HP ENVY Beats all-in-One: usb 3.0 ports do not work

USB 2.0 hubs work but the 3.0 have never worked. Thumb drives and exterrnal readers do not appear in the file manager. No problem, indicated in the Device Manager.

Thank you for your help.

After searching around, I found new info: F2 at startup - BIOS - HP has a tool to check if different parts of the computer are working correctly. (Officially), I learned that the usb ports two 3.0 do not work (despite Device Manager, telling all the devices work properly). I received a "failure code" and a phone number to call. Technical support has confirmed that the failure code indicated the 3.0 ports do not work, and for $215 they can repair (price including shipping Fedex).

I see if someone locally replace ports. Not sure that 3.0 ports are worth anywhere from $215. After all, the computer works just fine as it is. It's just annoying, they have never worked, that it took so long to finally find a solution, and that the warranty has expired.

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    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could tell me if it is even possible to plug a second monitor HP ENVY Beats all-in-one desktop PC, because I'm trying to connect my TV as a second monitor via HDMI, and I tried everything I could, but came empty-handed?


    What is the product/model of your AIO machine? I have a lot of cases, you cannot use HDMI port to connect to a TV, because it's the HDMI IN port. You need USB - HDMI converter/adapter to connect to a TV (or monitor).

    Kind regards.

  • Re: can't get video to go to the TV via the HDMI on HP ENVY BEATS all in one

    It is not a computer laptop is an all in one. There was no category for all in one computer so I had to choose computer laptop.


    There is no output from the HDMI and I was led to believe that the HDMI on this ALL IN ONE is an entry only.

    Hello @dandy5509,

    I appreciate that you try to confirm that your desktop PC HP Beats Special Edition n010-23 all-in-One HDMI in only. I provided you with the page of all-in-one HP Beats Special Edition n010-23 Desktop PC product specifications which confirms what you were told that your computer has only one "5 - port HDMI In" and that it doesn't have HDMI - Out. "

    Now, if you really want to go HDMI - Out, you can always buy a "USB to HDMI adapter', which will allow you to have an HDMI - Out.

    I hope that I have answered your question to your satisfaction. Thanks for posting on the HP Forums. Have a great day!

  • Envy of HP Dv7 - 7223cl Windows 7 Ultimate 64 - Bit: USB 3.0 Ports will not work.

    When I plug my mouse into one of the USB 3.0 ports, Windows does not sound has indicated that it is connected. I did a clean reinstall there two days and most of my drivers installed, but they do not work. A store local deleted Windows 8 PC and installed Windows 7, a few weeks ago, and USB 3.0 ports was working at this time, so drivers exist. After having some problems, I decided to do a clean reinstall of Windows 7, which has deleted all my drivers and I was able to reinstall most of them, but USB 3.0 ports has not worked since and still not working. I looked on the internet, but I couldn't find the right one. I looked in the management system and found that two devices: PCI Device and SM Bus controller are shown with a yellow sign. After looking under properties, I found that the two do not have their drivers installed (Code 28). Anyone know where to find the drivers for this problem?

    Nevermind, it works now. I just had to uninstall and reinstall all components of AMD. Thanks for your information!

  • HP 15-AF006AX: USB 2.0 port does not work


    I installed window 7 in my new laptop, but the usb port does not work in the case of data transfer.

    and I am not finding a driver for this, can you help me for this problem

    Thanks in advance


    The only suggestion I can offer would be to settle the AMD Chipset drivers from the link below the problem.

    You want the first file on the Web page.  Install and reboot the PC.


  • Internal speakers on my HP ENVY TouchSmart all-in-One desktop PC 23-d027c no longer works


    I just bought my HP ENVY 23-d027c TouchSmart all-in-One PC of office a few days ago.  It was working fine until I tested the speakers.  When you watch youtube videos, the internal speakers will stop working, while the mute button is not enabled.  It takes a few minutes, and then the speakers work again, only to cut out once more.  IT IS SO FRUSTRATING!  What's weirder, I put a dvd to see if it was the speakers, but the audio on the dvd seems to work very well.  Also, when I use headphones, the speakers work fine.  I don't know what the deal is, but according to my research, this seems to be a fairly common phenomenon on HP computers.  I'm struggling on the Exchange on this computer.  IF this isn't a simple solution, this machine will return to the store!

    Help, please!

    Thank you in advance!


    Hello MakCo,

    Your speakers are not working correctly.

    Go to Device Manager, uninstall the IDT audio and restart the computer.

    Uninstall it and reinstall the audio driver.

    Here is a link to the Device Manager.

    Do a hard reset.

    Turn off the computer.

    Remove the power cable and battery.

    Hold down the power button for 15 sec while booth energy sources are deleted.

    This should reset the hardware in the computer.

    That you put it on press the F10 key. This will load the BIOS setup utility.

    Press F9 to load the default values.

    Press F10 to save and exit.

    When the computer starts up, check if everything is working.

    I would like to know how everything goes

    Nice day.

  • HP psc 1210v all-in-one: "HP Director" Desktop shortcut does not work.

    OS: XP Home.  installation of printers HP psc 1210v all-in-one & software... turned out perfect - no error detected or reported.  everything works except the shortcut on the desktop "HP Director", & "HP Director" thru Start > all programs > HP > HP PSC 1200 Series > "HP Photo and imaging Director."  tried everything I could think of: HP Diagnostics, repair, troubleshooting, uninstalling/reinstalling, google search, etc. - nothing works.  can happen there - printer works just fine, as do other programs HP installed - but it's just driving me crazy.  I have custom - build computers, [it is my 5th], like a hobby - and I have never had a problem, [hardware or software], that I couldn't solve - so far.  This one has me really stumped.  printer & software suite is out of warranty - HP support is completely useless now.  would really appreciate to solve this problem help.  Thanks in advance.


    Please try to install the following hotfix:


    After compleing installation, restart the PC and check any change.

    Kind regards


  • USB 3.0 port does not work at the speed of the USB 3

    When I plug in my external hard drive seagate-freeagent I get this message: "this USB mass storage device can transfer information faster if you connect it to a superspeeed USB 3.0 port» The computer has 3 USB ports, but none of them are the insert blue plastic that are supposed to have usb ports 3.

    I want TO Ultrabook 4-1043cl I thought has USB 3.0 on this subject. According to these specifications, it must have 2 usb3 and 1 usb2.


    My computer corresponds to the form above. The 2 usb ports on the left have a small "ss", painted between the 2 of them. A usb port on the right has a small lightning bolt painted there. As I said earlier, none of them have the blue plastic insert. I get the same message "this transfer faster if connected to usb 3.0...» When I connect the external hard drive to one of the 3 usb ports. All ports to transfer data, connect to disks, goodies, etc. They just don't transfer to 3.0 speeds.

    I am running Windows 7, not windows 8 and I keep windows up-to-date.

    I found this post talks about a Texas Instruments XHCI controller faulty, but my controller is an Intel USB 3.0 Host Controller stretch.


    So I wonder why the usb 3 seems to work and how to operate?

    Thanks for any help you can give.


    You won't lose me. I'm probably in a different time zone you are.  I live in Europe.

    If you still have the unknown device follow these steps:

    Open Windows Explorer and locate the SWSetup folder.

    Expand the folder, find the sp56724 folder and double-click it to open it.

    This is where the driver for the device unknown (USB 3.0 host controller should be).

    Call the Device Manager.

    Right click on the unknown device and select Update driver software.

    In the next window, select browser my computer for driver software.

    Now, you can choose to let the operating system locate the software or the path to the sp56724 folder yourself. In both cases, ensure that a signed driver is selected.

  • HP Elitebook 8460p: USB 3.0 ports do not work

    Number and name of the product: HP Elitebook 8460 p - WX558AV
    Operating system: Windows 7 Pro 64-bit

    When I opened my laptop today, my wireless mouse will not work. Then I find that all my USB 3.0 ports on the left do not work or the other. If I plug in my external hard drive, I can see clearly (which means power is there), but the drive will not be displayed in Windows Explorer.

    I also had another weird error that my computer will not shutdown. It will be auto-restarting/reset in a few seconds. Very strange.

    Is this a software or hardware failure? This laptop was bought anything recently and I expect the quality of the business.

    Thank you


    I solved this. It wasn't because of the driver. I reinstalled the driver from this link that you provided before the validation of this one, but it did not work. I googled high and low and found various fixes, but they do not work.

    I have even come back to an image previous when I just installed Windows 7 (and at that time where the USB ports still work). However, after restoration, the ports still refuse to recognize any USB.

    So I think that there are only 2 possibilities: hardware failure (1), or a BIOS (2) problem.

    Then I updated to the latest version of the HP BIOS (using HP Support Assistant) and then voila. Problem solved.

    I guess the updates of Windows 7 somehow comes into conflict with Bios HP, where the question.

    I hope my explanation is clear enough for someone with the same problem can fix their computers.


  • Usb and Ethernet port does not work after update of windows 8.


    I have a new HP laptop, and two days later the window updates automatically and my USB and Ethernet port stopped working. I returned it and got a new laptop and it is same thing. every couple of days that he update and refresh back to the old settings without losing my documents. I can't keep install my apps every two days after the update. Please let me know what I can do to update without having this same problem. If there is anything I can do so I have to return the laptop.


    Hi Ben,

    You can install the Windows updates manually by changing the settings of Windows updates.

    1. Open Windows Update in Control Panel by dragging it from the right edge of the screen, typeSearch (or, if you are using a mouse, pointing to the top right of the screen, move the pointer of the mouse down and then clickingSearch), get into Windows Update in the search box, by typing or clicking onsettings and then type or by clicking install optional updates.

    2. In the left pane, tap or click change settings.

    3. Under important updates, click the following option:

      Download updates but let me choose whether to install them.

    4. Under recommended updates, select the give me updates in the same way I receive important updates recommended , and then click OK.

    Manually install the Windows updates and find the problem causing the update.

    I hope this helps.

  • Satellite L875D: USB 3.0 ports do not work after decommissioning of Win8 for Win7


    I got my OS of Win8 OEM for Win 7 Home Premium because Win8 is just not for me... Its a legal version of Win7 with a product key, storebought...

    The laptop is a Satellite L875D-10N, which I bought in September 13.

    Installation went well, except that 2 3 ports USB 3.0 no longer works.
    I can stil fresh my phone or other devices, but the laptop is not "see". Also, USB drives and other storage devices are not recognized.

    In the Device Manager the ar two ports under "other devices" and no driver is installed for them.
    I tried in different ways to find and install a driver, but it never works.

    Can someone help me with this? I would be very much greatfull!

    Kind regards

    Amsterdam, Netherlands

    > In Device Manager, the two ports are listed in the "other devices" section and no driver is installed for them.

    Indeed the USB issue seems to be related to the missing drivers.

    You must install this driver USB 3.0:
    [Driver USB AMD v Windows 7 - 64 bit: http://www.toshiba.eu/innovation/download_driver_details.jsp?service=EU&selCategory = 2 & selFamily = 2 & selSeries = 178 & selProduct 7534 = & selSh ortMod = null & language = 13 & selOS = 30 & selType = all & yearu pload = & monthupload = & dayupload = & useDate = null & mode = a llMachines & search = & action = search & macId = & country = al l & selectedLanguage = 13 & type = all & page = 3 & ID = 87792 & OSI D = 30 & driverLanguage = 42]

    In addition, you will need to make sure that this chipset driver has been installed too.
    The laptop supports the graphics chip ATI and AMD chipset. The chipset driver is the driver of ATI graphics card and this is why you must make sure that this driver would be installed too.

  • Satellite U400 - two of the three USB ports are not working


    I have laptop Satellite U400 who has three USB ports.
    One of these 3 ports does not work correctly and the other two ports do not work.
    Is there anyone to show me any solution?

    Thanks in advance,

    Any solution? You mean a magical solution? :)

    No one knows the configuration of the laptop.
    No one knows what OS you are using.
    Nobody knows what you did last time with your laptop.
    No one knows how long you have this problem.
    No one knows what are the USB devices that you use to test USB functionality.
    What you have already tried to do about it?

    You want to have more questions?
    Maybe you should write more than three short sentences as a description of the problem.

  • Lenovo G505 3.0 usb ports does not work with Win7


    I bought Lenovo g505 and installed Win7 Ultimate SP1.

    The left, two USB 3.0 ports do not work.

    I could not find the drivers for it.

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    This will show you how to change memory


  • install the tv tuner to HP ENVY TouchSmart all-in-One 23-d160qd

    I have a HP ENVY TouchSmart all-in-One 23-d160qd that I ordered from hp.  I would like to run ota tv via my pc and use it as a dvr.  Is it possible to add the tuner to my all-in-one, or I have to look for other solutions?  What other options are available?  Thank you

    It is not recommended to install certain devices such as TV Tuners within the unit due to the complexity in their design and the ability to add additional hardware. However, you can use the USB TV Tuners and connect to a USB port and start using it for your needs.

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