/product/download.asp?groupid=611&sid=30&lang=en

    Samsung Estool: http://www.samsung.com/global/business/hdd/support/utilities/ES_Tool.html
    Samsung Disk Manager software: http://www.samsung.com/Products/HardDiskDrive/utilities/shdiag.htm
    Hitachi Drive Fitness Test Software: http://www.hgst.com/hdd/support/download.htm#DFT
    Diagnostic tool available for use by customers who feel their Toshiba brand Fujitsu hard drive:
    Notice of suport Fujitsu disk utility: http://www.fujitsu.com/us/services/computing/storage/hdd/
    Toshiba CD bootable: (BACK Diagnostic Tool version 7.0 for IDE/ATA/SATA hard disks)


    (3) HD Tune:
    Provides information of the car and has an option (tab scan error) to test your drive.

    Monitors internal temperatures and has a function of analysis health online (SMART tab) for hard disks drive.
    It displays your drives model number and compares your drive with other discs of the same brand and model.

    -Partition management utilities-

    Partition Wizard Home Edition:
    Note: There is also a CD bootable or versions of the bootable Flash drive:
    CD: http://www.partitionwizard.com/partition-wizard-bootable-cd.html
    Flash player: http://www.partitionwizard.com/bootable-flash-drive.html
    Among the features and functions: create partition, Delete partition, format partition,.
    A partition resize, move partitions, Partition recovery after an accidental deletion,
    Convert the partition, partition Explore, Hide partition,
    Change the drive letter, a partition active Set, Explorer (content display) of the partition.
    Note: To complete any task use the "Pending Operations" box at the bottom left.

    Alternative to Partition Wizard (a bit easier to use, but Partition Wizard and EASUS have almost identical user interfaces)
    EASEUS Partition Master Home Edition (free):
    Partition software ALL-IN-ONE and the most convenient hard disk partition manager Kit
    Includes Partition Manager, Disk & Partition copy Wizard and Partition MBR and GUID partition GPT disk recovery Wizard (table) on Windows 2000, XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows Server 2000/2003/2008 (32-bit and 64-bit).
    It allows users to resize/move Partition, drive system extend, copy Disk & Partition, Partition merge, Split Partition, redistribute free space, convert dynamic disk, Partition Recovery and much more.

    J W Stuart: http://www.pagestart.com

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