HP Envy 4500/Series: Cablelink (Austrian cable service) / installation HP Envy 4500 series problem

Hi, I have a new HP Envy 4500, and it does not connect to my wireless network. He sees the correct SSID (using WPA - PSK / TKIP or AES), but he will not join the network after providing the WPA key. Printing test results shows a FAILURE on > parameters - without filtering. I don't know if I use MAC filtering on the network, because I don't know how to check this on this modem.

I am also unable to join using the WPS procedure. I tried with and without a USB connection. I have 5 other wireless devices on the network, which all connect without any problems.

In addition, I put static IP details on the Panel after reading the HP forum where this problem was stated by setting just the IP address and no subnets. Still no connection

The printer works via USB ok.

I got it connected to my neighbors A1s wi - fi network.

I have a new wireless network to cable and modem put cable in the last week connected to Cablelink. I have a new router Cisco EPC3940. I tried to restart, connection to WPS and wireless USB connected. Reset the printer and modem and tried with and without using a static IP address.

I tried to reconnect to my neighbors A1 connection - success.

I tried with USB lead-success

I tried direct to print without wire-success

I tried to share wireless USB by using HP software-failure

I tried the HP PC don't doctor too - no available solutions.

I have read and tried several fixes on the HP forum-no success

The fault is clearly my printer connect to my cable modem wireless (or my printer connect to my wi - fi of Cablelink) like all other connection works!

I posted at the end of a similar position, but did not respond. Help please.



I finally solved this problem after 2 weeks of trying everything! Based on the above comment from BH, I thought that I had to turn off my radio show from 5 Hz. My new router has prevented to me because of the way Cablelink run their software. However, I finally got access to change it. I disabled 5 Hz. I still have the invalid password! Then, I changed the predefined WPA WPA2. It worked. I turned on my 5 Hz back show, the printer is remained connected. I then changed back to WPA2 and immediately lost connection! I put it to WPA and it connected again! I did NOT change key wireless, he remained at 16 characters, just the level of security! It seems if I want my Envy NEW 4500 with UPDATE drivers on my wireless network, I have to REDUCE my password security, which comes by default with modems cable new with Cisco, and accept the WPA! The strange thing is my old Iphone 4 and my old Apple TV both connected without problem. Therefore more recent Iphone to my wife 5 c and our newest Samsung UHD TV. So why a NEW model of printer is sold in stores right now, not able to work on WPA2? I lost 2 weeks on this issue before the sort it! It works, but I'm not happy! Same HP UK failed to connect after 4 hours on their online chat and remote assistance online! I worked it out myself from the comment by BH! Thanks BH. HP POST PLEASE A REPLY ON THIS THREAD WHEN YOU FINALLY WRITE A SOFTWARE FOR YOUR PRINTER TO WORK ON WPA2. MAYBE YOU CAN EMAIL CISCO IN ORDER TO WORK OUT HOW TO DO THIS BETWEEN YOU.

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    Hello. Thanks again for your help. I found how to solve my problem. I know now that it had nothing to do with the printer or its software. Something was wrong with my registry or files of certain parameters that I couldn't identify myself, that I tried to plug the two this printer in my lapotop via a usb port and installation (with the same problem). The same problem happened when I connected usb printer older that I know works (hp 3050 has-for printing at least) and still had the problem. I just did a windows update and had to reinstall everything. Now, I can print and scan wireless without problem. I would like to have a more simple solution. Maybe the idea of my friend to install a registry cleaner from the beginning was a bad idea. You live and learn, I guess.

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    I use the wifi for the laptop and the printer, and even still have the printer close to the router, the printer will print after 10 days. The printer wifi appears connected correctly.

    Why it works for ten days and then do not print unless I uninstall the printer and reinstall?


    Thank you for using the forum.

    Have you tried to see if the IP address of the printer has changed whenyou can not print?

    You go to the front panel and press the 'Wireless', and it will display the IP address.

    Now go to the PC > start > all programs (or all apps to win 10) > HP > HP4500 > IP update

    Run small applications and compare if the IP address on your printer software is the same as on the printer.

    If this isn't the case, it is the reason why it can not print!

    Look at this video, he shows how to create a static IP address, there is a part of the video at the end that uses the "update IP address" address verification tool that has been described above.

    Creating a static IP address by using EWS


    Update the IP address is at 01:41

    You may consider to change the address of your printer to Static if it is what the cause of your problem.

    Let us know.

    Thank you.

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  • HP Envy 5530 series: HP Envy 5530 scanning problems

    I have a computer laptop, MSI game with wireless connection to my HP Envy 5530 series printer/scanner

    On my desktop, double click on the HP Envy icon used to bring up a menu to choose what to do with the printer. It worked great for scanning. IDKY but now when I double click the icon even a useless window comes with 2 unnecessary options and no scanning options of the computer. What happened to HP? Why change a good thing? I don't know how to start a scan now. Of least not without deep research for the button. I have not yet found.

    So I try different options to try to scan something including installation HP Support Assistant and HP and Scan Dr. printing performance. At the end of this installation and Scan Dr. run he had the opportunity to test the scan. This was the case, I saved it in a file, but the file would not reopen so she almost but does not solve anything for me. I want the simple button that works well again. Where at - it go?


    My suggestion: install softare and the driver on your computer using the fillowing:


    After that,.

    (a) ion on desktop, double-click

    (b) select manage the Scan of the computer
    (c) click on Enable.

    You can start automatically with Windows, BUT you will get an arror message if you turn on the computer FRONT of the printer.

    Now you can scan computer or ptrinter.

    (Note: I have tested and used the same printer for over a year and no problems what so ever).

    Kind regards.

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    I recently installed a HP Envy 4500 printer and have problems printing of photos on my iPhone 5 (ios 7.1.2).

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    I tried with 2 different pictures and the results were the same.

    I printed from my PC and the color was on the spot.

    A way to solve this problem?

    Thank you

    Hello Talkoon,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I understand that photos of the iPhone printing are not the same color scheme when the photo is printed from the computer.

    Try printing the HP ePrint App photo and let me know what is the result.

    Kind regards

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    They can't help and I think that there is something that I encouraged not to do Windows or a licence, but I'm lost.  If anyone can help I would really appreciate it.


    If it works well before?

    I suggest you to uninstall and reinstall the Optimum application and check if the problem occurs. Follow these steps:

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    Uninstall the program software and features, follow the steps in the link:


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    For any consultation you have a look at the link:


    If you have problems with a specific application, you can contact support for assistance.

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    However, even if I did first initialization with USB cable because it is new, when I link the new component using its cable to the motherboard port 2nd HARD drive and that I turn on the laptop it does not detect anything.

    In any case, I also tried to put a different device, another HARD disk, but the problem is the same, it is nowhere.

    How can I do to find it and then use it? Could someone help me?


    OK, I had a slightly newer model that is very similar, the series of 17 t - j000 want and also got a second basket of newmodeus.com. It finally worked but the anchor of the water was very small and it took 2 or 3 tries to get the systΦme can recognize the second hard drive. You must host the cable 'so '. If you do not have it HP or newmodeus.com I'd be skeptical on the cable.

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    Hello.  I have a HP officejet 4500 and recently plugged in a new dell desktop computer (windows 7) and it will not print and I don't know how to initialize a process steup.  Can someone help me?

    Thank you!

    Hi @VAteacher,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I noticed you're wondering how to initialize the process of your HP Officejet 4500 Windows 7 configuration. I'm happy to discuss this issue for you!

    How do you connect your printer? Wireless, Ethernet or USB?

    First of all, I would make sure that you go through the hardware configuration, as indicated in this guide, setting up hardware for HP Officejet 4500 (G510) all-in-One Printer Series.

    Then, depending on your connection type, select one of the following guides:

    For future reference, hereis the user guide for the your printer and power supply.

    Hope this information is useful and have a great day!

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