HP Envy 17 and Raid-0


I have an Envy 17-j005tx (Australian model) and hoped to Exchange internal 1 TB 5400 RPM HDD to the SSD and it places in a Bay Raid-0. I understand the pro/cons on different Raid configurations.

I do all my work in virtual machines, with instant regular backed up over the network. So if they are not lacking, in theory downtime is limited to the time it takes to get new readers and the time to copy the snapshot in return.

Q:  It is possible to configure the 17 want to start the Raid array-0? and wouldn't be a hardware or software raid?

Manual stipulates that cell has 'Accelerometer (HP Mobile Data Protection System 3D) RAID 0/1 Support' - I'm looking for more information/confirmation before buying the hardware.



Your laptop supports the RAID, you follow the links of Intel and HP that is mentioned below.



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    I have a HP envy j000 and I installed an SSD. If I look at MYPC, it doesn't have the installed ssd. If I look at the Device Manager it shows the installed ssd. What's new?

    The SSD is probably not formatted and mounted as a drive in the system. In other words, it is empty. Right-click on MYPC and choose manage... go to disk management and find the SSD. Make a new simple volume and ntfs format and then assign a letter reader and you'll be good.

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    I noticed in the tab BIOS for an Acer Aspire M3970 and then advance under the integrated devices, there are options for the SATA mode on "Native IDE", "AHCI" and "RAID".

    I would like to know what RAID modes are supported by the RAID option on this forum. I can't seem to find this information anywhere does support at least 1 RAID when you have two drives?

    Any help would be great. Thank you.

    This system supports Raid 0, Raid 1, Raid 5, and Raid 10 configurations.

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    Hi @FloridaGeorge,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP's Support. I understand that you want to scan a document with your Envy printer and access with your Chromebook.

    It is not as easy to do on a Chromebook. If you had a Windows PC or a Mac, you would be able to use the software of the printer.  Some printers have a function of e-mail scanning. It is of a decent workaround if your printer supports scanning to e-mail.

    If your printer does not support scanning to e-mail, try the steps in the following video.


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    Hi all

    I have installed all updates for HP envy 100 and connected to the internet / wireless printing and scanning of Mac OS 10.7.1 successfully.  However when trying to scan from the touchscreen scanner, destined for 'Computer' selected none of the exposure of the Mac as connected upward (all computers connected to the list are empty). Is there a way to force the printer/Scanner to 'find' the computer?

    I can scan wireless since the mac via the application on the desktop, but not from the touchscreen scanner.  Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you


    Try to download and install the driver from the link below, then check the scanning:


  • I just bought a new HP Envy DV6 and can work out how to open microsoft office.

    I just bought a new HP Envy DV6 and can work out how to open microsoft office.  When I try he asks me a product key of microsoft Office was preinstalled, so I don't have a product key!  Any suggestions?

    What version of Microsoft Office is this?

    If its Office 2010, you can buy a copy from amazon.com/software because Microsoft is no longer at the price of Office 2010.

    If his Office 365/Office 2013, you can sign up for a trial key to:


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    I just installed Windows 8 on my HP laptop, I tried to scan to computer on my printer HP Envy 114 and it won't scan to the computer, I ran the store to correct what ever the problem is but the convenience store said no problem. I checked to make sure that the scan of the computer is enabled and it is, but still won't work, says windows 8 is not compatible with the scan of the computer. Any ideas?

    Make sure you install the scanner/printer drivers and the scanner on windows computer software 8. Then try to scan from the computer instead of the scanner to the computer. To scan, you must have the scanner that is connected directly to the computer to win 8 (you can't sweep a scanner on a different computer) or a network scanner connected to your router. Check the compatibility site to check if your scanner is supported.

  • I have the HP envy window8 and monitor AOC 22 "Led. I can't get all the colors to be displayed.

    Original title: color monitor

    I have the HP envy window8 and monitor AOC 22 "Led.  I can't get all the colors on the screen. The colors are bright that I receive, but can't get the yellow, green, purple. etc. I followed in the Help menu for calibration of the colors without success by the buttons on the monitor in windows.

    Hi Ellen,.

    (a) you use HP ENVY laptop or desktop computer?

    (b) what is the model number for HP ENVY and monitor AOC?

    (c) what kind of connector do you use to connect the monitor?

    (d) have you tried to use the other cable and check if works?

    You may experience this problem if the connections between your computer and your monitor is loose or if the drivers of graphics cards is corrupted. Try these methods and check if that helps:

    Method 1: I suggest you to update the latest drivers for the graphics card for Windows 8 and check if it helps:


    Method 2: Visit the COA Web site and install the latest drivers by selecting the drivers of the AOC monitor for your model and see if it helps:


    See the documentation for your monitor and see if you can find the menu to restore default settings. If the problem persists I suggest you to contact the manufacturer (AOC) for assistance.

    Also refer to this article: get the best display on your monitor


    Hope this helps, if you need help on Windows let us know we will be happy to help you.

  • Problem of ESXi 5.5 and RAID

    So I have an ESXi host and RAID problem with a motherboard for Intel Server S1200V3RP. Basically, the problem is that the 5.5 ESXi host is not recognizing the RAID array set up with the utility integrated. See the images below for what I mean.

    Click here
    Click here
    Click here

    I did some research and my research has pointed out to me the possibility that this on the Intel Server raid controller is not actually a hardware controller but a piece of software built using the computer as controller. My research basically tells me that ESXi is super picky and don't play well with fake RAID. Although I may be wrong on this subject the behaviour of ESXi and each site Web I found says that this may be the case. I tried integrating storage and RAID drivers in the iso ESXi, I tried to update the BIOS chipset with the deployment server disk, and the management and I tried a USB installation with the drivers but nothing seems to solve this problem.

    Since ESXi does not the table as something other than dedicated disks, I tried an inventive work around by choosing the AHCI BIOS and install ESXi 5.5 mode host on a dedicated disk (volume 0). Then I switched back to RAID and used the Intel Rapid Storage Management utility to configure a RAID5 to three remaining disks. It seems to work very well and I was able to access the vsphere ESXi environment. However I couldn't see the RAID volume again on vsphere storage.

    I've plotted a plan where I could load the drives as individual data on the host and virtual server stores use the disk management utility or another program for RAID 3 hard drives together so that they appear as a single volume. However when I booted the system upward it appeared that the integrity of the RAID5 degraded after the addition of each drive separately (probably because he had to load a VMFS on each disc, thereby breaking the table). So this probably won't work (and even if it's possible, it's probably unnecessarily complex).

    Click here

    So yes, I don't have really a clear idea of the place where to go to get the RAID controller integrated to be read by ESXi. I was told that there may be compatibility issues between VMware and my Intel server model, but I checked and its on its list of approved so compatibility it couldn't be her. I guess I could just stick with dedicated drives and load the HARD drives as data stores, and then use software RAID across virtual machines - but I am concerned about the way in which redundancy will include when we drive finally fails (could I just Exchange on as a hardware raid?). I always thought that software RAID (especially on windows server disk management) smb read and write speed is terrible compared to hardware RAID.

    Anyone know a solution to this problem or where I could go from here?

    I did some research and my research has pointed out to me the possibility that this on the Intel Server raid controller is not actually a hardware controller but a piece of software built using the computer as controller. My research basically tells me that ESXi is super picky and don't play well with fake RAID.

    ESXi is not 'super picky' here. This kind of fake-RAIDs that are so common on desktop PC motherboards and entry-level rely on specific drivers provided by the hardware vendor to work really. And suppliers basically only provide Windows drivers in the first place. Any other non-OS Windows would be faced with the same question. Try installing a Linux and that you will not see your RAID volume either.

    Yes, your motherboard does not use a real independent of hardware RAID but a cheap RAID/fake-software controller. See the Intel website:


    RST (0,1,10,5) RAID and ESRT2 (0,1,10) RAID Configuration software

  • RAID 1 and Raid 0 410 XPS replace crashed HD?

    My XPS410 is running Vista Home Premium and Raid 0 will not start.  I know diagnosis (and the noise by clicking on him) that one of my HD is dead. : smileysad: I bought 2 500 G HD to replace my 2 160 G disks and want to configure Raid 1 and then reload VISTA.  I have Raids was not addressed in the past and want to get this right.  All the instructions would be appreciated.

  • Files, database and Raid 11 G

    Our new 11g server is Windows 2003 32-bit with disks configured in Raid 1 and Raid 5. Here is how it is prepared.

    First group of disks Raid 1 OS and Oracle Home is 144 GB in size.

    Second disk Raid 1 group is 276 GB in size. Currently empty.

    Third disk Raid 5 group is 836 GB. Currently empty.

    What I'm trying to understand, is where should I put my files of database for better performance. My plan is to put the Temp tablespace in the first group of Raid 1 with the OS and the Oracle home. Then I'll put the Redo Logs and Rollback Segments on the second Raid 1 group. I'll put the other files in the database on the Raid 5 group with archive logs. Also, I intend to put a control file on each of the Raid groups to space out them.

    All reading I did on this forum and others, this seems like the best solution, but before I create the database, I wanted to make sure. I was unclear if I should move away from the OS and Oracle Home Temp tablespace, move the archive logs to a Raid 1 group or move my tablespace Index data files on the Raid 5 group.

    Visual layout

    RAID 1 = OS, Oracle Home and tablespace Temp (control file)

    RAID 1 = Redo logs and Rollback (control file)

    RAID 5 = data files and archive logs (control file)

    Should I do something different? Thanks for any advice.

    With today's technology, it's not really important :-) Unless you have special needs when your database is heavily loaded and you need less than a second time to answer, you can put everything on RAID5. Our database contains all files and executables on RAID5 (Oracle Applications ERP database). PlL see ML Doc 30286.1 (IO Tuning with the different RAID Configurations) for more details.


  • ENVY 700-515xt: RAID 1 support WANT 700-515xt Office

    Envy my new 700-515xt (product # K7X03AV), MSI Kaili2 motherboard, Chipset Intel Z97/Z87, operating system Windows 7 RAID 1 support and if so what should I do to set it up.


    1. This publication articlewill give you some information note in order to read at least twice.
    2. Make a complete disk image system hard by as a precaution.
    3. All data on the target drive will be more written to return it to the top before you continue.
    4. Install theIntel RAID rapid storage technology driver (TSRI).
    5. Go into MSCONFIG and set the boot in safe mode and save the changes.
    6. Turn off and restart your PC in BIOS menu (key to tap the ESC after plugging).
    7. Select F10 for BIOS configuration and then go to storage--> Storage Options Menu and change the emulation of SATA RAID.  Save the changes and start safe mode.
    8. If OK at this stage then return to MSCONFIG---> Boot and uncheck safe startup, save changes and restart.
    9. If OK at this stage then your PC is ready to configure RAID.
    10. Go to control panel, and then select TSRI.
    11. Go to the help screens and examine how to set up a RAID 1 volume.

  • Portege S100 - reinstall Windows XP using F6 and RAID drivers

    I have this announcement in the hope that it helps someone.

    Well my hard drive is dead, so got a replacement one. I'm not so innocently, I thought that, just down load the drivers from the website of the original dvd.
    So did all of this and the raid has yet to see! Changed the settins to raid in the bios that you get by pressing ESC, then the default values, restart and go back into bios goto page 3 - which is so visible. Make sure that the disc is set to1raid0 - download the manual, but you must agree to any change in typing 1234 when it asks for a string from the manual. Anyway did all that - still no visible drive - so which continues.

    Well apparently there are 2 sets of pilots kr10n and kr10i - that givesyou site is kr10n drivers. That may work for the most recent, but not mine! My laptop needs the kr10i which I can't find on the site tosiba. BUT http://download.cnet.com/raid-drv-20070719134547-zip/3000-18492_4-174094.html or you can google for raid-drv-20070719134547

    The steps for me were so use nlite to add the drivers of kr10i on a WinXP SP3 patched cd and start using that. It was work related.

    After that, everything went great! Well, I didn't have much hair initially, but even less after having finished the process.

    Good luck


    Thanks for posting this short statement here in the forum.
    I think it might be useful for some users who try to install Win XP and try to include the RAID drives.

    PS. driver RAID The download also from the European pilot of Toshiba page!
    I installed Win XP and I'm using the nLite tool to include the RAID driver!

  • HP Envy laptop - 15-ae011na: HP Envy - keyboard and Trackpad not working after the mode 'sleep'.

    HP Envy laptop - 15-ae011na

    I have this laptop for only 1 week, he did various updates. I guess that's from Windows 8 to 8.1. He also completed an update of the BIOS with HP Support Assistant.

    Question: When the awakening of my laptop mode 'sleep', my trackpad and keyboard do not work, I have unlock my PC using HP Simple pass, then press the power button to restart the machine.

    Troubleshooting: I followed some advice for troubleshooting on the support page which lead me to uninstall the keyboard driver then restart my machine. I have all the latest drivers aswell.

    Someone has an idea what might be causing the problem? Ideally, I'd like to do a restore or upgrade of Windows 10 immediately.

    Thank you.

    Looks like this has been caused some my driver problem with Windows 8.1 and I guess that's with HP SimplePass such that it would not recognize the keyboard and the trackpad after waking up to use it.

    I have upgraded to Windows 10 that looks like a solved the problem.

  • Re: Satellite X 200-23 G and RAID

    Nice day!

    Note: Satellite x 200-23 G PSPBUE - 020011

    I saw in the discussions if there is not any brand of RAID in the BIOS and Instruction - the RAID is not present.
    But before buying, I checked that:
    HARD drive: 500 GB (5400 RPM), SATA, RAID

    This means that the RAID is present on board, or it means "may be present.

    Thank you

    Can I ask you something: what you mean under RAID and what features you expect with her?

Maybe you are looking for