HP ENVY 17-j001er: the bios password reset


I have fogot administrator BIOS password.

I am trying to enter the password 3 times & see message: "system disabled 77210195.

Can anyone help me to reset the bios password?

Enter: 68178111

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  • CQ61-313us: maestro also needing help code is 75957252 for the bios password reset

    Maestro also needing help code is 75957252 for the bios password reset

    Check your other post. I answered here.

  • 15 - d062TU: the BIOS password reset

    When I bought my laptop I have locked the BIOS with an administrator password. But now I've forgotten. Please can you help me to reset the BIOS password.
    Type of laptop - HP 15-d062TU


    When asked for the password enter 72480320


  • HP Mini 110 - 1026NR: the bios password reset


    I have a HP Mini 110 - 1026NR I forgot the bios password. However, when I get the 3 password three times and I get a fail this code.


    Can anyone help... ?

    I thank in advance


    Enter: e9lofg704b (to be noted that the 3rd character is a lowercase L and the 8th is zero)

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • EliteBook 2570p: the BIOS password reset

    I bought a used HP Elitebook 2570p from an Ebay seller, but there the set BIOS administrator password. Is it possible to remove the password or reset the BIOS? I tried some tools that I found on the internet, which didn't work (has no brick anything either) and that the seller says they do not have the password. They will resume, but I would like to make it work if I can. I have the SKU, series a UUID. Thank you


    Contact technical support HP... to the USA/Canada, call this number... 1-800-334-5144

    Explain the situation to the technology.  I think that they can send you some sort of file BIOS that you can run to clear/unlock BIOS P / w.

  • EliteBook 8560w: the bios password reset

    Hi, I have my blocked Elitebook.  Model is here 8560w. It takes the first bios password.

    Numberspersonal information deleted by the moderator)


    Unfortunately, business machines such as Probooks or EliteBook have more strict security consumption patterns - they do not produce "stop codes", the password cannot be derived from the serial number and the code is stored in a nonvolatile memory to remove the RTC cell does not reset the password in this case.

    If you Contact HP Business support they should be able to send you a file custom SMC.bin that you can use to reset the password at startup.

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • Envy of HP dv7 BIOS password reset

    I forgot my bios password for dv17 want and appreciate your help...
    Thanks in advance
    Lock code: 52016721

    At the password prompt, try 43974307

  • 2000 - 358nr: the BIOS password reset

    I have a BIOS password that I entered 3 times with no success and received the following SYSTEM DISABLED code: 80476769

    Anyone knows how to go beyond this?

    Thank you!

    Try to enter > 35554369

  • HP 15 B044SL: Computer laptop HP Pavilion 15 15-B044SL of the bios password reset

    I have a laptop HP Pavilion 15 15-b044sl and I forgot the password of the bios. Disabled system code number is 86103738. Can you help me, please.


    Enter 39861318

  • Pavilion 15-N014AU: the Bios password reset

    Hi David, I bought a laptop 15-N014AU second hand Pavilion, but it has a BIOS password on it that I don't know. The code that comes up is 6247653. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Regarding.


    No problem

    Enter: 73595295

    Kind regards

    DP - K

  • HP mini 110 computer: the bios password reset

    I just bought this hp mini 110-1130LA to a pawn shop but when I power on it ask me a bios password. After you have entered the incorrect password three times it gives me this CNU9462RCT. I would really appreciate if someone sews me help with this problem as im having it please...


    Come in:


  • HP 15-1039wm: the Bios password reset


    I am a technician trying to help my client with his HP 15 laptop. I need to reset the market BIOS administrator password so that I can disable the wireless feature and change the boot option to boot from the CD-ROM. My client don't remember the password, which leads me to a standstill. After 3 attempts, I got a code which I provide to HP.

    Here's the code: 85088829

    Thanks in advance for your help.


    Please try:


    Kind regards.

  • HP Mini 110-1104VU: the Bios password reset

    I have a Hp Mini 110-1104VU.

    When I start my laptop it shows ENTER CURRENT PASSWORD I don't reproduce.

    After that try three shows

    Fatal error... System stopped.


    Please help me


    Please try (all lower case, the last character is zero):


    Kind regards.

  • HP EliteBook 2540p: the BIOS password reset


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  • HP Compaq Mini 110-1155 THE BIOS Password Reset

    Password check failed
    Error fatal system stopped

    Please help

    Sami_sam try.


    Third letter lowercase l.


    I must inform you that these services are not endorsed by HP, and that HP is not responsible for any damages that may occur to your system using these services. Please be aware that you do so at your own risk.

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