HP Envy 110 - cannot scan from printer (using Mac Maverick)

I have a MAC with OSX 10.9.4 operating system and a printer HP Envy 110 with the newest driver printer HP Maverick.  I can scan Mac.  However, I can not run a scan directly from the printer control panel.  The sign says "make sure that the HP printing software is installed.  For MAC and USB connections, "Enable Scan to Computer" is automatically activated".  Everyone else has had a similar problem?


Hi Melnee,

Thank you for your answer! Please, try the following solutions:

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  • To print from the computer, but can not scan from printer to computer. Tried everything. Disconnected power supply, etc, nothing works.

    Have no problem when you print a document from the computer. Can not scan from printer to computer. I don't know that I've scanned because I went from windows 7 to 10. Printer not repeat myself found computer.

    Hi, Rolland,.

    Welcome to the Microsoft community. I might help you.

    To better understand the issue, I would need more information on your side.

    1. What is the brand and model of the scanner?

    2. Do you get any error messages? If Yes, what is the full error message?

    This problem might have occurred because of these reasons:

    1. Corrupted driver.

    2. Hardware problem.

    Method 1:
    I suggest you to run hardware store and check if it helps.

    (a) press the Windows keyboard.

    (b) Troubleshooting type in the search box and press enter.
    (c) click on material and audio.

    (d) click on hardware and devices and follow the on-screen instructions.

    Method 2:
    If the problem persists, I suggest you to download and install the latest scanner driver\software on the manufacturer's Web site.

    Hope this information helps. Reply to the post with an up-to-date report of the issue so that we can help you more.

  • 8500 A910g: double sided printing no longer works on 8500 A910g printer using Mac

    Can someone help - double-sided printing stopped working on 8500 A910g printer using Mac?  I used to be able to toggle the menu layout on the printer, but now it is gray out and one side only the default

    Thank you, Rob

    Hi @robgit,

    Please check back with the results of your efforts.

    You may need to configure the automatic duplexer in the HP printing software.

    Discover sone of the procedure described in this document - printing on both sides of the paper (duplex) (OS X). Note: This model of printer supports automatic duplex printing. Scroll down to "How do I duplex automatic if my printer takes in charge?" in the FAQ section.

    Please let me know if it helps.

    Thank you!

  • Deskjet F340 all-in-one printer cannot scan from the solution Center

    We had a very short temporary blackout in mid-August. Who put my turn out of service until I could afford a new

    power cord. I received the new cord and my PC works fine now. I had to replace my modem because it is finally just

    stop working. My printer doesn't not have be reinstalled because I lost some functions when we had the black out.

    Now I can only print and copy from the Solution Center. There is no indication in the scanning settings. I can scan if I go to

    Scanners and cameras and use Scanner and camera wizard. But it can be a pain. I also can't any alignment

    messages after I replaced a printer cartridge. I get the alignment page but no message. It does not seem to line up OK. My

    OS is WIN XP Home Ed with SP2. It's on a Everex IMPACT GA3400 PC. My printer uses a USB connection. I think that

    some of the files I need for scanning to go from the Center of solutions some how have been removed. But I don't know which ones or

    even how to get back them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Pleae insert the printer installation CD and contant go through it:

    Locate Setup\SolutionCenter\SolutionCenter.msi, right click on the file and click on repair.

    Confirm an alert during the installation.

    Search now Setup\Scan\Scan.msi, right-click, and then click on repair... to confirm an alert as before.

    Restart your PC and launch the HP Solution Center now.

    You don't see any change?

  • My F4135 printer cannot scan and print from a copy

    With the help of windows xp I can't copy a scan and print

    Hi Muzzik,

    You can only print from Web sites?  Have you tried to print just a black paper as that of Notepad?

    I think that the best way to start is with the basics on this one.  Here is a link to a document from HP to make a copy on this model.  If these steps do not work, then we can continue.


  • Cannot scan from HP Officejet G85. Printer detected but no scanner.

    I have a HP Officejet G85 all-in-one.  HP offers not only drivers or software downloads with Windows 7 support.  They recommend just plug the printer, let Windows 7 recognize it, and the WIA drivers will be installed for the basic functions.  They suggest scan from paint or Windows Fax and Scan.  However, when I try to either, it says that no scanner is connected.  The G85 is recognized as a printer and print very well.  Is there something I need to do to get Windows to detect the scanner as well?  Is it possible that the scanner WIA driver do not settle?  I tried to unplug and plug back in, but still that the printer is detected.  Thanks for any help.

    He never goes to work better that it did in Vista, unfortunately according to HP, this is an obsolete unit and they do not plan to spend more on it.  If you read: http://h10025.www1.hp.com/ewfrf/wc/document?docname=c00808543&lc=en&dlc=en&cc=us&product=60399&lang=en scroll down to the section on digitization.

  • Scan from printer to computer

    When I scanner scanner my printer, try to save on my computer, I get a message on the printer that it cannot see the computer. I am able to use the scan of the computer without any problem. The printer is a HP 5520 and my computer is a Macbook pro with OS 10.8 Cougar connected wireless. Any ideas what I did wrong please


    Of course

    Download and install the following software:


    When installing, be sure to select the option recommended HP Software include features like the HP software scan and scan from the front panel.


  • OfficeJet Pro 8610: Cannot scan from the document feeder

    I'm unable to scan a document using the ADF.  This has never been a problem until I recently updated my OS from Windows 7 to WIndows 10.  Nothing I found online seems to solve my particular problem.  My printer is connected to my Lenovo ThinkPad W520 computer by USB, this is what I've learned so far:

    I can print without problem.

    I can copy a document from the Board without any problems.

    I am able to copy a document using the charger, so the charger seems to be working.

    I am able to scan a document from the tray, then the scan function also seems to work.

    I checked the updates and the printer indicates that the firmware and software are up-to-date.

    What can I do to once again allow me to scan a document from the document feeder?  Your help would be much appreciated.

    Yes, under "Source", I got "Use Document Feeder so burdened" and I got the beep signaling that the document is loaded in the feeder.  So, it wasn't the problem, but I do it thanks for trying to help out.

    Fortunately, I finally found a solution, although it took a job.  I have reset the printer to its defaults, uninstalled the printer (and its drivers) from my computer, downloaded the latest HP drivers (even if the printer had stated that he was "aware" before all this effort) and reinstalled the printer from scratch.  A lot of work, but the printer works now as it did before my upgrade to Windows 10.

    While I'm not a "techie" and do not really understand why things work the way they do, I hope that my efforts may provide ideas for others who may have similar problems after upgrading to Windows 10.

  • ePrint 7510 does not recognize my iPad when you try to scan from printer iPad.

    The printer and the iPad are connected to the same wireless system. The iPad will print successfully to the 7510 on the wireless system, as well as by e-mail via the website of HP. The printer recognizes and list the computer from apple that was loaded with the drivers that came with the printer for analysis and sends the information scanned to this computer. Because the printer does not recognize my iPad, I tried to load the drivers on the iPad to the HP site. I received an error message saying safari can't down load the drivers. Is it not possible to scan from the printer to the iPad? Is there another procedure that works? Thank you.


    To scan from your iPad, install and use the application of HP ePrint home & biz.

    You can initialize the app scan, scan from the front panel of the printer to an iPad is not supported.

    Follow the steps below to get the app:


    And below, you can discover how to analyze to use it:


    Kind regards


  • can not scan from printer to computer Windows 8.1

    scan from the printer to the computer not windows 8.1

    Hi @skinz

    Thank you for letting me know what HP printer you have.  I'll guess that you receive an error message about a connection error when scanning.

    I've included the document a "Computer no. has detected" or "connection error" message when scanning for HP Officejet 6600 e-all-in-one and 6700 Premium e-All-in-One Printer Series (H711) .  Please click on your operating system and follow the troubleshooting steps.

    Please let me know the results.

  • cannot scan of 6110 using maverick

    get a busy year when you try to scan from my officejet 6110 on my mac. Fax works fine.

    Hi jpelmore,

    Oh my God, I assumed it would be always steady and I did not. At my age (undisclosed), I should know better not to assume

    I apologize, it was an oversight on my part.

    Now that you said it, I looked at the supported printers and found this:

    Source: Apple Support

    I can't thank you enough for your patients. If you decide that you want to get a newer printer, I would suggest contacting HP because they may be able to offer a discount on a newer model at a reduced cost. The number to call HP is 1-800-474-6836 for the Canada and US or you can Contact HP worldwide.

  • All-in-one HP 1536dnf: cannot scan from the ADF and glass to a single PDF file


    There is a user who needs to scan some papers, but he wanted to do the following:

    -scan of the papers of the ADF


    -scan of glass papers

    and he wanted to merge all this into a single PDF file.

    The announcement of the user he could do before, we implemented a new computer.

    On my side, I did the installation of the drivers and as the default scanning software and indeed the scan works, but once you star scanning from ADF he will not identify any which paper on the glass and displays the message "no book on ADF.

    And when you start scanning from glass it will identify ADF even if there are some papers. Instead, it will scan the same page, if she stays or it will scan empty.

    Well. It became a long text, but any help will be welcome.

    Thanks in advance


    It works this way because they are TWO different operations. There are a few free software around which allows us to merge several PDF files into one file. You should probably do this way. The following link is one of them:


    This free product allows you to divide a large file to many small files (such as the extraction of the chapters of a thick book) and also merge several pdf files into a pdf file.

    Note: use the free.

    Kind regards.

  • HP envy 110: hp envy 110 will accomplish the print job

    I recently bought a Dell Inspiron with Windows 8.1.  I connected wirelessly with HP Envy 110.  It is very inconsistent on whether she completed print jobs.  The questions comes with several documents pages, if I print single-sided or double-sided.  Sometimes it works, more often than otherwise it doesn't.  I previous had a HP laptop works wireless with the same printer - no problem.

    two documents of several pages printed at the end!  hoping that this is a trend.  Thanks a lot for your help.

  • Cannot install C4780 printer on Mac

    I'm trying to install my new printer Photosmart C4780 on my MacBook Pro, OX 10.6.  I downloaded the software for this version of Mac OS X (the CD has no support for 10.6).  At the beginning of the installation, I wonder for the device to install - but it cannot be found.  The instructions say DO NOT attach the cable USB front said to do, but even if I do that I can't find the device.  In addition, paper installation instructions say to follow the guide of Installer for easy wireless installation animation a button - but all this guide says is how to install printer cartridges.  I tried to reach the telephone technical support without result - especially get cut off by the system, but if I do not reach a real person, they tell me that they don't support Macs (even if I take the Mac option when selecting meny).  So, I can not install the printer (and scan) and can get no information on what to do. And, oh, the results of chat option online in an error message and the option to email "we will get back to you in an hour" did not place to answer in more than 12 hours.  It looks like a total collapse in the HP-land.  Anyone know how to install this printer on my Mac?

    Your printer has WPS (Wi - Fi Protected Setup) in there.  This allows a very simple method to connect your HP printer wireless to your network Apple Airport Extreme Wi - Fi.

    It's very simple: starting method WPS push button (printer menu the printer wireless), then proceed as follows:

    1. Open the utility (utility Applications) Apple's Airport
    2. Select your wireless router
    3. Select Manual Configuration
    4. choose Add Wireless Clients... in the menu of the Base Station
    5. Select the first attempt, and then press to continue.

    You must begin the process of Apple Add Wireless customer within 2 minutes of starting the printer WPS push button method.  In fact, the order doesn't matter; You can start the process of adding customers wireless on the Apple router first and then start push-button WPS printer method.

    With Snow Leopard, then all that's left to do is to install the printer.  Open the applet Print & Fax under system preferences, and then press the [+] sign.  Highlight your printer and click Add.

    You're done!

    Print using the normal commands.  Scan using Image Capture or preview applications.

  • Scanning from printer to the computer and the computer to the printer-Envy 5300

    I had printer 5530 myEnvy less than a week. He is doing well, but I tried to scan a document to the printer and it does not find the computer. I go into the preferences of the computer and see scan and my document, but the scan button does not illuminate. I pressed the big picture and he did practically scan my document. I want to scan at the printer to the computer and vice versa? I think I'll call.

    Thank you. I does not solve the problem when I called technical support. When I set up the printer, I used the wrong driver. Everying else worked, but not the sweeping featur. All is find now!

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