HP Envy 15-k020us: video flickers and has red screen after running for 2 hours

After running for 2 hours, my screen flickers then goes red.  I saw a previous announcement but this person was able to solve the problem and the answer has never been published.  I fear that the problem may be due to overheating.  Thank you.

Hello @Jodonnell715,

I brought your question to the attention of a team within HP. They are likely to ask for information from you to get your information or product serial number. Please search for a private message from a contact HP identified. Also, remember not to publicly post information and series numbers.

If you are not familiar with works of the function of the Forum, private messages
this message has instructions.

Good luck!

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    Try these steps and it should work.

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    Kind regards

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    update the drivers from NVIDIA. Also make sure that your power supply is powerful enough to handle the new nVIDIA card. "A programmer is just a tool that converts the caffeine in code" Deputy CLIP - http://www.winvistaside.de/

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    my hp laptop... when turned on the screen starts to Flash and the major background colr is red... when I do an update to the computer, usually it goes... but is only temporary.   anyone has a solution for this problem... I'm not familiar hat with this laptop and it is used

    Hello Shad0w,

    I understand that you declare the screen flickers and then turns red, is that correct? I will do everything I can to help with this problem.

    Can I please have the full brand and model of the computer you have? If you don't know how to find this information, take a look at this link for assistance.

    Please answer as soon as possible.

    Thank you

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    My first exposure to video and photo editing is on a PC with Adobe Premier and Adobe Photoshop.  I own a Macbook Air and have used iMovie and iPhoto.  It took me a few years to sort and organize thousands of photos archived and videos.  Now, with the changes in Final Cut Pro and the loss of the opening, I am, even once, sitting on the fence.  Compatibility between the software has always been a controversial issue and that you accumulate more and more files, it would be nice if Apple should keep in mind to develop software that can be upgraded seamlessly without losing or change any data.  For example, the photo is correct, once you become familiar with it. However, personally, I like the way events were created in iPhoto, but also how you can scrub through each event, just sweep a finger of each event.  Now in the Photos, you need to scroll right rows and rows of pictures, which seems to be a step backward when it comes down to the speed and convenience. I finally have the time to go back to my hobby of video editing and I was about to buy an iMac or a Macbook Pro.  What is the best choice for video and photo editing, or should I be looking back to Adobe?

    You can go to Phase One's Capture One.

  • Why is my computer Acer 7720 laptop flickering and disorianting my screen in the most inopportune time?

    My screen seems to flicker on the most inopportune and at the same time disoriant the picture a bit where you are always able to make it clear, but it's a mixture of the moniter picture flicker and disoranting.
    My computer is up to date with all the upgrades, including drivers and all the others, and I ran yesterday to check for possible virus antivirus.
    That this has something to do with my video driver? Please, what should I do to fix this problem. Any help is appricated.
    Thanks to you all.


    It could be the video driver and update or reinstall the latest version of Acer might help. It is also possible that the wiring connection or the display is damaged, in which case the only solution is to have the machine. Good luck, Rick Rogers, aka "Crazy" - Microsoft MVP http://mvp.support.microsoft.com Windows help - www.rickrogers.org

  • Can I install a 1 GB video card and still be able to run Windows Vista?

    Original title: need information about my os/graphics card...
    Hello! I have a problem with my gfx
    I want to buy a new video card in my computer. I am running Windows Vista 32-bit, and here is the 'problem '.
    I currently have 3 GB of RAM installed and according to this link: http://support.microsoft.com/kb/929605/en-us Vista is limited to 3.12 GB. If I had to buy a new video card with 1 GB of memory, this memory limit for Windows Vista to use for other programs to 2 GB and Vista would be still able to use the / 3GB for other tasks and then the 1 extra GB for video work?
    Thank you!

    Video RAM is separate, but some cards also use the system to 'boost' memory capacity.  You cal telll them because they will say memory share as apposed to discreet.

  • video card and the black screen problems.

    Hello world! My desk top compaq presario sr1411nx don't seem to support a video card, I've recently tried

    to install. I put the card in one of the three open slots connected to the motherboard, and it seems to fit very well.

    The operating system I have is a Microsoft Windows XP Edition family version 2002 service pack 3, Celeron (R) CPU 2.80 ghz, 248 MB of ram.

    The graphics card is an ATI Radeon X1300PCI 256 MB. After I installed the card the following continues to happen.

    I turn the hard drive and follow on. The windows start menu back to the top.

    A message box appears telling me to close all programs. Restart the computer if the installation of the video card

    can be updated and completed.

    I then, restart the computer. After that I'm doing it just a black screen and white pointer popup. As I move the mouse

    There is no beep sounds. Browser menu and start the internet windows does not load upward.

    I then remove the video card and restart the computer and everything works fine.

    Question: What could be the cause, and I can fix it?

    Thank you


    Try to go into the cmos setup in the bios and see if there is any option to disable the onboard video as memory goes against zero or as allowing the pci. If not try to change the graphics card to the other pci slot

  • Video has stopped playing and has not saved after alert imessage

    During video recording on my iPad, I received an alert from iMessage.  The video has stopped playing and did not save what has been already registered.

    Is this a normal behavior or y at - it a setting I can change to block all alerts being recorded?

    Thanks in advance.

    Hi sabfa,

    If you do not want to be interrupted when you save the video on your iPad, try to activate do not disturb.

    Use of do not disturb on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch

    Turn on or off the do not disturb

    When do not disturb is activated, a Crescent Moon , or half-moon, an icon will appear in the status bar. There are two ways to turn on or off the do not disturb:

    • Tap Settings > do not disturb. Choose the manual option to activate the do not disturb sign now or set a schedule.
    • Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to open the Control Center. Tap on the Crescent Moon.

    Change your settings

    You can also choose if you want to be disturbed:

    • Allow calls to: allow calls from anyone, person, your Favorites or stored on your device or your iCloud account specific contact groups.
    • The calls repeated: If someone calls you twice within three minutes, the call will not be silent.
    • Silence: select silencing calls and notifications always or only when the device is locked.

    Take care

  • Video problems and a green screen


    I read the questions and answers on this topic, but some things work and others do not.  For example, I was able to solve one of my problems with some other fixes I found through online forums General for the 'green' screen that plays with the audio only.  It seems to work for me on you tube but not on Facebook more videos alhtough Facebook worked the first time when I rebooted.

    What I did get into my internet options and under accelerated graphics that I checked use software rendering instead of...

    and on the Security tab, I checked activate 64-bit processes in increased protected...  It Enhanced protected mode should as well then?  Should I check this option.

    I also treid to do what the responses recommended... as a right click on the video on Facebook when he plays and then I get a pop up I get the settings options or global settings and adobe flash player info... by clicking on settings gives me options but none for "screen", only for my microphone, camera and storage.  If I click on global settings, need me to flash player help.  And the last option, I get my version of Adobe info, which is version 13.00.214.  So no option to uncheck the box disable accelerated graphics cause I think I already did this in Control Panel.

    But why is working with youtube and videos from Facebook that I also tried to play videos as wmv and other video files files in my windows media player flash and then I get a screen black but still audio not play now.

    My computer is a HP Pavilion Notebook PC and it came with Windows already installed 8.1.  My graphics card is a Radeon R5 AMD graphics card.

    So what the devil now.  Should I install more recent Adode Player?  Even by unchecking the option graphis accelerated, this isn't really a solution for the deeper problem and the question, because then it slows down your graphics card?

    My computer is not even a week and I hate having to always download the patches and constant updates and spend hours searching for and trying to solve a problem that really should not appear in a first time.  Why are there so many problems with Windows?  Is this a problem with windows updates as well.  Active X controls?  Isuses of compatibility with 64-bit processes.  Can I use Firefox.  I did with my old HP, which finally launched the bucket and that's why I had to buy a new one.  I had to replace my battery before a year and my warranty battery lasted that long either and then the thing finally overheated and died.  But I had a lot of similar things happen before with the last HP laptop if it's Windows or is it HP or is it browsers, readers?

    I'm sorry if I'm unloading on you... I want too much, but it's so frustrating as a consumer of always having to go through such things.  I use my laptop to work on his own account so please help!

    Thanks for letting me vent...  I'd appreciate your help, thank you.

    A frustrated customer

    Thank you for visiting the Forums HP's Support and welcome. I'm sorry you're having problems.  I looked into your problem with video problems.

    You have uninstalled Internet Explorer?

    Have you tried Google Chrome?

    It already includes Adobe® Flash® Player built-in. Google Chrome automatically updates when new versions of Flash Player are available. Adobe are on version 15. Here'sa place to update. It has a link to Google Chrome as well.

    Here is a link to common problems of Flashplayer.

    I would try a system restore because this could undo any change that could happen with an update from Microsoft. Sometimes they have not completed or installed on the laptop.

    Hope this helps you.

    Thank you.

  • Work just a load of Raw files as the previous, but they have saved as JPG + video clips and put all other CR2 files for video help please

    Worked just a load of Photo Raw in Photoshop files as on previous occasions, but this time, they saved as VIDEO + JPG, also transformed has other CR2 files in video in the folder. Can anyone help please.

    This forum is for discussions about the download and installation of the Adobe software.  You must find the forum that deals with the use of any software you are trying to use.

    Here is a link to a page that provides links to all of the Adobe forums...

    Forum links page:


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  • video iPad pro has stopped playing after update 9.2

    Since the 9.2 update any video on my iPad pro willl not play. I first noticed this after making a video and trying to read. There is a long pause, maybe 2 minutes and then you can hear the sound of the video but the screen remains black. Then I tried to pay for a video on amazon (video demo of a product) and it will show no video but after a long break, I can hear what he says.

    Then I tried youtube and the same result, without video, only the sound after a long break.

    I had no problem with the iPad before this update happened a few days ago. I rebooted but still reset the iPad again.

    Any suggestions, what could be wrong and how to fix it?

    Same thing here. Not only app show me any video at all:

    -Safari (try watching YouTube videos)

    -YouTube (installed later to check if it's a Safari specific issue)



    -Photos (video I shoot and could watch on my iPhone)



    Not even a cinematic inside a game app I was playing yesterday... I'm not sure to try a beta version as a solution, especially if I can't find the data confirming the beta solves this problem.

    Thoughts? ideas?

  • Can I get xbox live through my laptop? My laptop is windows vista and has a T-MOBILE dongle for the internet.

    don't know what to do?

    Hello Wayne.

    Xbox Live does very well on a mobile broadband service.  If you want to do multiplayer games, you will definitely need a line physical broadband installed in your home, ADSL or cable otherwise lag will be simply too high to be read correctly, assuming that T-Mobile would not block it.  Mobile broadband services are also usually with very low usage limits.  For example a few GB per month, which can be chewed by downloading just a couple of demos on Xbox Live. Paul Smith - MVP for Windows desktop experience... I crawled off NNTP - for now. Detachment Aldershot, United Kingdom. On the internet at windowsresource.net and dasmirnov.net. Please post back to let us know what works and what does not. :-)

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