HP envy 7640: "properties of the pdf.

Do I need other software or drivers to be able to set properties (metadata) when I scan to PDF?  I do not use a PDF Editor in this time other than what I can do with the free version of Adobe Reader DC.  I would like to be able to add properties such as title, subject, keywords, etc. that I scan if possible.

Hi @rachel-567.

Thank you for reaching out to the forums! I understand you want to learn more about the functions of scanning. I'd love to help you.

You can use the scanning software HP for scanning to PDF. I do not believe there is no option to add titles, etc. He has the option of scanning as editable text files. There could be some third party software that offers these features.

If the problem is resolved and that you appreciate my help, please click on the button "Accept as Solution" and the "Thumbs Up". Let me know how make you out. See you soon!

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    I am able to print, scan, copy and fax on my HP Envy 7640 printer very well.  However, when I click the icon HP Envy 7640 for the Printer Wizard just to check my ink level, for example, I get a script error.

    An error has occurred in the script on this page

    Online: 42

    Tank: 17

    Error: Unable to get the "UDCString_UDCName" reference to undefined property or null

    Code: 0

    URL: file:///C:/Program%20Files/hp/HP%20ENVY%207640%20series/Bin/HPSPProgress.hta

    Do you want to continue running scripts on this page?  YES NO

    Before I can even click on YES or NO, the screen changes to show the following. There is a yellow triangle with an exclamation mark next to this error:

    HP Printer Wizard

    Series\Bin\UDC_files/UDC_Main.JSON HP HP ENVY 7640 C:\Program

    Series\Bin\UDC_files/tasks.JSON HP HP ENVY 7640 C:\Program

    Series\Bin\UDC_files/URL.JSON HP HP ENVY 7640 C:\Program

    Series\Bin\UDC_files/localize_1033.JSON HP HP ENVY 7640 C:\Program

    When I click OK, I get:

    HP Printer Wizard

    Stop running this script?

    A script on this page slows down your web browser to run slowly. If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive.

    I connect to Internet through LAN.  My printer is connected to my pc through USB.  I do not use of wireless.

    I did not any changes to software or driver.

    I read through many solutions in this forum and tried several.  I disabled my firewall and antivirus first.  None of them have worked. I tried the SCLiteFix_299026.exe, the missing persons files difficult.  Did not work.  When I try to uninstall the printer and reinstall, I can't do that either.  I get error 2503 and 2502.

    I want to just my printer wizard to work and have been unable to find a solution.

    Maybe not all of these steps were necessary, but here's what I did and it worked! :

    (1) open HP Support Assistant icon on desktop.  It is a white question mark in a blue circle.

    (2) HP Support Assistant should show all HP devices.  Find your printer and click on UPDATES.  (Mine had no updates pending, but I clicked on UPDATE anyway)

    3) click on Diagnostics and tools

    4) click on HP print and Scan doctor.  Select your printer and click NEXT


    (6) when he finished, a screen opens and says "If you still have problems with your product, here are a few options for additional support.   Physically, I removed the printer cable to the USB port and choose "UNINSTALL AND REINSTALL with the latest version of the software".  I wasn't expecting to work, but he did.

    (7) I rebooted.  When my pc came, I began to other programs or applications.  I have disabled the firewall software and anti-virus temporarily.

    (8) I have re-inserted cable printer to a USB port

    (9) I open the HP Envy 7640 installation disc and click with the right button on the file: E7640x64.msi.  I clicked on install

    (10) software installed without error.  I then went to my office, clicks on the icon HP ENVY 7640 series... and VOILA!  My Printer Wizard now works!

    (11) I turned on my firewall and anti-virus back and I'm IN business

    Hope these instructions can help someone else.

  • HP ENVY 7640: Telephone for the fax cord

    Anyone know where I can find a telephone cable for long two sons 100 pi for the fine on my printer HP ENVY 7640 fax?

    Search you the Web?


  • To know more about the properties of the PDF fonts

    Hi guys,.

    I have Acrobat Professional 8. I remember with versions previous of this application, I was able to select a font in a PDF and I told me everything, it's properties. I.E.

    Adobe Garamond Pro

    12 pt

    14 follow-up

    Now I go to properties / do, and I don't see what use the fonts in the PDF file type. Where can I find more information that I used to do before?

    In the Internet, there is a jewel free students of typography of the great master Massimo Vignelli, and true that you can download to


    It is always interesting to study how a grand master to use typography size, leader and grids and with this Acrobat 8, I can't get much info on this style of fonts PDF.

    Any help or ideas?

    See you soon,.

    Something to play with.

    Select the Touchup text tool in the advanced editing toolbar.
    This tool allows to select text.
    Now, right-click to display the context menu.
    In this menu, at the bottom, select Properties.
    The Properties Editor dialog box opens.
    If this isn't already in short, click the text tab.
    This tab shows:
    Type of policy; Original fonts; Changing fonts; Permissions; status (Embed |) Subset);
    Font size; Font color of filling; Character spacing; Stroke; Wee; Width of line; Horizontal scaling; Base offset

    If a PDF file is a PDF containing the well-trained tag you can open the Panel tags, select a PDF ('tag') element, right-click to display the context menu.
    Select properties, in the Properties Editor dialog box - click the button change the tag in the tag item dialog box - down the element tree.

    The appropriate dictionary will provide more detailed information.

    It's the tag element dialog box is not intended to be a provider of policies focused on "info". so, not 'friendly' if all you want is data of police.
    The first method, described above is almost the best you will get for the presentation of the police since Acrobat-specific information.

    Since Acrobat is not a "Publisher" (for fonts or otherwise) it is to be expected.
    Fonts/typography information is in PDF format (more if the PDF is a well formed PDF containing the tag), it may be possible for a developer to concoct a plug-in with the appropriate C programming language. Could even be something already out there.

    Be well...

  • HP ENVY 7640: Connection to the Scanner error

    I recently installed a new WANT to a new Mac printer/scanner. The print/scan function worked correctly during installation. After the upgrade to Yosemite, however, whenever I try to open the scanner, I get the following message: 'pending to scan' > ' year error occurred while communicating with the analytical engine. " I removed the printer and reinstalled, but keep getting the same error message when you try to open the function scan my computer. I'm albe to open the scanner of the printer itself, but not the computer. Any advice?

    Hello @spinsd , welcome to the forums!

    I saw your post, and I hope that I have a fix for the problem you are having with the scanning on Yosemite. Here are the steps that I recommend that you try and also perform these tasks in the order they are written.

    1. Mac OS X: how to reset the printing system
    2. Repair disk permissions
    3. Restart the Mac.
    4. Download and install the full functionality driver here - which contains the scan software: 7640 ENVY HP e-All-in-One Printer full feature software and drivers series
    5. In addition, to download this Apple driver: HP v3.0 for OS X printer drivers

    Try scanning from the HP software and you should be able to scan, fingers crossed!

    Let me know what happens!

  • 7640 envy: Envy 7640 connected to the network, printer is not found by PC

    I have a DSL modem, router ASUS RT-AC88U, HP computer desktop running Windows 10. I used the Setup on the printer and wireless Assistant received the following message "no found problems.» Congratulaltions on the installation of your wireless printer. "Could not connect the PC and the printer. What I am doing wrong?

    It worked!  This is the best scan ever. I could never have done it without your help.

    I'll be able to connect by ethernet or wireless?

  • HP ENVY 7640: Jobs of text with images - printer cancels

    When I print a text with images document the printer stop printing and cancels the print job when it starts to print any image.


    Hey @sudiegal!

    Thanks for posting on the HP Forums!

    I would be happy to provide you with some suggestions that may fix the problem.  I see that the printer cancels jobs when you add a photo to you text document.  The first thing I suggest is to remove the printer by resetting the printing system.  After removing the printer add printer and then try printing the document again.

    To reset the printing system:

    1. click on the Apple in the top left of the computer icon

    2. click on System Preferences

    3. click on printers and Scanners

    4 press and hold 'Ctrl' on the keyboard and click with the mouse in the space below the printer

    5. click on reset the drop-down list printing system

    6. we may request for Mac ID and color wheel for a while until the printer is deleted

    To re-add the printer:

    1. click on the Apple in the top left of the computer icon

    2. click on System Preferences

    3. click on printers and Scanners

    4. click on the plus sign (+) icon in the list of printers

    5 Select your printer

    6. choose HP ENVY 7640 series in the drop-down list next to 'use' or 'print using '.

    7. click on add

    If please, after back and let me know if it works for you!

  • HP Envy 7640: Unable to set the scanning resolution

    Have been unable to set the resolution of scan during the scanning of the glass in a computer file (pdf, jpg). Guide the user to the HP page 47 7640 said: "● If you want to adjust the size of the scan, output type, scan resolution, or file type and so on, start scan from the software of the printer."
    ● To avoid all scanned text wrong or missing, make sure that the brightness is set properly the
    ● If you want to scan a document with several pages in a single file instead of several files, run it
    Scanner with the software of the printer instead of the sweep of the screen of the printer".

    First of all, where is the "printer software" to start the scan?

    Have tried all this. When I opened the series HP Envy 7640 (network): Assistant of HP printer, I click on "Scan the Document or Photo a" place in the scanning area. No scan dialog box never opens. Actually I tried to reinstall the printer driver. No change. Always impossible to get a scan dialog box. In addition, when I go in the start menu and the title of the series 7600 HP: HP envy, I click on the HP Scan icon. After a long wait, a dialog box appears that says: "Cannot communicate with Scanner", and it offers a few options. The first is to activate the device (printer), and then on; the second, control cables (its wireless operation); the third: try the software "fix." Happy to report that after stopping then on and running assistant printer again, this time by pressing the "scan a Photo Document' results in the appearance of a dialog box to make the changes that I've been looking for.

  • HP Envy 7640: HP Envy 7640 will not print photos from the photo tray

    I bought a HP Envy 7640 today, 11/05/2016.  It will NOT print photos from the photo tray.   The printer has paper in all trays, but keep taking 8 1/2 x 11 paper rather than photo paper.  I use the default application for the display of pictures (Microsoft Office 2010) and have tried selecting both the 4x6in of the index card. and sizes of 4 x 6/10 x 15 cm.  The end result is the same, an image printed in the middle of the plain paper.  I searched the forums and found that two related threads.  Given that I just install the printer today, I figure there will be newer drivers in the last hour, so I finished downloading "printing HP and Scan doctor."  He finds a "Match of Port issue" and that fixed it, but when I printed another picture, he was still on plain paper.  If I remove the paper and leave only in photo paper, the printer throws a fit and said that it is out of paper.  Any ideas?  I'm not a newbie, but in more than 20 years of use of HP products, this is the first time that I had to fill out a problem for a Board of Directors.  (And with the instant the ink program, it starts to accumulate the number of my printing without a single success.)

    RESOLVED - photo, once you select the printer & paper, you must go into OPTIONS, then the properties of the printer, then go to the paper/quality tab, then the paper Source and select manually the specific bac (bac/Photo main tray).  Sheesh, should we not automatic as soon as you select the paper size?

  • E HP Envy 7640 All-in-One-Sanchez: now, I have my documents stuck in the queue and I can get out. Help! I hate this printer...

    Whenever I change the paper (photo paper) when I get back to paper ordinary, it is immediately past offline or it gets stuck in the queue.  Now it is stuck in the queue.  Is it possible to get this printer to print without all these problems.  I am extremely illiterate on computers and this crazy.

    You helped me with "off connection" now can help you with this problem.  Thanks for the help, I really appreciate it.

    Hello @Sam141, greetings!

    Welcome to the HP support forums. I'd love to help you with your printing problems with your printer Envy 7640.

    I understand that you are a new user with this printer, that's why I suggest using an automated tool to correct this and many other common printer related issues.

    Go to http://hp.care/2bZ9w2q to download and install HP print and scan the doctor. This tool will be quickly and automatically perform several tasks resolution known problems for this problem. You can save this for future issues you can still.

    Please let me know if that solves the problem, or if you need assistance.

    See you soon

    Please click on 'acceptable' on the post that solves your problem to help others to find the solution. To show gratitude for my help, please click the 'Thumbs Up icon' below!

  • HP Envy 7640: How can I remove a computer from the list "Scan to" on HP Envy 7640?

    I have a computer on my list of "scan to" on my HP Envy 7640, which is no longer in use.  How can I remove the computer name in the list?

    With the help of Apple / Mac OS X Yosemite

    Thank you!

    I can't help but wonder if the computer is still on the same network as the printer. Even if you have no more than the computer, you may give it to someone else who uses the same network as you? I think it's weird that the printer is always to see the computer. If this computer and the printer are not on the same network, perhaps to restore the printer to the factory settings would help. To do this test, please complete the following steps;

    1. On the front panel of the printer, scroll down to the second main menu screen by sliding your finger to the right of the screen to the left
    2. Choose settings, or Setup
    3. Select printer maintenance
    4. Go to restoration
    5. Choose both restore factory default settings

    Once this operation is completed, you will need to reconfigure the printer to your wireless network. Please let me know if this is the case. Thank you.

  • HP envy 7640: hp envy 7640 not print not the pictures folder

    HP envy 7640 will print if I type in Notepad and controls hit and p. The problem is when I try to print from the pictures folder, that a window for sending a fax. I can't print anything in the pictures folder.

    Hi dennistomlin,

    Thank you for your answer!

    Please, try the steps in the following order:

    If it helps, please consider clicking on "accept as a solution." And, please click the thumbs up icon. The two icons are below this post.

    I hope that these measures are useful!

  • HP envy 7640: auto answer or the number of rings (what's the difference) and other parameters

    I have a distinctive ring on my line. I trained the fax to recognize the correct fax ring. The problem is that when a fax arrives, it is not meet and receive but (on screen) asks me to accept the fax? What happens if a fax comes in the middle of the night. I won't be there to accept it.

    I don't know if I should choose or auto answer (in the Fax preferences) off the coast .

    I would logically assume that if I set the automatic answer on IT, if distinctive ring is detected, he would answer the fax.

    I don't know why it would make a difference rings how I choose, if it detects the distinctive ring, because he must accept the fax when it 'hears' distinctive ring, no matter how many rings is selected. I would hear not rather the fax ringer and ringing if he can respond quickly. But of course, I want to keep it ringing until I answer if it is a phone call.

    The fax should not reply if it does not detect the distinctive ring, regardless of how many rings is selected.

    I want to understand how these two settings relate to each other when the fax is on the same line as the phone with a distinctive ring.

    Is there documentation that explains the fax Preferences settings and the choices that you can refer me to? Otherwise, we're all just guessing on these parameters! Some are ovbious or explicit. Others?

    for example, what is scan and fax method (On or Off)

    What is stamps?

    What is the error correction mode?

    What is backup fax reception?

    What is HP digital fax? (he says to refer to the operating instructions... There is no info in the manual of tiny)

    Thank you.

    HP web links that contain the information that you are looking for and also how to make to troubleshoot/configure ditial fax send/receive FAX, etc are the following:



    I hope this helps!

  • 7640 ENVY: ENVY 7640 does not print the test page

    The printer test page will not print.

    I reinstalled several times print driver and lost countless hours trying to solve this problem.

    HP trouble shooting game software didn't say he cannot solve the problem, the troubleshooter in microsoft is not a problem.  I followed the recommendations of this link:


    I also tried all the recommendations in this link:


    Same results.  I can get the diagnostic report to print from my computer, I can scan, but do not print.

    I got the latest installer: EN7640_117, I used all HP diags who say that they solve it.

    What is the next step?  I'm about to throw this printer out the window!

    I was able to solve the problem.

    Returns the printer in the store that I've gained since.

    Went to another bank and purchased and EPSON.

    Unboxing, put in place and was printing within 15 minutes.

    Should have done a week ago.

    HP I will never buy one of your printer products!

Maybe you are looking for