HP ENVY 5530 e-all-in-one: printer is not to connect to the Internet wireless


English is my second laungage. hope you understand...

I can print with printer through windows and Mac PC cable. but, I can not connect between rutour and the wireless printer.

I used the Setup Wizard and found the SSID name. I typed PW. but "Not connected" is displayed.

I print the Configuration Page from HP network.

Live wireless

Status on

What else can be done using wireless printer.

Kind regards




If you try to connect your printer to the router, you should make sure that wireless Direct is trurned to offshore. Direct wireless is a feature that allows you to connect a device directly to your printer without router (the printer generates its own wifi)

Please turn off direct wireless (it's often a button on the front panel) and try to connect again.

I have included a link below for you rprinter support page that contains the user guides that should help also.


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    We gladly invite you.

    A Roll-up update is already available since December, although it seems that the description is not being updated accordingly.

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    -C' is my default printer and displays "series HP Envy 5530 (network).

    -my wifi is connected

    -J' tried to unplug machine and wall & turn off wifi

    -J' tried troubleshooting, but he could not identify a problem

    -J' tried to update.

    -J' uninstalled and reinstalled with disc and I have uninstalled and reinstalled online

    -Print and scan doctor = all OK

    -Test print = print and submitted, but disappears after seconds too

    -internal print has no print

    -disabled firewall only = no print.

    What Miss me? I've never had a problem with Win 7.

    Hi rb101,

    Your suggestion to contact our assistance worked!  I had a conversation with someone, and they changed my driver to a generic driver and that's...

    Thanks a lot for all your help

  • E-all-in-one printer, HP Photosmart 5520 connected to the network but not detected by computers


    My printer HP 5520 indicates that it is connected to my network, but the wireless printing does not work correctly.

    In the implementation of the process of the driver software the printer displayed after resetting my router, a Huawei HG655d. I get a "no connection" error when I try to send a print job to the printer. Function AirPrint doen and the printer is not visible on the iDevices. I have the latest version of my OS (OS X 10.8.3) installed, I also tried to reset and reinstall my router and my printer several times but nothing works.

    Is there a way to make printing wireless correctly?

    Access my printer directly via its IP address works, so the network connection should work. I've added details of the network below:

    Your router may not support Hello, who need your Mac to find the printer.  Enter the configuration of the router and see if there is a way to activate it.  It is sometimes called mDNS.

    Additionally, make sure that the multicast is enabled.

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    New impressive @Barkingloon 

    If you have a moment, please click the button of "acceptable Solution" on my last message (Message 2), for others in the community can find thread too in case they run into the same problem.

    Have a wonderful Monday

  • Location of default scanning? (HP and HP ENVY 15-j084ca Notebook PC ENVY 114 e - All - in - One Printer - D411c)

    I have a HP ENVY 15-j084ca Notebook PC (Windows 8-64) and HP ENVY 114 e-All-in-One Printer - D411c.

    Currently, when I scan a documents, photos, etc. from my printer on my wifi network my computer default files in the folder "My Documents" (C:\Users\***\Documents).

    Is it possible to permanently change the default location?

    When you choose to scan on my printer the implementation only allows me to choose the type of file and an additional option for scanning to e-mail directly (. File Photo), Photo to Email, file or Document to send

    I have been not able to find this option on my printer, computer, or the internet, as well as passed around departments HP many times with only this repetitive response... "This is not what we do in this Department, let me transfer you to another Department to better assist you. »



    From your PC, open the HP Envy 110 software and select scan a Document or Photo.

    Select the required scan shortcut selected in the front panel of the printer, and then click Advanced settings.

    Click the Destination tab, select the destination folder and validate.

    Complete analysis of the HP software, the selected location will remain as a default value in the future.


  • How can I reset my HP ENVY 110 e-all-in-one printer - D411a to factory settings

    How can I reset my HP ENVY 110 e-all-in-one printer - D411a to factory settings

    Hello bez002,

    To restore the factory of your printer settings:

    1. Select the key icon in the upper right of the home screen.
    2. Select Tools.
    3. Select Restore Factory Defaults and then validate
  • changed router photosmart b110 e-all-in-one printer does not work

    changed router photosmart b110 e-all-in-one printer does not work

    Hi aged60,

    I'm sorry to hear that you have linking problems with your Photosmart B110 printer.

    I've included a link to HP Wireless Printing Center Troubleshooting web page.  In the section entitled "your printer was working on the network before and now is not" there are clear instructions to follow when your router has been changed or updated.  If you follow the instructions you should be able to communicate with your printer.

    HP wireless printing Center - Troubleshooting


  • HP Officejet 6500 all-in-One Printer does not send scan and HP print and Scan doctor without help

    HP Officejet 6500 all-in - One Printer does not scan for Windows 7 and HP Print and Scan doctor says 'not imaging' & send error message 8, [1.0,-2147221498)] - I reconnected my officejet drivers reinstalled, etc & nothing works.  I looked for help & tried repeatedly, & am willing to renounce HP.


    Thank you for using the HP Forums.

    You can try this alternative solution to Scan:

    HP extended Scan


    Once it has downloaded and installed, go to start > all programs > HP > HP Scan extended > Run "HP Scan extended.

    Let us know if it works.

  • Just upgraded to Windows 7 and my Dell All IN One Printer does not print. It is said that the pilot of the AIO 942 not found

    Just upgraded to Windows 7 and my Dell All IN One Printer does not print.  It is said that the pilot of the AIO 942 not found.

    Anyone where I can download this driver?

    See http://www.microsoft.com/windows/compatibility/Windows-7/en-us/Details.aspx?type=Hardware&p=Dell%20942%20Photo%20All-In-One%20Printer&v=Dell&uid=942STD&pf=0&pi=1&c=Printers%20%26%20Scanners&sc=Multifunction&os=32-bit.

    There are only drivers for Vista at http://www.dell.com/support/drivers/us/en/04/DriverDetails/DriverFileFormats?c=us&s=bsd&cs=04&l=en&DriverId=R151559.

    They are supposed to work if installed in compatibility mode. http://en.community.dell.com/support-forums/peripherals/f/3528/t/19319527.aspx.

  • HP Envy 5530 e-all-in-one: envy 5530 E cannot detect alignment page

    I'll put up a new e-all-in-one printer HP Envy 5530. I went through the installation OK, until I got to the part about the alignment of the print cartridges.  It prints the alignment page, it will copy even, so I know the scanner works. I printed several pages and they all look great.  But when I use the ink cartridge alignment tool it does not detect the alignment page in the scanner.

    Yes, it is face down on the scanner

    Yes, the cartridges are installed OK

    Yes, printing seems good

    Yes, the scanner can scan and print pages, even the alignment page

    What else to try?

    Thank you

    Well, too bad. I unplugged, moved the card to a regular wall outlet instead of a power strip, and it is turned on, ask to do a print alignment.

    I did, it printed the page, I put the page on the scanner and it completed the alignment.

    I don't know what the problem was earlier, but it worked this time.

  • HP 6110 All in One printer will not scan to PC applications.

    I have an 6110 all in one printer connected to a HP Pavilion desktop computer running on Vista Home Premium with the MS Office 2007 Suite.  When I try to scan from the printer to MS Word or any other apps, the error message says: "unable to connect to the PC.  However, printing from the PC to the printer works very well and the USB cables are correctly.

    Any ideas?

    Thank you

    ... WSF

    ... WSF


    Can scan you from your pc to the 6110, using the hp scanning software?

  • Photosmart C8180 All-in-One printer that turns off completely in the middle of printing.

    I have a Photosmart C8180 All-in-One printer that powers completely in the middle of printing, wasting time, paper and ink. It restarts also sometimes more and more and more and sometimes it stops and all the lights blink quickly, show an on-screen error code. During these periods, the power button seems useless. I use the printer with a HP Pavilion dv7 laptop running Windows Vista and an HP / Compaq Presario Windows XP.

    When the C8180 works correctly, it's great. But I can't allow myself to be play roulette of the printer. Help, please. Thank you.

    Thanks to kkcb9395 for your help.

    Unfortunately, I have not found a solution to fix my HP C8180. The 800 number only referred me to another number (866-234-1377) where someone in India tried to sell me a phone support or a new printer. Phone support will not fix a burned capacitor and the new printers HP scan slides. Not to mention the $100. new ink I'll have to eat if I can't solve this problem.

    For anyone who has followed this thread and interested in your own C8180 setting here is a link to a parts list.
    If you find a repair manual, let me know.

    I am a customer of HP for HP CEO and longtime who think they have the customer service thing down, I'm on my way to buy an Epson.
    Thanks again for your time.

  • Photosmart 4700 all in one print but not scan

    My photosmart c4740 (all-in-one) printer will print but not scan

    Hi Donpaladino,

    1. What is the installed operating system on your computer?

    2. what happens when you try to scan documents?

    3. you receive an error message?

    I suggest you to follow the steps and check if it helps.

    Follow the steps in the link and check if that helps.

    HP Multifunction printers - I can't scan in Windows using the HP software

    If the problem persists, you can also check out the links and check if it helps.

    Scan and send (e-mail, send to folder, digital transmission, etc.)

  • HP C5280 All in one printer does not print all of the beginning of the page or end of page

    HP C5280 All in one

    Does not print all of the beginning of the page or end of page

    Hi david skelton.

    I would like that you start by checking that you have the latest drivers for your printer:


    I hope this helps!

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