HP Envy 5540: Firmware that limit the 3 cartons of parts


I been using the printer for 2 months and have not had a problem until now. Recently, I bought a rebuilt for her H62XL black ink cartridge and the printer does not accept it because apparently only original cartridges can be used with the printer.

I searched forums online and discovered that this was linked to an update firmware created by HP a few months ago.

Also read in the forum that HP intended to reverse these firmwares to make 3rd party or re-used cartridges to be accepted by the printers but couldn't find these updates of firmware for OfficeJet series.

I would like to know if there will be updates available to reverse these limitations for HP Envy 5540 and where I can find.

See you soon

Oh, that's different!   The cartridge you installed has been used in this printer or another printer who enjoyed the Protection of cartridge market.   This cartridge can ONLY be used as in the printer is was protected in.  Period.  There's no way to reverse this error.

Make sure you have your printer cartridge Protection is disabled!   Integrated Web server to check this setting.

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    By reading the User Guide it is said you can see that by printing the Config network printer sheet.   You can do it from the front panel.

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    Printing HP Scan DR detects the printer, but says he isn't connected and downloads and runs the installation of the complete software that gives only to a USB connection and wireless options. HP EasyStart also believes that it is, so try to do an installation of the software which again gives options to connect printers connected USB or wireless. Whatever I can't do the wired ethernet connection option I received previously.

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    Thank you for using the forum.

    Suggest the following:

    1 uninstall the software.

    2. download software COMPLETE features of this link to win 10 (if you have already done this, skip this step):


    3. go to your printer and network to restore the default values.

    > Go to settings

    > Network configuration

    > Restore default network

    4. connect your Ethernet network cable

    5. install the FULL features software

    6. in connectiviy screen, select 'wired (Ethernet).

    7 printer should be able to be found

    8. complete the installation

    Hope that helps.

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    I would be really grateful if someone who has been treated using following problem we,

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    2. accessories for the machines we sell. A certain accessory can be used with several types of machines. (Cables, batteries etc.)
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    Published by: user10894682 on 05/02/2009 07:30

    There is a user guide available for the planning of services via metalink parts; 'Oracle Service Parts Planning Guide of the user' E13338-02 you can find this and the other new R12.1 application notices via metalink Note 746824.1

    Mustapha Krishnan, Oracle APS Product Management, provided an overview on Service parts planning GIS to OAUG advanced planning in November 2008. If your company is a member of OAUG, any employee can then join the GIS. You can then view this presentation and other previous educational sessions on the tab "events".
    http://apscollaborationsig.OAUG.org/ there is also a link to join the GIS.

    Kind regards

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    K Chow


    I tried to use WiFi in my place of work and it as if by magic allowed me to download the updates. It's strange, but it worked if it means that I can not install updates at home in the future. Thanks for the suggestion. I think that yours also works too.

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    I bought this printer about a month ago. Set up the connection to the printer wireless with my wifi, and my understanding is that the printer is protected like my wifi and use the same password in order to print something. I kept my printer connected and 'standby mode' since I put in place. The night last at about 23:00 when I was in bed, the printer turned on randomly and printed a "wireless network configuration page" that has had a lot of information, including the IP address and listing my name wifi as well as the names of my neighbors wifi in the surrounding apartments.

    I'm trying to understand why this printed, because I certainly did not do. Anyone have access to my wifi, or has someone may simply try to print something and selected my printer as it should appear on the "list available connections on the computer of anyone, given that the printer is turned on? How could they print this sheet of network configuration if my printer is password protected?

    I'm mostly concerned about someone who has access to my internet if they could print this page somehow, but maybe it happened just when they tried to connect to it, and it did not work while trying to fix MY printer?

    I would appreciate any idea on the issue.

    Thank you!

    Hi @printerprob5540,

    Welcome to the HP Forums!

    I saw your post on how your HP Envy 5540 randomly print a Network Configuration Page. I'm happy to help with this problem!

    I find it very strange considering the only way to print the Network Configuration Page, AFAIK, is with the following steps:

    • Make sure that there are size A4 or US Letter, unused, plain paper in the feeder.
    • On the printer Panel, drag the screen to the left and then press Setup.
    • Touch tools.
    • Drag upward on the screen and then tap Network Configuration report.
    • A Network Configuration Page prints up to three pages of information.
    Figure: Example of a Network Configuration Page
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    I found a forum of French to a firmware that fixed my 32TL933K.


    Copy all 3 files on a 4GB max, FAT32 usb, than rename rename the .bin file format according to this rule:
    Name of the model followed by Panel code letter_INIT_CLEAR.bin

    Ex: 32TL933K_INIT_CLEAR.bin

    It worked for me, so hopefully it will work for you also.

    > It worked for me, so hopefully it will work for you also.

    Hi Silviu69

    Thanks for sharing your experience with us! I hope this will be useful for other members of the community

  • Can I upgrade my laptop of HP ENVY 17-j092nr a wireless card that supports the 802.11ac?

    I have a HP ENVY 17-j092nr Notebook PC with the wireless stock card.  Is it possible to upgrade the card to one that supports the 802.11ac?

    Mikeeeyy wrote:

    I have a HP ENVY 17-j092nr Notebook PC with the wireless stock card.  Is it possible to upgrade the card to one that supports the 802.11ac?


    This model series is not the whitelist and you can use virtually any desired wireless card. Intel 7260AC for example...

  • How to set the limit function, means I want defined logic that when the value is between 0 to 0.3 loop and then stops.


    I'm looking for the logic as the way to define the logic of upper limit and lower limit.

    Means that there is only one indicator of entry in which a user can enter any value, I want that when the user gives value between 0 and 0.3 for example while then loop will stop other wise, it will work on an ongoing basis.

    Please guide me.

    Thank you very much.

    Please consider the VI below.

  • How can I limit the total number of hours per day, that my child may be on the computer?

    Summary of the issue
    Other issues of Windows Live family safety

    What version of Windows Live Family Safety do you use?
    Version 2011 (15.4.3538.513)
    Choose your operating system version:
    Windows 7

    Additional details
    How can I limit the total time per day my kind that can be on the computer? I see only menu in which I can determine which hours of the day, they are allowed to access. Concerning the lower self, for example him limit total daily in any hours 1 hour.


    The feature of time safely of the family has changed recently. For more information, please see this sticky post:

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    Thank you!

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    What HP Ultraslim Keyed Cable Lock model will fit my ultrabook desire (Envy 13 d010nf)?


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    makes finally buy this model that fits the HP Envy 13;

    MiniSaver Kensington Lock Mobile Ultra mobility, K67890WW (for Ultra mobility).

    Good day.


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    Original title: options in window 7

    I have an autistic son who likes to play on the internet (usually from sesame street, Barney and AFV videos on you tube).  The problem I have is that it will sometimes open many windows which eventually slows down the computer and results in me having to close the windows as well as his frustration.  Is it possible to limit the number of windows that can be opened?

    Hi Brian,.

    Thanks for posting your question in the Microsoft Community. It seems that you need more information to improve the performance of your computer.

    With the current configuration of Windows, there is no option to limit the number of windows that can be opened. You can search the 3rd application using your favorite search engine, which helps you to limit the number of windows that can be opened.

    Warning: Using third-party software, including hardware drivers can cause serious problems that may prevent your computer from starting properly. Microsoft cannot guarantee that problems resulting from the use of third-party software can be solved. Software using third party is at your own risk.

    Link reference for more information.

    8.1 Windows, Windows 8 or Windows 7 crashes or freezes.


    Note: The data files that are infected must be cleaned only by removing the file completely, which means that there is a risk of data loss.

    I hope this helps. Please let us know if you need assistance.

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    I would like to restrict inbound access to this port so that it can be used in 4 specific IP adderess foreign xxx.xxx.xxx.24 through xxx.xxx.xxx.27 and also, if possible, limit the outbound destination using this port to a single specific foreign IP address xxx.xxx.xxx.30.

    Could you please tell me the best way to do it.

    Thank you in advance for a relative novice to PIX.

    PIX (config) # access list acl-outside permit tcp host xxx.xxx.xxx.24 host MyWWWPublicIP eq 5080

    PIX (config) # access list acl-outside permit tcp host xxx.xxx.xxx.25 host MyWWWPublicIP eq 5080

    PIX (config) # access list acl-outside permit tcp host MyWWWPublicIP eq xxx.xxx.xxx.26 host 5080

    PIX (config) # access list acl-outside permit tcp host MyWWWPublicIP eq xxx.xxx.xxx.27 host 5080

    PIX (config) # access - group acl-outside in interface outside

    PIX (config) # access list acl - dmx permit tcp host xxx.xxx.xxx.30 eq 5080

    PIX (config) # access - group acl - dmz dmz interface

    static (inside, outside) MyWWWPublicIP netmask 0 0

    See also:

    PIX 500 series firewall

    http://www.Cisco.com/pcgi-bin/support/browse/psp_view.pl?p=hardware:PIX & s = Software_Configuration

    Configuration of the PIX Firewall with access to the Mail Server on the DMZ network




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    I want to make sure that the amount of bandwidth, my computer never use exceeds 800 kb/s, so that no matter what I do, I'm not hogging all the connection.

    How can I do this?


    Please contact the Microsoft Community Forums.

    Looks like you need to limit the amount of data usage on Windows 7.

    You may need to use a third-party program to achieve this goal because there is no option in Windows 7. The same search using your favorite search engine.

    Note: This response contains a reference to third party World Wide Web site. Microsoft provides this information as a convenience to you. Microsoft does not control these sites and no has not tested any software or information found on these sites; Therefore, Microsoft cannot make any approach to quality, security or the ability of a software or information that are there. There are the dangers inherent in the use of any software found on the Internet, and Microsoft cautions you to make sure that you completely understand the risk before retrieving any software from the Internet.

    Hope this information helps. Get back to us if you have more queries about Windows.

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    Is there a limit for research on the function of advanced search for files containing a text match? My search always ends with 500 discoveries but the folder contains several PDF files that match the criteria.

    Hi carls76936091,

    Open Acrobat, go to the Edit-> Preferences-> search & check if there is a limit to 500 set, in case if it is to increase it please.

    Kind regards

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