HP Envy 5530 won't print computer this weekend.

HP Envy 5530 won't print computer this weekend.  I turned off and unplugged.  Bought on 25/10/13.  It has happened, but this time cannot operate.  Impressions of my iPad.

Thanks for getting back to me SammyAmazon!

I am happy to know that you can print again!

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  • 5530 envy: Envy 5530 won't print, copy or scan

    Red 'X' on the lower right part of the screen of the printer is on and printer no longer works. Checked the utility application and was advised that black cartridge that is low on ink. Change cartridge. Utility program says ok now all levels. Tried to align, but although the printer display says 'printing', 'X' red down and nothing happens. Tried to print, copy and scan with similar results. Printer says it works but nothing happens. Have restarted printer and computer (iMac) without success. HELP please.

    There is no error message. The screen on the printer actually said 'impression' and the 'clock indicator' was renewable, but nothing was happening. When the operation has been cancelled and another operation selected is the same - no error message and everything seemed to happen normally, but nothing. Checked for paper and and cartridge jams - clear at all.

    Repeated undo operation retry printing a certain number of times and after about the tenth time, no reason apparent, it printed! Check all the other functions - all normal. A overall good wifi connection.


    Thank you for your help.

  • HP envy 5530: does not print the entire page

    My printer only prints half a page, and the book would always jam. always stop the printing of each page in half and will not end the task. can someone help me or give me a reason to explain why this always happens. or is there someone who can help me to solve the problems. Thanks in advance.

    Hey @erin0312,

    Welcome to the Forum from HP Support.

    I see you have problems paper jam with your HP ENVY 5530 e-all-in-one printer. I would like to help.

    You are able to make a copy of the front of the printer without problem? If not, click here and work your way through the steps recommended in order HP. They deal directly with the issue of the material point of view. If Yes (you were able to make a copy of the façade without problem), print opportunities question is a software oriented. In this case, I recommend you try the following steps:

    • Uninstall your printer - click here for instructions.
    • Fix permissions of the disc on your Mac - click here for instructions.
    • Once you have finished running the utility above, restart your computer.
    • Finally, click here to reinstall your printer.

    Please let me know the result of your troubleshooting by responding to this post. If I helped you to solve the problem, feel free to give me a virtual h.o.t. by clicking the "Thumbs Up" icon below and by clicking to accept this solution.

    Thanks for posting in the Forum from HP Support. Have a great day!

  • HP Envy 5530: Software and HP Envy 5530 lost hp printer solution Center icon cannot sweep

    When I upgraded to Windows 10 I lost my icon and the ability to scan from my HP computer on my printer HP Envy 5530 wireless. I'm unable to scan from Windows Fax and Scan. I downloaded the latest driver and software from HP. I have uninstalled and installed the software nothing works. Help, please.

    I tested the feature. I have two HP printers and both work with my laptop. I can finally print with my office on my printer HP Envy 4500 (many uninstalls and reinstalls the software.)

    I used the wizard install HP for Windows, but my success was when I found the original installation disc.

    I use McAfee and have disabled and enabled it to the left. I ran doctor Scan and print and it on Rota software I had and "installed a later version" that has not worked. I have therefore re-installed using my original installation disc.

    My basic problem was that I could not scan. I can print but the HP 4500 Printer Wizard Envy series using I get that 'the envy of HP 4500 series is not found'. I tried to unplug the router and switch on the computer and the printer.

    I installed an HP AiO Printer Remote App and I can print it from there, and I AM ABLE to SCAN now with this app.

    Thank you for your help and suggestions.


  • HP Envy 5530: Emits a light HP Envy 5530, but the printer will not be running

    Printer of opportunity, so no guarantee: it out of the box, plugged in and set up. I was able to connect wirelessly to my computer, but I don't have the right to ink cartridges. When the ink is right, I plugged it again. This time the printer power not on at all. The only thing that happens is that the signal power light briefly when the first powered. This isn't a loose thread, because I can only duplicate the symptom when connecting, not when moving or unplug the device. It isn't food, as I have him succeeded and get the same exact symptom. (PS, thanks for the power supply internal easy-to-swap!)

    Is it a kind of fashion 'sleep'? Any suggestions as to what this is. I am rather stuck with it since I bought the ink and an additional power supply, so I would like to address them. Help, please! Thank you!

    Hello @azvlr,

    Welcome to the Forums of HP Support!

    I understand you are having feeding problems with your used HP ENVY 5530 e-all-in-one printer. I see that you have already installed a new set of ink and replaced the internal power supply without result. Unfortunately at this time if a new power supply fails to solve the problem of flashing light output that the next step would be to use the printer.

    Please take a look at this paper Support HP "no power" to ensure that all steps are completed that follows: The HP printer will not be running or to respond when the power button is pressed

    The HP Envy 5530 is always a newly released product. Therefore, I highly recommend contact our telephone Support queue to explore additional options. If a replacement printer is necessary food and ink will not be wasted because they can be used in the replacement printer.

    HP Technical Support can be reached at the: 800-474-6836.

    If you do not live in the United States / Canada region, please click the link below to get help from your region number.

    Worldwide contact HP

    Regardless of the status of the guarantee, please call and see what additional options can do for you. I wish you good luck!

  • HP Envy 5530 does not print after installation (Windows 8)

    After completing the installation steps of my new HP Envy 5530 on Windows 8, I can't get anything to print, but a print quality diagnostic report.   What I see is the document is in the queue of the printer for about 30 seconds (as it is printing), but the printer itself does nothing.   Subsequently, the document is deleted from the queue.

    I tried the following:

    -Use of printing HP & doctor scan (4.3) to diagnose the printer.   He said all "extract very well", but when I try to print a test page, I see the behavior described above.  However, the "internal test page works.   It says I have a problem of software that he can help me with.

    Uninstalling/reinstalling the software of the printer (by the 'doctors' recommendation), no change

    -Download the latest software from HP support (no effect, the same behaviors) printer driver

    -Conversion of the printer Wireless USB (no effect, the same behaviors).

    Reminder: This printer is for domestic use, with a traditional desktop computer (HP p6-2376).   It replaces a HP Photosmart printer which stopped working last month.    I'm on Windows 8, 64-bit with patches up-to-date.

    Any suggestions (apart from what I tried)?


    Please, try the following steps and let me know if that can help you:

    1. In the Control Panel, select uninstall a program and uninstall the rated HP Envy 5530 base driver software.
    2. Click the R keys on your keyboard and the Windows Logo appears in the Run dialog box.
    3. Spool type and click OK.
    4. Open the Drivers folder, and then select the x 64 folder if you have a 64-bit OS or the w32x86 if you have a 32 bit OS
      Note: visit http://whatsmyos.com/ to find your type of operating system if necessary.
    5. Open the 3 folder, locate the HPBXPSRENDER. DLL file and rename it to HPBXPSRENDER. OLD
    6. Reinstall the latest version of the HP software:


  • Want 5530: HP ENVY 5530 does not print

    Recently bought a HP Envy 5530 and together until my laptop via WiFi with the software downloaded from the URL the drive gave me (my laptop would not recognize the disc). Yesterday, I was able to print a photo from my phone (HTC a M8), without any problems. Today, I tried to print my calendar of the school, since the school Web site and it wouldn't work. The printer is on, and my laptop it is grateful. This is my default printer. When I print, the item appears in the print queue, said he prints and disappears after a few seconds. The printer does no sign/noise to indicate that he even received the file, and nothing is displayed.

    I don't have a USB cable from the printer, nor have I not possible to obtain a.

    I tried to use printing HP and doctor scan, but the version does not work on my laptop (it will not yet open).

    Download and run printing HP and doctor Scan

  • HP envy 5530 does not print

    I recently bought a HP Envy 5530 printer.  After the introduction, it wouldn't print.  I am using the USB cable, but also tried the WiFi and no work.

    I have a HP Pavilion dv9500 laptop.  It is currently running Windows 7 Home Premium with Service Pack 1 and is the 32-bit operating system.

    The printer is such that it is installed.  It is stated that the selected printer and is online.  When I try to print from any application, I get the printer bit incontinence, but it shows 0 documents in the queue.   The box of the printer that arises from the application indicates that the printer is selected but inactive.

    I made sure that I have all the widows and the HP updates.  I ran the diagnostic printer, printing HP and doctor to analyze and troubleshoot HP Instalation default - MSI following all the recommended steps.  None of them solve the problem.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    I wanted to thank you for your attempts to help me, but I decided to give up.  As the HP Envy 5530 worked correctly on the computer of my brother, I gave it to him.  His older HP Deskjest D4160 loaded and worked on my computer, so he gave it to me.  I'm sorry, we couldn't get the HP Envy 5530 takes over and works fine on my computer.

    With gratitude,


  • I have HP Envy 5530, how to print images on T-shirts?

    I have a HP Envy 5530 and have no word, does.  How to reverse the image for printing on t-shirts?

    Anyone able to help.  I need help by Tuesday, May 13, if possible.

    Thank you



    You must return first using step #1 on the following article:


    Kind regards.

  • HP ENVY 5530: Option of printing black ink

    The HP ENVY 5530 has an option to print "BLACK ONLY."?  I want to save ink of color when the color is not necessary.

    Your help will be appreciated.  Thank you!


    Yes it a. copy the value of preferences in the context of quality to select the option "Black ink" only as a default value. Please note: even print in black only, always use a little during the reheating process color inks. HP Envy 5530 can print when one or 2 color ink "tanks" (but not all 3) are empty.

    Kind regards.

  • HP ENVY 4500 - won't print all the lines


    I just bought and installed my new HP ENVY 4500 printer. Facility set to be ok.

    HOWEVER, my first test prints look all the same: only 1 all 3 lines is printed. This sounds like something only black ink lines.

    I cleaned the printhead, I got out and reinstalled the black ink cartridge. But the problem remains.

    No idea how to solve this problem? (not really the best start for a new product HP...)

    THANKS for your help


    Hi Anadri, I suggest you contact the HP Support you may be entitled to a warranty replacement cartridge. Do you know what the warranty ends date was (AAAA/MM/JJ)

    Thank you


  • HP Envy 5530. do not print

    Bought UST. Works fine with my MacBook Pro, but won't print from my laptop HP ProBook series S (Windows 7). I have installed and uninstalled several times.  It acts like it is connected.  It acts like it's going to print but does not work.  I get an error message when you try to print a test page but it gives me no direction.  Very frustrating!

    Hi, launches the HP Print & Scan program doctor found here.

  • My email stopped working after the new version of Thunderbird (V31.5.0) has been pushed to my computer this weekend.

    This weekend, Thunbderbird V31.5 has been installed and my email client will be is more connected to gmail. Nothing has changed with my gmail account. It looks like something in the Thunderbird configuration changed at the origin of this problem.

    Thunderbird, troubleshooting info shows...
    Outgoing server ID incoming servers
    account1 (pop3) pop.gmail.com:995 SSL/TLS Normal password smtp.gmail.com:465 SSL/TLS Normal passes true

    I'm tempted to uninstall and reinstall but don't know how to save/backup/protect all of my old emails and history.

    Check your firewall settings, because it can block Thunderbird.

    Example: I use Norton Anti-anti-virus/firewall.
    Sometimes, after an update, Norton still thinks it can afford than the previous version.

    • I then close Thunderbird and go to Norton.
    • Settings > network > Smart Firewall > program rules
    • Locate the Thunderbird and set to "allow".
    • On one occasion, I had to block, ok then reset allow.

    If you are using another firewall/antivirus program, then there will be similar parameters. In order to check this first.

  • HP Envy 4500 will not print computer


    My HP Envy 4500 works perfectly for some time now.  Unfortunately, it stopped printing from my Dell laptop, running Windows7. It scans to the laptop very well.  It copies fine, and it prints from my iPhone fine.

    I've reviewed a ton of messages and tried many things:

    * Uninstall/reinstall wireless (at least 8 times) - via the website https://123.hpconnected.com/activate/woobe/ENVY4500

    * Uninstall/reinstall via USB

    * ran doctor utility printing/scanning (or whatever it's called) and says it all looks very good

    sending a test with a HP tool page is fine, however, the internal test via the tool HP Print page fails

    I'm losing my mind and would be really grateful for the help.

    Thank you!

    Hey @JNZM,

    Thanks for getting back to me on this subject. Normally, I get a notification email indicating that you had replied to a post that we are working on. In this case, I never had an email, so I just found this post unanswered today. Normally I answer as soon as I come into the office. I have some more tricks up my sleeve that we can try to solve the printing problem you feel. Can I please have you follow the steps below to load another driver on your machine and test print.

    1. Click on the Start menu
    2. Select the devices and printers
    3. In the devices and printers folder right click on your HP Envy 4500 and left click on printer properties.
    4. Left click on the Advanced tab
    5. Left-click on new driver
    6. When the new driver window just press 'Next' until you see a list of manufacturers on the left and a list of Printers on the right.
    7. Select HP as the manufacturer on the left
    8. DeskJet 6980 select the printer on the right. If Deskjet 6980 does appear to only select "Windows Update" at the bottom left and once the update is completed, you will be able to select Deskjet 6980.
    9. After selecting Deskjet 6980 hit Next to complete the wizard driver new
    10. Under the printer properties window, select "Apply", but don't hit not OK
    11. Select the general tab
    12. Rename your HP Envy 4500 printer
    13. Click OK
    14. Finally, right click on your HP Envy 4500 one more time and click on Printing Preferences
    15. Left click on the paper/quality tab
    16. Left click on the drop down menu 'Normal' for quality printing at the bottom right and change its normal fast
    17. Press apply and OK

    Now that the other driver has been installed, test printing from your Windows 7 computer again.

    Please let me know if this procedure works for you. Good luck!

  • HP envy 5532: HP ENVY 5532 won't print in color, no option to change


    I recently bought a HP Envy 5532 printer and it prints in color test pages, but it won't let me print anything else in color, there is no project option only black and white or black and white

    Hi @katie67,

    from your description, it looks like a hiccup with the driver. We will reset the printing system, repair disk permissions, add the printer using the driver and try to start a new search.

    Reset the printing system

    1. Click on the Apple icon ( ), then click on System Preferences.

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