HP Envy 13-d008na: pilots-USB3

I need the name and the location of the drivers in the SW USB3 installation directory... Can anyone provide this please?

I did some thinking and research on this and the problem is not actually completely a problem usb 3.0 at all. Read this:


And this:


Seems that the installation of Windows 7 via USB on a platform of Skylake is not supported and requires workarounds.

This one (from the instance above) seems easy enough to do:

I found a solution! I had a similar problem with my new laptop of girlfriends without BONES. It has two USB ports, two of them a 6200U i5 CPU and USB3. While installing from USB, I got the same error with missing drivers, and the same thing happened with the usb 3 Intel slipstreamed driver.

Here's what I did:

  1. Booting into a Linux live (with GParted or similar tool), I had ubuntu ISO 14.04 lying around. I ask you how to create a bootable USB stick with linux (personally I use DriveDroid on Android).

  2. Once in the live system, open GParted and create a new partition of at least 4.5 GB NTFS.

  3. Right-click on your new partition in GParted and select 'manage flags' and check the box "start".

  4. Now (in the live system) unpack your windows 7 ISO on the new partition

  5. Restart your live system and unplug your USB drive.

  6. Depending on how many sources and you have partitions, you may need to change your boot order to boot from your new partition, and proceeds to your Windows 7 installation.

  7. When the installation is complete, you can remove your 4.5 GB partition.

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    I recently bought a laptop from HP Envy 13-d008na. It works well; However, I now encountered a problem with the fingerprint sensor. Hello Windows and HP SimplePass worked brilliantly so far - I've used them frequently to log into my laptop, as well as online accounts.

    For the first time, my fingerprint was not recognized and I tried several times before finally shrugging it off and connect with my password. However, it was when the fingerprint reader has first 'broken' and has not worked since.

    When I discovered this, naturally I removed my footprint of the system and tried to sign up again. I succumbed this making, like the HP SimplePass software gets only 45% trying to register my fingerprints! I feel like this may be a hardware problem - of course, there is no physical evidence of damage, but my experience with the problems of this kind, my best guess is that the fingerprint reader is defective and it should reset.

    The player flashes always white on an application for entry, red when the shot is not valid and still going from red to white when I move my finger on it, in a way that was "successful", before it stopped working.

    I tried everything I can think of. Completely removed and resettled biometric drivers and software from the HP support page, registered/player replaced all fingerprints and even tried using older versions of SimplePass to try to solve this problem.

    The warranty is still valid of course (I only had the laptop for a few weeks!), but it would be great if there was a solution which avoids me having to go through the hassle to send it off for repairs!

    Thank you - if you need more info please do not hesitate to ask!

    Kyran Hill

    [email protected]

    Hello @kirrri,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I read your message and understand that the fingerprint reader no longer works on your HP Envy 13 d008na. I appreciate the detail you have included in your message. I see you have done some troubleshooting yourself some of the steps in the document can seem you repetitive, but to achieve the resolution that I would recommend that they are executed in the order.

    First, follow the instructions contained in this document.

    The laptops HP ENVY - Fingerprint function stops working after system reset is performed

    Then, perform a hard reset. If the problem is still not resolved, follow this document: HP Notebook PC - troubleshooting of a fingerprint reader (I know that the document is for windows 8; most of the steps are exactly the same)

    Thank you.

    If this post helped you, feel free to click on the thumbs up!

  • HP Envy 5660: Two pilots? What is HP6A36DC?


    I just upgraded to Windows 10 of 8.1 and see two drivers listed for my printer HP Envy 5660:

    (1) series HP Envy 5660 (network)

    (2) HP6A36DC (HP Envy 5660 series)

    The two are listed under devices as above.  I remember not two registrants before the upgrade.  Should I have them both?  Who should be the default?  Can I delete one?

    Thank you-


    Hi, HP6A36DC is the default entry for your wireless printer to win 10. You can delete if you want to keep the network 5660 HP envy as the default printer.

  • HP Envy 13-S008na: hp envy 13-d008na - it can use SDXC cards, stipulates that printed information SD & SDHC

    Good evening

    Just wander if anyone knows if the HP Envy 13-s008na works with an SDXC card.  I talked to the support team and the only information available to them are the standard specifications is to say it's a standard Sd or SDHC card.

    I am concidering using a large (128 GB) SD cards, but they are available on the SDXC cards.

    cheers in advance

    Matt C

    MattC945 wrote:

    Good evening

    Just wander if anyone knows if the HP Envy 13-s008na works with an SDXC card.  I talked to the support team and the only information available to them are the standard specifications is to say it's a standard Sd or SDHC card.

    I am concidering using a large (128 GB) SD cards, but they are available on the SDXC cards.

    cheers in advance

    Matt C

    As much as I KNOW, the only difference in XC is the format it uses, and some readers would be unable to read. For more readings


    SDXC and host cards
    -Can be used ONLY with SDXC host devices SDXC memory cards.
    -SDXC memory cards will NOT work with SD / SDHC host devices.

    I read where you can use XC cards HC readers but you must format it in Fat32 not exFat that XC uses for her to work.

  • Envy 17: two pilots do not exist to win 10

    I recently bought a HP Envy laptop.  Updated to win 10.  Then performed a clean install of win 10.  Problems with missing drivers.  I tried different ways to get these drivers update without success.

    In my last effort, I right click on the device (with is the laptop itself); selected troubleshooting and walked through the process.  In the end, the report indicates that none of the three drivers exist.  Here are two results of report...

    Intel (r) 6 Atom (TM) /Celeron (R) /Pentium (R) processor Intel DPTF sensor peripheral temperature - 3403 isn't a non-fixed driver

    5 Intel(r) Atom (TM) /Celeron (R) /Pentium (R) processor Intel DPTF framework thermal device - 3400 is not a non-fixed driver

    Please notify.  Thank you.


    See if this driver works...

    This package contains the driver which allows Intel platform dynamic and thermal firmware setting. Intel platform dynamic and thermal environment information system temperature and power use for the thermal protection of the system to work properly. This package is provided for the laptop models running a supported operating system.

    File name: sp72069.exe

  • HP Envy 13-d008na: slash reverse/Pipe key works is not on the keyboard

    Hi all

    Have a new laptop 'Renew '. The key backslash on the laptop keyboard is unresponsive. Searching online, I suspect a BIOS update may be necessary, but this has been reported for other laptops HP, not this specific model, so may be barking the wrong tree!

    Product number is P0R94EA

    Thank you


    Well no earlier than 10 minutes after I posted this article, I found an acceptable workaround solution. I downloaded SharpKeys, which enabled me to map the backslash with a backslash key. The results were then written in the registry and hey presto - a touch of bar backslash work. Job is a good use as they say


  • HP Envy 13-d008na: HP Envy 13 - Microphone is not sensitive

    Hi all

    After successfully someone solve my first problem with this laptop (involving a defective sensor), I have now decided to address the issue of second and hopefully last, that I had.

    My microphone is not sensitive at all - but it works and I'm sure it's a driver problem too. Let me explain.

    The microphone has always been quiet. One of the first things I did when I got this laptop last month was Skype, friends, and they said that I sounded very far. I tried a test call to Skype service and when speaking normally could hardly hear my voice. I did some troubleshooting and even with the sensitivity of the microphone up to 100% and boost up to 30dB, I was still with realism unhearable.

    It has gotten to the point where I tried to uninstall the drivers, and I discovered that my audio drivers caused the mic for suddenly works perfectly - however resettlement caused reproduce the error uninstalling.

    I reinstalled the drivers because I guess the Bang and Olufsen (Realtek) drivers are needed for the audio output of high quality or something else - but I was wondering if there is a difficulty which would allow me to use the microphone with these drivers installed instead of having to uninstall it, whenever I want to use the microphone?

    Note: the microphone works, but is not very sensitive and I can just be heard even when I'm shouting in my screen!

    Thank you

    Kyran Hill

    Kelvin2 wrote:

    disable the sound effects for the network of microphones.

    "This is done through the control panel 'sound'-> 'recording' tab-> select" MICROPHONE ARRAY ' and click on 'Properties'-> 'micro' of "improvements" tab pane selection-> click on the box 'Turn off all sound effects' then click 'OK' on all the back panels to acoustic Panel.

    Tired and fixed it hopefully can help you guys

    Great work Kelvin2!

    I also made sure "Microphone Array" has been defined as peripheral default save too - and with your help it now seems to work brilliantly! That said, this problem has a record of rear entry, but I hope it's fixed

    Thanks again,


  • HP ENVY 13-d008na: HDMI records do not after Windows update 10

    My product number is P0R94EA #ABU

    My laptop auto update installed for Windows 10. All were working well but then restart the external display was not collected more on HDMI.

    Please help urgently.

    Thank you

    Detected and corrected by convenience store HP

  • HP ENVY 17-k252ur: pilots not worthy of the HP ENVY 17-k252ur

    Upgrade Windows 7 x 64 system. Wireless and network driver download. Message - the drivers are not installed properly. Network cards do not appear. Internet does not work. What should do? Where to take the normal driver? The rest of the drivers has not even tried to install.

    Неlp me, please!




  • ENVY of HP dv6-7267ez Notebook PC: USB drivers windows 7 64 bit i7 processor!

    I have the problem with USB drivers on my HP ENVY dv6-7267ez Notebook PC with Win 7 Ultimate x 64.

    I tried this medication but no luck, just can't find correct drivers. None of my nothing detected usb ports.

    Help, please

    Thank you in advance!


    You do not try everything.

    You can use all the W7 x 64 drivers and the software of the dv6t-7000 except the BIOS and firmware files.


    The pilot USB3 that you are interested in is this one...

    This package provides the driver for the Intel USB 3.0 controller host for the notebook models and operating systems. The driver allows USB 3.0 devices.

    File name: sp56164.exe

    But before installing this driver, make sure that you install this driver first and restart.

    This package contains the driver and Intel Chipset Installation Utility for the notebook models and operating systems. This utility allows the operating system to show the correct name for the Intel hardware that is installed in the Microsoft Windows Device Manager.

    File name: sp56156.exe

  • J8B65PA: Readers of Bluetooth for Compaq hp 15-s006TU with Windows7 64 bit laptop


    I recently bought 15-s006TU hp Compaq laptop. I could get most of the readers, but bluetooth and USB readers are not correctly installed. Could someone help me rgarding it.




    You need this driver bluetooth for the Ralink WiFi card.


    If the pilot USB3 support for your laptop and driver page did not work, then try one directly from Intel.

    Download, unzip and run the setup.exe file.


  • DV7-6c23cl: Dear HP, thanks for posting the drivers chipset for dv7-6c23cl

    Dear HP, I assume that you read your own forums.  I tried to contact your support but which becomes very tedious.

    Please report the chipset drivers on the drivers for this laptop page.

    As mentioned in this post...


    I asked HP to include the chipset and the USB3 drivers for all of their laptop AMD based not less than 3 times.

    For some reason, they don't.

    NONE of their consumption AMD chipset based notebooks have the chipset drivers AMD or USB3 on the support pages.

    Only business class PC do and they only pilots USB3 and not the driver that installs the smbus controller.

    But as you have in your other post, alleged that I worked for HP and deducted that I was abandoned in the course of my work, I take this opportunity to let you know that your message will be dead by HP.

    Again... This is a forum for peer to peer, and no HP is what it is posted here on behalf of the company.

    If you want to run this issue further to the top of the stem, then it is not the appropriate place for this.

    You can send an e-mail to the management of HP on the link below and see if you can get anywhere with them.


  • Pavilion 15 t-p100 CTO: USB driver for Win7 x 64 missing, also 'unknown device '.

    Decommissioning of Win8.1 to Win7 x 64 Pro. Most of the drivers; opportunity of Lenovo for Realtek Ethernet controller and works well. Two unresolved problems remain under 'other devices '.

    "Universal Serial Bus (USB) Controller" has no driver. Seems strange, like "Generic hub USB", "Intel 8 series Enhanced Host Controller #1-9C 26", "USB Composite Device" and "USB root hub" are all installed and that responded to the questionnaire. " Tried sp61293.exe to another post, but OS unsupported.

    "Unknown device" listed. Properties display these fields: Hardware ID 'ACPI\HPQ6007' and ' * HPQ6007 ', CONFIGFLAG_FAILEDINSTALL, \Device\00000054, CM_DEVCAP_SILENTINSTALL capacity 00000020, DevNode status 01802400 DN_HAS_PROBLEM DN_DISABLEABLE DN_NT_ENUMERATOR DN_NT_DRIVER, problem code 00000012, ACPI\PNP0A08\0 parents, brothers and sisters (many), install error E0000203, other fields are bad GUID and comments of unknown device.

    Computing Nice, friendly OS needs.  Thanks for your help.


    You can use all the W7 x 64 drivers and software (except the BIOS and firmware files) the p000-15 t on your model.


    The unknown device needs this driver...

    This package provides the software HP 3D DriveGuard to the notebook models that are running a supported operating system. Software HP 3D DriveGuard protects the hard drive by parking the heads if cell phone accidentally falls, or is suddenly struck by another object.

    File name: sp69011.exe

    There are two pilots usb3 related here.  I believe that you need it...

    This package provides the driver for the Intel USB 3.0 controller host for the notebook models and operating systems. The driver allows USB 3.0 devices.

    File name: sp68928.exe

  • 250 HP G4: HP 250 g4 windows 7 usb drives

    Hi, I got my 250 HP (m9s71ea) on win7 64-bit g4. Intel celeron and intel graphics hd top card. In any case, I have a problem with the 2 pilots. (Usb) universal serial bus controller and my camera. My USB doesn't work, died and for my camera I use youcam program to check if it works and gives me this message: no webcam detected. Pls help if some1 can tell me something about this. Thanks anyway


    The webcam works may not because it lacks the driver.

    Try the universal driver HP HP Probook 450 G2.

    It's the pilot USB3 for USB3 ports you need.

    Download, unzip and run the setup.exe file.


  • HP Pavilion dv6-6130us: My USB ports do not work!

    Hello, I had installed Ubuntu on my computer for awhile, then I decided to re - install Windows 7, and when I did, the two USB ports on the left side of my keyboard did not work. I also have Ubuntu along side windows in a dual boot, and they work perfectly well under ubuntu. I'm having a bit of trouble, and it becomes very frustrating. Yes, there are things that I need to install or drivers? Or am I out of luck?


    Yes, your laptop is probably missing drivers USB3.

    The problem is that there are 3 pilots USB3 from different model on the support page, so please do the following steps and I stood at USB 3 controller your model and I'll post the link to the right driver, he needs.

    If the drivers are not installed, you will see a device named USB controller listed in the category other devices.

    The USB controller will have a little! mark next to him (which means that he needs a driver installed for it to work).

    If you see that, click the USB 3 controller device.  Then click on the Details tab at the top of the USB3 controller window.

    Now, you see a drop-down list of property and it is set by default to the Description of the unit.

    On this list and select the second element (Hardware ID).

    After the first string of characters you see in the window.

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